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Salesforce ADM-261 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

A Global company requires public documents to betranslated into multiple languages.Which implementation should the consultant recommend?

A. Lightning Knowledge
B. Classic Knowledge
C. Salesforce Content
D. Salesforce Files

Question # 2

What is a business continuity challenge in a cloud-based contact center that operates24/7? Choose 2 answers

A. Highly available telecom solution
B. Periodic maintenance windows
C. Server hardware infrastructure rebuilds
D. System software restore after an outage

Question # 3

What is the primary function of a private branch exchange (PBX)?

A. To receive multiple calls at one time
B. To use speech recognition to direct calls
C. To report the caller's background information
D. To mate calls to different agents

Question # 4

The cost of service for Universal Containers' contact centers has steadily increased. Whatsolution should a consultant recommend to help reduce the cost of service in the contactcenters? Choose 2 answers.

A. Enable Chatter for agent collaboration.
B. Create auto response templates for emails.
C. Enable Knowledge in a Service Cloud portal.
D. Enable Ideas in a ServiceCloud portal.

Question # 5

Universal Containers wants to be able to assign Cases based on the same criteria they usefor Live Agent chats. Which feature should a Consultant recommend?

A. Omni-channel Skills-based routing
B. Live AgentQueue-based routing
C. Omni-channel Queue-based routing
D. Case Skills-based Assignment Rules

Question # 6

Which task should beincluded in a business continuity plan for a contact center? Choose 3answers.

A. Route cases to agents in an alternate center.
B. Disable the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.
C. Deliver training on case handling for contingent staff.
D. Update thecase status field values.
E. Monitor service level agreements (SLAs) and notify customers.

Question # 7

Universal Containers wants to shorten the average call time in its contact centers by prompting the customers to enter customer number and identify theirorder and product information when they call for support. After providing this information, the customer should then have the option to speak a support agent if they still need help. Which system will helpUniversal Containers meet this requirement?

A. Computer Telephony Integration
B. Interactive Voice Response
C. Automatic Call Distribution
D. Order Management System

Question # 8

Universal Containers wants to implement Omni Channel within Service Cloud for itsrepresentatives. What is the first step required to configure Omni Channel?

A. Enable Omni Channel in Setup.
B. Assign Users to the Omni Channel Feature License.
C. Assign Users to Omni Channel permissions.
D. Contact Salesforce to have Omni Channel enabled.

Question # 9

Universal Containers wants articles to be suggested to agents based on information theyare typing into the case. Which solution should a consultant recommend?

A. Implement a Salesforce Console for Service and enable the Knowledge sidebar on the case page layout.
B. Enable the Knowledge sidebar related list on the case page layout.
C. Enable the Knowledge sidebar setting in the case support settings.
D. Create a Visualforce page called Knowledge sidebar on the case page layout.

Question # 10

Universal Containers wants to provide its customers with more support options.Which three should a Consultant recommend? Choose 3 answers

A. Create a Customer Community
B. UtilizeKCS to manage Knowledge
C. Add Live Agent to public-facing sites
D. Configure Chatter for public access
E. Implement SOS for mobile experience

Question # 11

Universal Container wants to measure the efficient of its Contact Center.Which three metrics should the contact center manager analyze?

A. Number of Closed cases on first call
B. Average Number of days to close cases
C. Number of open cases per day
D. Number of cases escalated
E. Number of new customers added

Question # 12

Which two configuration steps are required before Quick Actions can be used in Macros? Choose 2 answers

A. The specific Quick Action must be added to the Case Feed.
B. Global Actions need to be on the publisher layout.
C. The specific Quick Action must be added to the Case record page.
D. Quick Actions must be enabled in the org.

Question # 13

What are some uses of www.trust.salesforce.com in business continuity planning? (Choose 3)

A. To provide online security threat information
B. To provide live and historical data on system performance
C. To provide information planning planned maintenance
D. To provide live support for system and data backup
E. To provide best practices for continuity plans

Question # 14

Support process: escalation queue if not responded in 2 hours within business hours untilmarked Urgent which requires 24/7 resolution.

