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Salesforce Advanced-Administrator Exam Overview:

Exam Component Details
Exam Cost $200 USD
Total Time 105 minutes
Available Languages English, Japanese
Passing Marks 65%
Exam Format Multiple Choice
Number of Questions 60
Exam Registration Online
Prerequisite Salesforce Administrator Certification

Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator Exam Topics Breakdown

Exam Topics Percentage
Security and Access Management 20%
Extending Custom Objects and Applications 13%
Auditing and Monitoring 10%
Sales Cloud Applications 10%
Service Cloud Applications 10%
Data Management 10%
Content Management 5%
Change Management 5%
Process Automation and Logic 8%
Salesforce Fundamentals 9%
Salesforce Advanced-Administrator Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

AW Computing has a 4-hour SLA in its support guarantee. The company recently received feed that customers art reporting long wait times before an agent responds to a new case after it has been submitted. How should an administrator ensure cases are properly prioritized?

A. Auto-Response Rules 
B. Escalation Rules
C. Assignment Rules 
D. Workflow Rules 

Question # 2

Sales reps at Ursa Major Solar often give discounts depending on the configuration of the solar panel system. Customers want to know what the different configuration options are. Sales management wants to ensure the opportunity pipeline is as accurate as possible. What should sales reps do to ensure their quotes and opportunities reflect their sales?

A. Update the quote record each time the customer requests a different product configuration, and clicks the sync button to update the opportunity.
 B. Create a new quote record for each of the different product configurations. Sync the most likely to be purchased back to the opportunity. 
C. Create new opportunities for each quote request. Change the forecast category to omitted for all except the most likely to be purchased. 
D. Use the products related list to associate the different configurations with the opportunity. Update the Amount field with the most likely purchase price. 

Question # 3

The sales department has asked to limit access to the Amount field on the Opportunity to only tnose users. In the sales department and on the executtve team, Northern Trail Outfitters uses six custom profiles including Sales User. Marketing user, call Center user. Executive User Sales Manager user, ana call Center Manager user. Field level access is removed from three or the profiles In the sandbox. What action should an administrator take to make sure this change is in production?

A. Create a sandbox template and push it to production to reflect the update. 
B. Manually restrict access to this field for each profile via Setup Just like the sandbox. 
C. Deploy a change set from tht sandbox to prodUGBOffl including the Amount field with all the custom profiles. 
D. Process a change set with the profiles that should no longer have access to the field. 

Question # 4

An administrator created and activated several record-triggered flows that are configured to run before the record is saved on the same object. What should the administrator consider about the order of execution for flows? 

A. The flow type will determine the order of execution. 
B. The last created date of the flow will determine the order. 
C. The order of flow execution is unpredictable. 
D. The flows will execute in alphabetical order based on their names. 

Question # 5

A sales rep needs to help cross-sell an opportunity but is unable to make updates on the record or update the opportunity team. Which two options would be required for a sales rep to add a rep to the opportunity team? Choose 2 answers 

A. Transferred ownership of the Opportunity to the sales rep 
B. A permission with Edit access on the Account object 
C. A role above the Opportunity owner in the role hierarchy 
D. Transferred ownership of the Account to the sales rep 

Question # 6

DreamHouse Realty wants better insights into potential revenue in the next quarter and is considering using Collaborative Forecasts. What should the administrator consider when setting up Collaborative Forecasts? 

A. Opportunity Split data cannot be viewed in a forecast. 
B. A forecast can be either revenue-based or quantity-based.
C. A single org can have up to six different types of forecasts. 
D. The default forecast categories cannot be customized. 

Question # 7

AW Computing created new multi-tier service plans. The primary difference between the packages Is the length of the term. The company wants to capture start and end dates for each service plan sold, which can direr from the contract dates of the subscription. How should an administrator ensure the data is captured properly? 

A. Build a validation rule on the Opportunity object to require custom date fields based on the product(s) selected. 
B. Configure formula fields to reflect the close date of the opportunity. 
C. Create a new price book for service plans with term lengths. 
D. Make a validation rule on the Opportunity Product object to require custom date fields based on the product family. 

