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Salesforce Health-Cloud-Accredited-Professional Exam Overview:

Aspect Details
Exam Name Salesforce Health-Cloud-Accredited-Professional
Exam Cost $200
Total Time 105 minutes
Available Languages English
Passing Marks 65%
Exam Type Multiple choice, multiple select
Prerequisites None
Retake Policy 24-hour waiting period for retakes
Validity 2 years

Salesforce Health Cloud Accredited Professional Exam Topics Breakdown

Domain Percentage Description
Health Cloud Overview 25% Understanding of Health Cloud features, benefits, and use cases.
Implementation 50% Implementing Health Cloud solutions, data models, and workflows.
Integration and APIs 25% Integrating Health Cloud with other systems, using APIs effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce Health-Cloud-Accredited-Professional Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

A clinic is looking to manage its associated physicians within Health Cloud.Which two objects support Salesforce's recommended approach to model the doctors in the clinic's Health Cloud org?

A. Person Account
B. Contact
C. Healthcare Provider
D. Healthcare Practitioner

Question # 2

Care managers at Bloomington Caregivers call patients after they are discharged from ahospital to ask a series of questions, which the care manager enters into Health Cloud. Thepatient is then automatically assigned a personalized care plan based on the answers theyprovided.Which two capabilities should a consultant leverage together to fulfill this requirement?

A. Discovery Framework
B. Integrated Care Management
C. Care Programs
D. Salesforce Surveys

Question # 3

A payer needs to manage requests for concurrent review of prior authorizations withinHealth Cloud and wants to use out-of-the-box record types and page layouts. However, thepayer's Salesforce administrator does not see any preconfigured record types or pagelayouts for prior authorizations in the payer's Salesforce org.What should a consultant recommend to the Salesforce administrator to expediteimplementation?

A. Install the Health Cloud Claims unmanaged package.
B. Build custom page layouts and record types to support the requirement.
C. Install the Health Cloud Care Request Extensions package.
D. Install an AppExchange prior authorization package.

Question # 4

A provider has moved an existing office to a new location and wants to ensure thatwhenever a patient books an existing portal, the patient receives an email with the newaddress.How should a developer modify the existing Create Appointment Integration Procedure tosolve the request?

A. Remove the Try-Catch.
B. Build If-Elself logic.
C. Add a Conditional Block.
D. Update the Test Condition.

Question # 5

Which three are steps required to configure Health Cloud? (Choose three.)

A. Enable the option for contacts to relate to multiple accounts.
B. Install the Health Cloud Managed Package.
C. Verify that Chatter Is enabled.
D. Configure the console view.
E. Install Health Cloud Unmanaged Packages.

Question # 6

A customer wants to view medication data from Health Cloud leveraging FHIR standards.Which Health Cloud data model should a consultant use?

A. Integrated Care Management data model
B. Electronic health record (EHR) data model
C. Virtual Care data model
D. Clinical data model

Question # 7

Prior to go-live for Bloomington Caregivers, a consultant loads the future system users intoSalesforce.Which two permission set licenses should the consultant assign to the users to give themaccess to Health Cloud?

A. Health Cloud Foundation permission set license
B. Health Cloud permission set license
C. Health Cloud Standard permission set license
D. Health Cloud Platform permission set license

Question # 8

Bloomington Caregivers want to offer its patients remote monitoring to bring data frompatient devices into Health Cloud. Which set of records should an administrator populate toimplement this functionality?

A. Units of Measure, Remote Monitoring Device Types, Care Observations, Code Sets
B. Code Sets, Units of Measure, Care Metric Targets, Care Observations
C. Code Sets, Biometrics, Care Observations, Chart Metrics
D. Units of Measure, Code Sets, Remote Monitoring Device Types, Care Episodes

Question # 9

A payer is looking for a solution to recruit, credential, and onboard providers into itsnetwork. Which Health Cloud add-on should help the payer address these requirements?

A. Provider Network Management
B. Contact Center for Payers
C. Provider Relationship Management
D. Utilization Management

Question # 10

Bloomington Caregivers has set up Health Cloud and needs to analyze patient referralsthrough Salesforce reports and dashboards. Which Health Cloud unmanaged packageshould a consultant recommend to deliver a prebuilt dashboard and reports?

