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Salesforce CRT-261 Exam Overview:

Aspect Details
Exam Name Salesforce CRT-261 Exam
Exam Cost $200 USD
Total Time 105 minutes
Available Languages English, Japanese
Passing Marks 65%
Exam Format Multiple-choice questions (MCQs)
Exam Type Proctored
Prerequisites None
Retake Policy Candidates can retake the exam after 15 days
Exam Provider Salesforce
Exam Delivery Online or in-person at a testing center
Certification Validity 2 years
Study Resources Official Salesforce study materials, practice exams
Recommended Experience 6 months to 1 year of Salesforce experience
Target Audience Salesforce Administrators, Developers, Consultants

Salesforce Certified Service cloud consultant Exam Topics Breakdown

Domain Percentage Description
Data Modeling and Management 20 Understands how to model and manage data.
Security and Access Control 20 Knowledge of security and access controls.
Workflow/Process Automation 20 Ability to automate workflows and processes.
Reports and Dashboards 15 Proficiency in creating reports and dashboards.
App Deployment 15 Competency in deploying applications.
User Interface and User Experience 10 Understanding of user interface and user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce CRT-261 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

A manager has noticed an increase in average case age. This is negatively impactingcustomer satisfaction.The manager wants to compare the amount of time that cases have spent within eachstatus during their lifecycle.Which reporting solution should be recommended?

A. Create a report using the Case Lifecycle report type.
B. Create a report using the Case Age report type.
C. Create a report using the Case Historical Trending report type.
D. Create a report using the Case Snapshot report type.

Question # 2

Cloud Kicks has implemented a review process for all new knowledge articles. Each articlemust bereviewed and approved by a subject matter expert before becoming available to users.Which step is necessary to make articles visible in all the selected channels?

A. The Approval Process will automatically Publish.
B. Approve articles from the Knowledge approval page to Publish.
C. Agents must click Publish after the Approval Process.
D. Set the final approval action to “Lock the record for editing”.

Question # 3

Universal Containers (UC) added a channel to the Service Cloud deployment. UC wantsthe functionality to include the ability to log the case thread and store attachments to thecase record.Which channel should a consultant recommend to meet these requirements?

A. Email-to-case
B. Social Customer Service
C. Chat
D. Web-to-case

Question # 4

Cloud Kicks use a Console App to support users. Service agents open an Accountworkspace tab and multiple subtabs for the Case, Contact and service Contract. Serviceagents would like to share links to recently opened subtabs with other users to swarm oncases.What should a consultant recommend to meet the requirements?

A. Recent Items set to Account object.
B. History Utility in the Utility bar.
C. Actions & Recommendations component.
D. Screen flow launched from a global action.

Question # 5

Service Console users work on dozen of cases at one time, and often need to update acase they worked on earlier in the day.What configuration should a consultant recommend?

A. Keep all open in tabs.
B. Use a second Console session.
C. Define a custom List View.
D. Add History to the Utility bar.

Question # 6

Cloud kicks needs a way for external customers to easily create cases. Customers willneed to attach files that can often be 40 MB in size.

A. Experience Cloud Create Case Form
B. Web-to-Case
C. Contact Request Flow
D. On-Demand Email-to-Case

Question # 7

Universal Containers is migrating from Classic Knowledge to Lightning Knowledge usingthe Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool and noticed that none of the Article fileattachments were migrated. How can a Consultant migrate the file attachments?

A. Upload the files as Documents, then relate them to the migrated Articles.
B. Use the Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool and choose 'include files'.
C. Use the Files Related List on each article to add files to your articles.
D. Post the Files to the Chatter Feed on each Article.

Question # 8

Universal Containers wants to be able to assign cases based on the same criteria they usefor chat .Which feature should a consultant recommend?

A. Chat Queue-based routing
B. Case Skills-based Assignment Rules
C. Omni-channel Queue-based routing
D. Omni-channel Skills-based routing

Question # 9

Universal Containers wants to unify channels and manage agent workload with Omni-Channel routing. What required step Should a consultant address before configuring OmniChannel?

