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Salesforce Certified-Business-Analyst Exam Overview:

Aspect Details
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Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Exam Topics Breakdown

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Gathering Requirements 20%
Solution Design 20%
Data Modeling and Management 15%
Testing and Validation 10%
Communication and Collaboration 10%

Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce Certified-Business-Analyst Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Universal Containers is nearing the launch date for its new Salesforce Loyalty Managementprogram. The business analyst (BA) has ensured the user acceptance testing (UAT) planhas the proper test scripts.What is another important item the BA should look for in the UAT plan?

A. Estimated cost
B. Timelines
C. Process maps

Question # 2

Cloud Kicks (CK) wants to Improve the current business process for moving orders fromthe warehouse to the customer as part of a Commerce Cloud Implementation. Thebusiness analyst would like to gather more Information to create the future state process. Who is the most appropriate subject matter expert (SME) to confirm the current businessprocess and elicit deeper understanding of CK's goals, opportunities, and pain points?

A. Sales manager
B. Chief financial officer
C. Supply chain manager

Question # 3

A business analyst (BA) is preparing to demonstrate the functionality built by thedevelopment team over the last sprint to the client. Which technique should the BA use to create a compelling demo?

A. Functional - requirements, code/configuration, run as user
B. Storytelling - hero, challenge, helper, victory
C. STAR method - situation, task, action, result

Question # 4

Cloud Kicks (CK) is expanding and has many different departments in manufacturing anddelivery. CK needs to prepare for a new Sales Cloud implementation for it, 6,000 users. Toincrease adoption, the business analyst (BA) wants to break down existing sides betweenthe manufacturing and delivery departments.Which planning approach should the ISA take to get buy-in from users?

A. Recombined clear owners up for the platform and identity executive sponsors.
B. Assign a team to start building a prototype of product functionality.
C. Document user requirement from each department during discovery sessions.

Question # 5

Cloud Kicks is preparing for User Acceptance testing (UAT) related to an upcoming majorrelease.To which environment should a business analyst recommend that users log in to completetheir assigned testing?

A. Full Sandbox
B. Production
C. Developer

Question # 6

The product owner at Cloud Kicks wants to know which user stories fail user acceptancetesting (UAT) and the potential impact on other successful use stories. Currently, userstories are stored in a shared spreadsheet.What should a business analyst recommend to ensure UAT result are document security.

A. Give all stakeholder the ability to edit the shared spreadsheet.
B. Ask each tester to admit share spreadsheet.
C. Enable history y in the shared spreadsheet.

Question # 7

The business analyst at Cloud Kicks received verbal acceptance of all user stories by theproduct owner and set the status of the user stories to ‘’Ready for Development’’ on aspreadsheet. The development team later reports are unable to confirm which user stories are ready to be built.

A. The user stories were save outside of a shared repository
B. The definition of done of the user stories was unclear.
C. The user stories were linked to the incorrect business process map.

Question # 8

A business analyst (BA) Is coordinating a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) session focusedon Service Cloud enhancements.Which resource Is critical for the BA to include in UAT?

A. Support agents
B. System developers
C. Quality assurance testers

Question # 9

During a project kick off for a multi-year transformational Sales Cloud project at UniversalContainers, the business analyst (BA) heard the executive team discuss the challengesthat the sales team Is having with their legacy solution: opportunity funnel, data hygiene,and forecasting Issues. However, the level of detail shared about the challenges was verylimited.What should the BA do next?

A. Clone the features of the legacy solution within the new Sales Cloud org.
B. Start writing epics and user stories that discuss the challenges mentioned.
C. Schedule a ride-along with the sales team to learn more about their goals.

Question # 10

Cloud Kicks Is conducting sprint planning for an Experience Cloud user portal project. Thefocus for this sprint Is on the minimum viable product.Which requirement should the business analyst prioritize?

A. Items chat are user-friendly features
B. Items requested by the majority of users
C. Items that are crucial to the business

Question # 11

During a requirements workshop, the marketing team mentions they need help reporting ontheir marketing effort return on investment (ROI). They ask for a new field on theOpportunity object named "Customer Origin".What should the business analyst do next?

A. Explain to the customer that the workshop is focused on documenting requirements,rather than solutioning, and write down their pain points
B. Write the user story: As a marketer, I need to track customer origin on Opportunity sothat I can report on the ROI of our marketing efforts.
C. Ask follow-up questions to determine if standard Salesforce functionality around Leads,Campaigns, and Opportunities could meet this need.

