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Salesforce Customer-Data-Platform Exam Overview:

Aspect Details
Exam Aspect Details
Exam Cost $200 USD
Total Time 105 minutes
Available Languages English
Passing Marks 65%
Exam Type Multiple Choice
Retake Policy After 15 days
Exam Registration Through Webassessor
Study Materials Trailhead, Documentation

Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP) Exam Topics Breakdown

Domain Percentage Description
Data Management 25% Data modeling, data integration, data governance
Analytics 20% Reporting, dashboards, analytics, data visualization
Personalization 15% Personalization strategies, customer journey mapping
Security & Privacy 15% Data security, compliance, privacy regulations
Implementation 10% Platform implementation, customization, configuration
Maintenance 10% Performance monitoring, data maintenance, troubleshooting

Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce Customer-Data-Platform Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

A Telecom company’s customer has requested their personal data be deleted Customerdata in -------following actions should be performed to submit a data deletion requestinCDP?(Choose 1)

A. Useconsent API to request restriction of processing
B. Update consent flag in the Marketing Cloud Engagement datastream to submit -----
C. Update preferences and Consent in all Activation channels
D. Use Ingestion API to submitrestriction of processing

Question # 2

Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform creates a setup automations--------support datatransfer between the two products by default----Bundle

A. All Business Units in the Marketing Cloud Account with Email Activity
B. All Business Units in the Marketing Cloud Account
C. All Business Units in the Marketing Cloud Account for which connected CDP
D. Top level (Enterprise) Business Unit in the Marketing Cloud Account

Question # 3

Which formula function should a DataSpecialist use to create composite key if the primarykey is notavailable in the data stream?


Question # 4

Whatcan cause a published schedule to be skipped?

A. Segment criteria is not correct
B. Activation schedule is paused
C. Segment has 0 records
D. Too many schedules at same time

Question # 5

When setting up the data source object or schema for data ingestion what are the threeoptions availablein CDP?

A. Other Data
B. Engagement Data
C. Order Data
D. Profile Data
E. Event Data

Question # 6

What is a key driver of value for Salesforce CDP?

A. The ability to enable integrations via api’sbetween different systems within anorganization
B. The ability to sell customer data
C. The ability to merge customerinformation from various systems to create a single view ofthe customer
D. The ability to enable seamless customer transactions

Question # 7

Aretail customer wants to bring customer data from different source and wants to takeadvantages of identity resolution so that it can be used in segmentation which objectshould be used for activation member?

A. Subscriber
B. Unified Individual
C. Contact
D. Individual

Question # 8

Salesforce CDP supports these content file formats?

A. .txt
B. .csv
C. .tsv
D. .json

Question # 9

What is a Customer Data Platform?

A. A platform where end users can see datacollected about themselves
B. A platform to buy and sell advertising data
C. A social media platform
D. A platform that collects and stores data aboutcustomers

Question # 10

What is the primary object for an Organization, Individual, Affiliation Group, Member intheCloudInformation Model?

A. Membership
B. Party
C. Global Account
D. Individual

Question # 11

How does Identity Resolutionselect attributes for Unified individuals when there is ---attribute----(Choose 1)

A. Leverage Match Rules
B. Leverage ReconciliationRules
C. Create additional Rule Sets
D. Create additional Contact Points

Question # 12

Which two options are available when configuring a segment publish schedule?

A. Manual refresh
B. Don’t refresh
C. Hourly
D. 24 hours

Question # 13

How can a marketer change attribute names to matchpersonalization in anactivationtarget?

A. Set preferred attribute names when configuring activation
B. Update attribute names in the data stream configuration
C. Set preferred attribute names when configuring activation target
D. Update field names in thedata model

Question # 14

What are the two distinct phases of data management in CDP?

A. Data Ingestion
B. Data Actions
C. Data Modeling
D. Data Activation

Question # 15

What is the process of merging, cleaning and deduplicating data to a single ID mappedback to a person?

A. Data Visualization
B. Data Unification
C. Data Cleansing
D. Data Mining

Question # 16

What must CDP admin user do first when settingup users in CDP?

A. Creates profile for each CDP user role
B. Assign permission sets
C. Configure Data Source
D. Set up each use as admin

Question # 17

What are the two steps of data setup process in Salesforce CDP?

A. Mapingested data to existing ingested data objects
B. Map ingested data to the Data Model
C. Establish a connection with the source data via Rest API
D. Preserve data with ingestion to data lake

Question # 18

Whichfunction does the Copy SOQL button perform in Data Explorer?

