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CompTIA XK0-005 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

A systems administrator is investigating why one of the servers has stopped connecting to the internet.

A. The DNS address has been commented out in the configuration file.
 B. The search entry in the /etc/resolv.conf file is incorrect. 
C. Wired connection 1 is offline. 
D. No default route is defined. 

Question # 2

A Linux administrator needs to expand a volume group using a new disk. Which of the following options presents the correct sequence of commands to accomplish the task?

 A. partprobe vgcreate lvextend 
B. lvcreate fdisk partprobe 
C. fdisk partprobe mkfs 
D. fdisk pvcreate vgextend 

Question # 3

A systems administrator made some changes in the ~/.bashrc file and added an alias command. When the administrator tried to use the alias command, it did not work. Which of the following should be executed FIRST? 

A. source ~/.bashrc 
B. read ~/.bashrc 
C. touch ~/.bashrc
 D. echo ~/.bashrc

Question # 4

A Linux administrator booted up the server and was presented with a non-GUI terminal. The administrator ran the command systemctl isolate graphical.target and rebooted the system by running systemctl reboot, which fixed the issue. However, the next day the administrator was presented again with a non-GUI terminal. Which of the following is the issue? 

A. The administrator did not reboot the server properly. 
B. The administrator did not set the default target to basic.target. 
C. The administrator did not set the default target to graphical.target.
 D. The administrator did not shut down the server properly. 

Question # 5

A Linux administrator needs to create a new cloud.cpio archive containing all the files from the current directory. Which of the following commands can help to accomplish this task? 

A. ls | cpio -iv > cloud.epio 
B. ls | cpio -iv < cloud.epio 
C. ls | cpio -ov > cloud.cpio 
D. ls cpio -ov < cloud.cpio 

Question # 6

A Linux administrator is troubleshooting an issue in which an application service failed to start on a Linux server. The administrator runs a few commands and gets the following outputs: 

A. Enable the logsearch.service and restart the service. 
B. Increase the TimeoutStartUSec configuration for the logsearch.sevice. 
C. Update the OnCalendar configuration to schedule the start of the logsearch.service. 
D. Update the KillSignal configuration for the logsearch.service to use TERM. 

Question # 7

A systems administrator received a notification that a system is performing slowly. When running the top command, the systems administrator can see the following values: 

A. vmstat 
B. strace 
C. htop 
D. lsof 

Question # 8

A Linux administrator has togged in to a server for the first time and needs to know which services are allowed through the firewall. Which of the following options will return the results for which the administrator is looking? 

A. firewall-cmd —get-services 
B. firewall-cmd —check-config 
C. firewall-cmd —list-services 
D. systemctl status firewalld

Question # 9

A Linux administrator was notified that a virtual server has an I/O bottleneck. The Linux administrator analyzes the following output:

A. The system is running out of swap space.
 B. The CPU is overloaded. 
C. The memory is exhausted.
 D. The processes are paging. 

Question # 10

A systems administrator needs to clone the partition /dev/sdc1 to /dev/sdd1. Which of the following commands will accomplish this task? 

A. tar -cvzf /dev/sdd1 /dev/sdc1 
B. rsync /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd1 
C. dd if=/dev/sdc1 of=/dev/sdd1 
D. scp /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdd1 

Question # 11

A Linux administrator copied a Git repository locally, created a feature branch, and committed some changes to the feature branch. Which of the following Git actions should the Linux administrator use to publish the changes to the main branch of the remote repository? 

A. rebase 
B. tag
 C. commit 
D. push 

Question # 12

A Linux administrator was asked to run a container with the httpd server inside. This container should be exposed at port 443 of a Linux host machine while it internally listens on port 8443. Which of the following commands will accomplish this task? 

A. podman run -d -p 443:8443 httpd 
B. podman run -d -p 8443:443 httpd 
C. podman run –d -e 443:8443 httpd 
D. podman exec -p 8443:443 httpd 

Question # 13

A Linux administrator is troubleshooting the root cause of a high CPU load and average.

A. renice -n -20 6295
 B. pstree -p 6295 
C. iostat -cy 1 5 
D. kill -9 6295 

Question # 14

A Linux administrator is alerted to a storage capacity issue on a server without a specific mount point or directory. Which of the following commands would be MOST helpful for troubleshooting? (Choose two.) 

A. parted 
B. df
C. mount 
D. du 
E. fdisk 
F. dd 
G. ls

Question # 15

In which of the following filesystems are system logs commonly stored? 