A. Workflow rule
B. Validation rules on case process field
C. Escalation rule to ignore business hours based on casecriteria

Question # 15

Universal Containers is changing their case management system to Salesforce. All activeaccounts, contacts, open cases, and closed cases for the past five years must be migratedto Salesforce for go-live.Which approach should the Consultant use for data migration?

A. Prepare, Plan, Text, Execute, Validate
B. Prepare, Plan, Validate, Execute, Text
C. Plan, Prepare, Test, Execute, Validate
D. Plan, Prepare, Validate, Execute, Text

Question # 16

A company provides customer support for new products and for routine maintenance ofexisting products. These cases have many identical stages and fields, however, themaintenance cases are unique and have additional stages and fields that need to becaptured. Which two features would meet this requirement? Choose 2 answers 

A. Record Types
B. Support Processes
C. Approval Processes
D. Support Types

Question # 17

The Service Manager at Universal Containers is concerned that users will NOT be able tomanage cases in the Service Console efficiently and reduce clicks.Which feature should a Consultant implement to address this concern?

A. ConfigureMacros
B. Multiple Monitors Components
C. Collapsible Sidebar Components
D. Console Keyboard Shortcuts

Question # 18

Universal Containers' customer service technicians need to access the followinginformationwhile at a customer site to complete the service call: • Customer order history •Level of contracted support • List of replaceable parts Which system can Salesforceintegrate with to retrieve this information and make it available to techniciansin the field? 

A. An enterprise resource planning system
B. A knowledge management system
C. A workforce management system
D. A third -party mobile application platform

Question # 19

UC must provide contact center agents with access to a customer's payment history if thecall concerns a billing problem. The following considerations need to be taken into account:Billing problems account for less than 5% of the calls. Billing data is stored in an externalsystem containing over 20 million records. Agents do not want to maintain separate loginsessions for Salesforce and the billing system. What solution should a consultantrecommend?

A. Create a custom web service to handle invoice inserts and updates from the billingsystem
B. Create a custom tab of type URL that displays a search page from the billing system
C. Import payment data into Salesforce and add to the contact page layout related list
D. Create a Visualforce page that retrieves payment information via a Web Service call-out

Question # 20

What key metric should a contact center manager use to evaluate the effectiveness of anew Service Cloud implementation? (Choose 2)

A. First contact resolution rate
B. Number of total cases handled
C. Total number of solutions created by agent
D. Average number of knowledge articles published

Question # 21

What key metric should a contact center manager use to evaluate the effectiveness of anew Service Cloud implementation? (Choose 2)

A. First contact resolution rate
B. Number of total cases handled
C. Total number of solutions created by agent
D. Average number of knowledge articles published

Question # 22

SLA says agent must respond within one hour, or if marked "urgent", resolve within oneday. How can this best be achieved?

A. Use entitlements to define a process and milestones
B. Use case teams to close
C. Use escalation rules

Question # 23

The Service Manager at Universal Containers wants to improve the adoption of publicKnowledge Articles and has decided to review published articles that have NOT beenupdated in the last 90 days, so that out-of-date articles can be refreshed. Which solutionwill allow the Service Manager to see the articles that need to be reviewed?

A. Provide the Service Manager with edit permissions to the standard Knowledge Article views.
B. Provide the Service Manager with edit permissions to the standard Knowledge Article reports.
C. Create a custom report for Knowledge Articles that filters the results based on publication status and last modified date.
D. Create a custom list view for Knowledge Articles that filters the results based on publication status and last modified date.

Question # 24

For which purposeshould a contact center use Visual Flow?