A. Copy SOQL for any formula fields in that object
B. Copy SOQL forthe current data view to clipboard and export
C. Copy SOQL for data export from Salesforce CDP
D. Copy SOQL for the current data view to clipboard

Question # 19

Which two features are impacted by the Time zone setting inCDP instance?[Corrected]

A. Ingestion Schedule
B. Activation Schedule
C. Identity Resolution publish schedule
D. Segmentation schedule

Question # 20

What is the maximum limit of the numberof records for Full Refresh Extract Method?

A. 10 million
B. 40 million
C. 50 million
D. No hard limit

Question # 21

What feature is usedin Segmentation to create relationships between the Relatedattributes?(Choose one)

A. Containers
B. Database Expression Operators
C. Attribute Library
D. Streaming Insights

Question # 22

What are two benefits Customer Data Platform provides a company in relationto managingcustomer data?

A. Data Stewardship
B. Unifying data silos
C. Single source of truth
D. Data Cleansing

Question # 23

Which data model defines thecomplete set of experiences that customers go through wheninteracting with a company?

A. Party Data Model
B. Journey Data Model
C. Engagement Data Model
D. Case Data Model

Question # 24

Which field intherecommended source schema is not editable?

A. Field Label
B. Field API Name
C. Header Label
D. Data Type

Question # 25

When setting up a data stream, which field in the recommended source schema is not editable?

A. Standard Big Objects
B. Standard Objects
C. Custom Big Objects
D. Classic Encrypted Fields
E. Custom Objects

Question # 26

When setting up a data stream, which field in the recommended source schema is noteditable?

A. Data Type
B. Header Label
C. Field Label
D. Field API Name

Question # 27

What is the Subject Area for any Organization, Individual, or Member in the CloudInformation Model?

A. Membership
B. Global Account
C. Individual
D. Party

Question # 28

Which of the following statements about CDP’s Web and Mobile Appconnector are True?

A. Tenant Specific Endpoint is auto-generated in CDP when setting up a Mobile or Web apconnectors
B. Mobile and Web SDK schema can be updated to delete an existing field
C. CDP admins can seethe status of Web or Mobile connector app on the app details page
D. Any Data Streams associated with Web or Mobile connector app will be automaticallyowned -----

Question # 29

Which two dependences can prevent a Data Streamfor being deleted?

A. A data stream attribute is used in Segmentation
B. A data stream attribute is used in Calculated Insight
C. A data stream attribute is mapped to a Data Modelobject
D. A data stream attribute is used in Activation

Question # 30

Where is value suggestion for attributes in segmentation enabled?

A. Data Stream Setup
B. Data Modeling
C. Data Mapping
D. Segment Setup

Question # 31

Which of the followingcannotbe usedin Segmentation? (Choose 2)

A. Numeric Measures
B. Text Measures
C. Aggregate Functions
D. Date Time Measures

Question # 32

Salesforce CDP create automations in Marketing Cloud Automation Studio to support dataingestion. Under which Business Unit(s) will theseautomations be created?

A. All Business Unit (Bus) in the Account including Top-level (ENT) business unit
B. All Business Units (Bus) in the account used for sending
C. All selected business unit (Bus) during mapping
D. Top-level (ENT) business unit only

Question # 33

Which two permission sets will allow users to access Salesforce CDP Data Explorer?

A. Salesforce CDP admin
B. Salesforce CDP Marketing Manager
C. Salesforce CDP Marketing Specialist
D. Salesforce CDP Data Aware Specialist

Question # 34

What happens if no filename is specified in AWS S3 data stream during ingestion?

A. The system does not fetch any file and the data stream shows an error.
B. The system chooses the first file foundin the S3 bucket
C. The ingestion setup can’t be completed without specifying thefilename.
D. The ingestion setup is completed but the data stream shows 0 records

Question # 35

Which two features can be used to validate the data in the unified profile object?[Answerneed confirmation]

A. Query API
B. Data Explorer
C. Segmentation
D. Identity Reconciliation

Question # 36

What are the three available data related APIs in CDP?

A. Transactional API
B. Profile API
C. Unified Profile API
D. Data Query API
E. Calculated Insights API

Question # 37

Which API would you use to surfaceadditional information from the CDP into ServiceCloud?

A. Query API
B. Unified Profile API
C. Calculated Insights API
D. Profile API

Question # 38

Which feature determines theattribute value inthe file when activating on the UnifiedIndividual?

A. Einstein Activation
B. Reconciliation Rules
C. Data Stream Sequence
D. Random Selection

Question # 39

Which are the following actions can be applied to a previously created segment? (Choose3)

A. Deactivate
B. Copy
C. Reactivate
D. Delete
E. Export

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