Question # 8

An administrator at Universal Containers has been asked by the compliance team to understand end track various sensitivity levels for its data In Salesforce. The administrator has enabled Data Classification end configured appropriate sensitivity levels. The compliance team would Ike a report showing field level sensitivity and classification. What should the administrator recommend? 

A. Run the standard Data Classification report. 
B. Create a custom Entity Definition and Held Definitions report type. 
C. Use the Data Classification Metadata list view. 
D. Configure a custom Data Classification and Metadata report type. 

Question # 9

At Cloud Kicks, users are able to run reports. However, when users try to export a report, they are taken to a login screen and prompted for additional verification. What is causing this issue?

A. Users need to update their browser to the latest version. 
B. The users are logged Into an Insecure network. 
C. The users' profile is missing the Export Reports permission. 
D. Exporting Is configured to require a high assurance session. 

Question # 10

On the Contact record, if a contact has the value of 'CEO‘ in the Title field, the administrator wants to require the users to also put a phone number in the Phone field. What formula should the administrator put in the Error Condition Formula of a validation rule to enable this?

 A. Title = 'CEO' && NOT(ISBLANK(Phone)) 
B. Title <> 'CEO' && NOT(ISBLANK(Phone))
 C. Q Title = 'CEO' && ISBLANK(Phone) 
D. Title <> 'CEO' && ISBLANK(Phone) 

Question # 11

A user at Ursa Major Solar is experiencing a flow error while trying to process a record to the next status. The users with the same access can process records without any errors. What should the administrator do to troubleshoot the issue? 

A. Use the flow debug option and set the selection to Run as another user. 
B. Grant the user more data access by moving them higher in the role hierarchy. 
C. Change the flow to run as System Context Without Sharing - Access All Data.
 D. Grant the user the Modify All permission to ensure they have full system access. 

Question # 12

Sales reps end partner consultants at Cloud Kicks work on the same kinds of shoe deals. The administrator has been asked to ensure that the Profit new on the Opportunity object is available to sales reps and is hidden from partners using Field Level Security. Which two features should the administrator use to fulfil this request? Choose 2 answers 

A. Permission Set 
B. Record Type 
C. Organization-wide Defaults 
D. Profiles 

Question # 13

Cloud Kicks has a very large knowledge base in Salesforce, Service reps are having a hard the finding the most reviewing articles because there are too many search results. What should the administrator do to help service reps quickly narrow down the number of articles?

A. Implement and configure Data Categories. 
B. Delete and remove old Knowledge articles. 
C. Update Knowledge to auto-search the case’s subject. 
D. Activate and configure Einstein Search.

Question # 14

AW Computing wants to enable a backup resource to assign permissions while restricting the backup resource's ability to create or modify permission sets. Which feature should be employed to accomplish this request? 

A. Assignment Rules 
B. Delegated Administrator 
C. View All Users Permission 
D. Customize Application Permission 

Question # 15

Users at AW Computing are receiving a duplicate message when they enter contacts with common first and last names. Management wants to improve the user experience but also keep the data Integrity of contacts. What should an administrator implement for this issue? 

A. Update the matching method on the rule from fuzzy to exact for First Name and Last Name. 
B. Change the duplicate rule to report Instead of alert so the message is avoided. 
C. Include the Email field to the existing matching rule for a more exact match. 
D. Add a secondary matching rule to the duplicate rule to match on the associated customer. 

Question # 16

An administrator needs to Import a large amount of historical data (more than 100,000 records) from another system. how should the administrator import the data? 

A. SOAP based API with Developer console 
B. Data Loader with Bulk API Enabled 
C. An AppExchange package 
D. Import Wizard with Add Only

Question # 17

Universal Containers' support team wants to use Salesforce Knowledge to allow customers and the support team to have access to the product documentation. There are many different types of documentation with usage across the globe. What feature should the administrator configure?

 A. Enable the Case Feed. 
B. Create article types. 
C. Define data categories and visibility. 
D. Setup record types and page layouts. 

Question # 18

The administrator at Ursa Major Solar has set up IT policies for all user passwords to be a minimum length of 3 characters and have an expiration period of 90 days. The security team recently decided that administrators of any system should have a 15-character minimum password with a 30-day expiration period. Where should the administrator make this change? 

