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Aspect Details
Detail Description
Exam Name Salesforce Loyalty Management Exam
Exam Cost $200 USD
Retake Cost $100 USD
Total Time 105 minutes
Number of Questions 60 multiple-choice questions + 5 unscored questions
Available Languages English
Passing Score 65%
Exam Format Multiple-choice/multiple-select
Delivery Options Online proctored or on-site proctored exam
Prerequisites None, but Salesforce experience is recommended

Salesforce Loyalty Management Accredited Professional Exam Exam Topics Breakdown

Domain Percentage Description
Loyalty Management Fundamentals 20% Understanding the basic principles and architecture of Salesforce Loyalty Management.
Program Management 25% Managing loyalty programs, including creation, maintenance, and optimization.
Member Management 20% Handling member accounts, tiers, and benefits within the loyalty program.
Earning and Redemption Management 15% Overseeing points earning and redemption processes, and configurations.
Reporting and Analytics 10% Utilizing Salesforce tools to generate reports and perform data analysis.
Integration and Data Management 10% Managing integrations with other systems and handling data flows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce Salesforce-Loyalty-Management Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

The Loyalty Administrator for Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) defines Basic and Premium asthe two Tiers for its Insider program. They want to define a free product sample for allmembers in Premium Tier.How does NTO configure tiers within the Loyalty Program to give vouchers for members inthe Premium Tier?

A. Voucher Management and Benefit Action
B. Voucher Management and Benefits Setup
C. Voucher Management; Benefits Setup (in Program console); Benefit Action to define downstream actions and FLOW - Benefit action for orchestration
D. Voucher Management; Benefits Setup (in Program console); Benefit Action to process benefits

Question # 2

A Consultant needs to design a new tier-upgrade process for a new Loyalty Program. Thecustom object to store the qualified members and a batch job is identified for this process.Which two components should the Consultant select for this process?

A. A flow to perform both tier-upgrade rule and tier-upgrade orchestration process
B. A flow to schedule and process the custom object's pending records and another flow toperform tier-upgrade orchestration process
C. A flow to perform the tier-upgrade rule and another flow to perform the tier-upgrade orchestration process
D. A data-processing-engine (DPE) to identify the qualified members

Question # 3

For the integration of Loyalty Management and Service Cloud, which two methods should aTechnical Consultant use for associating a Loyalty Program Member with a Case?

A. Add the loyalty Program Members' related list on the Case page layout
B. Add the 'Create Case' action on the Loyalty Program Member page layout
C. Add the 'Associate Program Member' action on Case page layout
D. Add the 'Cases' related list on the Loyalty Program Member page layout

Question # 4

A hotel group has implemented a Loyalty Member Portal for its program members, butsome members are experiencing issues accessing their Loyalty Program-specific recordson the portal.What should an Administrator do to ensure the Loyalty members can access Loyalty recordinformation when using the portal?

A. Using Experience Cloud sharing sets, specify Account as the object of your sharing set
B. Ensure the Allow using standard external profiles for self-registration, user creation, andlogin' is enabled
C. In the Partner Account record, 'Enable Customer User" on the Contact associated
D. For the Loyalty Member, 'Enable Customer User' on the Contact or "Enable PartnerUser' on the Account
E. Ensure the 'Allow using customer profiles for self-registration, user creation, and login' isenabled

Question # 5

A Loyalty Manager would like to set up an email-send process in SalesforceMarketingCloud (SMC) that needs to inform the member via email immediatelyonce a tier changehas been applied. The company is using Marketing CloudConnect.A solution was proposed to draft a design using a journey process to send thenotification email and a new custom object named "Member TierUpdate_ c" thatstores the members that are qualified for a tier upgrade.Which data source options within the journey should a Consultant use to fulfillthis design?

