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Salesforce Public-Sector-Solutions Exam Overview:

Aspect Details
Exam Cost $200 USD
Total Time 105 minutes
Available Languages English, Japanese
Passing Marks 65%
Exam Code CRT-450
Exam Format Multiple Choice
Prerequisites None
Retake Policy You must wait 15 days after each failed attempt before retaking the exam. Subsequent attempts may have a higher exam fee.

Salesforce Public Sector Solutions Accredited Professional Exam Topics Breakdown

Content Area Percentage Description
Public Sector Landscape 15 Understanding of public sector challenges and trends
Government Processes 25 Knowledge of government-specific processes and systems
Salesforce Solutions 40 Proficiency in Salesforce solutions for public sector
Compliance and Security 20 Understanding of compliance and security requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce Public-Sector-Solutions Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

A government agency is currently using Business Rules Engine (BRE). Part of the currentPrioritization matrix includes household income and household size. To correctly calculatethe Households Area Median Income(AMI) pool, the Expression Set needs to calculate the AMI and then evaluate thepercentage against a predefined Federal Income Limit table to determine the prioritizationpool.To accomplish this, the BRE designer should include how many decision matrices?

A. 1; Only to contain the prioritization pools.
B. 3; One to contain the percentages in each prioritization pool, a second to contain the household data, and the third to contain the Federal Income limits to evaluate.
C. 2; One to contain the percentages in each prioritization pool and the second to contain the Federal Income limits to evaluate.
D. 1; Only one to contain the prioritization pools with the Federal Income Limits.

Question # 2

Bobahaven has implemented the Licenses, permits, and inspections modules of SalesforcePublic Sector Solutions to enable their permit application and approval processes.Permits received over 12 month require additional manage sign-off before approval. Forregulatory compliance, the application’s history and approval must be auditable.What will technical consultant suggest to Bobahaven is the solution for this requirement?

A. Implement an approval escalation rule that escalates applications to the user’s manager when the application duration is longer than 12 months.
B. Implement an approval process that routes an approval request to the user’s manager when the application duration is longer than 12 months.
C. Implement business Rules Engine to identify application .. 12 months and train staff to use Chatter to request approval from their manager.
D. Implement a Flow to identify applications over 12 months and assign ownership of theapplication to the user’s manager for approval.

Question # 3

A public sector organization (PSO) is implementing Public Sector Solutions. As part of thisimplementation, the PSO is deploying a new site to provide constituents with informationabout the service they provide. Constituents will be able to register and log into this newsite to access some features as well. ThePSO needs to ensure that constituents are unable to see each other by default for all sitesthat they configure.What can the Technical Consultant configure to meet this requirement for the PSO?

A. Disable the user sharing in the site administration settings page
B. Uncheck the 'Site User Visibility' checkbox in the sharing settings page
C. Set the Organization Wide Default for the User Object to "Public Read Only"
D. Remove access to the user object from the Permission Set assigned to the external users

Question # 4

Bobahaven has implemented the Licenses, Permits, and Inspections modules ofSalesforce Public SectorSolutions to enable their permit application and approval processes. Bobahaven's contactcentermanagement team has noticed an increase in complaints to the contact center regardinglengthy applicationresponse times.Bobahaven has asked for guidance on identifying applications that are taking longer thanthe publishedService Level Agreement (SLA) for approval times and proactively resolving these toimprove the constituent experience.What should a technical consultant recommend to Bobahaven to solve this problem?

A. Implement Entitlements and Milestones for Applications, including internal notificationsand escalations after the application has breached the agreed SLA.
B. Implement Entitlements and Milestones for Applications, including internal notificationsand escalations when the application is about to breach the agreed SLA.
C. Implement Cases with Entitlements and Milestones, including internal notifications andescalations when the application is about to breach the agreed SLA.
D. Implement Cases with Entitlements and Milestones, including internal notifications andescalations after the “application has breached the agreed SLA.

Question # 5

A Public Sector Organization (PSO has installed Grants Management and wouldlike to ensure that users cannot self-register on the Experience Cloud site, as thePSO would like to register users for now manually.What configuration should the Technical Consultant perform to meet thisrequirement?

A. Enable self-registration in the Digital Experiences setup menu
B. Update the appropriate contact page layouts and add the 'Register User' action
C. Update the appropriate contact page layouts and add the 'Enable Customer User' action
D. Enable manual registration in the Digital Experiences setup menu

Question # 6

A government agency plans to implement Public Sector Solutions to manage their grantprograms. The agency has decided to use its existing public-facing portal that residesoutside the Salesforce platform. The agency needs to allow constituents to submit theirgrantapplications from their existing portal and integrate submitted application data into theappropriate Public Sector Solutions objects in Salesforce.What OmniStudio feature can be leveraged to meet this requirement?

A. OmniOut
B. FlexCards
C. DataRaptor
D. Integration Procedure

Question # 7

An agency plans to roll out Public Sector Solutions for implementing Licensing and Inspections. As part of the rollout strategy, one of the features they need to enable is Person Accounts.Which statement is true regarding Person Accounts?

A. After Person Accounts is enabled in an org, it can be disabled again.
B. Person Accounts bring together fields from Opportunity and Contact.
C. Record Types are not supported for Person Accounts.
D. The Person Account model uses the standard Account object to hold the details about a person.

Question # 8

What are the two key document types that a consultant…. Implementation?

