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Salesforce Connect 20%
External Objects 15%
Real-Time Integration and Change Data Capture 10%
Salesforce PDI Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Universal Containers wants to automatically assign new cases to the appropriate supportrepresentative based on the case origin. They have created a custom field on the Caseobject to store the support representative name.What is the best solution to assign the case to the appropriate support representative?

A. Use a trigger an the Case object.
B. Use a formula field on the case object.
C. Use a validation rule on the Case object.
D. Use an Assignment Flow element.

Question # 2

Universal Containers wants to assess the advantages of declarative development versusprogrammatic customization for specific use cases in its Salesforce implementation.What are two characteristics of declarative development over programmatic customization?Choose 2 answers

A. Declarative code logic does not require maintenance or review.
B. Declarative development has higher design limits and query limits.
C. Declarative development can be done using the setup menu.
D. Declarative development does not require Apex test classes.

Question # 3

Which statement should be used to allow some of the records in a list of records to beinserted if others fail to be inserted?

A. Database.insert (records, false)
B. insert records
C. insert (records, false)
D. Database.insert (records, true)

Question # 4

What is an example of a polymorphic lookup field in Salesforce?

A. The Parentid field on the standard Account object
B. The LeadId and ContactId fields on the standard Campaign Member object
C. A custom field, Link__c, on the standard Contact object that looks up to an Account or aCampaign
D. The Whatld field on the standard Event object

Question # 5

Which code in a Visualforce page and/or controller might present a security vulnerability?

A. <apex:outputfield value="(!ctrl.userinput)" rendered="(!isfditable}" />
B. <apex:outputText escape="false" value="{!sCurrentPage.parameters.userInput}™ />
C. <apex:outputField value="{'ctrl.userInput}" />
D. <apex:outputText value="{!SCurrentPage.parameters.useriInput}" />

Question # 6

In terms of the MVC paradigm, what are two advantages of implementing the view layer ofa Salesforce application using Lightning Web Component-based development overVisualforce?Choose 2 answers

A. Log capturing via the Debug Logs Setup page
B. Built-in standard and custom set controllers
C. Self-contained and reusable units of an application
D. Rich component ecosystem

Question # 7

A developer created a trigger on a custom object. This custom object also has somedependent pick lists.According to the order of execution rules, which step happens first?

A. System validation is run for maximum field lengths.
B. The original record is loaded from the database.
C. Old values are overwritten with the new record values,
D. JavaScript validation is run In the browser.

Question # 8

A developer deployed a trigger to update the status__c of Assets related to an Accountwhen the Account’'s status changes and a nightly integration that updates Accounts in bulkhas started to fail with limit failures. What should the developer change about the code to address the failure while still havingthe code update all of the Assets correctly?

A. Change the gerAssetsToUpdac= method to process all Accounts in one call and call itoutside of the for loop that starts on line 03.
B. Add a LIMIT clause to the SOQL query on line 16 to limit the number of Assets queriedfor an Account.
C. Move all of the logic to a Queueable class that queries for and updates the Assets andcall it from the trigger.
D. Add List<Asset> assets = [SELECT Id, Status__c FROM Asset WHERE AccountId =:acctId] to line 14 and iterate over the assets list in the for loop on line 15.

Question # 9

Universal Containers has implemented an order management application. Each Order canhave one or more Order Line items. The Order Line object is related to the Order via amaster-detail relationship. For each Order Line item, the total price is calculated bymultiplying the Order Line item price with the quantity ordered.What is the best practice to get the sum of all Order Line item totals on the Order record?

A. Roll-up summary field
B. Quick action
C. Apex trigger
D. Formula field

Question # 10

A developer must implement a CheckPaymentProcessor class that provides checkprocessing payment capabilities that adhere to what defined for payments in thePaymentProcessor interface. public interface PaymentProcessor { void pay(Decimalamount); } Which is the correct implementation to use the PaymentProcessor interfaceclass?