A. Health Cloud Network Management Reports
B. Health Cloud Reports for Patient Referral Management ...
C. Health Cloud Referral Management Reports
D. Health Cloud Member Referral Management Reports

Question # 11

A client wants to store data for patient’s smartwatch to display within the RemoteMonitoring charts. What object would you store this information in?

A. DiagnosticSummary
B. Care Observations
C. Clinical Encounters
D. Identifiers

Question # 12

A customer wants to view and navigate to critical insurance, clinical, and primary carephysician information on a patient's profile.Which Health Cloud capability should a consultant implement?

A. Advanced Patient Card
B. Patient Path
C. Enhanced Highlights Panel
D. Enhanced Timeline

Question # 13

A customer wants to leverage dependent intervention tasks as part of their carecoordination solution using Integrated Care Management.Which feature should a consultant configure to accomplish this task?

A. Intervention Templates
B. Action Plan Templates
C. Care Plan Task Templates
D. Industry Template Library

Question # 14

Bloomington Caregivers has created and tested its first care plan template in a sandbox,Which includes problems, goals, and tasks. The company has deployed this template to itsfinal environment using Data Loader.Which two steps should a consultant recommend, following this deployment, to enableusers to successfully leverage this new template?

A. Conduct end-user training O he use of the care plan template.
B. Confirm User access to Care plan objects.
C. Activate the new care plan template.
D. Activate the problems; goals, and tasks associated with the template.

Question # 15

How should a consultant at a large provider system model a patient in Health Cloud?

A. Configure Account
B. Leverage Contact-Contact
C. Configure Contact
D. Leverage Person Account

Question # 16

While working with a received document using Intelligent Document Automation, which three capabilities should a consultant leverage with Health Cloud out-of-the-box?

A. Barcode Scanning
B. Record Type Association
C. eFax Connection
D. Automated Document Checklist Item Creation
E. Document Rotation

Question # 17

Which data model is used to represent information via standard object and record types onstandard objects to manage how care is covered?

A. Health Insurance data model
B. Coverage data model
C. Payer data model
D. Plan data model
E. Benefit data model

Question # 18

A customer is implementing Intelligent Appointment Management in Health Cloud toeliminate swivel chair to other scheduling systems. Which two connectivity options should aconsultant leverage as the scheduling engine?

A. Business Rules Engine
B. Electronic Health Record (EHR) System
C. Salesforce Scheduler
D. Scheduler for Industries

Question # 19

Bloomington Caregivers wants to share details about a patient's medical condition withBedrock Hospitals through an integration. What should a consultant recommend as theappropriate method for Bedrock to access the information leveraging Health Cloudfunctionality?

A. Expose the MedicalCondition object through an Apex class.
B. Integrate using the FHIR Clinical API
C. Use the FHIR Patient API through DataRaptor
D. Leverage the MedicalCondition Integration Procedure.

Question # 20

Which Permission Set Licenses and Permission Sets need to be assigned to users toleverage Utilization Management' (Choose three)

A. Health Cloud Analytics Permission Set
B. Health Cloud Platform Permission Set License
C. Health Cloud Utilization Management Permission Set
D. Health Cloud Permission Set License
E. Health Cloud Foundation Permission Set

Question # 21

A developer needs to modify the out-of-the-box Advanced Patient Card to display theCategory, SubjectID, and Date for active ClinicalAlerts.Which three steps should the developer take to accomplish this?

A. Create and activate a new child card.
B. Clone the parent card.
C. Define session variables to control visibility of clinical data.
D. Create a DataRaptor to extract necessary data.
E. Change the child card state to show active.

Question # 22

A provider is looking to implement Utilization Management in Health Cloud and submit andtrack prior authorizations. Which two capabilities should a consultant customize to achieve this?

A. Create a new UtilizationManagementSettings record in Custom Settings.
B. Create a new Support Process to match the customer's process steps.
C. Integrate using MuleSoft Direct for electronic Prior Authorizations (ePA).
D. Customize the Service Request object.

Question # 23

Which three statements about the patient timeline view are true? (Choose three.)

A. The patient timeline can be used in any Salesforce application.
B. Events can be specified to appear when the Health Cloud home page first loads.
C. The patient timeline is a Health Cloud Empower component.
D. The patient timeline supports standard and custom objects.
E. Filters can be used to limit the number of records shown in the patient timeline.

Question # 24

A hospital system wants to track patient relationships to its cardiologist, primary carephysician, and oncologist. Which object should a consultant recommend to implement?