A. Organi2ation-wide password policies 
B. Password complexity requirements on the permission set 
C. Password Policies on the System Administrator profile .
 D. Session Settings on the User record 

Question # 19

An administrator at Cloud Kicks has been asked to reduce the file size of full data exports in order to have quicker exports. Which three recommendations should the administrator make? Choose 3 answers 

A. Reduce the amount of objects per export. 
B. Request a backup file every 5 days. 
C. Deselect 'Include images, documents, and attachments' in the export. 
D. Unselect the recycle bin in the object export option. 
E. Keep deleted record counts to a minimum. 

Question # 20

Cloud Kicks needs to create 10 separate environments for various projects. A developer sandbox has been created with the necessary configuration and data. The administrator needs to create 10 now environments with the same metadata and data for each user. What should the administrator do to meet the requirements? 

A. Use refresh sandbox without Auto Activate. 
B. Use the existing sandbox as a sandbox template. 
C. Use clone a sandbox option from the existing sandbox. 
D. Use a scratch org definition to copy sandbox. 

Question # 21

An administrator at Universal Containers has been asked to configure product schedules. What should the administrator consider before enabling this feature? 

A. The Product Schedule is unavailable in Process Builder and Flow. 
B. Line Item Schedule is unavailable In Process Builder and Workflow. 
C. Customizable product schedule page layouts cannot be modified. 
D. To remove o product schedule completely, remove It from the standard price book. 

Question # 22

What would prevent a user from syncing a quote with an opportunity? 

A. The quote has a validation rule preventing it from being updated. 
B. Another quote is already synced with the opportunity and is awaiting approval. 
C. Another quote is already synced with the opportunity. 
D. The quote has already passed its expiration date. 

Question # 23

Ursa Major Solar uses the custom object Product Development to track Ideas R&D is wording on. A former administrator added the custom object Potential Name with a lookup to Product Development to allow R&D to track names under consideration for those product. The R&D manager recently ran a record and noticed several potential names where the relationship to the Product Development record was missing. The current administrator needs to change this relationship to master detail to ensure a potential name only exists when there is product development. Which two options are available for altering the existing Potential Name records for the deployment of this change to be successful? Choose 2 answers 

A. Move any Potential Name records with blank lookup fields to the recycle bin. 
B. Assign any Potential Name records with blank lookup fields to an existing record from Product Development. 
C. Remove any existing data in the lookup field n Potential Name records 
D. Remove the lookup field from the page layout so the data is maintained without changes. 

Question # 24

How should an administrator ensure the appropriate number of digits are entered Into the custom encrypted field created to capture credit card numbers on the Opportunity object? 

A. Use the credit card number mask type. 
B. Define the number of mask characters. 
C. Enter the number of digits at the field level. 
D. Create a validation rule to ensure the length. 

Question # 25

Cloud Kicks (CK) has introduced its new Alpha Shoe line. Customers create cases from CK's website. Managers receive a report of all cases created last week. Managers would like a way to easily see in the report if the customer refers to the new shoe line in the case subject. How should the system administrator modify thr report meet this request? 

A. Add a cross-filter and a with' sub-filter. 
B. Build a row-level formula. 
C. Change the format to a joined repi 
D. Include a contains filter on Subject. 

Question # 26

Cloud Kicks (CK) wants the forecast numbers to be shown by territory regardless of who owns the record. CK also wants a way to forecast based on role hierarchy. Which three options should an administrator recommend? Choose 3 answers

 A. Have the user select the forecast type listed under the Forecast Type in the Display Settings. 
B. Enable Territory Forecast. 
C. Make a custom field to track the amounts for Territory and Hierarchy Forecast. 
D. Modify the Territory Forecast to match the Hierarchy Forecast model. 
E. Enable Role Hierarchy Forecast. 

Question # 27

The Cloud Kicks security team has seen an increase in unattended device attacks, where hackers can view sensitive information when users leave devices unlocked in public settings. The security team wants to ensure Salesforce data cannot be viewed after 10 minutes of inactivity. What is the recommended security setting to configure? 

A. Enforce login IP ranges on every request. 
B. Lock sessions to the domain in which they were first used. 
C. Require a high assurance session. 
D. Force logout on session timeout. 

