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Salesforce OmniStudio-Consultant Exam Overview:

Aspect Details
Exam Name Salesforce Certified OmniStudio Consultant
Exam Cost $200 USD
Total Time 105 minutes
Available Languages English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German
Passing Marks 65%
Exam Format Multiple Choice (MCQ) and Multiple Select
Prerequisites None
Retake Policy After 24 hours of the first attempt
Exam Registration Through the Salesforce Certification website

Salesforce Certified OmniStudio Consultant Exam Topics Breakdown

Domain Percentage Description
Discovery and Design 25% Analyzing business requirements and designing solutions
Configuration and Build 30% Implementing solutions using OmniStudio components
Integration 20% Integrating external systems and data sources
Deployment and Support 25% Managing deployments and providing ongoing support
Salesforce OmniStudio-Consultant Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Which element retrieves data from a Salesforce picklist in an org?

A. DataRaptor Extract Action
B. Lookup
C. Select
D. Calculation Action
E. Mark this item for later review.

Question # 2

A consultant Is designing a solution for a client using Omnistudio. The client wants todisplay data and launch actions from their Salesforce org.Which OmniStudio tool should the consultant use to meet this requirement?

A. DataRaptors
B. FlexCards
C. OmniScripts
D. Integration Procedures

Question # 3

A company is designing a new console for contact centeragentsto display case data for customers. All cases will be fetched using asingle DataRaptor. This page needs to display cases as follows:* "Open" cases with case description, case open date, case type,assigned to and priority fields. Open cases should be highlighted witha red border.* "Awaiting Closure" cases with case description, last action taken date,resolution, approval reason for closure, and assigned to fields. Thesecases should be highlighted with a grey border.* "Closed" cases with case description, resolution, case closed datefields with a link to duplicate cases.How should the consultant design the FlexCard solution to meet theserequirements?

A. Using three FlexCards
B. Using a single FlexCard with three states
C. Using a single FlexCard with multiple card filters
D. Using a single FlexCard with three flyouts

Question # 4

A pop-up window will display additional information about the campaign, such as detailsabout the members. A button must initiate a guided process to add new leads to thecampaign.Which two FlexCard features should the consultant recommend to meet theserequirements?Choose 2 answers

A. Block Element
B. OmniScript Action
C. Interaction Launcher
D. Data Table
E. Flyout Action

Question # 5

A company has several customer support departments. Each department has different case creation processes, but they want to unify them into a single LWC OmniScript. During the discovery, the consultant identifies two key requirements:* Each department has different case fields they need to capture* If the user cancels the process, they should return to a support console appWhich two OmniScript features should the consultant recommend to meetthese requirements?Choose 2 answers

A. Enable the Save for Later feature
B. Set Enable Cancel in Setup
C. Use Conditional Views on steps for each department
D. Add a Done action that redirects to the support console

Question # 6

A Consultant is working on a project that involves using OmniStudio tools to designsolutions that meet customer business requirements. The solutions need to bemaintainable, scalable, and contribute to long-term customer success. Which OmniStudiotool should the Consultant use to display data and launch actions

A. OmniScripts
B. FlexCards
C. Integration Procedures
D. DataRaptors

Question # 7

Which two OmniScript components should the consultant recommend using to meet this validation requirement?Choose 2 answers

A. Messaging
B. Alert
C. Calculation
D. Formula

Question # 8

Which three use cases should be implemented using Calculation Procedures& Matrices? Choose 3 answers 

A. Use a house's address, size, and age of the building to determine an insurance premium. 
B. Use rules to determine eligible insurance products based on a house's address and age of the building. 
C. Use location and past usageto determine the monthly cost for an energy product. 
D. Use the product color and capacity to determine the price of a product. 
E. Use risk factors for an insured item to determine different insurance product options. 

Question # 9

A company needs to generate invoices when contracts reach an approved status. Users should initiate the invoice generation process from the contract page, but the option should not appear until the contract reaches the approved status. After the invoice is generated, it should be sent to the customer for signature. What three tools should be used in the solution the consultant recommends to meet these requirements? Choose 3 answers 

A. OmniScript 
B. Interaction Launcher 
C. FlexCards
D. OmniStudio Action 
E. DataRaptor 

Question # 10

A company is beginning their first project using Calculation Procedures & Matrices. The developers on the tea are concerned about learning the new tool and how they willtest their calculation procedures. The consultant recommends that they use the built-in simulator. In this scenario, what benefit should the consultant highlight to the developer team? 