Question # 12

Cloud Kicks leadership wants to use custom code for functionality that can easily becreated declaratively in Sates Cloud. The business analyst (BA) has been asked to adviseleadership on how these approaches impact their solution options.What is one of the BA's strongest arguments for using configuration over code?

A. Configuration leverages multiple programming languages.
B. Configuration allows for any level of complexity.
C. Configuration provides faster speed to market.

Question # 13

Surveys indicate that visitors to the Cloud Kicks' Experience Cloud site have difficultylocating purchase Information for their online orders. A business analyst (BA) Is tasked withcreating a user story to improve the overall visitor experience when navigating the site.For which persona should the BA write this user story?

A. Administrator
B. Support manager
C. Customer

Question # 14

The customer service director at Universal Containers wants a self-service portal forcustomers using Experience Cloud. The director has a limited budget and wants thesolution delivered before the end of the quarter.After assessing several potential options, which solution should the business analystrecommend?

A. The solution with the lowest cost
B. The solution with the fastest implementation time
C. The solution with the highest business value

Question # 15

Sprint 1 of 5 has been completed in a Sales Cloud implementation. The business analyst(BA) met with the stakeholders to prioritize the backlog for the next sprint. One of thestakeholders wants to include a medium-priority item. There is still a list of high-priorityitems that need to be addressed.How should the BA communicate with the stakeholder?

A. Q Schedule a meeting to discuss the importance of the item, then re-evaluate all of theitems and their priority levels
B. Q Verify why the item is medium-priority, explain the reason, and determine if the itempriority was misjudged compared to other items.
C. Q Support the stakeholder in this decision, move the medium-priority item to the nextsprint, and inform the development team.

Question # 16

A cloud Kicks business analyst (BA) is conducting user interviews with the support team aspart of a migration to Salesforce. Serval users indicate they use multi-factor authentication(MFA) on their phones to log in to existing systems. Other users have located they accessexisting systems with only username and password.

A. Select the requirement used by the majority of the support team.
B. verify the requirement with the security team.
C. Bring the requirement to the product owner’s attention.

Question # 17

The project manager for Universal Container tells the business analyst (BA) that the developers on the team are having trouble understanding what to build because the acceptance criteria for the Sales Cloud user stories are confusing. How should the BA respond to the feedback effectively?

A. Recommend additional training resources. 
B. Ask for specific examples to review. 
C. Confirm that best practices are being followed. 

Question # 18

After stakeholders formally signed off on requirements, the business analyst (BA) received numerous emails requesting changes to Salesforce during uses acceptance testing (UAT). The BA quickly became overwhelmed by the requests and needs a way to organize and peritonitis them. What should the BA use to help them organize these requests? 

A. Change request log 
B. Scope statement specification 
C. Gap analysis document 

Question # 19

Universal Containers is in the discovery phase of a new Service Cloud project. The lead business analyst (BA) review user stories written by junior Bas. The lead BA discovers these user stories are missing details, as how case routing should work. The lead BA asks the junior Bas to make revisions based on the intended audience for the user stories. 

A. End user and development team 
B. Development and QA teams 
C. Business user and QA team 

Question # 20

Cloud Kicks leadership wants to improve the new customer onboarding experience. There are a number of complex handoffs between teams. Service managers have been tasked with working with the operating team to improve the handoff between salesforce and internal systems. The business (BA) wants to break down the onboarding processing and sub-processes into simpler steps. What should the BA create to engage stakeholders?

A. Value Stream Map 
B. Universal Process Notation 
C. Capability Model 

Question # 21

Which element of the storytelling process for UX is described here: "A hurdle that makes it difficult for your heroes to succeed on their journeys."

A. Challenge 
B. Monster
 C. Victory 
D. Helper 

Question # 22

The Business analyst (BA) at Universal Container wants to improve the case process in Salesforce after feedback customer abut resolution time. The BA tacks the user story, request details, and configuration changes in a repository. What is a benefit of tracking user stories in this way?

A. Multiple project team members can make and view revisions. 
B. It links all changes to Salesforce metadata. 
C. The development team can work parallel on the same requirement. 

Question # 23

Universal Container wants to implement a solution to help it track and analyze its carbon emission in an effort to meet its new initiatives. The CEO has reached out to the product development team for assistance. The business analyst (BA) has begun exploring potential solutions based on the requirements. What should the BA do first?