Question # 28

Universal Containers has a Private sharing model for Accounts and Opportunities. A new team is being created from within the sales team that will be assigned all renewal opportunities. These users will need to see all closed won opportunities while keeping the account private. How should the administrator meet this requirement? 

A. Update the organization-wide default on Opportunities to Public Read Only and add them to the opportunities team. 
B. Create a permission set with View All enabled on Accounts and assign it to the new users. 
C. Create a new profile for the renewals team with View All permission enabled on Accounts and Opportunities. 
D. Create a public group for the renewals team and create a criteria based sharing rule on Opportunities. 

Question # 29

Cloud Kicks has a Process Builder which should trigger upon a status change from on approval process. The Process Builder triggers if the status is updated manually, but not as a result or the approval process update. What could the administrator do to troubleshoot the issue? 

A. Check the Approval Process to make sure it is on the correct version. 
B. Check the Reevaluate Workflow Rules After Field Change box on the Approval Process Field Update Action. 
C. Turn Recursion the Process Builder under the Advanced Settings so the Process Builder fires again. 
D. Change the value with a Specific New Field Value so the Process Builder knows what value to look for. 

Question # 30

The administrator at Cloud Kicks is troubleshooting an issue one user Is having with a flow. They have decided to add a debug log to that user. What debug log category should be used? 

A. Workflow 
B. Callout 
C. System 
D. Database 

Question # 31

The administrator at Cloud Kicks (CK) is troubleshooting why users are missing expected email alerts from an automated process. The investigation shows that CK is hitting its daily limit. What should the administrator review to resolve the issue?

 A. Email Logs 
B. HTML Email Status Report 
C. Notification Delivery Settings 
D. Outbound Messages 

Question # 32

Users at Ursa Major Solar want to create complex dashboards with supporting charts based on data to come from a variety of sources, some of which live on the Internal company shared drives. Which product should the administrator recommend to meet the users' needs? 

A. Lightning Dashboard Builder 
B. Report Bulkier 
C. List views 
D. Tableau CKM 

Question # 33

AW Computing created new multi-tier service plans. The primary difference between the packages Is the length of the term. The company wants to capture start and end dates for each service plan sold, which can direr from the contract dates of the subscription. How should an administrator ensure the data is captured properly? 

A. Build a validation rule on the Opportunity object to require custom date fields based on the product(s) selected. 
B. Configure formula fields to reflect the close date of the opportunity. 
C. Create a new price book for service plans with term lengths. 
D. Make a validation rule on the Opportunity Product object to require custom date fields based on the product family.

Question # 34

Dreamhouse Realty recently learned that the major listing service it utilizes can accept messages to a specific endpoint. The realtors want to utilize this to be able to quickly update the listing price on properties after it has been approved. What automation tool should the administrator configure?

A. Flow 
B. Platform Event 
C. Process Builder 
D. Email Alert 

Question # 35

Cloud kicks has received feedback that customers are frustrated with the amount of time it takes to reach a support agent by area of expertise according to product information after a new case has been submitted. Love you too jani Which feature should administrator configure in order to improve the case management process? 

A. Omni-Channel 
B. Escalation Rules 
C. Macros 
D. Knowledge Component

Question # 36

An administrator needs to create a junction object called Account Region to link the standard Account object with a custom object called Region. Once the junction object is created, what are the next two steps the administrator should take? Choose 2 answers 

A. Make a master-detail relationship field on the junction object to the Region object. 
B. Build a master-detail relationship field on the Region object to the junction object. 
C. Create a master-detail relationship field on the Account object to the junction object. 
D. Configure a master-detail relationship field on the junction object to the Account object. 

Question # 37

AW Computing it running a special bundle deal on monitors and keyboards. Normally, discounts need VP approval, but this special bundle is pre-approved. What should the administrator recommend for these requirements? 

A. Create a separate price book. 
B. Implement CPQ. 
C. Remove the approval process. 
D. Enable Subscriptions. 

Question # 38

Ursa Major Solar wants to add a chat component to its corporate website, where its service agents can respond directly from Salesforce. What are two considerations the administrator should understand before adding Chat to the Service Console? Choose 2 answers 

A. Chat is unavailable in Lightning Experience if also using Omni-Channel. 
B. Chat can only be added to Standard navigation Lightning apps. 
C. Chat must be routed with Omni-Channel in Lightning Experience. 
D. Chat can only be added to Console navigation Lightning apps. 