A. It aggregates data elements that have been calculated separately. 
B. It verifies data types in the algebraic calculations of the calculation procedure. 
C. It generates sample input and output JSON that can be easily used to build DataRaptors. 
D. It allows developers to create what-if calculations.

Question # 11

A company has an existing OmniScript running in production. The business decides additional customer information is needed and wants to add more questions to theprocess. What is the most efficient approach that the consultant can recommend to the business to meet this requirement?

A. Add a new Step element with Input elements 
B. Add an LWC component 
C. Add an Input Action to a Step 
D. Add a embedded FlexCard 

Question # 12

A business has a requirement to display cases in a console for service agents. Cases can have avariety of statuses, including Active, Closed, or Escalated. When a case is Closed, agents need to be able to reopen the case. When the case is Active or Escalated, agents should not have the option to reopen the case. Which FlexCard functionality can be used to meet this requirement? 

A. Conditional View 
B. Flyouts 
C. State
 D. Styling 

Question # 13

In which two cases should an integration procedure be used as a data source for FlexCards and OmniScripts, Choose 2 answers 

A. To achieve elastic scaling 
B. To retrieve multiple data sources in a single response 
C. To minimize the number of elements to be configured 
D. To separate the user interface from changes in thedata sources 

Question # 14

A business is creating an agent console with FlexCards to provide a 360° view of their customers. The business wants the following information displayed: • Accountinformation including account name, phone, and website • Active opportunities related to the account • Active contracts related to the account • The ability to view and renew contracts An Integration Procedure will be used to retrieve Account, Opportunity, and Contract data. How should the consultant design the FlexCards to meet these requirements?

A. Parent FlexCard with multiple Child and Card Actions 
B. Parent FlexCard with multiple Child and different Card States 
C. Parent FlexCard with single Child and multiple Card States 
D. Parent FlexCard with single Child and Card Actions 

Question # 15

A company has a legacy application to display customer information. The application currently uses custom CS / HTML to display information in the company's color scheme and fonts. The application also provides users will access to more than 25 processes. Recently, a new project was started to build a 360° view using FlexCards to replace the legacy application. In this scenario, which three FlexCard features should theconsultant recommend? Choose 3 answers 

A. Actions 
B. Custom Styles 
C. Menu elements 
D. Datatables 
E. Newport Design System 

Question # 16

In an Integration Procedure, what group element will control whetheran individual action executes?

A. Conditional Block 
B. Cache Block 
C. Try-Catch Block 
D. Loop Block 

Question # 17

A business wants to create a reusable OmniScript to capture customer payment information during the order process. The business decides that the first stepof the payment process should include: • Payment type (credit card or bank account) • Payment amount Which two elements should the consultant recommend for this step of the process? Choose 2 answers

A. Number
 B. Radio 
C. Multi-select 
D. Currency 

Question # 18

Which three of the following are functions of a Text Block element in OmniScript? Choose 3 answers 

A. Error conditions 
B. User input fields 
C. Links or images 
D. Text formatting 
E. Table formatting 

Question # 19

A business wants to create a FlexCard for mobile plans to add to their Customer 360° console application. The FlexCard needs to include the following actions: • Start a process to retrieve plan consumption data • Create a new case • Open a promotions web page • Change the SIM card which combination should the consultant use in designing the solution? 

A. Custom Event and Redirect URL 
B. OmniScript and Navigate 
C. Event, Navigate and Card 
D. Flyout and OmniScript 

Question # 20

A consultant has a project with the following requirement: "Agents need to follow a standard customer greeti…. script in order to ensure brand consistency." Which OmniScript element should the consultant recommend to ensure the agents can see and follow these standard scripts?

 A. Input Block 
B. Text Area 
C. Headline 
D. Step 

Question # 21

A company needs an OmniScript to allowcustomers to order products and services from their website. After the order is submitted, the customer should be able to download a PDF summary of the order. What type of DataRaptor should the consultant recommend to meet this requirement?

A. DataRaptor Load 
B. DataRaptor Extract 
C. DataRator Turbo Extract 
D. DataRaptor Transform 

Question # 22

Which OmniScript element can be used to retrieve data from more than one source? 

A. Calculation Action 
B. Integration Procedure Action 
C. DataRaptor Extract Action 
D. Matrix Action

Question # 23

A consultant designs a FlexCard with five card states following best practices. Four of the card states have a condition. At runtime, if two of the states' condition are true, which state will be displayed? 

A. The first state with the highest priority closest to the top of the canvas 
B. The state closest to the top of the canvas 
C. The first state with a true condition closest to the top of the canvas 
D. The state with a true condition that has the highest priority