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Salesforce Sales-Cloud-Consultant Exam Overview:

Aspect Details
Exam Cost $200 USD
Total Time 105 minutes
Available Languages English
Passing Marks 67%
Exam Format Multiple Choice
Registration Pearson VUE
Prerequisites None
Retake Policy You can retake the exam after 15 days.

Salesforce Certified Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Exam Topics Breakdown

Content Area Percentage
Industry Knowledge 20% Understanding industry-specific challenges and solutions.
Implementation Strategy 12% Planning and executing a Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation.
Sales Cloud Solution Design 12% Designing custom applications and interfaces to meet business requirements.
Sales Cloud Management 20% Configuring Sales Cloud functionality, managing users, data, and security.
Sales & Marketing Applications 12% Customizing Sales & Marketing applications to optimize business processes.
Reporting & Analytics 14% Creating and interpreting reports and dashboards for data analysis.
Integration & Data Management 10% Integrating Sales Cloud with external systems and managing data.
Salesforce Sales-Cloud-Consultant Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

A sales manager for one of Cloud Kicks" sales territories is unable to see a forecast for the current quarter. How should the consultant resolve this issue?

A. Add the sales manager to the Forecasting public group.
 B. Configure the date filter on the forecast and assign it to the sales manager. 
C. Set the sales manager as the Forecast Manager for this territory. 
D. Select the correct forecast on the sales manager's user record. 

Question # 2

Sales reps at Universal Containers (UC) want to know when a customer or prospect Contact opens an email, they sent so they can follow up with the Contact shortly afterward. Which tool should a consultant recommend to meet the requirement? 

A. Outlook Desktop Integration 
B. Einstein Activity Capture 
C. High Velocity Sales 
D. Salesforce Inbox 

Question # 3

Universal Containers needs to track quarterly sales goals for users. What are two ways a consultant can display sales goals and allow users to track their progress toward their goals?22. Choose 2 answers: 

A. Create a Custom Report Type. 
B. Enable Forecast Adjustments. 
C. Enable Show Quota % Attainment. 
D. Create a quarterly snapshot 

Question # 4

The admin at Cloud Kicks needs to understand the adoption of Salesforce Files and multifactor authentication. What should a consultant recommend analysing adoption? 

A. Review the Setup Audit Trail. 
B. Create a report for the Login History object. 
C. Run the Salesforce Optimizer. 
D. Open the Lightning Usage App. 

Question # 5

Universal Containers ts analyzing data to identify gaps, and wants to know which Accounts with open Opportunities are missing Contacts. Which feature should a consultant recommend to build this report7

A. Custom report type 
B. Cross filter 
C. Joined report 
D. Custom filter

Question # 6

A consultant for Cloud Kicks is migrating data from an on-premise system to Salesforce. The consultant has imported. Account records, and is attempting to import the associated Contacts using Data Loader, but the import has failed records. The error messages all read UNABLE TO LOCK ROW, What could be causing these records to fail?

A. Updates to child records that have the same parent records are being processed simultaneously. 
B. Contact records should be imposed in the same data batch as Account records. 
C. An Apex Trigger on the Account object is firing on insert and causing the Contact import to fail. 
D. The consultant has incorrect permissions to import data using Data Loader. 

Question # 7

Cloud Kicks (CK) is implementing Sales Cloud and expects hundreds of new Accounts will be added into Salesforce on a daily basis. CK has an automated process to assign the Account owners. If no assignment can be made for an Account, it will be assigned to a fictitious owner and a person will manually review and re-assign it at a later date. At any given time, a fictitious owner may have more than 10,000 Account records assigned to it. Which two solutions should the consultant recommend when CK sets up the new Account process? Choose 2 answers

A. Place the fictitious owner in a separate role at the top of the role hierarchy.
 B. Keep the fictitious owner out of public groups that could be used in sharing rules. 
C. Assign the Modify All Data system permission to the fictitious owner. 
D. Add the fictitious owner to a role at the lowest level of the role hierarchy. 

Question # 8

Cloud Kicks has completed the discovery stage, and leadership has aligned on the project's business goals. What should the consultant formalize with stakeholders before moving to the next project stage? 

A. Develop wireframes to visualize the product end state. 
B. Onboard team members to start development of the solution. 
C. Define key metrics to identify how success will be measured. 
D. Create user stories to present for prioritization. 

Question # 9

Cloud Kicks (CK) uses a custom object named GumShoe__c. GumShoe__c is the child in a master-detail relationship with the Opportunity object. Staff members use this object to create requests for supporting research. CK wants to easily generate new GumShow__c records from staff phones by using the Salesforce mobile app. What should a consultant recommend to meet the requirements?

