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Exam Detail Information
Exam Cost $200 USD
Total Time 105 minutes
Available Languages English
Passing Marks 70%
Exam Format Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
Exam Type Proctored Online or In-person
Prerequisite Salesforce Certified Administrator
Retake Policy 24 hours waiting period

Salesforce Certified AI Associate Exam Topics Breakdown

Exam Topic Percentage
Introduction to Salesforce AI 15%
AI Data and Feature Engineering 20%
Model Training and Evaluation 25%
Deployment and Monitoring 20%
Ethical and Responsible AI 10%
Salesforce AI Use Cases and Integration 10%


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Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce Salesforce-AI-Associate Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

How does AI which CRM help sales representatives better understand previous customerinteractions?

A. Creates, localizes, and translates product descriptions
B. Triggers personalized service replies
C. Provides call summaries

Question # 2

Cloud Kicks wants to improve the quality of its AI model's predictions with the use of alarge amount of data.Which data quality element should the company focus on?

A. Accuracy
B. Location
C. Volume

Question # 3

What should an organization do to enforce consistency across accounts for newly enteredrecords?

A. Merge all duplicate accounts into a single record when duplicate entries are detected.
B. Input the data exactly as it appears from the source, such as the company’s website orsocial media,
C. Implement naming conventions or a predefined list of user-selectable values fororganization-wide records.

Question # 4

What is a societal implication of excluding ethics in AI development?

A. Faster and cheaper development
B. More innovation and creativity
C. Harm to marginalized communities

Question # 5

Cloud Kicks relies on data analysis to optimize its product recommendations for customers.How will incomplete data quality impact the company's recommendations?

A. The response time for the product
B. The accuracy of the product
C. The diversity of the product

Question # 6

A sales manager wants to use AI to help sales representatives log their calls quicker andmore accurately.Which functionality provides the best solution?

A. Call Summaries
B. Sales Dialer
C. Auto-Generated Sales Tasks

Question # 7

Cloud Kicks prepares a dataset for an AI model and identifies some inconsistencies in the data.What is the most appropriate action the company should take?

A. Adjust the Al model to account for the data inconsistencies.
B. Increase the quantity of data being used for training the model
C. Investigate the data inconsistencies and apply data quality techniques.

Question # 8

How does poor data quality affect predictive and generative AI models?

A. Creates inaccurate results
B. Increases raw data volume
C. Decreases storage efficiency

Question # 9

Which AI tool is a web of connections, guided by weights and biases?

A. Neural networks
B. Predictive Analytics
C. Rules- based systems
D. Mark this item for later review,

Question # 10

Cloud Kicks wants to evaluate the quality of its sales data.Which first step should they take for the data quality assessment?

A. Plan and align territories,
B. Run a new report or dashboard.
C. Identify business objectives.

Question # 11

How does AI assist in lead qualification?

A. Scores leads based on customer data
B. Creates personalized SMS campaigns
C. Automatically interacts with prospects

Question # 12

Which best describes the difference between predictive AI and generative Al?

A. Predictive AT uses machine learning to classify or predict outputs from its input datawhereas generative Al does not use machine learning to generate its output.
B. Predictive Al uses machine learning to classify or predict outputs from its input datawhereas generative Al uses machine learning to generate new and original output for 4given input
C. Predictive Al and generative Al have the same capabilities but differ in the type of inputthey receive; predictive AT receives raw data whereas generative AT receives naturallanguage.

Question # 13

Which action introduces bias in the training data used for AI algorithms?

A. Using a large dataset that is computationally expensive
B. Using a dataset that represents diverse perspectives and populations
C. Using a dataset that underrepresents perspectives and populations

Question # 14

What is the significance of explainability of trusted AI systems?

A. Increases the complexity of AI models
B. Enhances the security and accuracy of AI models
C. Describes how Al models make decisions

Question # 15

Cloud Kicks wants to evaluate its data quality to ensure accurate and up-to-date records.Which type of records negatively impact data quality?

A. Structured
B. Complete
C. Duplicate

Question # 16

Cloud Kicks' latest email campaign is struggling to attract new customers.How can AI increase the company's customer email engagement?

A. Create personalized emails
B. Resend emails to inactive recipients
C. Remove invalid email addresses

Question # 17

A business analyst (BA) is preparing a new use case for Al. They run a report to check fornull values in the attributes they plan to use.Which data quality component Is the BA verifying by checking for null values?

A. Duplication
B. Usage
C. Completeness

Question # 18

Cloud Kicks plans to use automated chat as its primary support channel.Which Einstein feature should they use?

A. Discovery
B. Bots
C. Next Best Action

Question # 19

Which type of AI can enhance customer service agents' email responses by analyzing thewritten content of previous emails?

A. Natural language processing
B. Machine learning
C. Deep learning

Question # 20

A sales manager is looking to enhance the quality of lead data in their CRM system.Which process will most likely help the team accomplish this goal?

A. Redesign the lead conversion process,
B. Review and update missing lead information.
C. Prioritize active leads quarterly.

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