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Salesforce B2B-Commerce-Administrator Exam Overview Detail:

Detail Value
Exam Name B2B Commerce Administrator Exam
Exam Cost $200 USD
Total Time 105 minutes
Available Languages English
Passing Marks 68%

Salesforce B2B Commerce Administrator Exam Topics Breakdown:

Exam Topic Percentage
Commerce Platform Basics 10%
Managing Orders and Products 25%
Configuring and Managing Price and Catalogs 20%
Personalization and Recommendations 15%
Administration and Maintenance 20%
Analytics and Reports 10%
Salesforce B2B-Commerce-Administrator Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Which two items are needed to be able to modify the account or person account associatedwith the 25m 554OrderSummary without Salesforce Order Management licenses?

A. The OrderLifeCycleType field on the associated OrderSummary is set to MANAGED.
B. The user executing this action has the "Commerce Buyer and Entitlements Integrator"system permission.
C. The OrderLifeCycleType field on the associated OrderSummary is set to UNMANAGED.
D. The user executing this action has either the "Edit Unmanaged Order Summaries" or"B2B Commerce Integrator user"system permission.

Question # 2

An Administrator is having trouble rebuilding the search index. 08m 41sWhat could be causing this issue?

A. The necessary permissions have not been given to the Administrator.
B. There are no active products associated to any of the categories in the store catalog.
C. There is no price book associated to the store.
D. The products have not been added to an entitlement policy.

Question # 3

An Administrator sets up a new store and imports the product catalog. While verifying thestore display, the Administrator notices a "Products" category that the Store Managerasked to not display.How can the Administrator fix this?

A. Disable the Display in Menu attribute.
B. Enable the Do Not Display in Menu attribute.
C. Disable the Show in Menu attribute.
D. Enable the Hide in Menu attribute.

Question # 4

A client would like to customize the Store so certain groups of buyers see personalizedinformation.Which three criteria types can an Administrator use to create an audience for a componenton a Store page?

A. Active Cart Total Value
B. Permission Set
C. Profile
D. Product Category
E. User's Location

Question # 5

AB2B Administrator notices a change that needs to be made to a storefrontbefore the Change Set can be finalized for deployment.From which two places can the Administrator directly access Experience Builder to makethe change?

A. All Sites
B. Experience Cloud Configuration
C. All Communities
D. Digital Experiences
E. Store tile

Question # 6

Which three options does an Administrator have for adding content to a Product out of thebox?

A. Only one Product Detail Image
B. One or more Attachments
C. Up to eight Product Detail Images
D. Only one Product List Image
E. One or more Product Banner Images

Question # 7

Which requirement must be met before an Administrator can perform a search index?

A. All products must have at least one image assigned.
B. All products must have a SKU assigned.
C. At least one product must be marked Active.
D. At least one product must have a ProductCode assigned.

Question # 8

Where can an Administrator configure an alternative or new checkout flow?

A. Checkout Button on the Cart page
B. Experience Builder on the Checkout page
C. Store tile in the Commerce app
D. Process Builder Button in Experience Builder

Question # 9

Which two preferences are required to successfully run B2B on Lightning Experiencecheckout? 27m 30s

A. Enable Account Relationships
B. Enable Optional Price Books for Orders
C. Enable Negative Quantity
D. Enable Orders

Question # 10

An Administrator needs to rebuild the Search Index in the B2B Commerce App.What should the Administrator do next while on the store record page?

A. Click onthe Search tile
B. Click on Community Settings
C. Click on Search Reindexing in the Quick Actions
D. Go to Search Reindex in Setup

Question # 11

An Administrator needs to rebuild the Search Index in the B2B Commerce App.What should the Administrator do next while on the store record page?

A. Click onthe Search tile
B. Click on Community Settings
C. Click on Search Reindexing in the Quick Actions
D. Go to Search Reindex in Setup

Question # 12

What must an Administrator set up in order to use an approved entity ina CRM collection?