A. Customize service channel settings to define how the organization receives work fromvarious
B. Create a Salesforce Case to have Omni-Channel enabled.
C. Create the necessary objects in Salesforce.
D. From Setup, select Omni-Channel Settings and Select Enable Omni-Channel.

Question # 10

universal containers receives partner data in excel format.the excel data is all text ,butneeds to be imported into existingSalesforce date,number and text fileds.Which 3 best practices should a consultant recommend?

A. Import the records and use duplicate management
B. Deduplicate the data before importing into SF
C. Install data quality analysis dashboards from the appexchange
D. Standardize all rows to match salesforce data types
E. Import records and cretae a a worflow rule to change the data type

Question # 11

Cloud Kicks is preparing to deploy Omni-Channel Resolutin to dispatch work items toservice agents. The Head of Service wants to know what shojld be done during highvolume incidents where over 200,000 cases are opened.

A. Use a Most Aavailable Routing Model which will assign to the agent that be availablenext.
B. Set Work Item Size Percentage of Capacity to only consume part of an agent’savailability.
C. Configure an Overflow Assignee with a user or queue outside the routing configuration.
D. Use a Least Active Routing Model which will assign to the agent that is the least overcapacity.

Question # 12

Cloud Kicks (CK) has service agents based in North America and Europe respond to newleads created in Salesforce. The lead record includes the language spoken: English,French, or 5panish.In CK's industry, the time to contact after a lead expresses interest is a critical successfactor. Most service agents speak a single language and a few are multilingual.What is the recommended feature to meet the requirements?

A. Lead Assignment Rules
B. Queue-Based Routing
C. Skills-Based Routing
D. Lightning Flow for Service

Question # 13

DreamMouse Realty would like to provide a user-friendly way for clients to apply for ahome loan through an Experience site. Many times, clients do not complete are of theinformation and a loan specialist needs to finish the submission.How should the administrator configure Salesforce to meet the requirements?

A. Create a screen-based flow accessible from the Experience site and internaly.
B. Add a custom Lightning component to the site and the Case Lightning record page.
C. Post a web to case form on the site and assign the case to the specialist for completion.
D. Use email to case for the client to submit the relevant information to the specialist.

Question # 14

Universal Containers wants to implement best practices for its customer support teams and has decided to follow a Knowledge -Centered Support (KCS)methodology.Which two benefits can be expected from KCS adoption?Choose 2 answers

A. A knowledge article life cycle that is implemented correctly the first time and does notneed to change
B. A knowledge article life cycle that evolves based on usage and demand
C. Reduced issue resolution time
D. Reduced first contact resolution

Question # 15

Universal Container wants to let its customers intercat real time with support agents fromtheir computers and mobile devices.What feature should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?

A. Web-to-Case
B. Emebedded Chat Service
C. Customer Community
D. Case Assignment Rules

Question # 16

Ursa Major Solar (UMS) provides customers with remote monitoring of solar panels. Whenthere are issues with the service, such as a power outage, UMS needs to provide serviceagents, operations teams, and customers with full visibility into the issue.What is the recommended feature to meet the requirements?

A. Self Service Knowledge
B. Workforce Engagement
C. Incident Management
D. Video Support

Question # 17

Which feature should a Consultant recommend to allow a Tier 2 Service Representative totake over case processing from Tier1 and know how far Tier1 had progressed introubleshooting?

A. Service Console Macros
B. Lightning Guided Engagement
C. Path for Cases
D. Lightning Flow Component

Question # 18

Universal Containers' support management team has noticed an increase in wait timesover the last several months when customers call in for support. Which tworecommendations should a Consultant suggest to help decrease customer wait times?Choose 2 answers

A. Create reports to analyze call data in order to understand peak times and ensureadequate staffing.
B. Create a case escalation rules to route high-priority cases directly to supervisors forresolution.
C. Set up analytical snapshots to capture key case information and create historicaltrending reports.
D. Set up a Salesforce Customer Community that will allow customers to create casesonline.

Question # 19

Milestones can be added to which three object types?Choose 3 Answers

A. Work order
B. Case
C. Service
D. Entitlement
E. Account

Question # 20

Universal Containers is preparing to implement Service Cloud for its global Support team.Requirements gathering sessions have resulted in a large set of required deliverables.What should a consultant recommend as the next step?