A. To assign follow-up tasks to an agent one week after a case is closed.
B. To automatically assign cases to a specific queue based on the customer support level
C. To escalate to the support manager if it has beenopen for more than 72 hours
D. To automate business processes for agents who troubleshoot customer support issues via phone

Question # 25

UC is initiating a program to improve customer satisfaction. As part of the program,customers must be surveyed after the case is closed to ensure the customer is satisfiedand the issue has been resolved. What solution should a consultant recommend to meetthis requirement?

A. Use workflow rules to send an email to the customer
B. Use escalation rules to assign the case to a case queue
C. Use auto-response rules to send an email to the customer
D. Use assignment rules toassign the case to a case queue

Question # 26

Which technology will allow a client to enable ideas on a public website? There are twocorrect answers.

A. Force.com Sites
B. Customer portalPartner portal
C. Self-serviceportal
D. Partner portal
E. Force.com Web Services API

Question # 27

A case has not been closed even after 30 days, but those cases can be closed in 7 days.What should the consultant do toovercome this? choose 2 options

A. Use auto response rule to send an email
B. Use escalation rule to send an email
C. Supervisors to investigate those cases
D. Identify those cases and assign to the closure team

Question # 28

A company has theserequirements for dealing with Cases: - Handled efficiently and by the right agents- Distributing the load so that agents do NOT have to manually select the next Case to workWhich two Omni-Channel features will assist in this routing and distribution? Choose 2 answers

A. Route to agents with the most cases closed for that topic.
B. Route to agents staffing the assigned overflow queues.
C. Route to agents with the least amount of active assigned work.
D. Route to agents with the most capacity to take on new work.

Question # 29

Which feature should a Consultant recommend to allow a Tier 2 Service Representative totake over case processing from Tier l and know how far Tier l had progressed introubleshooting?

A. Service Console Macros
B. Lightning Guided Engagement
C. Path for Cases
D. Lightning Flow Component

Question # 30

Universal Containers has basicfield service requirements and has not yet deployed the Service Cloud. The company would like to automatically create a field service dispatch record and assign it to a queue when specific case criteria are selected by an agent working the case.Whichsolution will create and route the field service dispatch record when the case is saved?

A. Use a workflow rule with an action
B. Use a validation rule
C. Use a case assignment rule
D. Use an Apex trigger

Question # 31

A Knowledge administrator has created an article for a promotion that starts at thebeginning of the following month. How would the administrator ensure the article isavailable on the first of the month?

A. Create a task related to the article with a reminderset for the article start date.
B. Create a workflow rule to update the article status to Published on the article start date.
C. Set the article publish date to automatically display the article on the start datE.
D. Send an email reminder to update the article status to Published on the start date.

Question # 32

Universal Containers analyzes key performance indicators (KPIs) and discovers thatcustomer satisfaction is decreasing. The company attributes the decrease in customersatisfaction to a low first-call resolution rate. What can be done to improve the first callresolution rate? Choose 2 answers.

A. Reduce the cost per call
B. Train support agents
C. Align agent performance goals with KPIs
D. Hire additional support agents

Question # 33

Thecost of service for Universal Containers contact centers has steadily increased.What solution should a consultant recommend to help reduce the cost of service? (Choose 2)

A. Enable Ideas in a customer portal
B. Enable Chatter for agent collaboration
C. Create auto-response templates for incoming emails
D. Enable Live Agent to handle incoming service inquiries

Question # 34

What is a benefit of a customer community? Choose 2 answers.

A. Eliminates the need to track service level agreements
B. Reducesincoming call volume
C. Enables customers to log inquires without contacting an agent
D. Eliminates the need for support agents

Question # 35

Universal Containers is implementing Salesforce Knowledge for call center agents. Thecompany needs to ensure that agents can contribute to the knowledge base to promoteadoption. Which functionality supports these requirements?

A. Allow agents to create Knowledge articles when closing a case.
B. Require agents to create Knowledge articles when opening a case.
C. Add the Submit Feedback button to articles.
D. Add the Submit Feedback buttonon the Solutions tab.

