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Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Developer Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

A developer needs to add From Addresses to Marketing Cloud and wants to ensure theyare verified before being used for sending.Which tworoutes would allow this?Choose 2 answers

A. POST /messaging/vl/domainverification
B. POST /messaging/vl/domainverification/bulk/insert
C. POST /messaging/vl/dataevents/domainverification
D. POST/messaging/vl/push/domain/verification

Question # 2

A marketer is planning a weekly promotionalsend.Which two types of data extensions could be sent to?Choose 2 answers

A. Synchronized Data Extension
B. Sendable Data Extension
C. Salesforce Data Extension
D. Send Log Data Extension

Question # 3

A developer is configuring a File Drop Automation and wantsto use a Filename Pattern toallow for timestamps on the file. The file name will always start with the month and day(e.g. MAY15) the file is droppedonto the SFTP site.Which two configurations should be used for the automation to successfully start? Choose2 answers

A. Ends With operator
B. %%MMMMdd%%
C. %%Month%%%%Day%°/o
D. Begins With operator

Question # 4

A developer needs to use the 'contacts/ route ofthe REST API to update records in a dataextension.What should the developer verify before making the API call?

A. Each contact should alreadyexist in All Subscribers.
B. Journey Builder should be configured to use the data extension.
C. Contact Key should be equal to Subscriber Key in the underlying data extensions toensure proper joining.
D. The data extension should be linked in an AttributeGroup in Contact Builder.

Question # 5

A customer wants a list of subscribers who were sent an email within the past 12 months.How shouldthis request be completed?

A. Create a measure with criteria sent_date is aftertoday minus 565 days
B. Run a tracking extract via the SOAP API
C. Query against the Job and Sent data views
D. Locate the email sends in the Tracking tab within Email Studio

Question # 6

Adeveloper is working on cross-channel campaign functions for the email team at NorthernTrail Outfitters. They are reviewing available APIs for the different Marketing Cloudapplications to determine the most appropriate solution for each.Which application utilizes the REST API?

A. Automation Studio
B. Classic Content
C. Content Builder

Question # 7

A developer wants to expand thefunctionality of existing code which was written inAMPscript, but prefers to use Server-Side JavaScript (SSJS) for updates.Which SSJS statement will retrieve the value of the AMPscript variable named subKey?

A. Var.Get("subKey");
B. Variable.GetTValue (''@subKey") ;
C. Variable.SetValue("subKey", "Value");
D. Var.Retrieve("@subKey");

Question # 8

NTO is using a mobile campaign to collect an email addresses of interestedsubscribers.Using AMPscript's API functions they will send a confirmation email when anemail is texted into their short code. Which two objects are required tosuccessfully create aTriggerSend object? Choose 2

A. Attribute
B. TriggerSendDefinition
C. Contact
D. Subscribers

Question # 9

A developer is configuring a new Marketing Cloud account and has decided touse aunique10-digit integer as each customer's Contact Key.Which data type should be used when representing the value of Contact Key?

A. Number
B. Decimal
C. Text

Question # 10

Northern Trails Outfitters (NTO) developers want to use the Transactional Messaging APItosend email receipts to customers.What is the first step required to send using the API?

A. POST to /messaging/vl/email/messages/ with clientjd
B. Request a token usingthe vl/requestToken endpoint
C. Request a token using the v2/authorize endpoint
D. POSTto /messaging/vl with clientjd and client_secret

Question # 11

A developer identified duplicate contacts and wants to delete roughly 10 million subscribersusingContact Delete. How could the process be expedited?

A. Change the Suppression value to a larger value
B. Delete any unnecessary Sendable DataExtensions
C. Manually delete subscribers in All Contacts
D. Stop the current delete process and delete smaller groups

Question # 12

Which aspect should a developer consider before creating an Server-to-Server InstalledPackage and associated API Integration i* Marketing Cloud?

A. Using an Installed Package, APIs will have access to resources in all Business Units.
B. Scope (Permissions) will be granted based on the User who is creating the InstalledPackage.
C. Scope (Permissions) must be specifically granted when creating an API Integrationcomponent inside an InstalledPackage.