A. Public class CheckPaymentProcessor implements PaymentProcessor {public void pay(Decimal amount) {}}
B. Public class CheckPaymentProcessor implements PaymentProcessor {public void pay(Decimal amount);}
C. Public class CheckPaymentProcessor extends PaymentProcessor {public void pay(Decimal amount);}
D. Public class CheckPaymentProcessor extends PaymentProcessor {public void pay(Decimal amount) {}}

Question # 11

A credit card company needs to implement the functionality for a service agent to processdamaged or stolen credit cards. When the customers call in, the service agent must gathermany pieces of information. A developer is tasked to implement this functionality.What should the developer use to satisfy this requirement in the most efficient manner?

A. Apex trigger
B. Approval process
C. Screen-based flow
D. Lightning Component

Question # 12

Given the following Apex statement: What occurs when more than one Account is returned by the SOQL query?

A. The query falls and an error Is written to the debug log.
B. The variable, nvAccount, Is automatically cast to the List data type.
C. The first Account returned Is assigned to myAccour.t.
D. An unhandled exception is thrown and the code terminates.

Question # 13

Which exception type cannot be caught?  

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 14

What are two considerations for deploying from a sandbox to production?Choose 2 answers

A. Should deploy during business hours to ensure feedback can be Quickly addressed
B. All triggers must have at least one line of test coverage.
C. At least 75% of Aptx code must be covered by unit tests.
D. Unit tests must have calls to the System.assert method.

Question # 15

A developer created a Visualforce page and custom controller to display the account typefield as shown below.Custom controller code: The value of the account type field is not being displayed correctly on the page. Assumingthe custom controller is properly referenced on the Visualforce page, what should thedeveloper do to correct the problem?

A. Convert theAcccunt, type to a String.
B. Change theAccount attribute to public.
C. Add with sharing to the custom controller.
D. Add a getter method for the actType attribute.

Question # 16

When the code executes, a DML exception is thrown.How should a developer modify the code to ensure exceptions are handled gracefully?

A. Implement the upsert DML statement.
B. Implement Change Data Capture.
C. Implement a try/catch block for the DML.
D. Remove null items from the list of Accounts.

Question # 17

How is a controller and extension specified for a custom object named "Notice" on aVisualforce page?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 18

Managers at Universal Containers want to ensure that only decommissioned containers areable to be deleted in the system. To meet the business requirement a Salesforce developeradds "Decommissioned" as ipicklist value for the Statu3__c custom field within theContainer__c object.Which two approaches could a developer use to enforce only Container records with astatus of "Decommissioned" can be deleted? Choose 2 answers

A. Validation rule
B. After record-triggered flow
C. Apex trigger
D. Before record-triggered flow

Question # 19

What is the value of the Trigger.old context variable in a before insert trigger?

A. A list of newly created sObjects without IDs
B. null
C. Undefined
D. An empty list of sObjects

Question # 20

Which statement generates a list of Leads and Contacts that have a field with the phrase'ACME'?

A. List<List <sObject>> searchList = [SELECT Name, ID FROM Contact, Lead WHERE Name like "tACME3"];
B. List<List <sObject>> searchList = [FIND '*ACME*" IN ALL FIELDS RETURNINGContact, Lead];
C. Map <sObject> searchList = [FIND '*ACME*' IN ALL FIELDS RETURNING Contact,Lead];
D. List <sObject> searchList = [FIND '*ACME*' IN ALL FIELDS RETURNING Contact,Lead];

Question # 21

What are three capabilities of the <ltng : require> tag when loading JavaScript resources inAura components?Choose 3 answers

A. Loading files from Documents
B. One-time loading for duplicate scripts
C. Specifying loading order
D. Loading scripts In parallel
E. Loading externally hosted scripts

Question # 22

A company decides to implement a new process where every time an Opportunity iscreated, a follow up Task should be created and assigned to the Opportunity Owner.What is the most efficient way for a developer to implement this?

