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Salesforce Financial-Services-Cloud Exam Overview:

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Exam Format Multiple Choice
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Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC) Accredited Professional (AP) Exam Topics Breakdown

Domain Weight (%) Description
Domain 1: Banking 30% Understanding banking principles and regulations
Domain 2: Finance 40% Financial concepts, including investment strategies
Domain 3: Sales 30% Sales techniques specific to financial services

Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce Financial-Services-Cloud Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Cumulus Cloud Bank is asking the consultant to explain some tools available tointegrateSalesforce into several of its back-end/core systems.Which three capabilities should a consultant recommend?

A. Industry Integration Solutions with the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform
B. Data Processing Engine
C. OmniStudio Integration Procedures
D. Data Consumption Framework
E. OmniStudio DataRaptors

Question # 2

Cumulus Bank is migrating its CRM software from a legacy application to SalesforceFinancial Services Cloud (FSC). The bank hired Salesforce Professional Services toconfigure/deploy the new Salesforce FSC org and migrate data.Which order should a consultant follow when performing the data migrations?

A. Individuals, then Financial Account Roles, then Financial Accounts, then FinancialAccount Transactions
B. Individuals, then Financial Accounts, then Financial Account Roles, then FinancialAccount Transactions
C. Financial Accounts, then Financial Account Roles, then Individuals, then FinancialAccount Transactions
D. Financial Accounts, then Financial Account Transactions, thenVinancial Account Roles,then Individuals

Question # 3

The Salesforce Admin of Lake Tahoe Bank wants to implement Financial Services Cloudusing the individual object model. What are the steps to disable person accounts? (ChooseThree)

A. Log a case with Salesforce to perform the conversion from Person Accounts to theindividual model.
B. Assign the Person Account record type to the user profiles.
C. Disable the Person Account custom setting.
D. Remove Person Accountrecord types from the Individual Record Type Mapper.
E. Assign the Individual record type to the user profiles.

Question # 4

Which Salesforce Financial Services Cloud featureenables financial advisors to track andmanage client accounts?

A. Financial accounts management
B. Performance reporting
C. Client onboarding
D. Opportunity management

Question # 5

A financial services company would like its users to be able to relate two businessaccounts. Whatshouldthe administrator configure to meet the requirement?

A. Create a new Contact Reciprocal Role for the required value.
B. Update the Role picklist on the Account-Account Relationship object with new value.
C. Create a new Account Reciprocal Role for the required value.
D. Update the Role picklist on the Account-(?ontact Relationship object with new value.

Question # 6

Cumulus Insurance has created a Delegated Administrator groupfor its franchise users toreduce the workload on head office support staff.Which three functions should be added to the Delegated Administrator group?

A. Unlock users.
B. Modify permission sets.
C. Set organization-wide sharing defaults on custom objects.
D. Assign or remove permission sets for users in their delegated groups.
E. Create and manage membership of specified public groups.

Question # 7

Lake Tahoe Bank is implementing Financial Services Cloud. The bank's new businessprocesses require that Financial Advisors can add individuals to more than one Group orHousehold using Multiple Relationship Groups. Where do Admins enable MultipleRelationship Groups?

A. Object Settings
B. Custom Settings
C. Lightning Page Editor
D. Profiles

Question # 8

Lake Tahoe Bank branch manager Sue Barry wants to encourage all Personal Bankers touse Action Plans to capture repeatable tasks and automate the task sequences, improvingcollaboration and productivity. Which three of the following statements about Action Plansare true?

A. When you work with Action Plans, you first create Action Plan Templates
B. Action Plans require a monthly license fee per user
C. Action Plans can be used to schedule appointments with the Bankers
D. Action Plans make it easy to create reports and dashboards, so you can monitorprogress and ensure compliance
E. Action Plans can be used to automatically assign task owners and deadlines for specificclient engagements

Question # 9

Which three of the following statements are correct about the Actionable RelationshipCenter Manager (ARC)?

A. To enable users to see the ARC, you will need to add thecomponent for ARC to thepage layout.
B. ARC displays up to 5 related lists that have a configured compact layout.
C. ARC is certified to work with Person Accounts and Individual Accounts.
D. The Salesforce Admin has to create a permission set for granting access to the ARC –FSC Lightning component.
E. The Association Type picklist controls the account-account relationship that display inthe ARC.

Question # 10

During the delivery stage of a Financial Services Cloud (FSC) implementation, a consultantneeds to think about how to utilize FSC-related objects. Which three things should theconsultantconsider when adopting such objects?

A. In a household, each household member is modeled as a Contact, and the household ismodeled as an Account.
B. In a household, each of the household members is modeled as a Person Account andthe household is modeledas an Account.
C. Role Hierarchy-based sharing can be disabled for the Financial Deal object but can't bedisabled for the Opportunity object.
D. Both the Financial Deal object and the Opportunity object support Compliant DataSharing.
E. Interaction Summary is an enhancement of the standard Activity object. FSCimplementations should use Interaction Summary as a replacement for the Activity object.

