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Salesforce Public-Sector-Solutions Exam Overview:

Aspect Details
Exam Cost $200 USD
Total Time 105 minutes
Available Languages English, Japanese
Passing Marks 65%
Exam Code CRT-450
Exam Format Multiple Choice
Prerequisites None
Retake Policy You must wait 15 days after each failed attempt before retaking the exam. Subsequent attempts may have a higher exam fee.

Salesforce Public Sector Solutions Accredited Professional Exam Topics Breakdown

Content Area Percentage Description
Public Sector Landscape 15 Understanding of public sector challenges and trends
Government Processes 25 Knowledge of government-specific processes and systems
Salesforce Solutions 40 Proficiency in Salesforce solutions for public sector
Compliance and Security 20 Understanding of compliance and security requirements
Salesforce Public-Sector-Solutions Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Often, one permit is dependent on another, and businesses require a specific set of permitsto do business. The City of Snaxboro would like to show its constituents all the permitsrequiredfor different business types, so they know exactly what they need to apply for.What is the recommended approach for building out this functionality?

A. Create an OmniScript with all the applicable Business Types. Based on the BusinessType selected, enable a conditional section to display all the associated permits that arerequired. Embed this OmniScript on the Experience Site for applicants to use by selectingthe Business Type and viewing the associated permits.
B. Create a new Business Regulatory Authorization Type Dependency record by selectingthe Parent Business Regulatory Authorization Type that must be applied first and theDependent Business Regulatory Authorization Type that must be applied after getting theparent. Ensure the Show Dependent Permits section is available in the portal for applicantsto view.
C. Create a custom object called "Permit Dependency" and make it a junction objectbetween the Business Type object and Regulatory (§> Authorization Type object. Create aFlexCard that allows the use to select the Business Type from a picklist and display theassociated Permit Dependency records. Embed this FlexCard on an Experience site forapplicants to use.
D. Create a custom object called Permit Dependency and make it a junction objectbetween the Business Type object and Regulatory…

Question # 2

A customer wants to define a specific set of three documents that are required for abusiness application. They want to provide a checklist that is easy for the applicant to knowwhat needs to be uploaded and manage the uploads easily, but they also want to beconsistent with requiring these documents for every business application.What are the three steps required to do this?

A. Create three Document Checklist Items specifying the required document types for theAction Plan Template & Publish it
B. Create three Tasks specifying the required document types for the Action Plan Template& Publish It
C. Create an Action Plan Template with Target Object as Business License Application
D. Create three Document Checklist Items specifying the required document types tied tothe Business License Application
E. Create a flow automation to auto-associate the published action plan template to newBusiness License Applications as they are created

Question # 3

Foodvania is using Business Rules Engine (BRE) to help with the application reviewprocess in their Public Sector Solutions implementation. The Administrator of Foodvania'sSalesforce instance has been tasked with finding out why some applications are beingprioritized incorrectly.Where in the current configuration would an Administrator look to find a plausibleexplanation for the incorrect prioritization?

A. Check the entry condition.
B. Check the Expression Set.
C. Check the Calculation.
D. Check the Decision Matrix.

Question # 4

A government agency has implemented an eSignature solution and has chosen DocuSignas the vendor. As part of the nonfunctional requirements, the system needs to poll thestatus of signed envelopes. What is the best way to achieve this requirement?

A. Use the ContractDocumentStatusScheduler Apex class to schedule and poll DocuSignfor statuses of envelopes submitted as part of the eSignature process.
B. Use the ContractStatusScheduler Apex class to schedule and poll DocuSign forstatuses of envelopes submitted as part of the eSignature process.
C. Use the REST API provided by DocuSign to poll the status of a particular envelope.
D. Use the ContractEnvelopeStatusScheduler Apex class to schedule and poll DocuSignfor statuses of envelopes submitted as part of the eSignature process.

Question # 5

A company discovered that Salesforce already has a pre-built DataPack, that comes withindustry-standard procedures; system administrator wants to move and deploy theDataPack, to achieve this.Which tool can be used to deploy the DataPack Lightning Web Component?