A. Contact-Contact Relationship
B. Affiliation Relationship
C. Healthcare Practitioner Facility
D. Patient Provider Relationship

Question # 25

A provider wants its care coordinators to track a series of problems, goals, andinterventions (PGIs) related to a patient's care in a repeatable, efficient way.Which approach should a consultant recommend?

A. Configure an action plan template with tasks for each PGI.
B. Coach the care coordinators to quickly create tasks using a checklist.
C. Create care program templates and assign them to patients.
D. Define a PGI Library and care plan templates using the library.

Question # 26

A health plan provider would like to manage prior authorizations with predefined approvalcriteria. Which three features in Health Cloud should a consultant recommend in this case?

A. Claims data model
B. Business Rules Engine
C. Utilization Management data model
D. Intelligent Appointment Management
E. Out-of-the-box Process libraries

Question # 27

Bloomington Caregivers is looking to streamline the user experience for its call centeragents On the patient's record, the company wants the ability to:• Inform agents about changes in information• View basic details about a patients insurance• Have a complete view of all engagement interactions in one placeWhich three components from Contact Center for Health Cloud should a consultant use toachieve this?

A. Member Plan FlexCard
B. Identity Verification
C. Record Alerts
D. Action Launcher
E. Timeline

Question # 28

A consultant is working with an insurance provider to set up prior authorizations in HealthCloud. The provider requires a display of preauthorization outcomes from its externalsystem which manages the end-to-end prior authorization processWhich solution is appropriate to meet this use case?

A. Service Preauth and Preauth Detail
B. Care Request and Care Request Item
C. Plan Benefit and Plan Benefit Item
D. Care Preauth and Care Preauth Item

Question # 29

A payer needs to connect an electronic health record (EHR) to Health Cloud to display keyclinical data to Health Cloud users. The data in the source system is aligned to FHIR R4standards, but some transformation is anticipated. Which approach should a consultant useto set up this integration?

A. A middleware integration solution that can handle data transformation if necessary
B. A point-to-point API connection from the EHR to Health Cloud
C. A "swivel-chair" standard operating procedure document that will be distributed to users
D. A scheduled batch job that retrieves a file from an SFTP

Question # 30

While a consultant is implementing Integrated Care Management for a customer, thecustomer requests that a change is made to theCare Plan creation wizard.Which underlying component should the consultant customize to achieve this?

A. Field Sets
B. FlexCard
C. Flow
D. OmniScript

Question # 31

Bloomington Caregivers has decided to expand its Health Cloud implementation to includea Crisis Support Center. Which two steps should an administrator take as part of theimplementation?

A. Assign users the Health Cloud Crisis Support Center Management permission set license.
B. Install the Crisis Support Center unmanaged package.
C. Enable Crisis Support Center Management App in Setup.
D. Review and modify the Crisis Center Intake flow in Flow Builder to meet requirements.

Question # 32

A provider would like to create Salesforce reports to analyze patient outcomes and patientreferrals.Which three steps should a consultant recommend as part of the reporting setup to ensurethe provider can view this report appropriately?

A. Enable the enhanced Analytics for Healthcare setting in Setup.
B. Create custom report types for clinical objects.
C. Assign appropriate permissions to internal users.
D. Leverage the Patient Referral Management unmanaged package.
E. Adjust template care management reports and dashboards.

Question # 33

An administrator at Bloomington Caregivers has received a change request to alter theappearance of the timeline so that it displays vertically instead of horizontally.Which step should the administrator take when implementing this change request?

A. Find the Timeline Orientation setting in Custom Metadata, which controls the orientationof all timelines, and change the value to vertical.
B. Find the Timeline View Configuration for each relevant timeline in the Health Cloud -Lightning Admin app and change the Orientation to vertical.
C. Enable Timeline in Salesforce Setup. then configure and activate new timeline and addto the relevant Lightning record.
D. Enable Timeline in Salesforce Setup, then set the toggle for vertical orientation to true toset all timeline orientations as vertical.

Question # 34

A provider's office wants to verify a patient's insurance plan information and coverage whenthey call into the call center to book an appointment.Which capability should a consultant leverage to address this requirement?

A. Utilization Management
B. Intelligent Appointment Management
C. identity Verification
D. Benefits Eligibility and Verification

Question # 35

During a sprint demo, a customer wants to update fields in the Ul on the Patient MedicationManager component. Which two objects is a consultant able to add and/or remove fieldsfrom?

