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Salesforce Certified-Strategy-Designer Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

A fitness company is starting a service that combines data from connected weights withvirtual coaching. The company is about to start a new innovation sprint with the followingchallenge statement: "How might we empower people who are new to fitness to increasetheir strength?"Which metrics should be used to measure the success of the initiative7

A. New user activations and connected weight sales
B. Increase in user referrals and net promoter score (NPS) rating
C. Increase in new user activity and connected weight utilization

Question # 2

A job listing company has launched a campaign around the adoption of its social app forprofessional networking.What should the team measure to gain the most trustworthy perspective and discourageartificiallyincreasing (or "hacking") the company success metrics?

A. Number of times a user opens the app per day
B. New account activations
C. New connections made between users

Question # 3

A job listing company has launched a campaign around the adoption of its social app forprofessional networking.What should the team measure to gain the most trustworthy perspective and discourageartificiallyincreasing (or "hacking") the company success metrics?

A. Number of times a user opens the app per day
B. New account activations
C. New connections made between users

Question # 4

project team at Cloud Kicks framed this design challenge: "How might we help ourcustomers amidst supply chain interruptions?What information is missing that belongs in all well-written challenge statements?

A. The persona being designed for
B. The desired outcome
C. The hypothesis for the solution

Question # 5

A car company gathers insights from recent buyers that reveal people are not sure whetherbuying electric vehicles helps the environment. A strategy designer from the car companydeveloped this challenge statement: "How might we make electric car buyers feel confidentthey are having a positive impact on the environment by choosing our vehicles?"Which business goal is aligned with this challenge statement?

A. Increase positive environmental impact brand awareness
B. Increase online engagement with the company marketing site
C. Increase overall electric vehicle sales by 20% annually

Question # 6

A strategy designer at Cloud Kicks is working on a strategic vision for a new movementtracking app that integrates with their footwear.Which approach should validate the market for this concept?

A. Gather an team to ideas and craft that stretch the 's current
B. Recruit target users to test price points at which they would be willing to purchase theapp.
C. Meat with developers to estimate the effort required to deliver the proposed experience.

Question # 7

A strategy designer is seeing signals of success with a new product that is driving brandloyalty and decreasing consumers' environmental impact. How should a business case bebuilt forcontinuing sustainable innovation through a view of a full product lifecycle?

A. Purchase carbon offsets for energy used in manufacturing.
B. Source cheaper, locally-grown raw materials.
C. Extend customer journey maps to pre and post purchase.

Question # 8

The brand team has spotted some customers sharing their personalized Cloud Kicksfootwear on social networks. The strategy designer wants toinvite these customers to a co-creation workshop for a new loyalty program beingdeveloped.What is a direct outcome of co-creating with customers?

A. Increased sales of custom footwear
B. Increased adoption of the loyalty program
C. Increased speed of the design process

Question # 9

A strategy designer is facilitating a critique on a concept for their company’s new loyaltyprogram, and they're getting a lot of subjective feedbackrepresenting personal opinions.What is the most common reason for this, assuming good intent from all participants?

A. The critique does not have the night participants in the room; there are too manydominant personalities.
B. The non-designers do not have the skills needed to give effective critique on designwork.
C. The designer has not properly defined the guidelines for the critique session.

Question # 10

A strategy designer is facilitating a cross-functional critique on a concept for theircompany’s new loyalty program.What should the designer do to ensure all voices are heard, regardless of position?

A. Only collect written feedback from these who are comfortable providing it.
B. Hold separate critiques so everyone feels comfortable speaking.
C. Use a round-robin format, where everyone can share equally.

Question # 11

Cloud Kicks is excited about a new customer self-service initiative, Within the stakeholderteam, a support manager has shared features they want to recreate from their previous; aproduct manager wants to implement new features that were not available in their previoussystem. There is a concern that conflicting demands may lead to organizational paralysison the project.What should the strategy designer recommend to stakeholders to remediate risks?

A. Mop features between the two systems and let stakeholders prioritize,
B. Revisit customer research to inform internal prioritization.
C. Advise executive leadership to make the decision about priorities.

Question # 12

A tech company that specializes in mobile app development is looking to innovate and launch a new app that helps users manage their mental health. The company’s targetaudience is young adults aged 18-35.What externa! factor might impact the strategy for this development?

A. HIPAA regulations
B. Customer adoption
C. Push notifications

Question # 13

Cloud Kicks (CK) works with various technology platforms built up over decades ofacquisitions. Each platform has a different level of design maturity, which creates a veryinconsistent user experience. To prioritize what to address first, CK needs to assess thebusiness impact.Which method is typically used to Quantify design debt?

A. User interviews
B. Heuristic analysis

Question # 14

A design team is working on the challenge: “How might we provide tools to enablecustomers to resolve service issues by themselves rather than escalating to humanrepresentatives?"Which bot metrics should the strategy designer suggest to assess the impact of their work?

A. Customer satisfaction rate
B. Total conversations
C. Human takeover rate

Question # 15

Cloud Kicks has released a wearable device for athletes but struggles to find productmarket fit. The design team begins an initiative to better understand user needs andimprove the device.What should the strategy designer do to engage with internal stakeholders invested in theproject?

A. Assign specific tasks to each stakeholder so they each add something important to theproject,
B. Survey stakeholders for insights and ideas, as their diverse perspectives are likely touncover unmet needs.
C. Align stakeholders on what success for the looks like and throughout the project,

Question # 16

During the ideation stage, a Cloud Kicks team developed a low fidelity prototype to help the company hone its strategy.Which question should the strategy designer focus on next to ensure success?