A. Create a custom hyperlink to a related list.
 B. Create a Lightning component for mobile. 
C. Create a custom Process Builder process. 
D. Create a Quick Action 

Question # 10

‘Cloud Kicks (CK) needs to comply with GDPR requirements. Personal information is limited to only users who need access to a company's: Account. CK has a private Account model. How should the consultant provide specific Account access to the renewals and sales operations teams?

A. Build renewals and sales operations Account team member roles and allocate them to the appropriate users, 
B. Create a criteria-based sharing rule to share Accounts with the sales operations and renewals public groups. 
C. Change the roles of renewals and sales operations team members in the default Opportunity team. 
D. Create a role-based sharing rule to share all Accounts with the sales operations and renewals roles. 

Question # 11

Cloud Kicks is implementing Sales Cloud and has asked a consultant to create an architecture diagram of the system. Which stage of the project lifecycle does this fall under?

A. Plan 
B. Document
 C. Test
 D. Design

Question # 12

Prospects at Cloud Kicks are exposed to many different marketing activities. In most cases, a combination of several different activities result in a successful sale. How should the consultant configure Salesforce to track which marketing activities influenced the customer to make a purchase?

A. Implement Customizable Campaign Influence. 
B. Create a junction object between Campaign and Opportunity. 
C. Use Surveys to request the information from the customer. 
D. Make the Primary Campaign Source required. 

Question # 13

The Cloud Kicks global sales teams are distributed across regions. Sales leadership wants to give access to dashboards based on region. For example, users within the region should have access to regional dashboards while the leadership team should have access to global dashboards. What should the consultant recommend meeting this requirement? 

A. Create Dashboard folders for each regional sales team and one Dashboard folder for the leadership and team. 
B. Create one Dashboard folder for all regional sales teams and one Dashboard folder for the leadership team. 
C. Create one Dashboard folder for all regions for sales and leadership teams with View access. 
D. Create region-based sales groups, one leadership group, and one Dashboard folder with View access. 

Question # 14

Northern Trail Outfitters (WTO) wants to share revenue from opportunities with multiple reps. A consultant recommends using opportunity splits. Which two prerequisites should be considered before splits are enabled? Choose 2 answers

A. Add customized split types before enabling splits. 
B. Resolve any inactive currencies prior to enabling splits. 
C. Transfer opportunities owned by Inactive users to active users. 
D. Enable opportunity teams and add the opportunity owner as a team member. 

Question # 15

Cloud Kicks has organization-wide defaults set to Private for Account. With the rollout of Opportunity Teams, what should a consultant consider?

A. The Opportunity will be implicitly Write for the team, 
B. Opportunity should be set to Public Read/Write first. 
C. Account should be set to Public Read first. 
D. The Opportunity's Account will be implicitly Read for the team. 

Question # 16

The sales manager at Cloud Kicks has asked a consultant to create a report to track when opportunities reach a certain stage with an amount equal to $100,000. The consultant saves the report to the Big Deals folder, which is a subfolder of the Sales Team folder. The Sales Manager role has View access to the Sales Team folder. The sales manager wants to subscribe to the report. Which permission does the sales manager need to subscribe to the report created by the consultant?

A. Subscribe to Reports permission 
B. Subscribe to Reports: Set Running User permission 
C. Subscribe to Reports: Add Recipients permission 
D. Subscribe to Reports: Run Reports permission 

Question # 17

Universal Containers (UC) has launched Salesforce Chat and staffed its contact center with agents to chat with website visitors who ask questions about commercial containers. When UC used to outsource its contact center work, reports from the vendor showed that about 15% of chat conversations would result in a new lead. Management wants better visibility into Chat's influence on lead creation in order to continue the program. How can the consultant provide the insights UC needs to justify using Chat with internal contact center staff? 

A. Install the Chat (Live Agent) Dashboard package from the AppExchange. Add a chart to the dashboard to show the number of agent chats associated to new leads compared to the total number of agent chats for the period. 
B. Add a custom field on the Chat Transcript object so agents can check a checkbox when a conversation results in a new lead. Create a report using the custom field. 
C. Create a lead report that identifies the number of new leads with the lead source "Chat". 
D. Ask the marketing department to provide the program with Google Analytics data for the commercial containers web pages. 