A. Global List view
B. Sales List View
C. CRM List view
D. Service List View

Question # 13

Which three configuration aspects must be set up outside the Commerce App in order todeploy and activate thefull B2B Commerce experience both for internal and external users?

A. Custom attributes
B. Experience Sites
C. Multi-Factor Authentication
D. Profiles and Permission Sets
E. Salesforce CMS

Question # 14

Which two steps should an Administrator take to move the B2B store configuration from asandbox environment to a production environment?

A. Add the Store Configuration to a change set.
B. Import the settings to the Production environment with Workbench.
C. Export the store settings with Data Loader.
D. Export the store configuration from the Store Administration.

Question # 15

What configuration steps are required to send Order confirmation emails toBuyers?

A. Create an Email template, Set up Organization-Wide Addresses, Create an Email Alert,dd an Auto-launched flow
B. Create a Trigger on Order Status change and invoke the Buyer Confirmation Email flowfrom the Trigger code
C. Locate the existing "Buyer Confirmation Email" sub-flow, Add it to the Checkout flow asan invocable action
D. Check the box called “Activate Order Confirmation to Buyers” in the Commerce AppsStore Administration

Question # 16

What does an Administrator need to configure to enable Activity Tracking in the storefront?

A. Set a Cookie for Tracking.
B. Deploy Commerce Einstein.
C. Configure Time to Live with Experience Builder.
D. Leverage Google Analytics.

Question # 17

A company already has an Experience Cloud Site that they want to use as thestore. They are currently implementing B2B Commerce.What should an Administrator do in this scenario?

A. Drag and drop the Commerce components onto the proper pages in Experience Builder.
B. Use the ‘Create a Store on Existing Site’ button in the Commerce app.
C. Convert the existing site to a B2B Commerce site in the Digital Experience setting.
D. Create the store in Setup and link it to the existing site.

Question # 18

An Administrator has a working checkout flow and needs to meet a requirementthat allorders over a certainamount be paid for using a credit card instead of a purchase order.How should the Administrator start?

A. Search AppExchange for a Payment Gateway that handles both credit cards andpurchase orders.
B. Add decision logic to hide the option for purchase orders on orders that meet the criteria.
C. Delete the pricing subflow called Subflow - Confirm Price and replace it with a newsubflow for credit cards.
D. Create a Payment Gateway mapped to two providers.

Question # 19

An Administrator wants to change the layout of search results and category detail pages.Which two options are available out-of-the-box?

A. Matrix
B. Tree
C. Chart
D. List
E. Grid

Question # 20

AB2B Administrator needs to set up a user so they have the ability to switch betweenaccounts in the store to purchase for multiple accounts.Which three tasks are necessary to allow this user to switch to another account?

A. Add the Switch Accounts component to the Store home page.
B. Assign the Account Switcher User permission to the purchasing user.
C. Share the Account with the purchasing user.
D. Assign the Buyer Manager permission to the purchasing user.
E. Create an External Managed Account record.

Question # 21

What step is required before the administrator can see orders?

A. Give Read-Only Field-Level Security on the Store Sales field for Orders
B. Give Read-Only Field-Level Security on the Sales Store field for Orders
C. Give Visible Field-Level Security on the Store Sales field for Orders
D. Give Visible Field-Level Security on the Sales Store field for Orders

Question # 22

A Bedding company is selling bed items that vary by three different lengths. 36m 31Which set of steps should an Administrator take to create variation products?

A. Create a custom field length_c, a variation attribute set, and three parent products.
B. Create a custom field length_c, a variation attribute set, and a parent product.
C. Create a custom field length_c and a parent product with length selected as variationfield.
D. Create a custom object ProductWithLength_c, a custom field, and a parent product.

Question # 23

What step does an Administrator need to take in order to authorize a payment gatewaysafely?

A. Add a username password credential to payment providers in Setup
B. Create a Named Credential
C. Create a new payment client token
D. Upload a client certificate in Setup using Certificate and Key Management

Question # 24

Which two records can an Administrator bulk update in the Commerce App?

A. Stores
B. Products
C. Catalogs
D. Pricing