A. Medication Dispense
B. Medication Strength
C. Medication Details
D. Medication Request

Question # 36

While running user acceptance testing (UAT) for a customer, an end user is unable to viewcertain data on the Enhanced Timeline for Contact Center.What should be the first step in troubleshooting this issue?

A. Ensure the user has the right object permissions.
B. Ensure the component has been activated
C. Check the Health Cloud Data permission set assignment
D. Check the Enhanced Patient permission set assignment

Question # 37

A new user story requires an OmniScript to update an existing field on a custom SObject.Which two components should a consultant use to satisfy the requirement?

A. SOQL Query
B. API Actions
C. Integration Procedures
D. DataRaptors

Question # 38

Bloomington Caregivers wants to ensure it maintains the privacy of its users' data byenabling data protection details for leads, contacts, and person accounts during the initialHealth Cloud install and configuration.Which entity should the administrator enable within Data Protection and Privacy for HealthCloud to work in this scenario?

A. Fields
B. Records
C. Tasks
D. Objects

Question # 39

What are three requirements for implementing patients or members in Health Cloud?

A. Ensure the Person Account object is used.
B. Ensure the Parent Contact object is blank.
C. Ensure l-to-1 Account to Contact relationship.
D. Ensure the Parent Account field is blank.
E. Ensure the Account is the Parent to Household Accounts.

Question # 40

A pharma company runs personalized medicine programs and needs the ability tocoordinate various steps involved in the process, like apheresis and infusion.Which Health Cloud capability should help the company with this program?

A. Advanced Therapy Management
B. Intelligent Document Automation
C. Integrated Care Management
D. Intelligent Sales

Question # 41

A customer that already has Service Cloud is onboarding a new business unit, which needsto use Health CloudWhich three organization-wide default settings should an administrator change to ensurethe original business unit that leveragesService Cloud does not have visibility into protected health information (PHI)?

A. Set Person Accounts to Private.
B. Set Contact to Controlled by Parent.
C. Set related clinical objects to Controlled by Parent or Private.
D. Set Health Details to Controlled by Parent or Private
E. Set Account and Contract to Private.

Question # 42

During a design session, the client asks for best practices around when to use DataRaptorsvs For which scenario should a consultant advise the client to use a single DataRaptor?

A. The action must perform a SendMail task and check for any errors.
B. The dataset requires connecting to an external data source, such as CSV or REST API
C. The dataset required needs to read two SObjects with a clearly defined relationship.
D. The task requires both a read and write of SObject data

Question # 43

A payer is implementing Health Cloud and wants to leverage predefined rules for its priorauthorization request review process. The payer would like to leverage out-of-the-boxHealth Cloud functionality to drive speed to value.Which prebuilt feature should a consultant recommend the payer leverage?

A. Integration Procedures
B. OmniScript Templates
C. FlexCards
D. Expression Set Templates

Question # 44

Bloomington Caregivers would like to send patient clinical data to an external payer, Howshould a consultant advise Bloomington Caregivers to make this information available tothe payer using the most cost-effective method in out-of-the-box Health Cloud?

A. Build a custom remote call-in API into Salesforce.
B. Leverage the FHIR R4 Patient API
C. Use MuleSoft Accelerator with H 7 APL
D. use a third-party tool from AppExChange.

Question # 45

A pharma company wants the ability to:• Upload a patient's insurance card, including automatic Member Plan record creation• Run a benefits verification check• Schedule on behalf of the patient with a providerWhich set of Health Cloud capabilities should enable the company to build this businessprocess?

A. Intelligent Document Automation, Intelligent Appointment Management, IntelligentDocument Reader, Benefits Verification
B. Virtual Care, Intelligent Appointment Management, Intelligent Document Automation,Intelligent Document Reader
C. Intelligent Appointment Management, Benefits Verification, Intelligent DocumentAutomation, eFax Integration
D. Utilization Management, Care Management, Intelligent Document Automation, IntelligentAppointment Management

Question # 46

A healthcare provider with multiple clinics and specialties is struggling to manage itsappointment scheduling process efficiently. Patients are experiencing long wait times onthe phone and want to leverage self-service options.Which three Health Cloud capabilities should a consultant recommend configuring toprovide a solution to improve patient satisfaction?

A. Intelligent Appointment Management
B. Intelligent Form Reader
C. Provider Search
D. Assessments and Recommendations
E. Experience Cloud for Hearth Cloud