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Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Consultant Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Nerthern Trail Qutfitters' account is configured with Multi-Org to leverage two SalestorceCRM accounts. In the Cloud Kicks business unit they want to disconnect the sandboxinstance and connect the production instance.What additional configuration changes could be made to avoid any disruption offunctionality?

A. Configure Multi-Org settings to account for bo production instances in Setup.
B. Manually remove existing user mappings, attribute mappings, and trackingsubscriptions.
C. Rename and delete sandbox synchronized data extensions before connecting.
D. Updste query activities thet reference the new synchronized data extensions.

Question # 2

A B2B customer notices they have a large number of subscribers marked as 'Held'. Duringtroubleshooting, they realize these were soft bounces from overwhelming the emailserversof many of the small companies with which they do business.What step(s) should the customer take to move those subscribers back to 'Active'?

A. Extract subscribers who have a status of 'Held', then import subscribers as 'Active'.
B. Use Contact Builder to mass update all 'Held' subscribers to 'Active' status.
C. Subscribers with a status of 'Held' should be re-enabled by contacting support.
D. Use a SQL query to change all subscribers with a status of 'Held' to 'Active' in AllSubscribers.

Question # 3

A marketer wants te capture open-ended feedback fram custamers via SMS andwrite it to a data extension.How could MebileComnect be used to accomplish this?

A. Use a vote/survey message template to capture the response.
B. Use an outbound message template with embedded AMPscript to capture the response,
C. Use a text-response message templabe with embedded AMPscript to capture theresponse,
D. Use an info capture messege template to capture the response.

Question # 4

Northern Trail Outfitters and its subsidiaries use Sales Cloud and marketing Cloud tosendcustomers frequent email communications of new products and updates on theirportfolios. They have noticed the messages and branding being sent varies greatly andwould like to create a better customer experience.What extension product should be considered to unify the messaging and branding ofthese communications while still allowing personalization and timing of campaigns?

A. Einstein Content Selection
B. Distributed Sending
C. Marketing Cloud Connect
D. Distributed Marketing

Question # 5

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is launching a new campaign that will collect subscriberinformation to better target and segment its marketing communciations. NTO wants totarget users of its app and social platforms who have not engaged with previous emails inthe campaign. If the subscriber opens or clicks after three messages, they will be removedfrom the campaign.Which solution should the consultant implement?

A. A File Drop Automation with User-Initiated Send Definitions
B. User-Initiated Send Definitions with Filtered Data Extensions
C. A Multi-Step Automation with User-Initiated Send Definitions
D. A Multi-Step journey with Data Extension/Automation entry source

Question # 6

Which customers would benefit most from purchasing a Sender Authentication Package (SAP)? 

A.    A growing consumer brand that expects to send 500,000 emails per month and would like email branding to be consistent with its domain,   
B.    A nonprofit organization that sends roughly 50,000 newsletter emails per month.   
C.    A growing retailer that currently leverages Marketing Cloud's MobileConnect and MobilePush.   
D.    A customer who wants to share another IP within their account structure and is unconcerned about branding at this time.  

Question # 7

Northern Trail (NTO), a longtime Marketing Cloud customer, has decided to adopt Journey Build to help with the execution of their marketing programs. NTO does not want to duplicate efforts within the platform and has asked if they could be using Automation Studio entirely.   Which three tasks would a consultant suggest for using Documentary Builder instead of Automation Studio? Choose 3 Answers 

A.    Building simple segmented campaigns without SQL queries   
B.    Designing decision logic via an ... user interface.   
C.    Setting behavior-based goals   
D.    Processing zipped encrypt   ed files containing subscriber data   
E.    Creating customer segments from multiple data extensions  

Question # 8

A new Marketing Cloud (MC) customer wants to now implement a Sales Cloud instance to go along with their MC Instance. The MC has been live for a year now, where the primary key for records has been the Email Address.   Which two options would prevent the customer from duplicating records? Choose 2 answers   

A.    Upload CSV with Migrated Subscriber Keys to All Subscribers.   
B.    Get existing records updated with new Keys sourced from Sales Cloud instance;   
C.    Continue as normal, as Marketing Cloud Contact Models will dedupe keys by Email Address.   
D.    Purge the current records end carries on with new keys sourced from Sales Cloud  

Question # 9

A small restaurant franchise wants to implement Marketing Cloud to support their franchise owners. The corporate office the advertising copy and subscriber list. The owners of franchised stores add a customized local message to the marketing campaign. What hierarchy should be recommended?

A.    One parent business unit and a child business unit for franchise owners.   
B.    One parent business unit and a child business unit for each franchise owners   
C.    One business unit.   
D.    A parent business unit for each franchise owner  

Question # 10

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to send special discount offer to engaged customers on their email list. What should be resolved prior to generating the audience?   