A. Whet ere the team's technical capabilities to deliver on the solution?
B. What are the assumptions about market conditions that would have to be true?
C. What user experience success metrics should be included in the product?

Question # 17

Cloud Kicks (CK) is creating a loyalty program to deepen the engagement of its customers.CK has arrived at a concept that meets its brief, but the developer remains skeptical.Which approach should the strategy designer take to get the developer's support?

A. Persuade the developer's boss and product manager to lend their support to the project,and the developer will likely come around.
B. Invite the developer to do their own research and come up with alternate potentialsolutions that meet the brief.
C. Create a persuasive story about the concept focusing on what the developer caresabout and using their language.

Question # 18

A strategy designer at Cloud Kicks discovered a complex UX problem with its onlineshopping platform and now needs to effectively describe the problem in the customercontext. This description should speak to the urgency of the problem, be a call-to-action forothers to be involved, and inspirehope for change.Which type of statement should the designer make?

A. Needs
B. Challenge
C. Mission

Question # 19

At a 15-person stakeholder workshop, the Cloud Kicks’ design team shared three strategicopportunities and discussed the insights that led to them. They were well-received, and theleaders looked pleased. The design team then led a brainstorm on each opportunity.What is the reason the strategy designer should recommend dot voting at this point?

A. Dot voting is the fastest way to prioritize and make decisions.
B. Dot voting focuses conversation on a few ideas with the most importance to the group,
C. Dot voting lets everyone know what the leaders believe to be the right answers.

Question # 20

A financial technology company develops an app for wealth management firms andreceives initial success upon launch.Which metric should be used to measure the longevity of the product and long-term growthpotential?

A. Annual app downloads
B. Customer retention rate
C. App sales over time

Question # 21

A project team at Cloud Kicks is under pressure to solve customer supply chain issuesacross multiple locations. The strategy designer proposes they do some analogousresearch.What should the team look to study?

A. An organization outside of their industry that has solved unique but similar problems
B. A creative setting outside of their office that provides more inspiration and activity
C. complex system that their customers have experienced navigating successfully.

Question # 22

Cloud Kicks is launching a new online store and wants to ensure the team follows anethical decision-making process and that the deliveredproduct does not accrue ethical debt.Which methodology should be suggested?

A. Human-Centered Design
B. Jobs to be Done Framework
C. Consequence Scanning Workshop

Question # 23

Cloud Kicks wants to create a loyalty program to deepen the engagement of its customers. When evaluating ideas for this program, which criteria should strategy designers use?

A. Desirability, viability, and feasibility
B. Novelty, privacy, and
C. Competitive advantage, impact, and own ability

Question # 24

The strategy designer is creating a new loyalty program for Cloud Kicks and wants to mapthe key people who may influence or be impacted by the program.Which mapping process should the designer use to achieve this goal?

A. Journey Mapping
B. Service Mapping
C. Ecosystem Mapping

Question # 25

A strategy designer is planning a remote workshop with a team from their partner companyusing a new digital collaboration tool. Many employees at the partner company have muchless experience with technology.Which activity should ensure the workshop is accessible to all participants?

A. Conduct an in-person session with the partner company; collaboration is best whendone face-to-face.
B. Ask a friend to test the tools first and give feedbeck on how user-friendly the activitiesare.
C. Allow access to the tool ahead of time and make sure participants are familiar beforegetting started.

Question # 26

After a series of interviews with key stakeholders, a strategy designer realizes the companyis duplicating efforts across internal teams, each creating similar programs for customerengagement.Which approach should the designer propose to create alignment?

A. Design sprint
B. Journey mapping workshop
C. Service blueprint workshop

Question # 27

Cloud Kicks' product team is focused on a new business casual clothing line that they thinkwill account for over half of the company's revenue in the future.Which trend should influence desirability the most?

A. Digital product passports' to help prevent counterfeiting
B. Supply chain issues that delay product availability
C. Hybrid work emphasizing the need for color and comfort

Question # 28

Cloud Kicks’ strategy designer is writing a challenge statement to inspire team ideation.What should they avoid in the challenge statement?

A. Focusing on the root cause of current issues
B. implying solutions to the challenge
C. Basing the statement on a problem identified in research

Question # 29

A strategy designer is pitching a vision presentation to their customer's lead to get finalapproval for a new project. The lead is not comfortable or familiar with design thinking and has been distrustful of the process so far. Investing in this new initiative will put theirreputation on the line.Which strategy should the designer employ to communicate the vision?

A. Ask each team member to present a few slides to signal the presentation is the result ofmany people's ideas and consensus.
B. Ask the customer to participate in the presentation pitch the vision to their lead to signalbuy-i and shared ownership of the project work.
C. Ask a master presenter to stand in on the project and deliver the vision; they know howto sway any hesitant executive

Question # 30

Cloud Kicks has a complex manufacturing process that allows several factories tocontribute to the production of a custom footwear order. Thedesign team is asked to make a new, more efficient process to reduce the time betweenorder placement and delivery to customers.Which approach should the team use?

A. Business process modeling
B. Jobs to Be Done framework
C. Customer journey mapping

Question # 31

Cloud Kicks wants to improve its business model to be closer to its customers and providequantifiable improvements to business efficiency.Which framework should be used to drive the success of the new business model?

A. Usable, Feasible, Cost-Effective
B. Feasible, Viable, Impactful
C. Desirable, Feasible, Viable