Question # 36

Solution for 15+ MB attachments, 10,000 email cases and 3,000 web cases.

A. On-demand email to case
B. On-demand email to case with sites
C. Email to case with web to case
D. Email to care with Site

Question # 37

Which two advantages does Salesforce provide with the OpenCTI framework? Choose 2answers

A. Agents can use telephony on a wide range of browsers andoperating systems while onlydeveloping once.
B. Developers can embed API calls and processes on web pages to automate call handlingprocesses.
C. Developers can integrate with any telephony platform available with little to no need forcustomization.
D. Agents can run their SoftPhone at the operating system level, embedded in the task baror system tray.

Question # 38

UC has completed development and testing of its Service Cloud implementation and plansto migrate functionality from the sandbox environment to the production environment. Whatshould be used for migration functionality?

A. Data loader, change sets, and Force.com Excel Connector
B. Force.com migration tool, Force.com IDE, and change sets
C. Visual Workflow, data loader, and Force.com IDE
D. Mass Transfer Records, change sets, and Force.com migration tool

Question # 39

A report shows average time spent by agents to resolve cases. Nine of twelve agentsspend approximately the same time to resolve cases. However, Agent A has a muchshorter average time to resolve cases and Agents B and C have a much longer averagetime to resolve cases. How can the supervisor use this data to drive greater consistency inaverage time spent by agents across the team? Choose 3 answers:

A. Document and share the practices of Agent A with the team via knowledge articles
B. Lower the target for entire team to that of Agent A
C. Review case history and activities for Agents B and C
D. Build a dashboard to display individual performance by agent versus the team goal
E. Update case assignment rules to route more cases to Agent A

Question # 40

Universal containers is trying to reduce the amount of time support agents spend creatingcases. The new method case creation must allow for4000 - 5000 new cases a day, as wellas the attachment of documents under 25 MB by the customer.Which method should the consultant suggest?

A. On-Demand Email-to-case
B. Standard email to case
C. Web to case forms
D. Omni channel routing

Question # 41

UC is in the process of implementing ServiceCloud. In which order should the data bemigrated?

A. Users, accounts, contacts, cases
B. Accounts, contacts, cases, users
C. Users, contacts, accounts, cases
D. Accounts cases, users, contacts

Question # 42

Support engineer need to see a complete chronological list of field edit to a case,associated emails, case comments, and field edit to related objectsin a single view whileworking on a case.How should the requirement be met?

A. Create a custom report
B. Create a custom related list on the case
C. Create a custom view on the Case tab
D. Create a custom Visualforce page

Question # 43

Universal Containers implementedSalesforce Knowledge two months ago. Now, the HelpDesk manager wants to know if the agents are properly leveraging the new knowledgebase. What metric can the manager use to measure the adoption of Knowledge? Choose 2answers.

A. Create a report that display the # of articles searched during the past 2 months
B. Report displays # of articles associated to data categories during past 2 months
C. Report that displays # of cases with articles attached during the past 2 months
D. Report that displays # of newarticles created during the past 2 months

Question # 44

Universal Containers has an upcomingmaintenance window where read-only access will beavailable. Which two actions will Universal Containers be able to perform during thiswindow? Choose 2 answers 

A. Run and view Salesforce reports.
B. Update case data for a customer.
C. Post report information on Chatter.
D. Review existing cases for an account.

Question # 45

Auto Response rules work on which objects?

A. Leads and Cases
B. Leads and accounts
C. Accounts and Opportunity
D. Accounts and Cases

Question # 46

The VP of Service at Universal Containers is looking forways to reduce contact centercosts.Which two metrics should the Consultant recommend?Choose 2 answers

A. First Call Resolution
B. Average Handle Time
C. Service-Level Agreements
D. Time to Answer

Question # 47

If youdelete a case, which two also get deleted? (Choose two answers)

A. Account
B. Solution
C. Event
D. Attachments

Question # 48

Case escalation rules triggered on the last modification will be reset each time a user doeswhich of the following actions?

