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Salesforce Manufacturing-Cloud-Professional Exam Overview:

Aspect Details
Detail Information
Exam Name Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Professional Exam
Exam Cost $200 USD
Total Time 105 minutes
Available Languages English, Japanese
Passing Marks 65%

Manufacturing Cloud Accredited Professional Exam Topics Breakdown

Domain Weight (%) Description
Manufacturing Basics 15% Understand key manufacturing concepts and industry-specific terms
Order Management 20% Manage orders, fulfillments, and customer interactions
Product Lifecycle Management 15% Manage product lifecycle, including design, manufacturing, and distribution
Supply Chain Collaboration 20% Collaborate with suppliers, partners, and distributors for efficient supply chain management
Data Management 15% Manage data related to manufacturing processes and operations
Analytics and Reporting 15% Analyze data, create reports, and derive insights for decision-making
Salesforce Manufacturing-Cloud-Professional Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

An organization does not have Account Forecasting Model set up. Based on the analysis ithas done, the organization has agreed to set up Account Forecasting from 1 Jan 2024 for aperiod of 18 months. The current period is Feb 2024.Which values will need to be set up for the start period?

A. 18
B. 2
C. 18
D. 2
E. 1

Question # 2

Universal Containers (UC) uses an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for orderand inventory management. UC would like to give its sales teams the ability to view theorder information related to an account without replicating the order information.Which object type should a consultant use to access account order information?

A. A standard Order object
B. An external object
C. A custom object

Question # 3

An administrator of an organization is implementing Manufacturing Cloud Intelligence andvarious dashboards and is also setting up Advanced Account Forecasting.Why would an administrator configure Field-Level Security for the Advanced AccountForecast Partner and Advanced Account Forecast Fact objects?

A. To provide users access to partner and facts records
B. To provide users with separate levels of visibility to forecast data
C. To provide users with separate levels of visibility to activity data

Question # 4

What is the proper utilization of a System Integration Testing (SIT) environment?

A. Used as a backup and archive of production configuration and data
B. Used as a development environment to configure and build new applications
C. Used as an environment to perform system-to-system testing

Question # 5

Which three conditions need to be fulfilled so that an order is included in the Actualscalculation process on a Sales Agreement?

A. The order needs to have Status = Activated.
B. The date in the Order Date field should be in the past.
C. The date in the Order Date field should be in the future.
D. The order needs to have Category = Activated.
E. The Sales Agreement field needs to be populated on the Order.

Question # 6

When is an appropriate time to generate the detailed technical design document whenimplementing Manufacturing Cloud?

A. The detailed technical design document is completed after the business requirementdocument has been generated.
B. The detailed technical design document should be ready before engaging the businessusers to gather requirements.
C. The detailed technical design document should be completed after an organization goeslive with Manufacturing Cloud.

Question # 7

An organization wants to provide flexibility to account managers and partner usersconcerning managing sales agreements. The organization has observed several requestsfrom account managers to remove sales agreements they have inadvertently created andwould like the account managers to do this themselves.What should the organization do to accomplish this?

A. Give them the Delete Sales Agreements profile
B. Give them the Delete Sales Agreements permission
C. Give them the Remove Sales Agreement permission

Question # 8

The Analytics for Manufacturing app has the following three modules: Sales Agreements,Account Based Forecasts, and Account Manager Targets.Which installation setup option is available for the administrator in the selection ofmodules?

A. The administrator must select all three modules for the app to be installed.
B. The administrator cannot change the default selection of modules.
C. The administrator can choose any combination of modules based on the business need.

Question # 9

The service agents at Universal Containers reported that it takes too long to findinformation related to contacts and accounts, such as Cases, Assets, Warranties, andClaims.What should the consultant recommend to make the support process easier?

A. Create a custom Case Lightning record page.
B. Enable the Service Console app.
C. Enable the Service Console for Manufacturing app.

Question # 10

The warranty claim adjudicators on Universal Containers' global warranty team needvisibility to all the claim-related data on a single page. This includes information on whetherthe asset is covered under warranty and a detailed breakup in terms of replaced parts andlabor costs.Which of the following permission set licenses do the claims adjudicators need for this?

A. Service Console for Manufacturing and Warranty Lifecycle Management Psl
B. Industry Service Excellence and Warranty Lifecycle Management Psl
C. Warranty Lifecycle Management Psl and Claims Management Foundation

Question # 11

Which dashboard allows a user to analyze revenue realization, length of relationship, andcustomer lifetime value across accounts? 

A. Customers Health
B. Sales Agreement Insights
C. White Space Analysis
D. Account Insights
E. Accounts Health

Question # 12

A consultant is with an organization that doesn't currently have Manufacturing Cloud, andits data lives inside an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The organizationwould like to utilize Sales Agreements for Accounts. The Product Level for the salesagreements will be Product, and the Actuals Calculation Mode will be Automatically fromDirect Orders. Historical data from the ERP system will be synchronized to Salesforce priorto activating Sales Agreements.Which data items must a consultant consider when creating sales agreements fromhistorical data for a Manufacturing Cloud solution?

