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Process Automation and Logic 13%
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AppExchange and Other Integrations 3%
Salesforce ADM-201 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

DreamHouse Realty regularly holds open houses for the selling of both houses and condominiums. For condominium open houses, there are a few extra steps that need to be taken. Agents need to be able to submit requests and receive approvals from the homeowners' association.How can the administrator ensure these extra steps only appear when creating open house records for condominiums?

A. Create one page layout. Use record types to ensure the proper status picklist valuesdisplay.
B. Create two page layouts. Use business processes and record types to display theappropriate picklist values.
C. Create one page layout. Use business processes to ensure the proper status picklistvalues display.
D. Create two page layouts, one with a House Status field and the other with aCondominium Status field.

Question # 2

The administrator at Northern Trail Outfitters has been using a spreadsheet to track assigned licenses and permission sets.What feature can be used to track this in Salesforce?

A. Login History
B. Lightning Usage App
C. User Report
D. Permission Set Groups

Question # 3

The administrator at Ursa Major Solar wants to add prepopulated subjects for Tasks and Events. Tasks should have the subjects Schedule Site Visit, and Send Contract, while Events should have the subjects Site Visit and Ride Along.How can this requirement be configured?

A. Include Schedule Site Visit, Send Contract, Site Visit, and Ride Along picklist values forthe Activity subject field.
B. Add the new values to the predefined held values for the global actions New Event and New Task
C. Add Schedule Site Visit and Send Contract picklist values for the Task subject held. Add Site Visit and Elide Along picklist values for Event subject field.
D. Create a new custom Subject picklist held on Activity and add the held values.

Question # 4

Cloud Kicks generates leads for its different product categories (shoes, apparel, and accessories) through many different sources. While some lead sources are used for all three categories, other lead sources are specific to a single category. The VP of marketing requests that only the proper lead sources be displayed based on the product categorychosen.How should the administrator configure Salesforce to meet this requirement?

A. Create a page layout for each category and filter the Lead Source field based on category.
B. Create a dependency between the Product Category field and Lead Source field.
C. Create business processes and record types for each of the three product categories.
D. Create a single business process, then create record types for each product category.

Question # 5

Universal Container wants to prevent its service team from accessing deal records. Whileservice users are unable to access deal list views; they are able to find the deal records viaa search.What options should the administrator adjust to fully restrict access?

A. Record setting and search index
B. Permissions and tab visibility
C. App permissions and search terms
D. Page layouts and field- level security

Question # 6

DreamHouse Realty requires that house showings be scheduled within the current year toprevent too many future showings from stacking up.How can they make sure Showing Date is only populated with a date this years?

A. Sync the users' Showing Calendar to Salesforce and filter it to only look at this year.
B. Create a report that shows any Showing Dates not scheduled in the current year to theupdated.
C. Add Help Text so the user knows to only add a Showing Date within the current year.
D. Create a validation rule that ensures Showing Date contains a date within the currentyear.

Question # 7

The administrator at Cloud Kicks writes an assignment rule to send all cases created viaemail or the web to the Automated Cases Queue Any manually created cases should beowned by the agent creating them, however, the manually created cases now show theadministrator as the owner.What will the administrator find when troubleshooting this issue?

A. An escalation rule is changing the case owner on case creation
B. The Assignment Rule checkbox is selected by default.
C. Another assignment rule is giving ownership to the administrator
D. The Owner field is missing on the webform and email template.

Question # 8

Brokers at DreamHouse Realty need to see certain information about one or more caseswhen referencing the contact record. This record case Name, Case ID, Customer Name,Case Reason, Case Status, and Case Creation Date.Which two changes in Setup should the administrator make?

A. Use the page layout editor to change the related list type to Enhanced List.
B. Edit the Related List component in the Lightning App Builder and choose Related List asthe related list type.
C. Edit the Related List component in the Lightning App Builder and choose Enhanced Listas the related list type.
D. Use the page layout editor to include the appropriate column in the Cases related list.

Question # 9

The sales team at Ursa Major Solar has asked the administrator to automate an outboundmessage.What should the administrator utilize tosatisfy the request?

A. Process builder
B. Task assignment
C. Workflow rule
D. Flow builder

Question # 10

Cloud Kicks is Introducing a new shoe model and wants to advertise on TV, radio, print,and social under the banner of a called New Runners. In addition, total statistics for thismarketing effort need to be aggregated and visible.Which feature should the administrator use to implement this functionality?

A. Junction object
B. Parent campaign field
C. Lookup relationship
D. Master-detail relationship

Question # 11

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to encourage employees to choose secure and appropriatepasswords for their Salesforce accounts.Whichthree password policies should an administrator configure?Choose 3 answers

A. Maximum invalid login attempts
B. Prohibited password values
C. Require use of Password Manager App
D. Password complexity requirements
E. Number of days until expiration

Question # 12

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to know the average stage duration for all closedOpportunities.How should an administrator support this request?