A. /var 
B. /tmp
 C. /etc
 D. /opt

Question # 16

A systems administrator is deploying three identical, cloud-based servers. The administrator is using the following code to complete the task:

A. Ansible 
B. Puppet
 C. Chef 
D. Terraform 

Question # 17

A Linux administrator needs to ensure that Java 7 and Java 8 are both locally available for developers to use when deploying containers. Currently only Java 8 is available. Which of the following commands should the administrator run to ensure both versions are available?

 A. docker image load java:7
 B. docker image pull java:7 
C. docker image import java:7 
D. docker image build java:7 

Question # 18

A Linux administrator needs to redirect all HTTP traffic temporarily to the new proxy server on port 3128. Which of the following commands will accomplish this task? 

A. iptables -t nat -D PREROUTING -p tcp --sport 80 -j DNAT - -to-destination
 B. iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p top --dport 81 -j DNAT –-to-destination 
C. iptables -t nat -I PREROUTING -p top --sport 80 -j DNAT –-to-destination 
D. iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 80 -j DNAT –-to-destination 

Question # 19

A Linux system is getting an error indicating the root filesystem is full. Which of the following commands should be used by the systems administrator to resolve this issue? (Choose three.) 

A. df -h / 
B. fdisk -1 /dev/sdb 
C. growpart /dev/mapper/rootvg-rootlv 
D. pvcreate /dev/sdb 
E. lvresize –L +10G -r /dev/mapper/rootvg-rootlv 
F. lsblk /dev/sda 
G. parted -l /dev/mapper/rootvg-rootlv
 H. vgextend /dev/rootvg /dev/sdb 

Question # 20

A systems administrator wants to back up the directory /data and all its contents to /backup/data on a remote server named remote. Which of the following commands will achieve the desired effect? 

A. scp -p /data remote:/backup/data 
B. ssh -i /remote:/backup/ /data 
C. rsync -a /data remote:/backup/ 
D. cp -r /data /remote/backup/

Question # 21

A systems administrator is compiling a report containing information about processes that are listening on the network ports of a Linux server. Which of the following commands will allow the administrator to obtain the needed information? 

A. ss -pint 
B. tcpdump -nL 
C. netstat -pn 
D. lsof -It

Question # 22

Employees in the finance department are having trouble accessing the file /opt/work/file. All IT employees can read and write the file. Systems administrator reviews the following output: 

A. chattr +i file 
B. chown it:finance file 
C. chmod 666 file 
D. setfacl -m g:finance:rw file

Question # 23

Which of the following data structures is written in JSON?

A. Option A 
B. Option B
 C. Option C 
D. Option D 

Question # 24

A Linux administrator was tasked with deleting all files and directories with names that are contained in the sobelete.txt file. Which of the following commands will accomplish this task? 

A. xargs -f cat toDelete.txt -rm 
B. rm -d -r -f toDelete.txt 
C. cat toDelete.txt | rm -frd 
D. cat toDelete.txt | xargs rm -rf 

Question # 25

A systems administrator is tasked with mounting a USB drive on a system. The USB drive has a single partition, and it has been mapped by the system to the device /dev/sdb. Which of the following commands will mount the USB to /media/usb? 

A. mount /dev/sdb1 /media/usb 
B. mount /dev/sdb0 /media/usb 
C. mount /dev/sdb /media/usb 
D. mount -t usb /dev/sdb1 /media/usb

Question # 26

A Linux administrator is troubleshooting a memory-related issue. Based on the output of the commands:

A. top -p 8321 
B. kill -9 8321 
C. renice -10 8321 
D. free 8321 

Question # 27

A Linux engineer is setting the sticky bit on a directory called devops with 755 file permission. Which of the following commands will accomplish this task? 

A. chown -s 755 devops
B. chown 1755 devops 
C. chmod -s 755 devops 
D. chmod 1755 devops 

Question # 28

A Linux administrator created a new file system. Which of the following files must be updated to ensure the filesystem mounts at boot time? 

A. /etc/sysctl 
B. /etc/filesystems 
C. /etc/fstab 
D. /etc/nfsmount.conf 

Question # 29

A Linux systems administrator is setting up a new web server and getting 404 - NOT FOUND errors while trying to access the web server pages from the browser. While working on the diagnosis of this issue, the Linux systems administrator executes the following commands: 

A. sed -i 's/SELINUX=enforcing/SELINUX=disabled/' /etc/selinux/config 
B. restorecon -R -v /var/www/html 
C. setenforce 0 
D. setsebool -P httpd_can_network_connect_db on 

Question # 30

A Linux administrator is providing a new Nginx image from the registry to local cache. Which of the following commands would allow this to happen?