A. Auto-launched flow on Task
B. Apex trigger on Task
C. Task actions
D. Record-trigger flow on Opportunity

Question # 23

What are two benefits of using declarative customizations over code?Choose 2 answers

A. Declarative customizations automatically update with each Salesforce release.
B. Declarative customizations generally require less maintenance.
C. Declarative customizations automatically generate test classes.
D. Declarative customizations cannot generate run time errors.

Question # 24

A developer is alerted to an issue with a custom Apex trigger that is causing records to beduplicated.What is the most appropriate debugging approach to troubleshoot the issue?

A. Disable the trigger m production and test to see If the issue still occurs.
B. Use the Apex Interactive Debugger to step through the code and Identify the issue.
C. Review the Historical Event logs to Identify the source of the issue.
D. Add system.debug statements to the code to track the execution flow and identify theissue.

Question # 25

Universal Containers decided to transition from Classic to Lightning Experience. Theyasked a developer to replace a JavaScript button that was being used to create recordswith prepopulated values.What can the developer use to accomplish this?

A. Record triggered flows
B. Apex triggers
C. Validation rules
D. Quick Actions

Question # 26

What are two characteristics related to formulas?Choose 2 answers

A. Formulas are calculated at runtime and are not stored in the database
B. Fields that are used in a formula field can be deleted or edited wlthojt editing the formjta.
C. formulas can reference themselves.
D. Formulas can reference vaues m reiatea objects.

Question # 27

How many Accounts will be inserted by the following block of code?

A. 100
B. 150
C. 0
D. 500

Question # 28

A Developer Edition org has five existing accounts. A developer wants to add 10 moreaccounts for testing purposes.The following code is executed in the Developer Console using the Execute Anonymouswindow: How many total accounts will be in the org after this code is executed?

A. 5
B. 6
C. 10
D. 15

Question # 29

Which Lightning Web Component custom event property settings enable the event tobubble up the containment hierarchy and cross the Shadow DOM boundary?

A. bubbles: tnje, composed: false
B. bubbles: true, composed: true
C. bubbles: false, composed: false
D. bubbles: false, composed: true

Question # 30

While working in a sandbox, an Apex test fails when run in the Test Runner. However,executing the Apex logic in the Execute Anonymous window succeeds with no exceptionsor errors.Why did the method fail in the sandbox test framework but succeed in the DeveloperConsole?

A. The test method has a syntax error In the code.
B. The test method does not use System. rurAs to execute as a specific user.
C. The test method Is calling an future method.
D. The test method relies on existing data in the sandbox.

Question # 31

While developing an Apex class with custom search functionality that will be launched froma Lightning Web Component, how can the developer ensure only records accessible to thecurrently logged in user are displayed?A.

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 32

A developer needs to make a custom Lightning Web Component available in theSalesforce Classic user interface.Which approach can be used to accomplish this?

A. Wrap the Lightning Web Component In an Aura Component and surface the AuraComponent as a Visualforce tab.
B. Embed the Lightning Web Component is a Visualforce Component and add directly tothe page layout.
C. Use the Lightning Out JavaScript library to embed the Lightning Web Component in aVisualforce page and add to the page layout.
D. Use a Visualforce page with a custom controller to invoke the Lightning WebComponent using a call to an Apex method.

Question # 33

A developer is designing a new application on the Salesforce platform and wants to ensureit can support multiple tenants effectively.Which design framework should the developer consider to ensure scalability andmaintainability?

A. Flux (view, action, dispatcher, and store)
B. Waterfall Model
C. Agile Development
D. Model-View-Controller (MVC)

Question # 34

A company has a custom object, Order__c, that has a required, unique external ID fieldcalled OrderNumber__c.Which statement should be used to perform the DML necessary to insert new records andupdate existing records in a list of order__c recordsusing the external ID field?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 35

A developer wants to mark each Account in a List<Account> as either or Inactive based onthe LastModified field value being more than 90 days.Which Apex technique should the developer use?