A. Reads the case
B. Adds a related comment to the case
C. Adds an activity or sends an email from thecase record
D. Edits the case
E. All of the above

Question # 49

What method can NOT be leveraged to capture Cases in addition to via the Case tab?

A. Email to Case
B. Chatter feeds
C. Customer Portal
D. Self Service Portal

Question # 50

Which of the following utilize the "Automated Case User" (Choose 3 answers):

A. When a case is automatically assigned using assignment rules this user is listed in thecase history
B. When an email notification is triggered via workflow this user is listed in the case history
C. When a case is escalated this user is listed in the case history
D. When a case is created via Web-To-Case this user is listed in the case history
E. When a case is created via Email-To-Case this user isassigned as the case owner

Question # 51

A consultant is working on a Service Cloud implementation with a fixed budget andtimeline. The analysis phase of the project has just been completed. Additionalrequirements were discovered that will result in the project exceeding timeline and budgetconstraints. What is the first step the consultant should take to address the issue?

A. Adjust the dates in the project plan to account for the additional requirements andcommunicate the new timeline.
B. Add development resources to the project team to build out the additional requirements.
C. Adjustthe project scope to accommodate new requirements and continue with theoriginal project schedule
D. Document the requirements gap and communicate development options to the project team

Question # 52

Open CTI allows Advanced Administrators and Developers to embed call controlsin anHTML area that can be placed within Salesforce to control the telephony systemWhat are the two common places to embed these call controls?Choose 2 answers

A. On the left sidebar of Salesforce Classic
B. On a new tab in the agent's browser
C. Onthe footer of the Lightning Console
D. On the Highlights Panel of a Primary tab

Question # 53

A customer has recently implemented an on-premise telephony system that is common inthe industry. This customer purchased Salesforce licenses and is planning to integratethese two systems. What option should a consultant recommend?

A. Implement an on demand telephony solution provided by a vendor.
B. Use a computer telephony integration (CTI) adapter that supports its telephony system.
C. Create an API integration between Salesforce and the telephony system.
D. Build a custom computer telephony integration (CTI) adapter using the Toolkit.

Question # 54

Which of the following measures customer portal adoption/effectiveness amongCUSTOMERS (Choose 2)?

A. # of articles per agent
B. Most popular articles
C. # of cases via email
D. Total cases created

Question # 55

Which Statement is true regarding Salesforce Chatter Answers? Choose 3 answers

A. Answers can be exposed to partner portal users
B. External users can subscribe to Answers
C. Escalate a question to a case
D. Knowledge articles can be created fromAnswers
E. Select best answers for questions.

Question # 56

Universal Containers has built a custom Visualforce page called "Knowledge" thatis used internally to access Classic Knowledge.Which two steps must be taken to ensure the Visualforce page continues to work after migrating to Lightning Knowledge? Choose 2 answers

A. Remove Apex code references to the Article RecordType field.
B. Configure the Visualforce page to use the Lightning Design System.
C. Rename the Visualforce page to "Lightning Knowledge"
D. Remove Apex code references to the ArticleType field.

Question # 57

Which support channel requires the smallest amount of agent work time?

A. Web to case
B. Email to case
C. Webself service
D. Chat

Question # 58

From any queue list view, users can take ownership of one or more cases if: (Choose 3answers)

A. They are members of that Queue
B. They have a Contact Manager Profile
C. If the OWD for sharing cases is Public Read/Write/Transfer
D. They are higher in the Role Hierarchy than a Queue Member
E. All of the above

Question # 59

Universal Banking needs to provide a public knowledge base on itswebsite. The companyhas three product groups (Personal Banking, Mortgage, and CDs) and needs to displayinformation and address common questions about each product area. How shouldKnowledge be configured? Choose 2 answers.

A. Create three article types for each product area (Personal Banking, Mortgage, CD).
B. Create three data categories for each product area (Personal Banking, Mortgage, CD).
C. Create two data categories to display information (Question/Answer, Product Info).
D. Create two article typesto display information (Question/Answer, Product Info).