A. Investigate building a custom app. 
B. Use CRM Anal Analyst actionable insights. 
C. Review relevant apps on the AppExchange

Question # 24

The Salesforce project team at Universal Containers is reviewing a backlog of user stories to add to an sprint. The team is unsure of which story to begin working on. What should the business analyst do to help with prioritization?

A. Verify acceptance criteria. 
B. Identify dependent components. 
C. Delete the definition of done 

Question # 25

Universal Containers is integrating its enterprise resource planning (ERP) with Salesforce to gain inventory visibility for the sales team. One of the user stories for this project is: ‘’As a sales rep, I want to be able to find containers dose to my customer so I can tell them which products they can receive quicklyWhich acceptance criteria is most appropriate for this story?

A. Sales rep can see the inventory closest to a customer with a quick action. 
B. As a sales rep, I see the Inventory closest to a customer.
 C. Sales rep can see the inventory closest to a customer 

Question # 26

Universal Containers is working with a business analyst (BA) to develop a solution to help the marketing department manage lead in Sales Cloud. The current solution meets the requirements, but the marketing team tells the BA they feel it is incomplete. What is important for the BA to consider when responding to the team’s feedback?

A. Acceptance criteria 
B. Product limitation 
C. Intent of both parties 

Question # 27

The business analyst (BA) At universal Containers is writing user stories for its Salesforce Field Service implementation. What should the BA evaluate to understand the understand the risk level of the user stories? 

A. Scope, resource, and documentation impact
 B. Team, budget, and timeline impact 
C. Technical, operational, and regulatory impact

Question # 28

The lead business analyst (BA) at Cloud Kicks is putting together user Stories for the new sales process that will be implemented in Sales Cloud. The lead BA is advising junior BAS on how to construct a user story. What should the lead BA tell the junior BAs to include in a user story?

A. Include the V2MOM structure 
B. Include who, What, and why 
C. Include technical details

Question # 29

During a discovery session with several stakeholders from universal Container (UC) services team, the business analyst (BA) learned that UC recently implemented as Experience Site that allows customers to view Knowledge article and submit cases. The stakeholders have asked for suggestions to determine if the current solution is adding value to the business. What should the BA recommend?

A. Review the services team’s goal’ initiatives, strategies, and obstacles. 
B. Review the Einstein Article Recommendations feature in the services team’s org. 
C. Review user stories on the services team’s development backlog. 

Question # 30

Northern Tail Outfitters has fixed a business analyst (BA to help revamp the order management process. During the backlog regiment session, the BA discovers the few user satires are no longer needed. What should the BA do next?

A. Cancel these user stones and remove them from the backlog. 
B. Move these user stones to the button of the backlog. 
C. Review these user stones in the backlog at the next sprint retrospective. 

Question # 31

Northern Trail Outfitters follows an Agile methodology for its Marketing Cloud projects. The project team creates several types of documents. Which document should a business analyst use to. capture the software and behavioral requirements of the application?

A. Scope statement specification 
B. Functional requirements specification 
C. System requirements specification

Question # 32

A business analyst (BA) at Cloud Kicks has been tasked with preparing for requirements gathering workshops .. an upcoming Sales Cloud implementation. Which documentation is mast beneficial for the BA to define the scope of the project? 

A. Detailed Process Map 
B. Value Stream Map 
C. Suppliers. Inputs, Process, Outputs, Customers (SIPOC) Map 

Question # 33

The business analyst (BA) is preparing for the initial requirements gathering workshops with Cloud Kicks on a new Sales Cloud project. The BA has identified the stakeholders, reviewed the project scope, and scheduled each workshop. Which key steps should the BA take next?

A. Identify persona, document the current state, and purpose the future state. 
B. Document the current state, offer a survey to stakeholder, and propose the future state.
 C. Document the current state, email it to attendees with an agenda, and propose the future state. 

Question # 34

The business analyst (BA) at Universal Containers is also its primary system admin. The BA knows that version is mandatory when it comes to releasing. What is the most efficient process for the BA to track the changes they are committing?

A. Agile planning 
B. DevOps 
C. Metadata backups 

Question # 35

The business analyst at Northern Trail Outfitters receives a requirement from the CRM manager to have visibility into their team's queues to monitor open cases. Which user story meets this requirement?