A. "Salesforce Data" as the Entry Source, "Loyalty ProgramMember" object asthedatasource
B. "Salesforce Data" as the Entry Source, "Contact" object as the data-source
C. "Data-Extension" as the Entry Source, "LoyaltyProgramTier"
D. "Salesforce Data" as the Entry Source, "LoyaltyMember Tier"

Question # 6

An Administrator uses Analytics for Loyalty to develop an InApp-Dashboard showing topand bottom agent performers on the Loyalty call center.Which dashboard readily available through the Analytics Studio tool can be used to trackagents' performance based on the number of members assisted, customer satisfactionscores, and modifications?

A. Program Manager Home Dashboard
B. Member Services Manager Home Dashboard
C. Team Performance Dashboard
D. Loyalty Member Services Dashboard

Question # 7

A company has recently rolled out a Loyalty Program in the production environment in theMonitor Workflow Services from Setup,the SystemAdministrator noticed that all theLoyaltyautomations that have Data ProcessingEngine actions are failing, but the rest of the loyaltyautomations are working correctly.What is the root cause of this?

A. The Default Workflow User is missing the Data Pipelines Base User permission setlicense
B. The Default Workflow User is missing the CLAAnalytics Base User permission setlicense
C. The Default Workflow User is missing the Loyalty Management permission set license
D. The Default Workflow User is missing the CLAAnalytics Base User permission setlicense

Question # 8

Universal Containers has created a new Loyalty Member Portal for a second LoyaltyProgram that they have recently launched. A member of the first program has enrolled inthe second program and has decided to use the same login for both Loyalty MemberPortals. The user cannot access the new Loyalty Member Portal.How can the Loyalty Administrator verify why the user cannot access the second LoyaltyMember Portal?

A. Through Workspaces, check if the user profile has access to the new portal.
B. Check if the user has been assigned the Sharing Set for the Second Loyalty MemberPortal.
C. Create a new user and new profile for the member.

Question # 9

A retailer of sports clothing and accessories is currently looking to roll out a LoyaltyProgram for its customers and sets up aLoyalty Program using Salesforce Loyalty Management. The retailer has decided to implement four-tier groups that will be associated with the program.What are the three necessary attributes that need to be defined when setting up tiergroups?

A. Qualifying period
B. Fixed Tier Model
C. Tier Period
D. Tier Model
E. Non-Qualifying Period

Question # 10

A company has an existing Loyalty Program. The Salesforce Administrator has been askedto automate the current redemption process for non-qualifying points based on theproducts, regions, available dates and tiers. What task does the Administrator need tocomplete first to implement a decision table for the redemption process?

A. Create a decision table with input & output values
B. Create a flow to confirm members have points to redeem
C. Set the "Is Redeemable" flag on the Loyalty Program Currency
D. Create an object with fields for storing redemption details

Question # 11

The Management team at Cloud Kicks is required to analyze what earning activities areavailable in the Loyalty Program. What type of user access does the Management Teamneed to have this information visible in the reports?

A. Read, Edit access on Journal Type, Loyalty Member Promotions, and Loyalty MemberBenefits Objects
B. Read. Create access on Journal Type, Loyalty Member Currencies, and PartnerProducts Objects
C. Read, View access on Journal Type, Partner Products, and Loyalty Ledgers Objects
D. Read, View All access on Journal Type, Journal Subtype, and Transaction JournalObjects

Question # 12

Which set of features should a Consultant check before setting up expanded partnermanagement?

A. Growth license, PostPaid Billing Type, Partner Ledgers, Partner Conversion Factor forCurrencies
B. Growth license, Prepaid Billing Type, Partner Transactions, Partner Conversion FactorO for Currencies
C. Advanced license, PostPaid Billing Type, Partner Ledgers, Partner Conversion Factorfor Currencies
D. Advanced license, Partner Ledgers, Partner Transactions, Billing Type

Question # 13

What is the recommended approach to creating a large multi-country, multi-currency, andtier-dependent Redemption Catalogue?

A. Create a Decision Tree using Flows with a leaf for every combination
B. Create a Loyalty Process with different rules to manage every combination
C. Create a Decision Table and define the Redemption Catalogue as business rules.
D. Create an Apex Class and implement a Redemption Catalogue engine.