Question # 60

Business Users have requested that the salesforce administrator allow agents to view a listof cases in theconsole while agents work through their cases. This will allow agents toidentify urgent cases that need to be worked on.How should this be accomplished?

A. Enable the list to be pinned in the console. This allows users to view the list alongside thecase view in the console
B. Build a customer visual force page with the list view and assign it to the console sidebar.
C. Configure the case list under custom console components so users can view the list view along with the case view
D. Recommend openingthe case list view in a separate browser tab and use the window alongside the case view

Question # 61

A company is planning forthe migration of an existing knowledge base into SalesforceKnowledge. Which set of factors should be considered in selecting which articles tomigrate?

A. Last modified date and frequent search terms
B. Last modified date and number of recent article views
C. Original creation date and average rating of articles
D. Original creation date and total number of article views

Question # 62

Which feature should a Consultant configure to allow global Service Reps to call customersfrom within the Lightning Service Console?

A. Open CTI
B. Macros
C. Local Presence
D. Lightning Dialer

Question # 63

Milestones can be added to which three Object types? Choose 3 answers

A. Entitlement
B. Work Order
C. Service
D. Case
E. Account

Question # 64

The Universal Container's customer support organization has implemented knowledge,knowledge centered support (KCS) in its call center. However, the call center managementthinks that agents are not contributing new knowledge articles as often as they should.What could the company do to address this situation? (choose 2)

A. Require agents to check a box on case when submitting a new suggested article
B. Create a dashboard for articles submitted by agents & approved for publication
C. Measure & reward agents based on the # ofnew articles submitted for approval
D. Measure & reward agents based on the # of new articles approved for publication

Question # 65

What is the capability of case feed?

A. Add custom visual force pages to the case feed page layout.
B. Enable call control using the CTI case feed publisher.
C. Embed case feed functionality within a visual force page.
D. Switch from case feed to standard detail pages using a console component

Question # 66

Which step should a consultant take to import articles into Salesforce Knowledge? (Choose 2)

A. Map articles with HTML sections to rich text area fields
B. Use change sets to import data categories
C. Create a separate .csv for each article type
D. Use the data loader to import unstructured articles

Question # 67

For which purpose should a contact center use visual workflow?

A. To escalate a case to the support manager if it has been open for more than 72 hours.
B. To automatically assign cases to a specific queue based on the customer support level.
C. To assign follow-up tasks to an agent one week after a case is closed.
D. To automate business processes for agents who troubleshoot customer support issues via phone.

Question # 68

Universal Containers (UC) needs to invoke a process on an external system (NOT inSalesforce) whenever cases are created or updated by contact center agents. UC doesNOT want to use any customized code to accomplish this.Which solution should a Consultant recommend?

A. RESTful services with GET, POST, or PUT
B. Workflow-driven outbound messaging
C. Schedule batch Apex processing job
D. Visualforce page APEX SOAP async callout

Question # 69

Universal Containers needs to customize Salesforce to improve its Support Agents'experience so they can work moreefficiently.Which two features requires Service Cloud?

A. Open multiple case records as tabs and sub tabs
B. Unique page layouts for each Case Record Type
C. Utility Bar
D. Access to Knowledge Articles

Question # 70

Which Service Cloud tool requires the least agent involvement to resolve a customer issue?

A. Salesforce for Twitter
B. Live Agent
C. Salesforce Knowledge
D. Open CTI

Question # 71

Universal Containers' supportteam requires its customers to submit their support inquiriesvia free form email (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc). Additional requirements are listed below:• Support attachments up to 30 MB per inquiry• Over 10,000 inquiries per dayWhat solution shoulda consultant recommend to meet these requirements?

A. Emall-to-Case
B. Customer Chatter groups
C. Web-to-Case
D. On-Demand Email-to-Case