A. A for loop, with a switch statement inside
B. A Switch statement, with a for loop inside
C. An If/else statement, with a for loop inside
D. A for loop, with an if/else statement inside

Question # 36

The Job_Application__c custom object has a field that is a Master-Detail relationship to theContact object, where the Contact object is the Master. As part of a feature implementation,a developer needs to retrieve a list containing all Contact records where the relatedAccount Industry is ‘Technology’ while also retrieving the contact’s Job_Application__crecords.Based on the object’s relationships, what is the most efficient statement to retrieve the listof contacts?

A. [SELECT Id, (SELECT Id FROM Job_Applications_r) FROM Contact WHEREAccount.Industry = ‘Technology’];
B. [SELECT Id, (SELECT Id FROM Job_Applications_r) FROM Contact WHEREAccounts.Industry = ‘Technology’];
C. [SELECT Id, (SELECT Id FROM Job_Applications_c) FROM Contact WHEREAccounts.Industry = ‘Technology’];
D. [SELECT Id, (SELECT Id FROM Job_Application_c) FROM Contact WHEREAccount.Industry = ‘Technology’];

Question # 37

A team of many developers work in their own individual orgs that have the sameconfiguration as the production org.Which type of org is best suited for this scenario?

A. Full Sandbox
B. Developer Edition
C. Partner Developer Edition
D. Developer Sandbox

Question # 38

A developer needs to prevent the creation of Request__c records when certain coVraitionsexist in the system. A RequeatLogic class exists that checks the conditions.What is the correct implementation?A.

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 39

As part of new feature development, a developer is asked to build a responsive application capable of responding to touch events, that will be executed on stateful clients.Which two technologies are built on a framework that fully supports the businessrequirement? Choose 2 answers

A. Aura Components
B. Vlsualforce Components
C. Lightning Web Components
D. Visualforce Pages

Question # 40

What can be easily developed using the Lightning Component framework?

A. Customized JavaScript buttons
B. Salesforce Classic user Interface pages
C. Lightning Pages
D. Salesforce integrations

Question # 41

A developer created a trigger on the Account object. While testing the trigger, thedeveloper sees the error message 'Maximum trigger depthexceeded’,What could be the possible causes?

A. The developer does not have the correct user permission.
B. The trigger is getting executed multiple times.
C. The trigger is a a helper class.
D. The trigger does not have sufficient code coverage.

Question # 42

Which code displays the contents of a Visualforce page as a PDF?

A. <apenipage contentType="pdf">
B. <apex:page contentType=“application/pd£f">
C. <apexipage renderAs="pdf">
D. <apex:page renderAs="application/pdf">

Question # 43

Which three resources in an Aura component can contain JavaScript functions? Choose 3answers

A. Renclerer
B. Style
C. Helper
D. Controller
E. Design

Question # 44

A developer is asked to write helper methods that create test data for unit tests. What should be changed in the Testvtils class so that its methods are only usable by unittest methods?

A. Change public to private on line 01.
B. Add @IsTest above line 03,
C. Add @IsTest above line 01.
D. Remove static from line 03.

Question # 45

Universal Containers has an order system that uses an Order Number to identify an orderfor customers and service agents. Order records will be imported into Salesforce.How should the Order Number field be defined in Salesforce?

A. Direct Lookup
B. External ID and Unique
C. Lookup
D. Indirect Lookup

Question # 46

Which three data types can a SOQL query return? Choose 3 answers

A. List
B. Long
C. Integer
D. sObJect
E. Double

Question # 47

A developer creates a custom exception as shown below:public class ParityException extends Exception {}What are two ways the developer can fire the exception in Apex?Choose 2 answers

A. new ParityException();:
B. throw new ParityException("parity does not match");
C. new ParityException('parity does not match');
D. throw new ParityException();