Question # 14

Universal Containers (UC) has a Loyalty Program with a Loyalty Member Portalimplemented using the Loyalty Experience Cloud template. UC is planning tolaunch a newLoyalty Program and wants to retain the same design and functionalities of the existingLoyalty Member Portal.Which two steps should UC consider during the implementation of the new LoyaltyProgram?

A. Assign the existing Loyalty Member Portal to the new Loyalty Program too.
B. Use existing Experience Cloud components to handle the same design andfunctionalities.
C. Create new Experience Cloud Components for the new Loyalty Member Portal.
D. Create a new Loyalty Member Portal and assign it to the new Loyalty Program.

Question # 15

An administrator need to analyze the performanceof the Loyalty Program.What Loyalty Analyze permission does a System Administrator need to set up acustomized?

A. Loyalty Analytics User
B. CRM Analytics User
C. CLAAnalytics base admin
D. Data pipeline user

Question # 16

When implementing Analytics for Loyalty, what are the three steps to turn on analytics anddashboards?

A. Assign Analytics for Loyalty User Permissions.
B. Create standard Salesforce reports and dashboard
C. Schedule dataflow for the analytics
D. Create an App using existing templates
E. Install CRM Analytics package

Question # 17

A company has recently rolled out a Loyalty Program with three tiers. The lowest tier isSilver, and the highest tier is Platinum. The company decided to offer Platinum membersexclusive access to VIP events.How should an Administrator configure the Loyalty Program for Platinum members?

A. Set up Members "Exclusive Access to VIP Events" as a Voucher
B. Set up Members "Exclusive Access to VIP Events" as a Member Promotion
C. Set up Members "Exclusive Access to VIP Events" as a Transaction Journal
D. Set up Members "Exclusive Access to VIP Events" as a Loyalty Tier Benefit

Question # 18

A new segment in Customer Data Platform (CDP) will be used for sending notificationemails to members with the following requirements: - The mail is senton the first day of the month to the members that will have their membership expire at theend of the same month, starting from the 1st of April to 30th of June- member's expiry-date are standardized to the last day of the month.Which two configuration options below should be used for the new segment to fulfill thissegmentation requirement?

A. In "Segment Property", set "Publish Schedule" to "Don't Refresh".
B. In the Segmentation Rule, Use "LoyaltyProgramMember" as the Direct object, >Operator: "This Month" for the "Membership Expiry Date" attribute.
C. In the Segmentation Rule, Use "LoyaltyProgramMember" as the Direct object, >Operator: "Next Number of days" = 30 for the "Membership Expiry Date" attribute.
D. In "Segment Property," set "Publish Schedule" to "24 hours" and the appropriate "StartDate" and "End Date

Question # 19

Ursa Major Solar has recently rolled out its Loyalty Program. The customer support agentsneed access to Loyalty Program Member's information. The System Administrator at UrsaMajor Solar has placed the Loyalty Members Profile Cards on the Lightning Record Page,and all access is granted; however, it is still not visible on the page.What setting is missing and preventing the visibility of the pages?

A. Setup the Member Summary Embedded Dashboard
B. Setup the Member Preferences Embedded Dashboard
C. Setup the Loyalty Program as Primary
D. Setup the Member NPS Dashboard

Question # 20

Northern Trail Outfitters, wants to implement its new Loyalty Program. The Chief MarketingOfficer wants to offer the following benefits to customers:• Award points to the customer that can be redeemed for products in the store• Gamify customers that spend the most to receive exclusive benefits.What three elements should the Administrator configure?

A. Set up one qualifying currency and a non-qualifying currency
B. Set up one qualifying currency
C. Set up a tier system based on a cumulative spending value
D. Set up vouchers for specific products
E. Set up promotions

Question # 21

How should a Loyalty Management consultant integrate Marketing Cloud withLoyaltyManagement in order to create journeys for promotions?

A. Use Marketing Cloud Server-Side JavaScript
B. Use Custom Apex code via a middleware ETL tool
C. Use Salesforce Customer Data Platform
D. Use Marketing Cloud Connect