Question # 11

The Salesforce Admin at Lake Tahoe Bank is implementing Financial Services Cloud andwants to roll up customerdata at the client and group levels. What functionality can RollupBy Lookup (RBL) provide for this requirement?

A. RBL calculations can not be disabled when importing data into your Salesforce org.
B. An RBL rule displays summary calculations of financialaccount information, such asaccount balances.
C. When you edit a financial account record or primary Group membership, the Rollup ByLookup (RBL) configuration updates the corresponding RBL summaries at the client andGroup levels.
D. Rollups for multiple joint owners are not supported
E. Rollup By Lookup (RBL) displays associated records for Financial Accounts. FinancialGoals, and Opportunities.

Question # 12

Which three types of Account-Account relationships are displayed in the ActionableRelationship Center?

A. Accounts & Businesses
B. Accounts & Members
C. Accounts & Peers
D. Accounts & Groups

Question # 13

To access all Financial Services Cloud (FSC) functionalitiesavailable out of the box, aconsultant must install the FSC Managed Package and the Unmanaged ExtensionPackages.Which two functionalities are included in the FSC Unmanaged Extension Packages?

A. Custom objects to track Financial Accounts and Household
B. The Commercial Banking dashboard
C. Field sets that configure how fields display in the client and household profiles
D. Predefined list views of clients and households

Question # 14

An investment bank client wants all its users to track client engagements with InteractionSummaries. In addition, those call logs need to be shared with specialists in other lines ofbusiness so they can assist in specific types of deals.Which three Financial Services Cloud standard objects should be used to helpaccommodate these business requirements?

A. Interaction Summary Participant
B. Financial Deal Participant
C. Participant Role
D. Interaction Participant
E. Opportunity Participant

Question # 15

A bank recently sold its wealth management division and wants to improve its customers’digital experience. The bank engaged Salesforce Professional Services to upgrade itsexisting Salesforce CRM to Financial Services Cloud and deliver its Bank of the Future vision.Which three expected outcomes can serve as return on investment (ROI) justifications tothe bank's chief financial officer (CFO)and investment committee?

A. Unify and improve team collaboration by sharing and managing customer leads andreferrals across multiple lines of business at the bank to drive customers' financial needsand deepen client relationships.
B. Deliver connected and personalized digital experiences to the bank's customers thanksto a 360-degree view of its customer data consolidating multiple customer databases andsources from diverse channels at the bank.
C. Simplify the client onboarding process with proper tools to streamline customerdiscovery and internal reviews through renewal.
D. Manage policy holder’s interactions with customer service agents intelligently throughthe underwriting process.
E. Modernize client-advisor experiences from engagement to relationship management toeffectively drive long-term, trusted relationships.

Question # 16

Which three related lists are visible within Actionable Relationship Center associated withthe Account object?

A. Cases
B. Notes and Attachments
C. Client Financial Goals
D. Financial Holdings
E. Household Financial Accounts

Question # 17

A Bank of the Future customer calls the bank to update the address on their account. Thecall center agent handling the call needs to enter a new address into the system. The agententers the new contact information using an OmniScript and then needs to generate aprefilled PDF with the new address that can be shared with the customer.Which two OmniStudio tools should a consultant recommend to generate the prefilledPDF?

A. OmniStudio Action Document Generation
B. Calculation Procedure
C. DataRaptor
D. Integration Procedure

Question # 18

Personal Banker Hank Burton is questioning his Referral Score shown in Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. When is the Referral Score updated?

A. The Referral Score updated when a referral is convened to an Opportunity or closed.
B. The Referral Score updated when a lead is created using the referral record type.
C. The Referral Score updated when a referral is assigned from the queue to a user.
D. The Referral Score updated when an opportunity associated with the Referral is ClosedWon

Question # 19

When importing records from a system outside of Salesforce, which ID should be used toprevent the data import from creating duplicates?

A. User ID
B. Data Load ID
C. External ID
D. Org ID

Question # 20

An investment bank is implementing Financial Services Cloud (FSC) to manage the dealpipeline. Each opportunity has confidential information that the deal teammembers mustonly view. In addition, each member needs the ability to take and share notes directlywithin Salesforce with others on the team.Which three FSC features should be part of the solution design?

A. Financial Deal Management
B. Sharing Rules
C. Complianthata Sharing
D. Profiles
E. Interaction Summaries

Question # 21

A Salesforce Admin is configuring a new Action Plan Template. One task in that templateneeds to be picked up by the next available Advisor. What assignment logic should theAdmin use when configuring this template task?

A. Action Plan Creator
B. Specific User
C. Account Team
D. Role
E. Queues

Question # 22

Which three objects should a Financial Services Cloud administrator use when planning touse the Mortgage Data Model to integrate with external Loan Origination and CustomerOnboarding applications to accurately track the pipeline?

A. Assets & Liabilities
B. Opportunity
C. Case
D. Account
E. Financial Account

Question # 23

The Salesforce Admin at Lake Tahoe Bank considering implementing Financial ServicesCloud. What is the bestway for the Admin to access a Financial Services pre-configuredorg, including data and the right licenses, to learn about the product?