A. Prioritize the requirements based on who submitted them.
B. Identify the requirements needed for initial GoLive.
C. Provide a timeline that addresses all the requirements.
D. Organize the requirements from largest to smallest.

Question # 21

UC has created permission sets granting access to object and fields in one of itssandboxes. How should a consultant deploy this permission set to prod?

A. Change set
B. Manuallyre create the Permission sets
C. Create an Unmanaged package
D. Publish a Managed package

Question # 22

The contact center at universal containers wants to increase its profit margins by promotingcall deflection with service cloud.Which two solutions should a consultant recommend?Choose 2 answers

A. Customer community
B. Knowledge base
C. Service cloud console
D. Automatic call distribution

Question # 23

Cloud Kicks pride support to customers across the workd and uses the Lightningexperince. Service agents have a set of common responses. Managers would like toconsilidate the responses as Quick Text, translate them to multiple languages and sharethem to the correct groups of service agents.What should a consultant recommend to meet the requirements?

A. Use translation Workbech to localize each Quick Text.
B. Set the Organization-Wide default to Public Ready Only.
C. Share the Folder with Quick text for each language.
D. Share each Quick Text individually to Public Groups.

Question # 24

Cloud Kicks (CK) recently implemented Knowledge Centered Support to improve theexpertise of its agents. The pilot focused on creating articles for the most common supporttopics. After the pilot, customer satisfaction has improved and average call time hasdecreased. To continueimproving KPIs, CK wants to know where to focus its efforts next.Which Knowledge dashboard should a consultant use?

A. Most Revised Articles
B. Most Linked Articles
C. Top Articles sorted descending
D. Search Activity Gaps

Question # 25

Cloud Kicks (CK) provides support through Web-to-Case. As part of a service improvementproject, a self-service portal in Experience Cloud and public Knowledge base were added.When reviewing service KPIs, management at CK found a 10% increase in case resolutiontime and is considering reverting the changes.What is the likely reason for the KPI change?

A. Self-service deflects easy cases, leaving more complex cases for agents.
B. Customers are spending additional time searching for answers.
C. Agents do not have access to the same Knowledge articles as customers.
D. Customers must spend additional time registering for the portal.

Question # 26

Cloud Kicks is preparing to support customers through SMS text messaging and WhatsApp. Support agents will need to easily switch between multiple customerconversations. Which two features will help meet the requirements?Choose 2 answers

A. Social Customer Service
B. Service Console
C. Messaging
D. Chat

Question # 27

Universal Containers wants to reduce the amount of Sim support agents spend creatingcases. Case creation must scale up to 5OO0 new cases per day, as well as allowing fileattachments under 25 MB by the customer.Which two features should the consultant suggest?Choose 2 answers

A. Standard Email-to-case
B. On-Domand Emali-to-Case
C. Apex Email Service
D. Web-to-Case forms

Question # 28

Cloud Kicks (CK) provides varying levels of support based on the customer’s ServiceContract. For customer with a Gold Service Contract, agents must provide a response toeach customer contact witin the 24 hours. CK plans to use Milestones.What is the recommended Milestone Recurrence Type to meet the requirements?

A. No Resource
B. Sequential
C. Independent
D. Auto-Add

Question # 29

Cloud Kicks is preparing to migrate to Service Cloud from another system. The currentsystem has thousands of help articles such as FAQs, step-by-step guides, andtroubleshooting guides. A group of specialists will create and manage these articles inSalesforce.What is the recommended license for the specialists?

A. Knowledge Only User
B. Satesforce
C. WDC Only User
D. Salesforce Platform

Question # 30

Universal Containers recently rolled out a Salesforce knowledge implementation; however,users are finding unreliable and unrelatedKnowledge Articles displayed in the Knowledge One widget in the Salesforce Console.Which two actions should a Consultant recommend to address thelack of quality checking? Choose2 answers

A. Restrict the Manage Articles user permission
B. Set up an intuitive Data Category hierarchy
C. Enable and configure wildcards for article searches
D. Require that an article be added when closing a case

Question # 31

Universal Containers (UC) is updating the Service Cloud console app for its call centeragents. Management is concerned that deploying the new app will disrupt currentoperations and impact customer satisfaction.What should the consultant recommend to mitigation these concerns?