A. User Stories
B. Functional requirements specification (FRS)
C. Marketing plan
D. Budget plan

Question # 9

A government agency just implemented Salesforce Emergency Response Management (ERM). However, the internal users are unable to see any Emergency Response related functionalities.What is the root cause for the access issue? Choose?

A. The internal users’ role hierarchy has been set incorrectly
B. The internal users are missing the Emergency Response Management permission set
C. The internal users are missing the Emergency Management Response permission set license.
D. The Organization Wide Defaults for ERM objects were set to Public

Question # 10

A government agency would like to ensure that the calculation for ……. Correctly; the System Administrator needs to ensure that the … Where in the Expression Sets can the Administrator set the data …

A. Entry Criteria for Process builder
B. Under Add Resource in Expression Sets
C. Under the Decision Table
D. Under OmniScripts and while setting options

Question # 11

A public sector agency recently implemented Public Sector Solutions for Licenses, Permits,and Inspections. The agency now wants to enable analytics to gather key metrics on thenumber of licenses issued, the number of permits revoked, and the number of inspectionsmade per month. The agency has enabled analytics by turning on the "Enable CRMAnalytics" setting. The agency wants to set up administrator users who will create andmanage the Analytics for Licenses, Permits, and Inspections app.What two permission sets are required to set up the administrator users for analytics

A. CRMA for Public Sector Admin
B. CRM Analytics Admin
C. CRM Analytics LPI Admin
D. CRM Analytics Plus Admin

Question # 12

Bobahaven has been using Salesforce Service Cloud for some time and has recentlyimplemented Public Sector Solutions to improve its application and grants managementprocesses. The executive team wants to understand the trends and metrics aroundBobahaven's constituent satisfaction with the new system. It is particularly interested inunderstanding the average time Bobahaven's employees take to resolve constituentservicequeries now versus their historical performance. Up until now, however, Bobahavenhas not been tracking case duration.In this scenario, which is the correct reporting and analytics solution to provide ongoingtrend reporting of case duration while also minimizing customization?

A. Standard Salesforce Report using the standard Case report type, with a newly createdcustom field to track case duration for new cases.
B. Public Sector Case Analytics App, leveraging CRM Analytics' case duration formula
C. Standard Salesforce Report using the standard Case report type, with a custom formula to calculate case duration.
D. Public Sector Case Analytics App, with a newly created custom field to track case duration for new cases.

Question # 13

A public sector agency recently implemented public Sector solutions for the ….in the cite. Anew inspector has been onboarded to conduct the inspections…. Feature. All otherinspectors can access Action Plans without any problems.

A. The ‘Enable Notes’ permission has not been selected for the new inspector.
B. Person Account Models have not been enabled on the org.
C. The Salesforce use for the new inspector is disabled.
D. Action Plans Permission set has not been assigned to the new inspector.

Question # 14

When configuring an inspection, the administrator wants a violation record to beautomatically generated when an inspector indicates that a standard requirementfailed or an issue was identified.What is the recommended approach for configuring the inspection to achieve thisrequirement?

A. Create a new violation type record and associate it with an appropriate Assessment Indicator Definition. Select the "Auto-generate" checkbox so it will generate a V record whenever the AID fails.
B. In the "Results" picklist field of the Inspection Assessment Indicator Object, edit the "Fail" and "issue" picklist values and select the "Violations" checkbox for the values to generate a V record when selected.
C. Build an auto-launched Flow that will get all the assessment questions in an inspection. For each question that has a result marked as "Issue" or "Fail", generate a V record.
D. In the AP Template, xxxxx

Question # 15

A Consultant has been asked to create a widget that aggregates and calculates informationfrom multiple unrelated objects.Working with OmniStudio, which tool can accomplish this declaratively?

A. Integration Procedures
B. MuleSoft Integration
C. SOQL Queries
D. Apex Classes

Question # 16

Which Experience Cloud template contains pre-configured components for Licensing and Permitting use cases?

A. Public Sector Solution Template
B. There is no pre-configured template
C. The customer Account Portal template.
D. The licenses and Permits template

Question # 17

A public sector agency has implemented Public Sector Solutions for managing their Grantsprogram. The agency authorities have received a complaint from an applicant whoseeligibility was declined for theprogram. How should the agency authorities check how the eligibility was determined for thisapplication record?

A. Use Salesforce debug logs using Developer Console to understand how the eligibility isbeing determined
B. Use Decision Explainer to understand how the decision was made
C. Do testing with relevant data sets and check how each test behaves
D. Use Public Sector Solutions - Selection Explainer to understand how the selection wasmade

Question # 18

A government-supported agency that helps constituents track the status of their claims isusing Public Sector Solutions. For claim assessors to review and process claims, it iscrucial to see the applications' Decision Explanation Logs.Which component can be added to see the history of Decision Explanations for a claim?

A. Decision Explainer Log History
B. Log History
C. Audit Log
D. Record History

Question # 19

A Public Sector Organization (PSO) would like to enhance its publicly available website,built in Experience Cloud, to allow constituents to report their concerns about someone'shealth or safety. The PSO is already using Public Sector Solutions. The requirement fromthe PSO is that the constituent should be able to report their concerns both asauthenticated users andanonymously. Additionally, internal staff should be able toseparately track their investigations and any follow-up in a separate Case.Leveraging Public Sector Solutions functionality, what configuration should the TechnicalConsultant use to meet the requirements?

A. Use the Complaint Case and Case objects.
B. Use record types on Case, one for the constituents and one for internal staff
C. Use the Public Complaint and Case objects.
D. Use a custom object for the Complaint with a lookup relationship to Case.

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