A.    What the offer will be   
B.    When to send the email   
C.    Who the offer come from   
D.    How to determine engagement  

Question # 11

Northern Trail Outfitters has started the process of integrating its Marketing Cloud account and Sales Cloud org through Marketing Cloud Connect.   Which configuration should be utilized for the API user created in Marketing Cloud?   

A.    API User checkbox is selected, no roles are assigned to user.   
B.    API User checkbox is selected Administrator & Marketing Cloud Administrator roles are applied.
C.    API User checkbox is deselected, Marketing Cloud Viewer role is applied.   
D.     API User checkbox is deselected, all available roles are assigned to user.  

Question # 12

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to implement a Welcome email. New subscribers signing up on their website should receive the email promptly. They are utilizing Marketing Cloud Connect to connect Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud.   Which solution should capture the new subscribers?   

A.    Smart Capture form on website   
B.    Salesforce Triggered Sends   
C.    File import to data extension   
D.    Batch file dropped to SFTP  

Question # 13

A data team wants to automate that sync of subscribers' Unsubscribes and status from their enterprise account to their external CRM In one consolidated file. They need to find subscribers In their Marketing Cloud account and their unsubscribe data for child business units.   Which two data views would they use to achieve this? Choose 2 answers 

A.    _Complaint   
B.    _Subscribers   
C.    _Unsubscribe   
D.    _BusinessUnitUnsubscribes

Question # 14

Northern Trail Outfitters receives data from their point-of-sale system every night. The file is placed on their Enhanced FTP, but there is not a consistent time or naming convention for the file.

In which two ways should they set up their automation to import the data from the file on a nightly bais? (Choose 2 answers)   
C.    Scheduled Starting Source   
D.    File Drop Starting Source  

Question # 15

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is the holding company of three subsidiaries: Universal Containers, Ursa Major Solar, and Cloud Kicks. NTO recently purchased Marketing Cloud and has asked its consultant to recommend a scalable business unit (BU) hierarchy. They don't plan on executing any marketing campaigns on behalf of the NTO holding company, but NTO employees would like access to all subscribers and aggregate reporting. Additionally, each subsidiary business will be regularly running campaigns and should have their own branding, content, and subscribers.   Which solution should the consultant recommend?   

A.    One parent BU and two child BUs with their own Sender Authentication Packages.   
B.    One parent BU with three additional private domains.   
C.    One parent BU and one child BU   
D.    One parent BU and three child BUs with their own Sender Authentication Packages.  

Question # 16

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to send an email to one million contacts in Sales Cloud. The criteria to segment contacts include using 10+ fields to segment.   Which process should the consultant utilize for a reliable send method?   

A.    Query Synchronized Data Extensions using a query activity to a Salesforce Data Extension, then send via Email Studio Send Flow   
B.    Import Salesforce Report through an import activity to a Salesforce Data Extension, then send to data extension using Email Studio email send  
 C.    Assign the one million contacts from the report to a Salesforce campaign, and use a Single Step journey with Salesforce Campaign as an entry event  
 D.    Send to a Salesforce Report from Marketing Cloud using Email Studio Send Flow   

Question # 17

Northern Trail Outfitters want a simple segmentation strategy for identifying subscribers for their emails. What solution should they use?  

 A.    List model and Groups in Single Send Journeys.   
B.    Attribute group in Contact Builder for segmentation.   
C.    Relational data extensions with primary keys to match subscribers with their data  
 D.    Data Extension Entry Source in journey Builder with a filter  

Question # 18

A customer is creating a re-engagement campaign. The Campaign only targets subscribers who have had emails fail at send time due to held status within the last 60days. The goal is to send an SMS to the subscribers asking them if they want to update their email address.   What should a consultant recommend to meet the criteria?   

A.    Use SQL Query and Import activities from Automation Studio to inject the subscribers into a data extension used as an Entry Source by Journey Builder   
B.    Use Tracking Extract, File Transfer, and Import activities from Automation Studio to inject the subscribers into a data extension used as an Entry Source by Journey Builder.   
C.    use Data Extension Extract and Import activities from Automation Automation Studio to inject the subscribers into a CloudPage used as an Entry Source by Journey Builder   
D.    Use SQL Query and File Transfer activities from Automation Automation Studio to inject the subscribers into an API Event used as Entry Source by Journey Builder  

Question # 19

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to send an email to website visitors who add items to their cart but fail to make a purchase. The email will include a list of products they added to their shopping cart.   •  A sendable data extension contains the contact information and a session ID field for each subscriber who has abandoned their cart.   •  A second data extension contains a corresponding session ID field and product data for each abandoned cart item, including product SKU, product name, quantity, price, and image URL.   Which feature should be used to display the list of products for each subscriber in this email?   

A.    Lookup AMPscript function   
B.    LookupRows AMPscript function
C.    Dynamic Content Block   
D.     Enhanced Dynamic Content Block  

Question # 20

A customer is connecting Sales Cloud with Marketing Cloud. The connection was successful, however, the team is unable to view or sync Sales Cloud objects in Contact Builder.   How should a consultant begin troubleshooting the connection?   