A. Deploy the configured and tested app to production, update the agent's profile to viewthe app and take away access to the old app.
B. Configure the new app in a sandbox. Use a change-set to push the configuration toproduction for testing and training.
C. Deploy the configuration from a sandbox to production during the next Salesforceversion update so the system only goes down once.
D. Configure the new app in developer org and use an unmanaged package to deploy toproduction.

Question # 32

Universal containers is looking for ways to provide more proactive support and to promoteits brand on the internet with minimal investment. A consultant recommends installing theSocial Customer Service Start Pack.Which two feature should the consultant recommend as part of the deployment?

A. Select two Twitter or Facebook accounts.
B. Create and assign permission sets to give agents social account access.
C. Retrieve Social Studio credentials.
D. Enable the Moderation feature to automatically create cases from posts.

Question # 33

AW Computing sells and supports personal computers and printers. There are times whensupport reps are unable to solve the customer's product issues over the phone. In thoseinstances, the customer ships the product back to AW Computing for servicing.What should be implemented to ensure the repairs are completed in a timely manner by technicians with the appropriate skill set?

A. Service requests are assigned to a quruc where the technician can accept it.
B. Service requests are scheduled using Salesforce Field Service.
C. Service requests are asstgred to the technician using Omnt-Channel.
D. Service requests art assigned by the support reps to trie technician

Question # 34

Universal Containers is considering a Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS) implementation.Which three benefits can be expected from KCS adoption? Choose 3 answers

A. Increased call deflection
B. Increased call routing accuracy
C. Reduced issue resolution time
D. Reduced support channels
E. Optimized use of resources

Question # 35

Cloud Kiks uses Dialer and one-lick calling to initiate phoe calls to customers. They haverecently recived complaints from customers who have set their communication preferenceto email only or text only.What should a consultant recommend to meet the requirements?

A. Configuration a Validation Rule to block on-click calling.
B. Set the Contact Do not Call field value to true.
C. Configure Dialer to use Voicemail Crop by default.
D. Use Dynamic Forms to conditionally hide the one-click field.

Question # 36

Universal Containers wants Service Console users to be able to view and update productusage data that is stored in an external system.Which two features should a consultant recommend to provide this functionality?Choose 2 answers

A. Salesforce Connect
B. Custom Objects
C. Middle-tier integration
D. External Objects

Question # 37

As part of a new Salesforce Knowledge implementation, Universal Containers would like tomigrate articles from their current database.Which factor should a Consultant consider as part of the migration strategy?

A. Convert any articles containing HTML into plain text before importing because HTML isNOT supported in any article field types.
B. Verify that each article type has field level security on all fields set to read-only prior toimport, in order to prevent any loss of data.
C. Ensure that each existing article type has a corresponding Salesforce Knowledge articletype that matches its structure and content.
D. Prepare a single .csv file that can be used to migrate all articles types at once andinclude with a properties file in a .zip for import.

Question # 38

Which three are characteristics of Visual Workflow? Choose 3 answers

A. Apex code must be used to update fields in the database.
B. Elements can be used to pass data to legacy systems.
C. Apex code must be used to pass data to legacy systems.
D. Only one version of a flow can be activated at a time.
E. Elements can be used to update fields in the database.

Question # 39

Cloud Kicks uses the Service Console and work items to route cases to available agents. Service agents need a way to see work they have accepted and incoming items. Whichfeature should a Service Cloud consultant recommend?

A. Global Shared Macro
B. Omni-Channel Utility widget
C. Actions & Recommendations component
D. Personalised navigation menu

Question # 40

What are three necessary steps to test that the Omm-Channel implementation is routingcorrectly?Choose 3 answers

A. Change the owner to a queue associated with the routing configuration,
B. Log in as a user who is enabled for Omni-Channel access.
C. Enable Debug Omni Channel routing configuration in SttUp.
D. Open the Omni-Channel Supervisor tab.
E. Open the record you want to route.

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