Question # 18

The consultant at Universal Containers recently enabled forecasts. A sales manager is concerned that all open opportunities appear in the Pipeline forecast category. Opportunities in Perception Analysis and Proposal/Price Quote stages should appear in the Best-Case category. Opportunities in the Negotiation/Review stage should appear in the Commit category. How should the consultant ensure opportunities appear in the correct forecast categories?

A. Create a field update with Flow to update the forecast category based on the opportunity stage 
B. Edit the probability percentage on opportunity stage picklist values. 
C. Map opportunity stages to the appropriate forecast categories. 
D. Update the opportunity stage picklist value labels to match the category to which they should be assigned 

Question # 19

A consultant is implementing a new instance of Sales Cloud for Cloud Kicks (CK). CK has a global sales presence that supports a customer base throughout the: world, ‘CK wants to set up an appropriate structure to track customers with subsidiaries. Which approach should the consultant recommend meeting the requirement?

A. Location-specific Account structure with Account Hierarchies 
B. Global Contact structure that links all Contacts with one global Account
 C. Location-specific Account structure without Account Hierarchies 
D. Global Account structure that links all Contacts with one global Account 

Question # 20

Cloud Kicks has 12 stages m its sales process. The probability of winning the sale must be indicated. The sales manager uses sales stages and probability for forecasting. The sales manager wants a condensed summary of the forecasts without affecting the sales team. Which approach should a consultant recommend to streamline forecast reporting?

A. Create a custom object to be used in forecast reporting. 
B. Reduce the number of opportunity stages and report on probability. 
C. Align opportunity stages with probability and use collaborative forecasts for reporting. 
D. Align forecast categories to multiple opportunity stages and report on forecast category. 

Question # 21

Cloud Kicks (CK) has recently implemented Sales Cloud. CK wants to be able to forecast the number of shoes it sells to better coordinate with the logistics department to fulfill orders. Which three options should a consultant recommend CK implement to accomplish this? Choose 3 answers

A. Opportunity Quantity 
B. Collaborative Forecasts 
C. Forecast Types 
D. A custom field 
E. Product Revenue Schedules 

Question # 22

Universal Containers (UC) deployed Sales Cloud three months ago to the North American sales teams. One of the reasons UC selected sales cloud is its mobile support which provides flexibility for account executive. How should the consultant assure UC s management that Sales Cloud is being successfully adopted on mobile de devices?

A. Create a report to show the volume of opportunities created in the last three months compared to a year ago. 
B. Create a custom report type to show the use of mobile devices by users in the last three months. 
C. Track sales results month-over-month for the last three months to show an increase m the average order site. 
D. Leverage visualforce to show the use of mobile devices by users during the last three months. 

Question # 23

The Cloud Kicks sales team collaborates on opportunities which help them close more deals. What should the consultant configure to allow contributing sales team members to share in the revenue from closed opportunities?

A. Enable Opportunity Splits from Setup. 
B. Add the Opportunities to a Campaign 
C. Add the contributors to the Opportunity's Contact role related list. 
D. Create Quick Actions to create child Opportunities. 

Question # 24

A consultant for Cloud Kicks notices that the deploy date for the Sales Cloud project is also the same weekend as a Salesforce Release. What should the consultant recommend?

A. Continue the planned deployment concurrent with the Salesforce Release. 
B. Update the project plan for the following week and communicate the change. 
C. Inform Cloud Kicks about the Salesforce Release and that the project may take longer. 
D. Stop all work because the impact of the Salesforce Release is unknown. 

Question # 25

Cloud Kicks noticed its data quality has degraded since its initial Sales ‘Cloud Hs ion and is working with a co to ip a data management plan. The consultant suggested some best practices for creating, processing, and maintaining data. Which two areas could be improved by using third-party data enrichment tools? Choose 2 answers

A. Roles and record ownership 
B. Validation rules 
C. Monitoring changes and updates 
D. Naming and formatting 

Question # 26

Cloud Kicks’ (CK) VP of technology wants to start using Salesforce for all the sales team’s automation. CK migrated 70 million records from a legacy database to the datawarehouse that will be synced with Salesforce. CK wants to search and crossreference records with the original source database. What should a consultant recommend meeting this requirement?

A. Use the standard External ID field and map this to the source record ID value. 
B. Use a custom External ID field and map this to the source record ID value. 
C. Use the standard External ID field and map this to the Salesforce record ID value. 
D. Use a custom field named External ID and map this to the Salesforce record ID value. 

Question # 27

The Asia Pacific and Japanese sales teams from Cloud Kicks have requested separate report folders for each region. The VP of sales needs access to both report folders in one place to find reports for all the regions and wants to retain visibility of the reports in each folder. What should the consultant recommend meeting the requirement?

