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Splunk SPLK-1001 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

What user interface component allows for time selection?

A. Time summary
B. Time range picker
C. Search time picker
D. Data source time statistics

Question # 2

Which command will rename action to Customer Action?

A. | rename action = CustomerAction
B. | rename Action as “Customer Action”
C. | rename Action to “Customer Action”
D. | rename action as “Customer Action”

Question # 3

Which of the following is the recommended way to create multiple dashboards displaying data from the same search?

A. Save the search as a report and use it in multiple dashboards as needed
B. Save the search as a dashboard panel for each dashboard that needs the data
C. Save the search as a scheduled alert and use it in multiple dashboards as needed
D. Export the results of the search to an XML file and use the file as the basis of the dashboards

Question # 4

What options do you get after selecting timeline? (Choose four.)

A. Zoom to selection
B. Format Timeline
C. Deselect
D. Delete
E. Zoom Out

Question # 5

Creating Data Models:Object ATTRIBUTES do not define ___________.

A. a base search for the object
B. fields for the object

Question # 6

It is not possible for a single instance of Splunk to manage the input, parsing and indexing of machine.

A. True
B. False

Question # 7

Which statement is true about the top command?

A. It returns the top 10 results
B. It displays the output in table format
C. It returns the count and percent columns per row
D. All of the above

Question # 8

Which of the following is true about user account settings and preferences?

A. Search & Reporting is the only app that can be set as the default application.
B. Full names can only be changed by accounts with a Power User or Admin role.
C. Time zones are automatically updated based on the setting of the computer accessing Splunk.
D. Full name, time zone, and default app can be defined by clicking the login name in the Splunk bar.

Question # 9

Three basic components of Splunk are (Choose three.):

A. Forwarders
B. Deployment Server
C. Indexer
D. Knowledge Objects
E. Index
F. Search Head

Question # 10

Fields are searchable name and value pairings that differentiates one event from another.

A. False
B. True

Question # 11

What is Search Assistant in Splunk?

A. It is only available to Admins.
B. Such feature does not exist in Splunk.
C. Shows options to complete the search string

Question # 12

By default, how long does Splunk retain a search job?

A. 10 Minutes
B. 15 Minutes
C. 1 Day
D. 7 Days

Question # 13

All users by default have WRITE permission to ALL knowledge objects.

A. True
Answer: BFalse

Question # 14

In the Fields sidebar, what does the number directly to the right of the field name indicate?

A. The value of the field
B. The number of values for the field
C. The number of unique values for the field
D. The numeric non-unique values of the field

Question # 15

Which of the following constraints can be used with the top command?

A. limit
B. useperc
C. addtotals
D. fieldcount

Question # 16

Which component of Splunk is primarily responsible for saving data?

A. Search Head
B. Heavy Forwarder
C. Indexer
D. Universal Forwarder

Question # 17

Which of the following can be used as wildcard search in Splunk?

A. =
B. >
C. !
D. *

Question # 18

Parsing of data can happen both in HF and UF.

A. Yes
B. No

Question # 19

What does the stats command do?

A. Automatically correlates related fields
B. Converts field values into numerical values
C. Calculates statistics on data that matches the search criteria
D. Analyzes numerical fields for their ability to predict another discrete field

Question # 20

_______________ transforms raw data into events and distributes the results into an index.

A. Index
B. Search Head
C. Indexer
D. Forwarder

Question # 21

At the time of searching the start time is 03:35:08.Will it look back to 03:00:00 if we use -30m@h in searching?

A. Yes
B. No

Question # 22

What is the correct syntax to count the number of events containing a vendor_action field?

A. count stats vendor_action
B. count stats (vendor_action)
C. stats count (vendor_action)
D. stats vendor_action (count)

Question # 23

What are the three main Splunk components?

A. Search head, GPU, streamer
B. Search head, indexer, forwarder
C. Search head, SQL database, forwarder
D. Search head, SSD, heavy weight agent

Question # 24

Which of the following is a best practice when writing a search string?

A. Include all formatting commands before any search terms
B. Include at least one function as this is a search requirement
C. Include the search terms at the beginning of the search string
D. Avoid using formatting clauses as they add too much overhead

Question # 25

In the fields sidebar, what indicates that a field is numeric?

A. A number to the right of the field name.
B. A # symbol to the left of the field name.
C. A lowercase n to the left of the field name.
D. A lowercase n to the right of the field name.

Question # 26

______________ is the default web port used by Splunk.

A. 8089
B. 8000
C. 8080
D. 443

Question # 27

How are events displayed after a search is executed?

