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Salesforce Data-Cloud-Consultant Exam Overview:

Detail Information
Exam Cost $200 USD
Total Time 105 minutes
Available Languages English
Passing Marks 69% (Multiple-choice: 65%, Case Studies: 90%)

Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant (WI24) Exam Topics Breakdown

Describe the capabilities of the platform 15%
Implement data governance solutions 20%
Design and optimize data architecture 18%
Execute data management strategies 15%
Analytics and Insights
Leverage reports and dashboards 12%
Implement Einstein Analytics 10%
Perform exploratory data analysis 10%
Security and Access
Implement data security 10%
Manage data access and permissions 15%

Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce Data-Cloud-Consultant Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

A client wants to bring in loyalty data from a custom object in Salesforce CRM that containsa point balance for accrued hotel points and airline points within the same record. Theclient wantsto split these point systems into two separate records for better tracking and processing.What should a consultant recommend in this scenario?

A. Clone the data source object.
B. Use batch transforms to create a second data lake object.
C. Create a junction object in Salesforce CRM and modify the ingestion strategy.
D. Create a data kit from the data lake object and deploy it to the same Data Cloud org.

Question # 2

Which information is provided in a .csv file when activating to Amazon S3?

A. An audit log showing the user who activated the segment and when it was activated
B. The activated data payload
C. The metadata regarding the segment definition
D. The manifest of origin sources within Data Cloud

Question # 3

Cumulus Financial uses Service Cloud as its CRM and stores mobile phone, home phone,and work phone as three separate fields for its customers on the Contact record. Thecompany plansto use Data Cloud and ingest the Contact object via the CRM Connector.What is the most efficient approach that a consultant should take when ingesting this datato ensureall the different phone numbers are properly mapped and available for use in activation?

A. Ingest the Contact object and map the Work Phone, Mobile Phone, and Home Phone totheContact Point Phone data map object from the Contact data stream.
B. Ingest the Contact object and use streaming transforms to normalize the phonenumbers fromthe Contact data stream into a separate Phone data lake object (DLO) that contains threerows,and then map this new DLO to the Contact Point Phone data map object.
C. Ingest the Contact object and then create a calculated insight to normalize the phonenumbers,and then map to the Contact Point Phone data map object.
D. Ingest the Contact object and create formula fields in the Contact data stream on thephonenumbers, and then map to the Contact Point Phone data map object.

Question # 4

Which permission setting should a consultant check if the custom Salesforce CRM object isnot available in New Data Stream configuration?

A. Confirm the Create object permission is enabled in the Data Cloud org.
B. Confirm the View All object permission is enabled in the source Salesforce CRM org.
C. Confirm the Ingest Object permission is enabled in the Salesforce CRM org.
D. Confirm that the Modify Object permission is enabled in the Data Cloud org.

Question # 5

A customer is concerned that the consolidation rate displayed in the identity resolution isquite low compared to their initial estimations.Which configuration change should a consultant consider in order to increase theconsolidation rate?

A. Change reconciliation rules to MostOccurring.
B. Increase the number of matching rules.
C. Include additional attributes in the existing matching rules.
D. Reduce the number of matching rules.

Question # 6

When creating a segment on an individual, what is the result of using two separatecontainers linked by an AND as shown below?GoodsProduct | Count | At Least | 1Color | Is Equal To | redANDGoodsProduct | Count | At Least | 1PrimaryProductCategory | Is Equal To | shoes

A. Individuals who purchased at least one of any red’ product and also purchased at leastone pairof ‘shoes’
B. Individuals who purchased at least one 'red shoes' as a single line item in a purchase
C. Individuals who made a purchase of at least one 'red shoes’ and nothing else
D. Individuals who purchased at least one of any 'red' product or purchased at least one pair of 'shoes'

Question # 7

Cumulus Financial wants to segregate Salesforce CRM Account data based on Country forits Data Cloud users.What should the consultant do to accomplish this?

A. Use streaming transforms to filter out Account data based on Country and map toseparate data model objects accordingly.
B. Use the data spaces feature and applying filtering on the Account data lake objectbased on Country.
C. Use Salesforce sharing rules on the Account object to filter and segregate recordsbased on Country.
D. Use formula fields based on the account Country field to filter incoming records.

Question # 8

Northern Trail Outfitters uses B2C Commerce and is exploring implementing Data Cloud toget a unifiedview of its customers and alltheir order transactions.What should the consultant keep in mind with regard to historical data ingesting order datausing the B2C Commerce Order Bundle?

A. The B2C Commerce Order Bundle ingests 12 months of historical data.
B. The B2C Commerce Order Bundle ingests 6 months ofhistorical data.
C. The B2C Commerce Order Bundle does not ingest any historical data and only ingestsnew orders from that point on.
D. The B2C Commerce Order Bundle ingests 30 days ofhistorical data.

Question # 9

A consultant wants to build a new audience in Data Cloud.Which three criteria can the consultant include when building a segment?Choose 3 answers

A. Direct attributes
B. Data stream attributes
C. Calculated Insights
D. Related attributes
E. Streaming insights

Question # 10

How does identity resolution select attributes for unified individuals when there Is conflictinginformation in the data model?