A. Use process builder to capture the daily average on each opportunity.
B. Add Formula Fields to track Stages on each Opportunity.
C. Run the Opportunity Stage Duration report.
D. Refresh weekly reporting snapshots for Closed Opportunities.

Question # 13

Sales managers would like to know what could beimplemented to surface important valuesbased on the stage of the opportunity.Which tool should an administrator use to meet this requirement?

A. Opportunity Processes
B. Dynamic Forms
C. Path Key fields
D. Workflow Rules

Question # 14

The Support team at Ursa Major Solar prefers using split list views on the case homepage.Occasionally, the team views shipments from another support application.What should the administrator configure to allow the team to use the split list view?

A. Filter by a single shipment record type in the list view.
B. Include the Shipments tab on the app's navigation bar.
C. Split views are only available on standard objects.
D. Add the Manage List Views permission for support users.

Question # 15

Users at Dreamhouse Reality are only allowed to see opportunities they own. Leadershipwantsanenterprise- wide dashboard of all open opportunities in the pipeline so that users can seehow thecompany is performing at any point in time.How should an administrator create the dashboard without changing any sharing setting?

A. Update the dashboard to folder settings to manager for the sales reps role.
B. Add a filter to the dashboard to filter the opportunities by owner role.
C. Build individual dashboards for profiles that need to see the enterprise results.
D. Create a dashboard with the running User set as someone who can see allOpportunities

Question # 16

Northern Trail Outfitters wants toinitiate expense reports from Salesforce to the external HRsystem. This process needs to be reviewed by managers and directors.Which two tools should and administrator configure?Choose 2 answers

A. Quick Action
B. Outbound Message
C. Approval Process
D. Email Alert Action

Question # 17

Ursa MajorSolar uses Opportunity to track sales of solar energy products. The companyhas twoseparate sales teams that focus on different energy markets. The Services team alsowants to useOpportunity to track installation. All three teams will need to usedifferent fields and stages.How Should the administrator configure this requirement?

A. Create three sales processes. Create three record types and one page layout.
B. Create one sales process. Create three record types and three page layouts.
C. Create three sales processes. Create three record types and three page layouts.
D. Create one sales process. Create one record type and three page layouts.

Question # 18

The administrator at CloudKicks has created an approval process for time off requests.Which two automated actions are available to be added as part of the approval process?Choose 2 answers

A. Field Update
B. Chatter Post
C. Auto launched Flow
D. Email Alert

Question # 19

The CTO of AW Computing has defined a new policy for cases to improve customersatisfaction. All cases submitted with a Case Reason of Installation must be acknowledgedimmediately via email and assigned to the appropriate agents. Any cases that are still inthe New status after 4 hours must be escalated to support management.What case management tools need to be utilized for this requirement?

A. Auto-response rules, Macros, Entitlements
B. Auto-response rules, Queues, Macros
C. Auto-response rules, Queues, Escalation Rules
D. Auto-response rules, Entitlements, Escalation Rules

Question # 20

The Administrator at Universal Container wants to add branding tosalesforce.Which two considerations should the administrator keep in mind?Choose 2 Answers

A. Only one theme can be active at a time, and a theme applies to the entire org.
B. Themes apply to salesforce classic and to the salesforce mobile app.
C. Up to 150 custom themes can be created, modified, or cloned from the built-in themes.
D. Chatter external users see the built-in Lightning theme only

Question # 21

At cloud kicks sales reps usediscounts on the opportunity record to help win sales onproducts. When an opportunity is won, they then have to manually apply the discount upthe relatedopportunity products. The sales manager has asked if three is a way to automate thistimeconsumingtask.What should the administrator use to deliver this requirement?

A. Flow Builder
B. Approval Process
C. Prebuild Macro.
D. Formula field

Question # 22

Northern Trail Outfitters has a new flow that automatically sets the field values when a newaccount is created. That the flow is launched by a process, But the flow is notworkingproperly.What should administrator do to identify the problem?

A. Use the native debug feature in the flow builder.
B. Review debug logs with the login level.
C. View the setup audit Trail and review for errors.
D. Setup Email logs and review the send error log.

Question # 23

Northern Trail Outfitters is using one profile for all of its marketing users, providing readonly access to the Campaign object. A few marketing users now require comprehensive edit access on Campaigns. How should an administrator fulfil this request? 

A. Permission sets 
B. Organization-wide defaults 
C. Marketing user checkbox 
D. Field-level security 

Question # 24

Universal Containers wants to provide reseller partners with discounted prices on the products they purchase. How should an administrator configure this requirement? 

A. Add a Partner_Discount_c field to the Opportunity 
B. Build separate reseller partner products. 
C. Use a different Opportunity record type. 
D. Create a separate PriceBook for reseller partners. 