A. As a CRM manager, I need a record-triggered flow to view my team's work queues so 1 can monitor their open tickets. 
B. As a CRM manager, I need to see my team’s work queues so I can monitor their open tickets. 
C. As a user, I need to see case queue to monitor my team's work. 

Question # 36

The business analysis (BA) at Northern Trail Outfitters is assigned to a project to help revamp its Experience Cloud implementation. When assessing the existing process, which type of diagram should the BA use to identify waste within and between processes?

A. Suppliers, Inputs, Process, Outputs, Customers (SIPOC) Map 
B. Detailed Process Map 
C. Value Stream Map 

Question # 37

Northern Trail Outfitter is eliciting feedback from a small number of key stakeholders within the organization for improvements to the current opportunity pipeline process. One of the stakeholders has a tendency to dominate the conversation which takes the group off topic and interfaces with meeting the objective. How should the business analyst collaborate with the key stakeholder's?

A. Conduct individual interviews to gather input. 
B. Conduct a group brainstorming session to generate ideas. 
C. Conduct a focus group to identify pain points. 

Question # 38

Cloud Kicks will launch a new customer experience portal. During discussions with the VP of customer service, a business analyst (BA) recorded the following: • All logins must use multi-factor authentication (MFA). • Portal pages should load within 2 seconds. How should the BA document the items?

A. functional requirement 
B. Non-functional requirement 
C. User story 

Question # 39

A business analyst (BA) discovers that universal Containers automated case assignments in Service Cloud. UC uses case assignment rules to route cases to predefined team. The UC leadership team wants to improve how cases are routed. What should the BA recommend to help the resolve a common obstacle?

A. Minimize case escalations to reduce time to resolution. 
B. Migrate from case assignment riles to Omni-Channel. 
C. Document the current case assignment process.

Question # 40

Sales leadership at 230Cloud Kicks (CK) is concerned about the limited adoption of Salesforce at the company. Salesforce implementation includes many custom pages. Multiple users have complained about wa.t.ng a long time for key functionality to display

A. Monitor the Lightning Usage App. 
B. Run the Lightning page layout. 
C. Enable Debug Logs. 

Question # 41

A business analyst (BA) at Northern Trail Outfitters is assigned to a project to help revamp the case management process. The BA has gathered requirements and finished the first draft of user stories. What should the BA use to assess the quality of a user story?

A. INVEST checklist 
B. Numerical framework 
C. Gap analysis document 

Question # 42

Northern Trail Outfitters is undergoing a Service Cloud implementation and has decided to use the Scrum methodology for the implementation. A business analyst (BA) received an urgent, high-priority change request m the middle of a sprint. Which step should the BA take next?

A. Add the change request to the backlog to be prioritized for the next sprint. 
B. De-prioritize some user stones and add the change request to the current sprint. 
C. Begin working on the change request as soon as the team has capacity. 

Question # 43

A new employee at Universal Containers just sent the business analyst (BA) a Slack message with an named User3tories_v37_final_final_final.docx. Which best practice should the 6A train the employee on fir

A. Use standard naming conventions. 
B. Use acceptance criteria to define success. 
C. Use a version control repository. 

Question # 44

Cloud Kicks (CK) faces challenges with accurate reporting and metrics to use when CK schedules service agent shifts. The VP of service is unsure how the challenges can be solved in Salesforce. Which analysis should a business analyst perform?

A. Strategy Analysis 
B. Stakeholder Analysis 
C. Enterprise Analyst 

Question # 45

Which Information should the BA gather during the initial discovery meeting?

A. Employee review cycle for the support team 
B. Limitations of the current support process 
C. A Contact information for key stakeholders

Question # 46

A business analyst JBA) for Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is reviewing the business backlog and determines that many of the requirements would require custom code that is expensive and hard to maintain. The BA knows that the backlog should be prioritized by people who have knowledge of the features and functionary of the Salesforce Platform. Who should own the process of prioritizing the business backlog?

A. The third-party implementation team, with support from the internal technology teams affected by the project who understand NTO's vision and strategy 
B. The business teams affected, with support from the internal technology teams who understand ways to maximize Salesforce’s declarative features
 C. The project manager, with support from the third-party implementation and business teams who understand both platform and business priorities. 

Question # 47

The quality assurance (QA) team at Cloud Kicks is reviewing user stones to write test scripts. The QA team is having difficulty with a specific story where a modification to an existing flow is needed for a custom object. The QA team is unable to discern what needs to be tested as a result of the updated flow. What should the business analyst review and revise to provide more clarity to the QA team?