A. Create subfolders and give access to the root folder, keeping the top region folder sharing settings.
 B. Create all new regional folders and move the reports to the respective region folder with viewer access. 
C. Create grouped folders, keeping the top region folder sharing settings and limiting the sharing settings for the grouped folders. 
D. Create all new regional folders and move the reports to the respective region folder with subscribe access.

Question # 28

The consultant at Cloud Kicks has successfully implemented the Einstein Lead Scoring feature, and now wants to measure its effectiveness and track lead conversion rates. Which three standard dashboards are available? Choose 3 answers

A. Conversion Rate by Lead Score 
B. Conversion Rate by Lead Source 
C. Lead Scores by Created Date 
D. Average Lead Score by Lead Source 
E. Lead Score Distribution 

Question # 29

A large company is about to undertake its Initial Sales Cloud implementation. Different people will create features in multiple sandboxes. The consultant has recommended using change sets to move customizations to the full copy sandbox for testing and then move them to production for release Which two approaches should the consultant recommend to help migrate the customizations from the full copy sandbox to production? Choose 2 answers

A. Utilize change set tool dependency management 
B. Leverage cloud-based Git version control to deploy changes 
C. Use Salesforce Dx with visual studio to deploy changes. 
D. Track manual changes in a spreadsheet 

Question # 30

Cloud Kicks wants to implement a methodology to determine which current leads have the most in common with leads that have successfully been converted in the past. How can the consultant meet this requirement?

A. Use Lead Conversion Reporting. 
B. Create Conversation Insights. 
C. Use Einstein Lead Scoring. 
D. Create Cadence Steps. 

Question # 31

A small company has hired a consultant to plan its Sales Cloud implementation. The company wants to get up and running with Sales Cloud right away. The deadline has yet to be established, and the requirements still need to be defined. Which project management methodology should a consultant recommend to ensure the implementation is successful? 

A. Six Sigma 
B. Waterfall 
C. Prince2 
D. Agile 

Question # 32

Cloud Kicks’ (CK) marketing department is migrating from its email campaign and management system to Salesforce. The marketing admin wants to ensure that CK’s email templates are retained. Which two solutions should a consultant recommend for a successful migration? Choose 2 answers

A. Import email templates with the Data Loader. 
B. Manually recreate the email and mail merge templates in Salesforce.27. 
C. Create an Email template change set or use the Lightning Platform. 
D. Enable Email Import and use the Import Wizard 

Question # 33

Cloud Kicks recently purchased Salesforce and the leadership team is excited about being able to forecast more accurately. Sales managers say that making updates to54. forecasted amounts during the pipeline meetings is time consuming, and it's difficult to review all of the committed opportunities within the meeting time. What should the consultant recommend to help make meetings more efficient while making real-time forecast updates?

A. Use in-line editing to update the forecast amount for records. 
B. Modify many opportunities at one time in a list view.
 C. Only review non-committed opportunities during the meetings. 
D. Have reps use the Kanban view to move opportunities between stages. 

Question # 34

Cloud Kicks rtants its sales operations team to place orders for United States customers in Sales Ootid. The sales ops team needs to calculate sates tax on the orders. Sales tax is a complex calculation based on tax law that may change at any time. What should the consultant recommend to meet the requirement3 

A. A formula field on the Order object 
B. An app from the AppExchange 
C. A screen flow for orders 
D. A spreadsheet with formulas 

Question # 35

The Cloud Kicks IT team has noticed that there are many duplicate Person Accounts. The team can often easily identify duplicates and wants to merge them. What should the consultant explain to the team about Person Account merges?

A. Person Accounts with a redundant relationship can be merged using matching rules.
B. Person Accounts can be merged with other Person Accounts. 
C. Person Accounts can be merged with contact records. 
D. Person Accounts can be merged with any type of Account 

Question # 36

Each year, representatives from Universal Containers attend two major industry conferences that Generate a large volume of leads. A few months after leads have been converted to opportunities, the team wants to determine the return on Investment (ROI) for each industry conference. Which solution should the consultant recommend?

A. Create the Campaigns related list on the Lead page layout, and associate new leads with a Campaign. 
B. Create a mufti-select picklist, and ask representatives to select which conference (s) influence the lead. 
C. Create industry events as Campaigns, add leads as Campaign Members, and utilize Customizable Campaign influence. 
D. Create a Slack channel for each industry conference and mention this channel on all new leads. 