 A. docker pull nginx 
B. docker attach nginx
 C. docker commit nginx 
D. docker import nginx 

Question # 31

A Linux engineer needs to create a custom script, cleanup.sh, to run at boot as part of the system services. Which of the following processes would accomplish this task?

 A. Create a unit file in the /etc/default/ directory. systemctl enable cleanup systemctl is-enabled cleanup 
B. Create a unit file in the /etc/ske1/ directory. systemctl enable cleanup systemctl is-enabled cleanup 
C. Create a unit file in the /etc/systemd/system/ directory. systemctl enable cleanup systemctl is-enabled cleanup 
D. Create a unit file in the /etc/sysctl.d/ directory. systemctl enable cleanup systemctl is-enabled cleanup 

Question # 32

A systems administrator has been unable to terminate a process. Which of the following should the administrator use to forcibly stop the process? 

A. kill -1 
B. kill -9 
C. kill -15 
D. kill -HUP 
E. kill -TERM 

Question # 33

A Linux administrator is scheduling a system job that runs a script to check available disk space every hour. The Linux administrator does not want users to be able to start the job. Given the following:

A. The checkdiskspace.timer unit should be enabled via systemctl. 
B. The timers.target should be reloaded to get the new configuration. 
C. The checkdiskspace.timer should be configured to allow manual starts. 
D. The checkdiskspace.timer should be started using the sudo command. 

Question # 34

A Linux engineer set up two local DNS servers ( and and was testing email connectivity to the local mail server using the mail command on a local machine when the following error appeared: 

A. dig @example.com a 
B. dig @ example.com mx 
C. dig @example.com ptr 
D. dig @ example.com ns 

Question # 35

A Linux administrator cloned an existing Linux server and built a new server from that clone. The administrator encountered the following error after booting the cloned server:  Which of the following should administrator use to resolve the device mismatch issue and mount the disk?

A. mount disk by device-id 
B. fsck -A 
C. mount disk by-label 
D. mount disk by-blkid 

Question # 36

A Linux systems administrator needs to copy files and directories from Server A to Server B. Which of the following commands can be used for this purpose? (Select TWO) 

A. rsyslog 
B. cp
 C. rsync 
D. reposync 
E. scp 
F. ssh 

Question # 37

A systems administrator configured firewall rules using firewalld. However, after the system is rebooted, the firewall rules are not present: 

A. iptables is conflicting with firewalld.
B. The wrong system target is activated. 
C. FIREWALL_ARGS has no value assigned. 
D. The firewalld service is not enabled. 

Question # 38

A developer has been unable to remove a particular data folder that a team no longer uses. The developer escalated the issue to the systems administrator. The following output was received:  

A. chgrp -R 755 data/ 
B. chmod -R 777 data/ 
C. chattr -R -i data/ 
D. chown -R data/ 

Question # 39

A cloud engineer needs to check the link status of a network interface named eth1 in a Linux server. Which of the following commands can help to achieve the goal? 

A. ifconfig hw eth1 
B. netstat -r eth1 
C. ss -ti eth1 
D. ip link show eth1 

Question # 40

A Linux systems administrator is configuring a new filesystem that needs the capability to be mounted persistently across reboots. Which of the following commands will accomplish this task? (Choose two.) 

A. df -h /data 
B. mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdc1 
C. fsck /dev/sdc1 
D. fdisk -l /dev/sdc1 
E. echo "/data /dev/sdc1 ext4 defaults 0 0" >> /etc/fstab
 F. echo "/dev/sdc1 /data ext4 defaults 0 0" >> /etc/fstab 

Question # 41

A junior administrator is setting up a new Linux server that is intended to be used as a router at a remote site. Which of the following parameters will accomplish this goal? 

Question # 42

A Linux administrator is creating a primary partition on the replacement hard drive for an application server. Which of the following commands should the administrator issue to verify the device name of this partition? 

A. sudo fdisk /dev/sda 
B. sudo fdisk -s /dev/sda 
C. sudo fdisk -l 
D. sudo fdisk -h 

Question # 43

A Linux administrator needs to resolve a service that has failed to start. The administrator runs the following command: 

A. The service does not have permissions to read write the startupfile. 
B. The service startupfile size cannot be 81k. 
C. The service startupfile cannot be owned by root. 
D. The service startupfile should not be owned by the root group. 