Question # 39

Cloud Kicks wants to implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) to help better secure its Salesforce org. Which two options should the administrator consider to use MFA? Choose 2 answers 

A. An Authentication App 
B. A Username and Password 
C. A Security Token 
D. An Encryption Key 

Question # 40

The administrator at Cloud Kicks recently replaced several case workflow rules with a single before save flow. Since this change, some cases are routing In unexpected ways. What could be the cause or the charges to routing? 

A. The old workflow rules are still active and impacting routing. 
B. The flow precedes assignment rules; workflow rules are after assignment rules. 
C. Assignment rules no longer reference the correct fields. 
D. Multiple automation tools have been used and the automation is executed in a different order. 

Question # 41

At Cloud Kicks, the Sales team uses a specific dashboard to see how they are doing daily. The team has asked the administrator for an easier way to see this dashboard. What should the administrator recommend?

 A. Add the dashboard to the Sales team's home page. 
B. Create a custom app with a dashboard. 
C. Email the dashboard to the Sales Team every morning. 
D. Update the Sales team's app with a new dashboard. 

Question # 42

A sales user is assigned to a permission set group that gives them Modify All access to Accounts. An administrator assigns the same user to a muting permission set that mutes Deletes access on Account. What level of access will the sales user have on the Account object?

A. Read-only 
B. Modify All 
C. Read, Create, and Edit 
D. No Access 

Question # 43

DreamHouse Realty has a rental team and a real estate team. The two teams have different safes processes and capture different client information on their opportunities. How should an administrator extend the Opportunity object to meet the teams' different needs? 

A. Leverage Opportunities for the Real Estate Team and create a new custom object for the Rental Team Opportunities. 
B. Use separate record types, page layouts, and sales processes for the Rental and Real Estate Teams. 
C. Create Opportunity Teams for the Rental and Real Estate Teams and make appropriate fields visible to only the necessary team. 
D. Add a section for Rental and a section for Real Estate on the Opportunity Master Record Type to keep the information separate. 

Question # 44

At Ursa Major Solar, there is a custom object called Galaxy. The sales director wants users to only see certain field market. What Lightning will satisfy this requirement? 

A. Record Detail Component 
B. Fields component 
C. Highlights Panel Component 
D. Path Component 

Question # 45

Ursa Major Solar offers customers annual service contracts. Account owners should receive an email renewal reminder l month before their customer's planned expiration date. The administrator builds a flow to automate the process, which runs when a record is created, and tests several possible scenarios. What win occur if the expiration date is changed from January 1 of the next year to yesterday? 

A. The flow is unable to run and a flow error message Is sent to the user who Initiates the flow. 
B. The Interview resumes 1 month before the original expiration date and will send the email at that rime. 
C. The Interview is rescheduled based on the expiration date and sends the email on the last day of the current month. 
D. The resume event is recalculated and the email goes out to the account owner immediately. 

Question # 46

The salts team at Universal Containers has asked the administrator to build functionality to automatically update the account checkbox field 'Opportunity Created' to checked when at least one related opportunity has been created. What feature should the administrator use to build this functionality? 

A. Screen flow 
B. Workflow rule 
C. Record-triggered flow 
D. Assignment rule 

Question # 47

When should an administrator consider when using Person Accounts' 

A. In a complex business model and the users find it easiest to record Opportunity information on Contacts rather than Accounts. 
B. In a B2B business model and is selling to the primary contact at a business organization. 
C. In a B2C business model and the consumer is the intended recipient of sates and marketing attention. 
D. In a business model that needs a separate Contact and Account to be included on all Case records submitted.

Question # 48

The VP of sales at AW Computing utilizes a Lead report grouped by Country and Lead Source to show where the leads are coming from. The number of leads vanes greatly for each Country. What should the administrator configure on the report to show the Lead Source effectiveness for each country? 

A. The 'Show Unique Count* 
C. Bucket fitters