Question # 25

The VP of sales at Dreamhouse Realty has requested a dashboard to visualize enterprise sales across the different teams. The key place of data is the total of all sales for the year and the progress to the enterprise sales goal. What dashboard component will effectively show this number and the proximity to the total goal as a single value? 

A. Table 
B. Stacked Bar 
C. Donut 
D. Gauge

Question # 26

AW Computing has added a new custom text field called Market Segment on the Lead object. When a Lead is converted, the new field is not getting copied to the Account record. What should the administrator do to ensure the Market Segment field from a Lead is copied to the converted Account record in routine? 

A. Ensure the Market Segment field on the Lead is mapped to right field on Account. 
B. Ensure Account has a field that has the exact same name as the new Lead field. 
C. Write a Validation Rule to ensure the Account has a value in that field.
 D. Write a record-triggered flow to copy the custom field from Lead to Account.

Question # 27

An administrator supporting a global team of salesforce users has been asked to configure company settings. Choose 2 options 

A. Currency Locale 
B. Default Language 
C. Password Policy
 D. Login Hours 

Question # 28

What data loss considerations should an administrator keep in mind when changing a custom field type from Text to Picklist? Choose 2 answers 

A. There will be no data loss with use of a global value set.
 B. Assignment and escalation rules may be affected. 
C. Auto updates will be made to Visualforce references to prevent data loss. 
D. Any list view based on the custom field is deleted. 

Question # 29

Ursa Major Solar provides a 1-year warranty on all of the panels it installs. Installation details, along with the warranty information, a captured on a custom object called Installation. The installation record is created by the installer from the mobile app. Customers son receive a longer warranty as a way of increasing customer satisfaction when an installation gets delayed or has issues. How should the administrator configure Salesforce to capture the expiration date of the warranty? 

A. Use a formula as the default value of the warranty Expiration Date field. 
B. Create a formula field to display l year from the warranty purchased. 
C. Add a validation rule to ensure the Expiration Date field is populated. 
D. Include the warranty Expiration Date field on the mobile page layout. 

Question # 30

A user at Northern Trail Outfitters Is having trouble logging into Salesforce. The user's login history shows that this person has attempted to log in multiple times and has been locked out of the organization. Which two ways should the administrator help the user log into Salesforce? 

A. Log in as the user to unlock the user and reset the password. 
B. Reset the password policies to allow the user to login. 
C. Reset password on the user's record detail page. 
D. Use the unlock button on the user's record detail page. 

Question # 31

An administrator at Northern Trail Outfitters is creating a validation rule. Which two functions should the administrator use when creating a validation rule? Choose 2 answers 

A. Formula return type 
B. Error condition formula 
C. Error message location 
D. Rule active date 

Question # 32

The Marketing team at Cloud Kicks uses campaigns to generate product interest. They want custom picklist values for the campaign member Status field for each campaign they run, currently, they ask the administrator to add or delete values, but this is very time consuming. Which two user permission should allow the Marketing team to customize the campaign member status picklist values themselves? Choose 2 answers 

A. Create and Edit for Campaign Member 
B. Marketing user feature license 
C. Customize Application permission 
D. Edit permission for campaigns 

Question # 33

Ursa Major Solar wants its sales reps to be aware when they are speaking with high-profile customers. Which two options should be added to the Lightning record pages to achieve this? Choose 2 answers 

A. Custom Component 
B. Highlight Panel 
C. Action and Recommendations 
D. Component Visibility Filter 
E. Rich Text Area 

Question # 34

The standard Lead Rating field has picklist values of Hot, Warm, and Cold. A list of new leads was importance without errors even though several records had the value of Unrated in the Rating field. How were these records added without error?

 A. The Restricted picklist checkbox was unchecked. 
B. Field-level security was set to Visible for all profiles. 
C. A global picklist value set was used to populate the picklist. 
D. The Add to All Record Types checkbox was selected. 

Question # 35

The administrator at AW Consulting has created a custom picklist field. Business users have requested that it be a text field. The administrator attempts to change the field type but, is unable to because it is referenced by other functionalities. Which functionality is preventing the field type from being changed? 

A. Formula fields 
B. Record types
 C. Visualforce 
D. Javascript

Question # 36

Support reps at Cloud Kicks (CK) are reporting that when they try to close a case, the Closed option in the Case Status picklist is missing. CK has asked the administrator to find a solution. Why are the support reps unable to see the Closed option in the specified piclist? 

A. The Case record type is missing Closed as a picklist value. 
B. The Close Case page layout must be used to close a case. 
C. The Show Closed Statuses m Case Status Field checkbox is set to the default. 
D. The Support Process being used omits Closed as a status choice. 