A.    Create and send an email in Email Studio to test the connection and validate tracking.   
B.    Validate Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud users have access to the business unit.   
C.    Create new Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud users and perform a new installation.   
D.    Validate Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud permissions for the connecting users.   

Question # 21

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to send using the From Address of marketing@email.nto.com. They will then automatically forward replies to customerservice@nto.com. NTO also wants to include an automatic reply to the customer's email address customer@exampie.com.   Which email address would appear as the From Address for the automatic reply to the customer?   

A.    customerservice@nto.com   
B.    reply@marketingcloud.com   
C.    customer@example.com   
D.    A marketing@email.nto.com  

Question # 22

An analytics team wants to get hourly updates on email metrics (send, open, click) to provide timely next best actions to the sales team.   What method should the team use?   

A.    Send Logs   
B.    Data views   
C.    Tracking Extracts   
D.    Scheduled Reports  

Question # 23

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to send an email to all Contacts who have signed up for its newsletter, but have not joined its loyalty program. NTO has created a report in Sales Cloud which it will select using a Send Flow in Content Builder.   Which field name should be included in the report in addition to email address?

A.    Individual ID  
 B.    Contact ID   
C.    CampaignMember ID   
D.    External ID  

Question # 24

Northern Trail Outfitters has a file that drops intermittently to their SFTP account. Once this file drops, they want to be able to have it immediately imported and then segmented to enter a specific journey depending on the data inside the file.   Which two options would meet these requirements? Choose 2 answers

A.    Scheduled Automation   
B.    File Drop Automation   
C.    SQL Query   
D.    Decision Split  

Question # 25

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to include a 'view online' link in an email template to enable users to view a web page version of the email.   Which personalization string should they include as the href attribute in the link?   

A.    %%view_as_webpage%%   
B.    %%view_email_url%%   
C.    %%vawp%%   
D.    %%view_online%%  

Question # 26

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to create a relevant audience from a data extension for a daily send campaign. The audience will change from day-to-day. These emails contain a View As Web Page link and NTO wants to ensure this will not be broken when the audience is refreshed daily.   What should be used to segment this audience?   

A.    Use exclusion lists for the send - excluding those that already were sent the email   
B.    Use AMPscript inside the email to pull information from a send logging data extension to determine which content displays based on message context
C.    Use a SQL Query to filter the audience into a new data extension that is overwritten each day  
 D.     Use SQL Query to filter the audience into a new data extension that is upserted every day  

Question # 27

Northern Trail Outfitters has been using Marketing Cloud for one of their brands for the last year and wants to migrate another brand to their portfolio. The two brands have contrasting target groups and identities so they need the emails and landing pages to have different styles that refrain from mentioning the other brand in any way.   What should be recommended?   

A.    Create a new business unit for the new brand.   
B.    Request a second SAP for the existing business unit.   
C.    Request a Private Domain to be added to the existing business unit.   
D.    Implement a new SSL Certificate for the new brand.  

Question # 28

Northern Trail Outfitters sends emails for Password Resets from their web store when requested. An SMS message should be deployed if the password reset email is not sent.   What processes should they utilize to ensure a timely delivery across email and SMS?   

A.    Triggered send definition and use data extract Not Sent to a data extension then send SMS to those failed sends   
B.    Multiple path journey with engagement split if password reset link clicked; if link not clicked, then SMS Password Reset activity   
C.    Triggered send definition, and use API response to determine and send API call to trigger an SMS password reset   
D.    Transactional email send with the event notification service response to determine and trigger an API call to an SMS message  

Question # 29

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has recently Marketing Cloud and wants to securePII data stored within the system.   Which limitation should the consultant consider when recommending field-Level Encryption?   

A.    Field-Level Encryption doesn’t support segmenting, filtering, or querying encrypted fields.   
B.    Encrypted fields will show unencrypted values in standard records.   
C.    Only list-based sending is supported by field-Level Encryption.   
D.    Separate encryption keys are required for each business unit NTO...... Field_Level Encryption for  

Question # 30

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to send special discount offer to engaged customers on their email list. What should be resolved prior to generating the audience? 

  A.    What the offer will be  
 B.    When to send the email   
C.    Who the offer come from   
D.    How to determine engagement  

Question # 31

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants email subscribers to adopt their app. They are investigating using MobileConnect features since over 90% of their subscribers provide a Mobile Phone Number when registering.   Which three considerations should be made before implementing MobileConnect? Choose 3 answers

A.    Long and Short Codes are not available for all countries.   
B.    NTO would be charged by mobile operators directly for messages.   
C.    Inbound messaging only works with local Long or Short Codes.   
D.    Not all countries are supported by MobileConnect.
E.   Opting in for messages can only be done via inbound message.