Question # 13

Northern TrailOutfitters (NTO) uses a numeric identifier for Subscriber Key. Customer datais stored in a data extension with the Subscriber Key set as a Primary Key.Which step is required for NTO when creating relationships for this data extension in DataDesigner'

A. Link the Contact ID to the Subscriber Key when creating the relationship
B. Use a one-to-one cardinality when creating the relationship
C. Link the Contact Key to the Subscriber's email address when creating the relationship
D. Set Subscriber Key as a text data type before linking the data extension to Contact Key

Question # 14

Northern Trail Outfitters usesa number to uniquely identify contacts across differentmarketing channels.Which two actions should the developertake to ensure the contacts relate across channelsin Marketing Cloud when working with the data model?Choose 2 answers

A. store the numericunique identifier value as a Text data type In data extensions.
B. Link the numeric field value to the Contact IDin Attribute Groups in Contact Builder.
C. Use a unique identifier spec fie to each channel and automatically connect then-..
D. Create Attribute Groups linking the unique identifier to the Contact for each channel.

Question # 15

A developer created a landing page in CloudPages which return unique content whensubscriber data is located on a related data extension. The developer does not know if allsubscribers have rows in the relateddata extension, and want default content to render if nosubscriber data is found on the related data extension. Which best practice should thedeveloper follow to control the unique and default content?

A. Use the RowCount function and an IF statement
B. Use the Lookup, Row and Field functions
C. Use the LookupOrderRows and Row functions
D. Use the DataExtensionRowCount function

Question # 16

A company has chosen to use the REST API for triggered sends, but they continue to get the following error during their testing: "Unable to queue Triggered Send request. There areno valid subscribers." They were informed that the SOAP API provides more informationabout the error, and found that their payloaddid not include a required data extension field.Which element of the SOAP API response provides this level of detail?

A. ErrorDescription
B. OverallStatus
C. ErrorCode

Question # 17

A developer needs to display a value which hasbeen calculated using an AMPscript block.This value is stored in the variable named'Label'.Which two ways should the developer display this value in the body of an email? Choose 2answers

A. %%-v(@Label) -%%
B. <ctrl:vr name=@Label />
C. %%@Label%%
D. %%(Write (@Label1) 1%%

Question # 18

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to determine the best identifier for subscribers acrossall channels.What should be recommended5

A. Contact Key
B. Mobile ID
C. Email Address
D. Subscriber ID

Question # 19

Northern Trail Outfitters' legal team is concerned about thedaily import process that bringsin subscribers to a Sendable Data Extension, even when records have already beentargeted for deletion.Which two true expected behaviors for these recordsoccur in the event a send is initiateddirectly to this Sendable Data Extension?Choose 2 answers

A. Records still in the suppression phase will only be excluded if manually specified duringsend time.
B. Records still in the suppression phase will beexcluded from sends.
C. Records that have already been deleted will be treated as new records.
D. Records that have been deleted will be excluded from sends Indefinitely.

Question # 20

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to trigger follow upmessages after a subscriber opens anemail.What process would they use to getreal-time engagement data?

A. Query Activity
B. Client-Side JavaScript
C. WSproxy Service
D. Event Notification Service

Question # 21

Whichtwo ways would a developer write an Exclusion Script to exclude sending an email atsend time when comparing against a Boolean field in the Sendable Data Extension?Choose 2 answers

A. %%SendBoo1%%
B. %%SendBoo1 < 1
C. %%=Lookup ('Excluded' , SendBoo1'.Subscribekey'. _Subscribekey) =%%
D. %%=Lookup ('Excluded’ , SendBoo1'. _Subscribekey'. _Subscribekey) =%%

Question # 22

A sendable data extension with a text field named 'Balance' contains the value S6.96 foraparticular record. The following AMPscript statement is included in an email:IF (Balance > 6.00) THENSET @Result = 'Balance is more than $6.00ENDIFWhy would this IF statement yield unintended results?

A. The operands are not the same data type.
B. The comparison should use the < operator.
C. Balance is a protected keyword.
D. Double quotes should be used instead of single quotes.

Question # 23

A developer wants to add an image to ContentBuilder via the API and retrieve the image'spublished URL. Which method should the developer use?

A. GET using the REST API/asset/v1/content/assets and parse the FilePropertiesparameter
B. Use the SOAP API to create a Porfoglio object and idenfity the Source property
C. POST to the REST API/asset/v1/content/categories and parse the Descriptionparameter
D. POST to the REST API/asset/v1/content/assets and parse the FileProperties parameter

Question # 24

A developer started a Contact Delete process that is now complete.In which twoplaces would the Contact Delete process remove data? Choose 2 answers

A. Non-Sendable Data Extensions
B. Import Files onthe Enhanced SFTP
C. Sendable Data Extensions
D. Mobile Lists

Question # 25

Which programminglanguage should be used in email messages? Choose 1.