A. Accounts, Orders, Order Lines, Products
B. Accounts, Orders, Order Lines, Invoices
C. Accounts, Orders, Order Lines, Opportunities

Question # 13

A custom metric for display on Agreement Terms is needed based on the businessrequirements. Custom fields and mappings are required between the custom fields of theSales Agreement Product and Sales Agreement Product Schedule objects.What should an administrator consider while designing for this requirement?

A. Only number, percent, and currency field types are available for mapping.
B. Only number, formula, and value field types are available for mapping.
C. Only number, currency, and formula field types are available for mapping.

Question # 14

Universal Containers (UC) is looking to improve visibility into its long-term agreements andforecasts. A business analyst has gathered UC's requirements and determined a few keyrequirements that they need compared to standard functionality.1. UC tracks its long-term agreements by planned quantity and planned revenue at theproduct category level.2. UC has a custom fiscal year and tracks its forecast weekly.3. UC needs to see the ordered quantity, revenue, shipped quantity, and revenue in itsforecast metrics. 4) The primary dimension in UC's forecasts is the product category.What should be customized in Manufacturing Cloud to accomplish the businessrequirements?

A. Sales Agreement Metrics
B. Advanced Account Forecast Fact object
C. Data Processing Engine (DPE) Templates

Question # 15

What is the proper utilization of a System Integration Testing (SIT) environment

A. Used as a backup and archive of production configuration and data
B. Used as a development environment to configure and build new applications
C. Used as an environment to perform system-to-system testing

Question # 16

Universal Containers (UC) has implemented Sales Cloud and Service Cloud in sevencountries in EMEA for about 100 users. UC has successfully tested and signed off onadditional Sales Agreements functionality. In order to have control over the rollout andmonitor the adoption, UC wants to roll out in a phased manner, country by country. UCfollows a single-org strategy.How should a consultant enable this rollout scenario?

A. Deploy the new functionality and assign the permission set to the designated users.
B. Deploy the new functionality and make the Sales Agreements tab visible for thedesignated users.
C. Deploy the new functionality and assign the Manufacturing licenses to all of the users.

Question # 17

A regional sales manager for Universal Containers would like to forecast at the producthierarchy level.How should the system administrator set up Advanced Account Forecasting?

A. Configure the forecast set on the Advanced Account Forecasting Setup page.
B. Configure the forecast context field from Account Id to Product Category.
C. Create a flow to modify the Advanced Account Forecasting to support the producthierarchy.

Question # 18

Which two permission sets will allow an Admin to set up Tableau CRM for Manufacturing?

A. Manufacturing Einstein Admin
B. Tableau CRM Plus Admin
C. Manufacturing Analytics Admin
D. Einstein Analytics Plus User
E. Manage Analytics

Question # 19

Universal Containers (UC) is implementing Advanced Account Forecasting for its nationalbusiness. UC has three primary product materials it wants to forecast for each of its keydistribution partners. Each of UC's individual products has one of these material attributeson its record, but UC doesn't need to see the product detail in its forecast.What should the administrator do to meet these business requirements?

A. Add custom Material dimension to Forecast Fact and Forecast Set. Update the DPEdefinitions to aggregate the data at the distribution partner level.
B. Configure a custom Forecast Context. Create new DPE definitions from scratch.
C. Add custom Material dimension to Forecast Fact and Forecast Set. Clone and use thestandard Data Processing Engine (DPE) definitions to populate the new custom metrics.

Question # 20

Many of Universal Containers' management teams must travel to different productionfacilities as part of their regular work. They require access to features on their desktop andmobile devices to view and approve sales agreements.What is an important consideration to keep in mind when preparing and conductingtesting?

A. The Mobile User permission must be assigned to the test users.
B. Sales Agreement features are not available on mobile devices, but approvals can bedone via email.
C. When testing Manufacturing Cloud for mobile, a Wi-Fi connection is required.

Question # 21

When discussing the business requirements for a Manufacturing Cloud implementationdesign, what is a consideration when analyzing data in existing third-party systems?

A. Define current processes required by the business.
B. Identify the capabilities of different data integration tools.
C. Determine the system of record for each data category required by the business.

Question # 22

A client has provided a list of unstructured, unprioritized requirements. What should aconsultant do to advance to the next step of the project?

A. Prepare a template with the requirements and their associated priority, and work withthe client to evaluate each item.
B. Write a Solution Design Document detailing the required technical solution to answer thelist of requirements.
C. Structure the list of requirements and spend time evaluating the impact and added valueof each requirement before discussing with the client.

Question # 23

Universal Containers is using Account Based Forecasting and expects a 5% increase inthe market but has a target growth of 10%.Where should the Account owner add the additional 5%?

A. Update the Account Forecast to 10%.
B. Set 5% value in Account Growth.
C. Update the Market Growth to 10%.

Question # 24

Universal Containers has a large number of stock keeping units (SKUs), which hinders theexecutive team from making decisions quickly.Which functionality should an administrator implement to help the executive team?

A. Account Based Forecasting
B. Product Categories
C. Sales Agreements