A. In chronological order.
B. Randomly by default.
C. In reverse chronological order.
D. Alphabetically according to field name.

Question # 28

Which command is used to validate a lookup file?

A. | lookup products.csv
B. inputlookup products.csv
C. I inputlookup products.csv
D. | lookup definition products.csv

Question # 29

Clicking a SEGMENT on a chart, ________.

A. drills down for that value
B. highlights the field value across the chart
C. adds the highlighted value to the search criteria

Question # 30

What is the purpose of using a by clause with the stats command?

A. To group the results by one or more fields.
B. To compute numerical statistics on each field.
C. To specify how the values in a list are delimited.
D. To partition the input data based on the split-by fields.

Question # 31

When looking at a dashboard panel that is based on a report, which of the following is true?

A. You can modify the search string in the panel, and you can change and configure the visualization.
B. You can modify the search string in the panel, but you cannot change and configure the visualization.
C. You cannot modify the search string in the panel, but you can change and configure the visualization.
D. You cannot modify the search string in the panel, and you cannot change and configure the visualization.

Question # 32

There are three different search modes in Splunk (Choose three.):

A. Automatic
B. Smart
C. Fast
D. Verbose

Question # 33

What is a quick, comprehensive way to learn what data is present in a Splunk deployment?

A. Review Splunk reports
B. Run ./splunk show
C. Click Data Summary in Splunk Web
D. Search index=* sourcetype=* host=*

Question # 34

Which of the following is the best way to create a report that shows the last 24 hours of events?

A. Use earliest=-1d@d latest=@d
B. Set a real-time search over a 24-hour window
C. Use the time range picket to select “Yesterday”
D. Use the time range picker to select “Last 24 hours”

Question # 35

In monitor option you can select the following options in GUI.

A. Only HTTP Event Collector (HEC) and TCP/UDP
B. None of the above
D. Only Scripts
E. Filed & Directories, HTTP Event Collector (HEC), TCP/UDP and Scripts

Question # 36

Which of the following represents the Splunk recommended naming convention for dashboards?

A. Description_Group_Object
B. Group_Description_Object
C. Group_Object_Description
D. Object_Group_Description

Question # 37

Which Boolean operator is always implied between two search terms, unless otherwise specified?


Question # 38

When sorting on multiple fields with the sort command, what delimiter can be used between the field names in the search?

A. |
B. $
C. !
D. ,

Question # 39

Will the queries following below get the same result?1. index=log sourcetype=error_log status !=1002. index=log sourcetype=error_log NOT status =100

A. Yes
B. No

Question # 40

Keywords are highlighted when you mouse over search results and you can click this search result to (Choose three.):

A. Open new search.
B. Exclude the item from search.
C. None of the above.
D. Add the item to search

Question # 41

When a search returns __________, you can view the results as a list.

A. a list of events
B. transactions
C. statistical values

Question # 42

Where does Licensing meter happen?

A. Indexer
B. Parsing
C. Heavy Forwarder
D. Input

Question # 43

Which of the following searches would return events with failure in index netfw or warn or critical in index netops?

A. (index=netfw failure) AND index=netops warn OR critical
B. (index=netfw failure) OR (index=netops (warn OR critical))
C. (index=netfw failure) AND (index=netops (warn OR critical))
D. (index=netfw failure) OR index=netops OR (warn OR critical)

Question # 44

Log filtering/parsing can be done from _____________.

A. Index Forwarders (IF)
B. Universal Forwarders (UF)
C. Super Forwarder (SF)
D. Heavy Forwarders (HF)

Question # 45

Which search string returns a filed containing the number of matching events and names that field Event Count?

A. index=security failure | stats sum as “Event Count”
B. index=security failure | stats count as “Event Count”
C. index=security failure | stats count by “Event Count”
D. index=security failure | stats dc(count) as “Event Count”

Question # 46

Which of the following is a Splunk internal field?

A. _raw
B. host
C. _host
D. index

Question # 47

This search will return 20 results. SEARCH: error | top host limit = 20

A. True
B. False

Question # 48

Which is the default app for Splunk Enterprise?

A. Splunk Enterprise Security Suite
B. Searching and Reporting
C. Reporting and Searching
D. Splunk apps for Security

Question # 49

How can search results be kept longer than 7 days?

A. By scheduling a report.
B. By creating a link to the job.
C. By changing the job settings.
D. By changing the time range picker to more than 7 days.