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Salesforce B2B-Commerce-Developer Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

A developer has created a custom Lightning web component to display on the ProductDetail page in the store. When the developer goes to add the component to the page inExperience Builder, it is missing from the list of custom components.Which XML fragment should the developer include in the component's configuration XMLfile to ensure the custom component is available to add to the page?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 2

How should a developer get the grand total amount, including shipping and tax, for items inthecart and in the currency of the cart, when developing a new Lightning web component foranAura storefront cart page?

A. {!Cart.Details.grandTotal}
B. {ICart.Totals.grand Total}
C. {ICart.Details.Fields.grandTotal}
D. {!Cart.Fields.grandTotal}

Question # 3

Which two guidelines should a developer consider when migrating aura components toLWC?

A. Migrate one component and then determine whether additional effort would make sense
B. Start with migrating trees of components (components within components)
C. Force all developers to write any new components using Lightning web components
D. Start with simple components that only render Ul

Question # 4

Universal Containers (UC) is ready to build a tax provider class using the interfacesavailable in the Buyer Experience SDK. When creating a tax provider, what are three thingsthat a developer should consider first?

A. Steps to complete in the Tax Service
B. How to handle results
C. WhethertouseJSONorXML
D. What to implement
E. What events to fire in the Lightning web component

Question # 5

Which two methods from the platformResourceLoader module are relevant for includingthird party JavaScript and CSS in a Lightning web component?

A. loadClientScript
B. loadScript
C. loadCss
D. loadStyle

Question # 6

A developer is working on a storefront that needs to use a sophisticated pricing enginehosted as a service outside the org. Assuming security and trusts have been established,which two actions must the developer take?

A. Make a call to the service
B. Use External Ohjects
C. Implement the sfdc_checkout.PriceCalculations
D. Implement the sfdc_checkout.CartPriceCalculations

Question # 7

In a B2B Commerce store, which three tasks must a developer complete to implement the use of a third-party service for either tax, shipping, or pricing calculation?

A. Register an Apex class as the integration in the store administration
B. Create a flow to call the external service directly
C. Create an Apex class implementing the appropriate interface.
D. Create a named credential for authentication with an external service
E. Create an Apex class with an invocable method

Question # 8

Which technique can be used with Lightning web components to expose them outside ofan org in another web container?

A. Slot elements
B. Heroku
C. Lightning Out
D. Lightning Canvas

Question # 9

How should data for Lightning web components be provided?

A. A few properties that contain sets (objects) of data
B. One property that contains all data in one set (object)
C. A single property object that contains sets (objects) of data
D. Independent properties that take simpler, primitive values (e.g. String, Number, Boolean,Array)

Question # 10

A developer needs to create an event listener on a parent component programmaticallv.With the script below, what should replace the text <EVENT LISTENER UNE>?

A. this.template.addEventListener(handleNotification);
B. this.template.addEventListener(this.handleNotification);
C. this.template.addEventListenerCnotification1, this.handleNotification);
D. addEventListener('notifJcatiorV, this.handleNotification);

Question # 11

A developer is setting up a storefront from scratch. They need to create a storefront, pushstore sources, create buyer users, import products, and create and search index.Which command allows the developer to accomplish this task?

A. sfdx commerce:store:quickstart:create -templatename 'b2c-lite-storefront’
B. sfdx commerce:store:quickstart:setup —definitionfile store-scratch-def json
C. sfdx commerce:store:create —store-name test-store
D. sfdx commerce:store:open —store-name test-store

Question # 12

A developer is on a tight timeline and needs to implement a Lightning web componentwhich can read, create and modify single records. What is the recommended path forward?

A. Use base components
B. Write custom functions against a wire adapter
C. Create an Apex Controller
D. Use Lightning Data Service

Question # 13

What are two purposes of the Shadow DOM in a Lightning web component?

A. It encapsulates the internal document object model (DOM) structure of a webcomponent
B. It allow components to be shared while protecting them from being manipulated byarbitrary code
C. It allows direct access to the document object model of the component
D. It allows older JavaScript libraries to manipulate the tagging structure

Question # 14

A developer is working in Visual Studio Code on a previously deployed project which israther large and deployments are time consuming. The developer wants to know if a CSSfile containing small changes was actually deployed to the org. What is one way this can beaccomplished?

A. Right-click the CSS file and choose Diff File Against Org
B. Click the Tools menu and select Diff Styles Against Org...
C. Right-click the folder for the component and choose Diff Styles Against Org
D. Right-click the folder for the component and choose Diff Files Against Org

Question # 15

What is likely to happen if a developer leaves debug mode turned on in an environment?

A. The performance of the org will become slower each day
B. The user will begin getting JavaScript limit exceptions
C. The org will turn off debug mode after 72 hours
D. A banner will be displayed to the user indicating that the org is in debug mode

Question # 16

A developer exports data from an org on a standard entity which has a custom attribute. When they launch Data Loader, select the entity, click the Select All Fields button and clickFinish, the custom field they added called MyCustomField_c has no values and no columnheader in the CSV file. What is the root cause?

A. The user needs to install a specific Zulu JDK that is recommended by Salesforce.
B. A mapping file was not used when the data was loaded in
C. The user does not have access to the field
D. The user has rights to the field but there are no values in it

Question # 17

Which practice is allowed when it comes to naming a Lightning web component's folderand associated files?

A. Including whitespace
B. Using a single underscore
C. Using consecutive underscores
D. Using a single hyphen (dash)

Question # 18

What two things happen with the Cart during tax implementation?

A. New entries are written to the Cart
B. Previous entries are copied to another object
C. Previous entries are deleted from the Cart
D. New entries are written to the Order Summary

Question # 19

When a developer configures a tax integration for a store, what happens to the previouslycalculated tax entries during the checkout flow?