Question # 37

An administrator is planning to use Data Loader to mass import new records to a custom object from a new API. What will the administrator need to do to use the Data Loader? 

A. Add a permission set that allows them to import data. 
B. Append their security token at the end of their password to login. 
C. Use the Data Import Tool to mass import custom object records. 
D. Reset their password and their security token. 

Question # 38

Ursa Major Solar has a path on Case. The company wants to require its users to follow the status values as they are on the path. Agents should be prohibited from reverting the Case back to a previous status. Which feature should an administrator use to fulfill this request? 

A. Predefined Field Values 
B. Global Value Picklists 
C. Dependent Picklists 
D. Validation Rules 

Question # 39

Which setting on a profile makes a tab hidden in the All App Launcher or viable in arty app, but still allows a user to view records that would normally be found under this tab? 

A. Object Permissions 
B. App Permissions 
C. Pig wide Defaults 
D. Tab Settings

Question # 40

The administrator for AW Computing is working with a user who is having trouble togging in to Salesforce. What should the administrator do to identify why the user Is unable to log in? 

A. Review the login history for the user.
 B. Check the attempted logins by running the setup audit trail. 
C. Pull the password history to ensure the password policy was followed. 
D. Reset the security token for the profile. 

Question # 41

Cloud Kicks (CK) stores information about specific customers in Contacts and information about shoes and accessories in a custom Merchandise object. What should the CK administrator use to represent that Contact can be interested in multiple pieces of Merchandies? 

A. Hierarchy column 
B. Lookup filter 
C. Formula field 
D. Junction object 

Question # 42

The administrator at Universal Container has created two objects: Containers_c Purchase_c, Management has requested that all container records display on purchase records in Salesforce. Which type of relationship between Containers_c and Purchase_c should satisfy the requirement? 

A. Roll-Up Summary field 
B. Formula field 
C. Master-detail field 
D. Lookup field

Question # 43

A Sales user is trying to manage Campaign Members for an upcoming networking event. The user can view the Campaign, but add new Campaign Members or update Member statuses. How can an administrator troubleshoot this problem? 

A. Create a permission set to allow the user to edit Campaign Members. 
B. Provide the user access to both Leads and Contacts to edit all Members. 
C. Make sure the Marketing User Checkbox is checked on the user record page. 
D. Run a Campaign report and update any Member information via Data Loader. 

Question # 44

The IT manager at universal Containers is doing an audit of the systems security. Mow should the administrator provide a summary of the org's security health? 

A. Change the Organization-Wide Default to private to restrict visibility. 
B. Turn on Event Monitoring to track user events. 
C. Download the last six months of user login data. 
D. Run a Health Check to identify vulnerabilities. 

Question # 45

What will happen to the Chatter post in this situation? 

A. The pending Chatter post will be canceled. 
B. The pending Chatter post will be sent on the 10th of the month 
C. The pending Chatter post will be will be paused. 
D. The pending Chatter post will be sent in 30 days.

Question # 46

What will happen to the Chatter post in this situation? 

A. The pending Chatter post will be canceled. 
B. The pending Chatter post will be sent on the 10th of the month 
C. The pending Chatter post will be will be paused. 
D. The pending Chatter post will be sent in 30 days. 

Question # 47

Universal Containers has a private sharing model for Opportunities and uses Opportunity teams. Criteria-based sharing rules a sales rep at Universal Containers leaves the company and their user record is deactivated. The rep is later rehired in V administrator activates the old user record. The user is added to the same default Opportunity teams but h no longer able records the user worked on before leaving the company. What is the likely cause? 

A. The stage of the Opportunity records was changed to closed lost.
 B. Permission sets were removed when the user was deactivated. 
C. The record type of the Opportunity records was changed. 
D. The records were manual shared with the user. 

Question # 48

Marketing users at Cloud Kicks should be able to view and edit converted leads. The administrator has assigned them permission set with the View and edit Converted Leads permission. Which two ways can the marketing users now access converted leads for editing? Choose 2 answers 

A. Find them in the global search result. 
B. Search the Recent Records component on the homepage. 
C. Utilize a list view where lead status equals Qualified. 
D. Use the Data Import Wizard, 

Question # 49

Northern Trail Outfitters is using one profile for all of its marketing users, providing readonly access to the Campaign object. A few marketing users now require comprehensive edit access on Campaigns. How should an administrator fulfil this request? 

A. Permission sets 
B. Organization-wide defaults 
C. Marketing user checkbox 
D. Field-level security 

Question # 50

The VP of sales at Dreamhouse Realty has requested a dashboard to visualize enterprise sales across the different teams. The key place of data is the total of all sales for the year and the progress to the enterprise sales goal. What dashboard component will effectively show this number and the proximity to the total goal as a single value? 

A. Table 
B. Stacked Bar
 C. Donut 
D. Gauge