Question # 37

Cloud Kicks wants to utilize Opportunities to report and track subscriptions to its Shoe of the Month club. Subscribers can make a single payment or pay weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Which solution should the consultant recommend to meet the requirement? 

A. Enable schedules on the Product object. 
B. Activate schedules on the Opportunity object. 
C. Implement contracts with a lookup to the Opportunity object. 
D. Configure assets with a lookup to the Opportunity object. 

Question # 38

A consultant is implementing a new Sales Cloud instance for Cloud Kicks (CK) that has a public sharing model for Accounts. Different sales reps own local Accounts that create a multi-level Account Hierarchy. CK needs to see the total number of closed won opportunities and the revenue value for all Accounts in the hierarchy when viewing 2 Parent Account. Which recommendation meets this requirement? 

A. Configure an after-save flow to update a custom field on the parent Account with the total value of opportunities from the child Accounts. 
B. Create a Roll-Up Summary field on the parent Account with the total value of won Opportunities from the child Accounts 
C. Create a workflow rule to update the custom field on the parent Account with the total value of won Opportunities from the child Accounts 
D. Use the View Account Hierarchy option and include a custom Roll-Up Summary field with the total value of won Opportunities in the displayed columns. 

Question # 39

Cloud Kicks’ global sales operations team has to export reports from Salesforce and manipulate them in Excel to convert regional deals to the correct currency conversion. What are two use cases for enabling Advanced Currency Management that will allow the company to generate accurate reporting directly in Salesforce? Choose 2 answers 

A. Adjust currency conversion dynamically based on a given date range. 
B. Adjust currency rates on a set schedule. 
C. Show deal value in a user's default currency. 
D. Implement org-wide reporting that displays deal values appropriately. 

Question # 40

Universal Containers' sales operations team needs to provide visibility on sales pipeline changes on a monthly basis. How should the consultant meet this requirement? 

A. Create an Opportunity History report for open pipeline Opportunities in a given date range. 
B. Create a custom pipeline date range field and display it on the Forecasting tab. 
C. Create a sales pipeline dashboard that includes filters for Opportunity date ranges. 
D. Create training an how to use date filters on reports to compare pipeline for different date ranges. 

Question # 41

Cloud Kicks has organization-wide defaults set to Private for Account. With the rollout of Opportunity Teams, what should a consultant consider

A. The Opportunity will be implicitly Write for the team, 
B. Opportunity should be set to Public Read/Write first. 
C. Account should be set to Public Read first. 
D. The Opportunity's Account will be implicitly Read for the team. 

Question # 42

Cloud Kicks has decided to implement Sales Cloud Einstein. After setting up Sales Cloud Einstein, a consultant finds some of the features are not enabled. What are two steps the consultant can take to troubleshoot the issue? Choose 2 answers

 A. Check Sales Cloud Einstein permission set assignments. 
B. Validate the Connected App Details.
 C. Verify Integration User Profile Details 
D. Reconfigure the Einstein Lead Scoring app.

Question # 43

A consultant is beginning a new project with Cloud Kicks to implement collaborative forecasting. What should the consultant use to gather requirements using an Agile methodology? 

A. Linear process 
B. Quip spreadsheet 
C. User stories 
D. Forecast hierarchy 

Question # 44

Universal Containers (UC) wants to make it easier for sales reps to log their customer interactions, such as emails and events, directly from their email and calender applications. UC wants to report on these activities in Salesforce. Which two actions should the consultant recommend? Choose 2 answers 

A. Implement Inbox to sync Outlook or Gmail calender events. 
B. Log emails with records in Salesforce from Outlook or Gmail. 

Question # 45

Good Kicks has the goal of generating high-quality leads by implementing Sales Cloud. Which metrics should the consultant analyze to determine the success of this goal? 

A. Total number of Leads created by a Sales Rep 
B. Lead to Opportunity Conversion Rate 
C. Lead to Quote Conversion Rate 
D. Total number of Leads by source 

Question # 46

Cloud Kicks (CK) recently finished a redeployment of is Lightning pages. CK users report that Lightning pages are loading slowly CK management wants to consider the impact this has on adoption. Which two toots should the consultant recommend that CK use to evaluate lightning pages? Choose 2 answers 

A. Guidance for App Butter 
B. Lightning usage App 
C. Performance Analysis for App Builder 
D. Real-Time Event Monitoring 

Question # 47

During a Discovery session at Cloud Kicks, a topic is highlighted that How should the consultant proceed? 

A. Conduct another Discovery session.
 B. Define and submit a change order for the new items. 
C. Revise the timeline for the new items. 
D. Continue work because it is covered by the warranty.