A. VSCode
B. VSCode and Salesforce DX
C. Change Sets
D. ANT Migration Tool

Question # 6

A government agency is implementing Public Sector Solutions and their intake officer islooking to create a document checklist and review business license applications only. Theagency is looking to create a document type for business license applications using theIntelligent Document Automation (IDA) and restrict the record access to the intake officeronly. What are the three steps a technical consultant should configure to satisfy theagency's use case?

A. Assign permissions and permission sets for application forms
B. Enable Intelligent Document Automation
C. Turn on Document Checklist
D. Create a document type under Notes and Attachment
E. Create a Document Type

Question # 7

A customer requires an onsite inspection for every business license application with a retaillocation. They want to establish a consistent checklist for the inspection, with visibility to theapplicable regulatory codes for each checklist item. They also require signatures from theinspected business location owner and the inspector.What Action Plan Template and target object should be used for this use case?

A. Action Plan Template with Type="lndustries\ Target Object="Visit"
B. Action Plan Template with Type="Visit Execution", Target Object = "Business LicenseApplication"
C. Action Plan Template with Type="lndustries", Target Object="Business License Application"
D. Action Plan Template with Type = "Visit Execution", Target Object = "Visit"

Question # 8

A government agency has set up a program to provide government funding to localbusiness owners. Grantseekers need to be able to collaborate with their internalstakeholders during the application process. Additionally, Grant Managers overseeingapplications within the government agency need to be able to collaborate with othergovernment employees during the application review process.What solution would a technical consultant recommend to solve the outlined use case?

A. Handle funding request collaboration through email and log activity on Applications.
B. Collaborate internally and externally through the Funding Request Application Feed.
C. Configure Invite Collaborators for Funding Request Applications.
D. Add a "Requires Collaboration" custom field to the Funding Request object.

Question # 9

A government agency does not have a universal requirement for storing a grantee's dataafter a grant has been fully disbursed and closed. Some grantees may ask to have theirdata maintained if involved in legal proceedings.How can a government agency best comply with the grantee's request for historical datastorage while at the same time adhering to the request not to use/process the historicaldata?

A. Export the grantee's data to retain it.
B. Keep the data in Salesforce and make it invisible to the users and system to restrict theprocessing of the data.
C. Assign the data to a specific public group and make those records inactive
D. Export the grantee's data to retain it. Then, delete their data from Salesforce.

Question # 10

The Department of Disaster Assistance would like to use eSignature capabilities to sendthe agreements/contracts to its customers.Which eSignature providers are readily available without much coding/configuration usingPublic Sector Solutions toolkit? (Choose Two)

A. eSlgnLlve
B. Adobe Sign
C. DocuSign
D. Conga

Question # 11

A Public Sector Organization (PSO) is currently managing an ongoing emergency byutilizing Emergency Response Management. The PSO would like to .. further insights anduse their data in Salesforce to help them analyze their data and understand where theyneed to increase their focus.What are two preconfigured Dashboards available in the Emergency ResponseManagement package that the Technical Consultant can recommend to the PSO for rapidrollout?

A. Global Emergency View
B. Visits
C. Emergency Hotspots
D. Emergency Requests Overview

Question # 12

The employee object has to be linked to the person account to use the Public Sector datamodel with the Employee data model.How should the employee object be linked with other objects?

A. PersonAccount -> Individual <- Employee.
B. PersonAccount->User->Employee
C. User -> Individual <- Custom employee object
D. Contact -> Individual <- Employee

Question # 13

A Public Sector Organization (PSO) is responding to an emergency and wants to provide away for constituents and businesses to access resources and submit requests forservicesand programs. The PSO wants to leverage Public Sector Solutions (PSS)components, where possible, and offer a digital experience to end users.What three prerequisite items should the Technical Consultant advise the PSO to configureso that PSS components can be used?

A. Install the ERM for PSS Managed Package
B. Enable Person Account
C. Enable Email-to-Case
D. Enable Web-to-Case
E. Install the ERM for PSS Unmanaged Package