A. The who, what, and why of the user story 
B. The acceptance criteria of the user story 
C. The definition of done of the user story 

Question # 48

Universal Containers is transitioning to Slack as its internal communication tool and is ready to release. What is the final step that a business analyst should perform during the user acceptance testing process that would ensure a "go" decision?

A. Complete development on bugs discovered during this phase. 
B. Get written sign-off from all business stakeholders. 
C. Conduct a final retrospective meeting with the project team. 

Question # 49

A business analyst (BA) is reviewing the risks associated With a proposed solution leveraging Cases and Support Queues, and the effect that those risks might have on the project timeline. Which type of analysis is the BA performing?

A. Enterprise Analysis 
B. Strategy Analysis 
C. Stakeholder Analysis 

Question # 50

A business analyst (BA) at Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is assigned to a project to help revamp n process. The current process used by the sales team is different than the process outlined in NTO’s documentation. Which step should the BA take first?

A. Create an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) of the current state. 
B. Meet with stakeholders as a group to capture future requirements. 
C. Meet with stakeholders as a group to understand the current state. 

Question # 51

Over the past month, a business analyst (BA) has worked with various stakeholders at Cloud Kicks to document requirements for an upcoming Tableau implementation. A stakeholder suggested a revision to the requirements. The BA sent the updated requirements to the stakeholders and they signed off. Where should the BA track this milestone?

A. Statement of work 
B. Change log 
C. Sprint plan 

Question # 52

The project manager for a new project at Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants the business analyst (BA) to obtain alignment on goals and strategies across NTO's organization, using NTO's documentation, the BA begins to understand NTO's strategies but needs more information. Which methodology should help the BA obtain the required information?

A. V2MOM (Vision. Values, Methods, Obstacles, Measures) 
B. RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) 
C. SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound)

Question # 53

Cloud Kicks wants managers to be able to approve time-off requests in Salesforce. A business analyst (BA) wrote the following: User Story. "As a manager, I want to communicate the status of time-off requests with employees so that I can increase employee satisfaction.' • A manager can change the status of the request • A manager can send a comment to the employee about their request. • The solution must be intuitive. Why does the BA need to make a change to improve the user story'  

A. The acceptance criteria is too vague. 
B. The user story is too large to test. 
C. The acceptance criteria should be solution focused. 

Question # 54

Cloud Kicks has decided to implement a case management process through Service Cloud. A business analyst (BA) has been tasked with writing requirements for this new feature. Which process should the BA follow to draft and finalize the requirements?

A. 1. Review information from the discovery. 2. Ask clarifying questions. 3. Draft requirements. 4. Share requirements with the technical so they can begin building. 5. Create user acceptance criteria and test cases. 
B. 1. Review information from the discovery. 2. Draft requirements. 3. Ask clarifying questions. 4. Draft user stories. 5. Share user stories with the technical team so they can begin building. 
C. 1. Review information from the 2. Ask clarifying questions. 3. Draft requirements. 4. Refine and confirm requirements. 5. Prioritize which requirements will be included in the minimum viable product. 

Question # 55

The development team at Universal Containers is reviewing several stories to be added to the current sprint. The team is having trouble with a particular story about an Opportunity email alert and is unsure about which type of testing is needed. What should the business analyst review and revise to provide more clarity to the team?

A. Definition of done 
B. User persona
 C. Acceptance criteria 

Question # 56

Universal Containers is planning to implement Commerce Cloud to sell more products. The business analyst working on this project has gathered requirements and is translating them into user stories. What should the user story focus on? 

A. Sales margins 
B. Customer experience 
C. Product functionality 

Question # 57

The business analyst (BA) at Cloud Kicks is working on improving the company's Service Cloud deployment. The BA wants to leverage Universal Process Notation (UPN) to document the current process. What is one benefit of using UPN in this scenario?

A. Complex processes can be documented with 20 or more activity boxes. 
B. A single activity box can answer Who, What, When, Why, and How. 
C. Key parts of a process can be easily identified by using different shapes. 

Question # 58

Northern Trail Outfitters has decided to implement Sales Cloud. A business analyst (BA) has been assigned to document the requirements for this project. What should the BA include in these requirements?

A. Detailed documentation of technical solution 
B. Test scripts to validate requirements
 C. High-level description of required functionality