A. Ignored during recalculation
B. Saved prior to recalculation
C. Deleted from the Cart
D. Modified with the new tax calculation

Question # 20

Which three components should a developer use on the product page to replace the out-ofthe-box Product Detail Card component?

A. Product Detail Breadcrumbs component
B. Product Fields Short component
C. Product Field Long component
D. Product Detail Purchase Options component
E. Product Detail Image Gallery component

Question # 21

Which option is the correct syntax to render a property in a Lightning web componenttemplate?

A. Surround the property with curly braces: {property}
B. Surround the property with brackets: [property]
C. Surround the property with an exclamation point and curly braces: {property}
D. Surround the property with curly braces and exclamation point: {{property}

Question # 22

Which two are considered discrete units of work (code units) within a transaction in thedebug logs?

A. Validation rule
B. Lightning component load
C. Web service invocation
D. Apex class

Question # 23

A developer is trying to integrate a new shipping provider to use during checkout in astorefront Which two steps must the developer take to make an integration available forselection?

A. Create a RegisteredExternalService record using Workbench.
B. Create an Apex class that uses the integration framework.
C. Modify the StorelntegratedService to map to an Apex class ID using Workbench.
D. Enter the integration class name and version in the store administration.

Question # 24

An administrator has just provided a developer with a completely new org and a username.Assuming the username is me@my-new-org.org, what is the correct set of steps toauthorize the org for Command Line Interface (CLI) access so the developer can deployLightning web components?

A. Run the command: 'sfdx force:login -r "https://login.salesforce.com'' and supply thecredentials in the browser when it opens.
B. Run the command 'sfdx force:auth:web:login -a "https://login.salesforce.com'"' and thensupply the credentials in the browser when it opens.
C. Run the command: 'sfdx force:auth:web:login -r "https://login.salesforce.com" and thensupply the credentials in the ^ browser when it opens ^
D. Run the command 'sfdx force:auth:web:login -r "https://login.salesforce.com" -username^'mefaJmy-new-org.org"'

Question # 25

A developer is creating a component to implement a custom Terms and Conditionscheckbox at checkout in the Aura Commerce template.Which method should the developer implement on the Lightning web component to ensurethe user accepts the terms and conditions?

A. ComponentValidity
B. Validate
C. SaveCheckout
D. CheckValidity

Question # 26

A developer is working on an existing checkout implementation built against the LightningWeb Runtime (LWR) and wants to implement a custom child checkout component tomodify out-of-the-box functionality.Which interface must the developer implement for the child component?

A. CheckoutSavable
B. Checkoutoutinterface
C. CustomCheckout
D. CheckoutStep

Question # 27

Which template will correctly display the details message only when areDetailsVisiblebecomes true given the following code in a Lightning Web Component?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 28

An administrator has just provided a developer with a new org and username. Which twosets of steps can the developer use to authorize the org and begin deploying Lightning webcomponents?What should a developer do to expose a public property in a Lightning web component?

A. Decorate the field with @property
B. Decorate the field with @track
C. Decorate the field with @public
D. Decorate the field with @api

Question # 29

Which code statement should a developer use to import the ID of the current LightningExperience

A. import id from '@salesforce/network/ld'
B. import id from '@salesforce/experience/ld'
C. import id from '@salesforce/site/ld'
D. import id from '@salesforce/community/ld'

Question # 30

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) exports Order Summary data from its org. A developerlaunches Data Loader, selects Order Summary, clicks the Select All Fields button, andclicks Finish. Custom fields are defined in the Cart and Order Summary objects andsuccessfully mapped from Cart to Order Summary during checkout. However, all threecustom fields in the Order Summary are empty in the export file.What is the most likely cause?

A. There was a misspelling in one of the custom fields.
B. The Cart to Order action does not support the mapping of custom fields.
C. The developer does not have access to the fields.
D. The developer can export Order Summary records only by using Data Export Service

Question # 31

A product is assigned to the entitlement policy but is missing from the Price Book related tothe Buyer Group. The entitlement policy has View products and View prices in catalogchecked.How will the product behave on the B2B Portal?

A. The product will not appear on the Portal but can be searched since it is part of theentitlement policy.
B. The product will appear on the Portal with Price Unavailable status and can also beadded to the cart.
C. The product will not appear on the Portal and therefore cannot be added to the cart.
D. The product will appear on the Portal with Price Unavailable status but cannot be addedto the cart.

Question # 32

A Northern Trail Qutfitters (NTO) developer made a tile component. To expose a clickevent and react to user input using the markup below, what should replace<CLICK_EVENT>?

A. tileClick()
B. {event:tileClick}
C. javascript:avoid(0);tileClick();
D. {tileClick}

Question # 33

What tool can a developer use to investigate errors during development?

A. Commerce Diagnostics Event Logging
B. Checkout Flow Log
C. Support cases
D. Browser dev tools

Question # 34

Which Lightning web component path allows a developer to view or edit a record whilemaintaining control over specifying its layout and set of fields?

A. lightning-record-edit-form
B. lightning-record-imperative
C. lightning-record-view-form
D. lightning-record-form

Question # 35

A developer has been working on the flow of an Inventory Class for checkout. Thedeveloper has handled all the error states and now needs to indicate that inventory isavailable for all items and amounts in the cart.Which step should happen next?

A. Return TRUE
B. Return sfdc_checkout.lntegrationStatus.Status.SUCCESS
C. Return sfdc.checkout.lnventoryStatus.Status.SUCCESS
D. Return sfdc.checkout.lnventoryStatus.SUCCESS