A. AMPscript only
B. Both
C. Either AMPscript or SSJS
D. SSJS only

Question # 26

A developer wants to configure an automation to import files placed on the SFTP shared byacustomer's data vendor. The automation will start when a file matching a specificnamingpattern is encountered in the Import folder. The first step of the automation is a FileImport Activity referencing a substion string for the matching file. Which substituon stringrepresents the name of the file?


Question # 27

Certification Aid wants to update Contact data stored in a Data Extension using the RESTAPI. What is required toachieve this? Choose 1.

A. The Data Extension must be in an Attribute Group.
B. The Data Extensionmust be in a Population.
C. The Data Extension must be sendable.
D. The Data Extension must be created in Email Studio.

Question # 28

A developer wants to delete a batch of subscribers from Marketing Cloud. The developerperforms a Contact Delete on a batch ofrecords in a data extension in Contact Builder.Which scenario would cause subscriber records to remain in the data extension?

A. Sendable data extension with SubscriberKey and EmailAddress fields
B. Non-sendable data extension with SubscriberKey field
C. Contact Delete process does not delete rows from data extensions
D. Sendable data extension with SubsciberKey field

Question # 29

A developer wants to upload a base64-encoded file to Content Builder using an APIInstalled Packagebut receives an insufficient Privileges error. What should the developercheck to troubleshoot the error?

A. Validate Client Id and Client Secret are correct
B. Verify the Asset Type Id matches the Asset Type Name
C. Confirm the REST Base URI uses the correct subdomain
D. Confirm the Component's Channel options are available

Question # 30

A developer wants CloudPages to work with a REST API returning data in JavaScript Object Notation.The developer wants to efficiently ingest the data and write it to a data extension. Which function should be used?

A. Email Studio
B. Automation Studio
C. Journey Builder
D. Mobile Studio

Question # 31

A developer wants CloudPages to work with a REST API returning data in JavaScriptObject Notation.The developer wants to efficiently ingest the data and write it to a dataextension.Which function should be used?

A. Server-Side 3avaScript function Stringify
B. Server-Side JavaScript function ParseJSON
C. AMPscript function BuildRowsetFromXML
D. AMPscript function BuildRowsetFromString

Question # 32

A developer wants to build out aseries of CloudPages that will interact with several RESTAPIs.Which Marketing Cloud supported scripting tool should be used?

A. AMPscript

Question # 33

A developer needs to import a file nightly that will be used for multiple SQL QueryActivities. The file could arrive any time between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m., and one of therequirements is that there is a unique file name for each import, rather than overwriting thefile on the FTP site.Which action should be configured?

A. File Drop Automation
B. Scheduled Automation
C. Dynamic File Import

Question # 34

A developer wants to extract tracking data from the Market Activity in the user interface.Which option would be available to extract the data"?

A. Automation Studio
B. Journey Builder

Question # 35

A developer is building a landing page in Marketing Cloud and an email with a Call-To page will display personal information about the subscriber.In which way could the developer create the CTA link?

A. Use the AMPscript CloudPagesURLfunction.
B. Append EmailAddress to the URL as an encoded parameter.
C. Append SubscnberKey to the URL as an encoded parameter.

Question # 36

A developer wants to create an AMPscript FOR loop that populates HTML table rowsbased on the number ofrows and data in a target DE. Where should the developer placethe FOR keyword to begin the loop?

A. Before the <table> tag
B. Before the <td> tag
C. Before the <tbody> tag
D. Before the <tr> tag

Question # 37

A developer built a complex dynamic email with many datavariants. Rather than create testdata manually, they want to use a subset of live data to validate the dynamic aspects of theemail.Which SQL function should be used to collect a representative sample from a larger dataset?


Question # 38

Adeveloper wants to programmatically inject Contacts into a journey via REST API. What isthe recommended route using POST data extension fields and values?

A. /interaction/v1/interactions
B. /interaction/v1/events
C. /interaction/v1/eventDefinitions
D. /contacts/v1/contactEvents

Question # 39

How many month of data can a developerquery from the tracking data views (_Sent,_Open, _Click)?

A. Six Months
B. One Month
C. 12 Months
D. There is no limit