Question # 44

A systems administrator has been tasked with disabling the nginx service from the environment to prevent it from being automatically and manually started. Which of the following commands will accomplish this task?

 A. systemctl cancel nginx 
B. systemctl disable nginx
 C. systemctl mask nginx 
D. systemctl stop nginx 

Question # 45

A cloud engineer needs to remove all dangling images and delete all the images that do not have an associated container. Which of the following commands will help to accomplish this task? 

A. docker images prune -a 
B. docker push images -a 
C. docker rmi -a images
 D. docker images rmi --all

Question # 46

A Linux administrator is adding a new configuration file to a Git repository. Which of the following describes the correct order of Git commands to accomplish the task successfully? 

A. pull -> push -> add -> checkout 
B. pull -> add -> commit -> push 
C. checkout -> push -> add -> pull 
D. pull -> add -> push -> commit 

Question # 47

A systems administrator wants to test the route between IP address and IP address Which of the following commands will accomplish this task? 

A. route -e get to from 
B. ip route get from 
C. ip route to 
D. route -n from 

Question # 48

An administrator is trying to diagnose a performance issue and is reviewing the following output: CPU: 4 vCPU Memory: 40GB Disk maximum IOPS: 690 Disk maximum throughput: 44Mbps | 44000Kbps Based on the above output, which of the following BEST describes the root cause? 

A. The system has reached its maximum IOPS, causing the system to be slow. 
B. The system has reached its maximum permitted throughput, therefore iowait is increasing.
 C. The system is mostly idle, therefore the iowait is high. 
D. The system has a partitioned disk, which causes the IOPS to be doubled. 

Question # 49

Which of the following technologies can be used as a central repository of Linux users and groups? 

 D. PAM 

Question # 50

A developer reported an incident involving the application configuration file /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf that is missing from the server. Which of the following identifies the RPM package that installed the configuration file? 

A. rpm -qf /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf 
B. rpm -ql /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf 
C. rpm —query /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf 
D. rpm -q /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf 

Question # 51

After listing the properties of a system account, a systems administrator wants to remove the expiration date of a user account. Which of the following commands will accomplish this task? 

A. chgrp system accountname 
B. passwd –s accountname 
C. chmod -G system account name 
D. chage -E -1 accountname 

Question # 52

An administrator attempts to rename a file on a server but receives the following error.

A. chgrp reet files 
B. chacl -R 644 files 
C. chown users files 
D. chmod -t files 

Question # 53

A Linux administrator needs to analyze a failing application that is running inside a container. Which of the following commands allows the Linux administrator to enter the running container and analyze the logs that are stored inside? 

A. docker run -ti app /bin/sh 
B. podman exec -ti app /bin/sh
 C. podman run -d app /bin/bash
 D. docker exec -d app /bin/bash 

Question # 54

A junior Linux administrator is tasked with installing an application. The installation guide states the application should only be installed in a run level 5 environment.

A. systemctl isolate multi-user.target 
B. systemctl isolate graphical.target 
C. systemctl isolate network.target 
D. systemctl isolate basic.target 

Question # 55

Users report that connections to a MariaDB service are being closed unexpectedly. A systems administrator troubleshoots the issue and finds the following message in /var/log/messages: 

A. The process mysqld is using too many semaphores. 
B. The server is running out of file descriptors. 
C. Something is starving the server resources. 
D. The amount of RAM allocated to the server is too high. 

Question # 56

A systems administrator is checking the system logs. The administrator wants to look at the last 20 lines of a log. Which of the following will execute the command? 

A. tail -v 20 
B. tail -n 20 
C. tail -c 20 
D. tail -l 20

Question # 57

A junior administrator is trying to set up a passwordless SSH connection to one of the servers. The administrator follows the instructions and puts the key in the authorized_key file at the server, but the administrator is still asked to provide a password during the connection. Given the following output: 

A. restorecon -rv .ssh/authorized_key 
B. mv .ssh/authorized_key .ssh/authorized_keys 
C. systemctl restart sshd.service 
D. chmod 600 mv .ssh/authorized_key 

Question # 58

A Linux administrator needs to connect securely to a remote server in order to install application software. Which of the following commands would allow this connection? 

A. scp "ABC-key.pem" root@
 B. sftp rooteiO.0.0.1 
C. telnet 80 
D. ssh -i "ABC-key.pem" root@l0.0.0.1 
E. sftp "ABC-key.pem" root@