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Frequently Asked Questions

Splunk SPLK-1003 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

What options are available when creating custom roles? (select all that apply) 

A. Restrict search terms
B. Whitelist search terms
C. Limit the number of concurrent search jobs
D. Allow or restrict indexes that can be searched.

Question # 2

Which Splunk component does a search head primarily communicate with? 

A. Indexer
B. Forwarder
C. Cluster master
D. Deployment server

Question # 3

How do you remove missing forwarders from the Monitoring Console? 

A. By restarting Splunk.
B. By rescanning active forwarders.
C. By reloading the deployment server. 
D. By rebuilding the forwarder asset table.

Question # 4

How often does Splunk recheck the LDAP server? 

A. Every 5 minutes
B. Each time a user logs in
C. Each time Splunk is restarted
D. Varies based on LDAP_refresh setting.

Question # 5

For single line event sourcetypes. it is most efficient to set SHOULD_linemerge to what value? 

A. True
B. False
C. <regex string>
D. Newline Character

Question # 6

Which of the following are methods for adding inputs in Splunk? (select all that apply) 

B. Splunk Web
C. Editing inputs. conf
D. Editing monitor. conf

Question # 7

When running the command shown below, what is the default path in which deployment server. conf is created? splunk set deploy-poll deployServer:port

A. SFLUNK_HOME/etc/deployment
B. SPLUNK_HOME/etc/system/local
C. SPLUNK_HOME/etc/system/default
D. SPLUNK_KOME/etc/apps/deployment

Question # 8

Local user accounts created in Splunk store passwords in which file? 

A. $ SFLUNK_KOME/etc/passwd
B. $ SFLUNK_KCME/etc/authentication
C. $ S?LUNK_HCME/etc/users/passwd.conf
D. $ SPLUNK HCME/etc/users/authentication.conf

Question # 9

When configuring monitor inputs with whitelists or blacklists, what is the supported method of filtering the lists?

A. Slash notation
B. Regular expression
C. Irregular expression
D. Wildcard-only expression

Question # 10

Which Splunk component performs indexing and responds to search requests from the search head? 

A. Forwarder
B. Search peer
C. License master
D. Search head cluster

Question # 11

Which of the following indexes come pre-configured with Splunk Enterprise? (select all that apply) 

A. _license
B. _lnternal
C. _external 
D. _thefishbucket

Question # 12

Which option accurately describes the purpose of the HTTP Event Collector (HEC)? 

A. A token-based HTTP input that is secure and scalable and that requires the use of forwarders
B. A token-based HTTP input that is secure and scalable and that does not require the use of forwarders.
C. An agent-based HTTP input that is secure and scalable and that does not require the use of forwarders.
D. A token-based HTTP input that is insecure and non-scalable and that does not require the use of forwarders.

Question # 13

User role inheritance allows what to be inherited from the parent role? (select all that apply) 

A. Parents
B. Capabilities
C. Index access
D. Search history

Question # 14

How does the Monitoring Console monitor forwarders? 

A. By pulling internal logs from forwarders.
B. By using the forwarder monitoring add-on
C. With internal logs forwarded by forwarders.
D. With internal logs forwarded by deployment server.

Question # 15

What is the difference between the two wildcards ... and - for the monitor stanza in inputs, conf?

A. ... is not supported in monitor stanzas
B. There is no difference, they are interchangable and match anything beyond directory boundaries.
C. * matches anything in that specific directory path segment, whereas ... recurses through subdirectories as well.
D. ... matches anything in that specific directory path segment, whereas - recurses through subdirectories as well.

Question # 16

Which layers are involved in Splunk configuration file layering? (select all that apply) 

A. App context
B. User context
C. Global context
D. Forwarder context

Question # 17

What are the required stanza attributes when configuring the transforms. conf to manipulate or remove events? 


Question # 18

Which Splunk indexer operating system platform is supported when sending logs from a Windows universal forwarder?

A. Any OS platform
B. Linux platform only
C. Windows platform only.
D. None of the above.

Question # 19

Which Splunk component distributes apps and certain other configuration updates to search head cluster members?

A. Deployer
B. Cluster master
C. Deployment server
D. Search head cluster master

Question # 20

Which Splunk component consolidates the individual results and prepares reports in a distributed environment?

A. Indexers
B. Forwarder
C. Search head
D. Search peers

Question # 21

In this source definition the MAX_TIMESTAMP_LOOKHEAD is missing. Which value would fit best?  Event example:


Question # 22

To set up a Network input in Splunk, what needs to be specified'? 

A. File path.
B. Username and password
C. Network protocol and port number.
D. Network protocol and MAC address.

Question # 23

Which optional configuration setting in inputs .conf allows you to selectively forward the data to specific indexer(s)?


Question # 24

When deploying apps, which attribute in the forwarder management interface determines the apps that clients install?

A. App Class
B. Client Class
C. Server Class
D. Forwarder Class

Question # 25

In which phase of the index time process does the license metering occur? 

A. input phase
B. Parsing phase
C. Indexing phase
D. Licensing phase

Question # 26

You update a props. conf file while Splunk is running. You do not restart Splunk and you run this command: splunk btoo1 props list —debug. What will the output be?

A. list of all the configurations on-disk that Splunk contains.
B. A verbose list of all configurations as they were when splunkd started.
C. A list of props. conf configurations as they are on-disk along with a file path from which the configuration is located
D. A list of the current running props, conf configurations along with a file path from which the configuration was made

Question # 27

This file has been manually created on a universal forwarder  A new Splunk admin comes in and connects the universal forwarders to a deployment server and deploys the same app with a new Which file is now monitored? 

A. /var/log/messages
B. /var/log/maillog
C. /var/log/maillog and /var/log/messages
D. none of the above

Question # 28

The priority of layered Splunk configuration files depends on the file's: 

A. Owner
B. Weight
C. Context
D. Creation time

Question # 29

In case of a conflict between a whitelist and a blacklist input setting, which one is used? 

A. Blacklist
B. Whitelist
C. They cancel each other out.
D. Whichever is entered into the configuration first.

Question # 30

Where are license files stored? 

A. $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/secure
B. $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/system
C. $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/licenses
D. $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/licenses

Question # 31

What hardware attribute would need to be changed to increase the number of simultaneous searches (ad-hoc and scheduled) on a single search head?

A. Disk
C. Memory
D. Network interface cards

Question # 32

In which Splunk configuration is the SEDCMD used? 

A. props, conf
B. inputs.conf
C. indexes.conf
D. transforms.conf

Question # 33

Which Splunk forwarder type allows parsing of data before forwarding to an indexer? 

A. Universal forwarder
B. Parsing forwarder
C. Heavy forwarder
D. Advanced forwarder

Question # 34

Which of the following are required when defining an index in indexes. conf? (select all that apply) 

A. coldPath
B. homePath
C. frozenPath
D. thawedPath

Question # 35

Which of the following statements apply to directory inputs? {select all that apply) 

A. All discovered text files are consumed.
B. Compressed files are ignored by default
C. Splunk recursively traverses through the directory structure.
D. When adding new log files to a monitored directory, the forwarder must be restarted to take them into account.

Question # 36

Which valid bucket types are searchable? (select all that apply) 

A. Hot buckets
B. Cold buckets
C. Warm buckets
D. Frozen buckets

Question # 37

Which of the following is valid distribute search group? 

A. option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

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