A. Creates additional contact points
B. Leverages reconciliation rules
C. Creates additional rulesets
D. Leverages match rules

Question # 11

A customer is trying to activate data from Data Cloud to an Amazon S3 Cloud File StorageBucket.Which authentication type should the consultant recommend to connect to the S3 bucketfrom Data Cloud?

A. Use an S3 Private Key Certificate.
B. Use an S3 Encrypted Username and Password.
C. Use a JWT Token generated on S3.
D. Use an S3 Access Key and Secret Key.

Question # 12

A user is not seeing suggested values from newly-modeled data when building a segment.What is causing this issue?

A. Value suggestion is still processing and to be available.
B. Value suggestion requires Data Aware Specialist permissions at a minimum.
C. Value suggestion can only work on direct attributes and not related attributes.
D. Value suggestion will only return result for the first 50 values of a specific attribute.

Question # 13

A customer has multiple team members who create segment audiences that work indifferent time zones. One team member works at the home office in the Pacific timezone,that matches the org Time Zonesetting. Another team member works remotely in theEastern time zone.Which user will see their home time zone in the segment and activation schedule areas?

A. The team member in the Pacific time zone.
B. The team member in the Eastern time zone.
C. Neither team member; Data Cloud showsall schedules in GMT.
D. Both team members; Data Cloud adjusts the segment and activation schedules to thetime zone of the logged-in user

Question # 14

A consultant is setting up a data stream with transactional data,Which field typeshould the consultant choose toensure that leadingzeros in the purchase order number are preserved?

A. Text
B. Number
C. Decimal
D. Serial

Question # 15

A Data Cloud customer wants to adjust their identity resolution rules to increase theiraccuracy of matches. Rather than matching on email address, they want to review a rulethat joins their CRM Contacts with their Marketing Contacts, where both use the CRM ID as theirprimary key.Which two steps should the consultant take to address this new use case?Choose 2 answers

A. Map the primary key from the two systems to Party Identification, using CRM ID as theidentification name for both.
B. Map the primary key from the two systems to party identification, using CRM ID as theidentification name for individualscoming from the CRM, and Marketing ID as the identification name for individuals comingfrom themarketing platform.
C. Create a custom matching rule for an exact match on the Individual ID attribute.
D. Create a matching rule based on party identification that matches on CRM ID as thepartyidentification name.

Question # 16

A retailer wants to unify profiles using Loyalty ID which is different than the unique ID oftheir customers.Which object should the consultant use in identity resolution to perform exact match ruleson theLoyalty ID?

A. Party Identification object
B. Loyalty Identification object
C. Individual object
D. Contact Identification object

Question # 17

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is configuring an identity resolution ruleset based on FuzzyName and Normalized Email.What should NTO do to ensure the best email address is activated?

A. Include Contact Point Email object Is Active field as a match rule.
B. Use the source priority order in activations to make sure a contact point from the desiredsourceis delivered to the activation target.
C. Ensure Marketing Cloud is prioritized as the first data source in the Source Priorityreconciliationrule.
D. Set the default reconciliation rule to Last Updated.

Question # 18

A consultant is working in a customer's Data Cloud org and is asked to delete the existingidentity resolution ruleset.Which two impacts should the consultant communicate as a result of this action?Choose 2 answers

A. All individual data will be removed.
B. Unified customer data associated with this ruleset will be removed.
C. Dependencies on data model objects will be removed.
D. All source profile data will be removed

Question # 19

A consultant wants to ensure that every segment managed by multiple brand teamsadheres to the same set of exclusion criteria, that are updated on a monthly basis.What is the most efficient option to allow for this capability?

A. Create, publish, and deploy a data kit.
B. Create a reusable container block with common criteria.
C. Create a nested segment.
D. Create a segment and copy it for each brand.

Question # 20

A consultant has an activation that is set to publish every 12 hours, but has discovered thatupdates to the data prior to activation are delayed by up to 24 hours. Which two areas should a consultant review to troubleshoot this issue?Choose 2 answers

A. Review data transformations to ensure they're run after calculated insights.
B. Review calculated insights to make sure they're run before segments are refreshed.
C. Review segments to ensure they're refreshed after the data is ingested.
D. Review calculated insights to make sure they're run after the segments are refreshed.

Question # 21

Cumulus Financial created a segment called Multiple Investments that contains individualswho have invested in two or more mutual funds.The company plans to send an email to this segment regarding a new mutual fund offering,andwants to personalize the email content with information about each customer's currentmutual fund investments. How should the Data Cloud consultant configure this activation?

A. Include Fund Type equal to "Mutual Fund" as a related attribute. Configure an activationbased onthe new segment with no additional attributes.
B. Choose the Multiple Investments segment, choose the Email contact point, add relatedattributeFund Name, and add related attribute filter for Fund Type equal to "Mutual Fund".
C. Choose the Multiple Investments segment, choose the Email contact point, and addrelatedattribute Fund Type.
D. Include Fund Name and Fund Type by default for post processing in the target system.