A. Request a 30-day Financial Services Cloud trial org
B. Request a Salesforce developer org.
C. Purchase one license of Financial Services Cloud and install it in a production org.
D. Spin up a Salesforce sandbox org.

Question # 24

To access Financial Services Cloud Lightning Components "My Domain" must be enabled.How does the System Admin accomplish this?

A. Register a subdomam using the My Domain wizard and then deploy it
B. Open a case with SalesforceSupport
C. Enable Communities
D. Go to Custom Settings and edit the Industries Settings

Question # 25

Which 3 options does the Financial Services Cloud application offer to view and updateAccount-Account. Account-Contact, and Contact-Contact Relationships?

A. Actionable Relationship Center
B. Family Members Component
C. Relationship Map
D. Group Members Component
E. Life Events Component

Question # 26

An insurance company needs to ensure the record rollups aggregate information fromrelated records for several objects in the Financial Services Cloud at a client or group level.What should the administrator configure to meet the requirement?

A. Toshow all Primary Group member cases on a related list at the group level, theadministrator should add Cases as a picklist value to the Rollup__c field on AccountContact Relationship.
B. Client-level records are aggregated by setting up client-level rollups to all primary groupmembers.
C. When the administrator enables record rollups at the group level, all correspondingrecords are stamped with the Primary Group in the Rallup_c lookup field
D. To show all Primary Group member opportunities on a related list at the group level, theadministrator should add Opportunities as a picklist value to the Household__c field onAccount Contact Relationship.

Question # 27

Which 3 out of the box capabilities come with Financial Services Cloud Lead & ReferralManagement?

A. Referral Conversion
B. Assigning a Referral
C. Round Robin Referral Routing
D. Accepting a Referral
E. Referral Automated Approvals

Question # 28

Cumulus Insurance's business processes are quite complex, and steps in the process mayvary dependingon the information captured.Which three actions regarding functionality and features should a consultant suggestexploring to help guide Cumulus Insurance users through these processes?

A. Build custom Lightning pages that correspond to each stage of thebusiness process.
B. Configure Dynamic Actions for Lightning pages.
C. Enable In-App Guidance to provide walk-throughs.
D. Use flows to remove the neea for complex Lightning pages.
E. Configure Dynamic Lightning pages.

Question # 29

Our Personal Banker Hank Burton is learning to use Action Plans to ensure compliance inthe clientonboarding process. Where can Hank see Action Plan Tasks? (2 options)

A. Hank will be able to see the Action Plan tasks on the related list of the Account pagelayout.
B. Hank will be able to see the Action Plan Tasks assigned to him on the standardSalesforce task list.
C. Once the Action Plan is assigned, Hank can see the related Tasks on the Timeline.
D. Hank will be able to see the Action Plan Tasks assigned to him on his calendar.

Question # 30

Which two statements are true for aGroup in Financial Services Cloud?

A. Financial Services Cloud includes a group record type for households
B. A group is a type of account record that people and businesses can be related tothrough the Financial Account relationship object
C. A group is atype of account record that people and businesses can be related to throughthe account contact relationship object.
D. Financial Services Cloud includes a group record type for businesses

Question # 31

The Actionable Relationship Center (ARC) is using the Association Type picklist to controlthe account-account relationships. Which three of the following names are AssociationType picklist field values?

A. Member
B. Group
C. Trust
D. Family
E. Peer

Question # 32

An insurance company wants to create a car insurance quote process for its website. Theprocess should include the following functionality:• The user has to enter contact and address information.• The user has to enter the driver's age and the car model and year.• Theprocess should calculate an insurance quote based on the data the customerprovided and save the offer to the client's record.Which three OmniStudio tools should the consultant use to design a solution that meetsthese requirements?

A. OmniScripts
B. Integration Procedures
C. FlexCards
D. APEX Code
E. Business Rules Engine

Question # 33

A consultant is configuring a demo for a customer but cannot create new residential loanapplication records. What is prohibiting the consultant from creating a new residential loan application?

A. The Residential Loan Application flow was not enabled in the setup.
B. The administrator did not enable "Allow Mortgage Access" inSetup.
C. The user does not have "Mortgage User" checked in their user record.
D. The administrator did not assign the Mortgage permission set to the user.

Question # 34

How are identification documents, other assets, liabilities, goals, and revenue modeled, inan existing Financial Services Cloud org using the individual account model?

A. An administrator is logged in to DataLoader with their own credentials to insert newBusiness Account records into their Salesforce environment. They forget to specify theAccount Owner field in the import file.
B. Assuming there are no other issues, what should happen when the administratoruploadsthe import file?The Attachment object is used to represent other assets, liabilities, and goals. In theindividual model, these attachments are related to the Account object.
C. Custom obiects are used to represent other assets, liabilities, and goals. In the individualmodel, these objects are related to the Account oJ Nj.
D. Document, Note, and Attachment objects are used to represent other assets, liabilities,and goals. In the individual model, these objects are related to the person account.

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