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CompTIA 220-1101 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

A user added a heater underneath a desk, and now an external monitor is not working. Atechnician verified the monitor gets power. Which of the following should the technician donext?

A. Have the user unplug the heater.
B. Replace the monitor.
C. Open the display settings on the computer.
D. Ensure a VGA cable is connected properly.

Question # 2

Which of the following is the most likely use case for client-side virtualization for a softwaredeveloper?

A. Increasing the application performance
B. Enhancing the security of physical machines
C. Reducing the operational costs
D. Testing on different operating systems

Question # 3

A customer reports a network connectivity issue. A technician discovers that LAN portshave been damaged during remodeling. Which of the following tools should the technicianuse to fix the issue?

A. Cable stripper
B. Punchdown tool
C. Crimper
D. Network tap

Question # 4

A network technician needs to connect into the console of a switch. Which of the followingconnection types should the technician most likely utilize?

A. Serial interface
B. Bluetooth
C. Near-field communication
D. Port replicator

Question # 5

A technician is selecting RAM for a new high-end workstation. The motherboard has eightslots that support DDR5 memory. Which of the following should the technician do tooptimize performance?

A. Use the minimum number of modules.
B. Increase the virtual RAM.
C. Increase memory timings.
D. Utilize all channels.

Question # 6

A company recently enabled two-factor authentication in order to enhance security. Usersshould be prompted for two-factor authentication when working outside of the office, butare also being prompted when connecting to the office Wi-Fi. Which ofthe following should the technician do?

A. Leave the current rules in place and disable Wi-Fi on all devices.
B. Implement allow listing and add the office IP address as an exception.
C. Remove two-factor authentication from the users' accounts.
D. Substitute hard tokens in place of soft tokens.

Question # 7

A user reports a workstation is having the following issues:· OS performance is slow. The workstation turns off randomly from time to time. The fans are running loudlyWhich of the following is most likely the cause?

A. The system is infected with malware.
B. The CPU is overheating.
C. The hard drive is failing.
D. The power supply is insufficient.

Question # 8

A company in a large building uses a wireless network for its workstations. After a newcompany moves into the building on the floor below, the old company's wireless networkbegins experiencing connectivity Issues. Which of the following is the most likely cause?

A. External interference
B. Port flapping
C. High latency
D. Limited connectivity

Question # 9

A technician is working to replace a single DDR3 RAM module on a laptop that has twooccupied slots_ When the technician tries to tum on the laptop, the computer startsbeeping and does not pass POST The technician double-checks the newly installed RAMand notices a motherboard message indicating low voltage. Which of the following is themost likely cause of this Issue?

A. Faulty power adapter
B. Incorrect BIOS settings
C. Failing CMOS battery'
D. Unsupported memory

Question # 10

A technician is working with a vendor to resolve an issue that a user reported. The vendorindicates that the technician's next step is to update the firmware. Which of the following isthe most important step the technician should take before proceeding?

A. Verify the device is fully charged and connected to a power supply.
B. Ensure the device has adequate storage space for the update.
C. Verify administrative access on the device.
D. Export the users settings so they can be imported after the upgrade

Question # 11

A technician is troubleshooting Wi-Fi connection issues on a customer's laptop. The laptopconnects but intermittently disconnects. The technician has already confirmed the wirelesscard is properly installed, the router settings are correct, and the wireless signal strength isnormal. Which of the following should the technician investigate next?

A. Firewall settings
B. MAC address filter
C. Number of connected devices
D. Radio frequency

Question # 12

Which of the following delivers internet over a copper medium?


Question # 13

A user needs a technician's help connecting a laptop to a projector The projector is old andonly has analog input. Which of the following cable types should the technician use toconnect the laptop to the proJector?

B. RS-232
D. DisplayPort

Question # 14

An online retailer is working to support increased sales and boost server capacity byinstalling additional servers. Which of the following should be used to ensure each new server will be properly utilized?

A. Virtualization
C. Clustering
D. Load balancer

Question # 15

A technician is designing a new laptop for a local construction company. Companyemployees will move the laptop around frequently and are likely to drop the laptop whileworking. Which of the following drives should the technician install to mitigate for potentialdamage?

A. S.M.A.R.T
D. Solid-state

Question # 16

A technician is upgrading the power supply of a workstation that is running multiple GPUsin an SLI configuration. Which of the following cables isneeded to ensure the power supply can support the workstation?

A. 8-pin PCle
B. 4-pin Molex
C. 4+4-pin ATX12V
D. 8-pin ATX12V

Question # 17

Which of the following technologies can be used to harden guest virtual machines?

A. Containerization
B. Network isolation
C. Resource reservation

Question # 18

A users wireless laptop stopped working A technician replaced the wireless card, but thewireless range is now limited. Which of the following should the technician perform next?

A. Verify the antenna's connection.
B. Switch from a 2 4GHz band to a 5GHz band
C. Change the channels of the Wi-Fi card settings.
D. Upgrade the wireless driver.

Question # 19

A user's laptop has been slow to respond for the past few days. The user has run a virusscan, deleted temporary files, closed unnecessary programs, and rebooted the laptop, butthe issue persists. Which of the following steps should the technician take next?

A. Perform a RAM upgrade.
B. Replace the laptop's hard drive.
C. Bench test the laptop.
D. Run a firmware update.

Question # 20

A technician is attempting to fix a computer that does not turn on when the power button ispressed Which of the following should the technician perform NEXT to troubleshoot theissue?

A. Verify the output voltages from the power supply unit.
B. Open the computer cabinet and replace the power button.
C. Remove and reconnect all cables that are plugged into the motherboard
D. Reseat the power cable and confirm the outlet is providing energy.

Question # 21

A user's brand new phone froze while information was being transferred from the oldphone. When a technician reset the new phone, it functioned properly when a data transferwas not being attempted. When the technician tested the old phone, it did not appear tohave any functionality issues and passed all forms of device testing. Which of the followingis the most likely reason the data transfer failed?

A. The older phone had a different OS version.
B. The older phone had a corrupted OS.
C. The older phone had different hardware.
D. The older phone utilized different wireless protocols.

Question # 22

A printer is leaving vertical black lines on every print job. A technician runs a test job andsees the same patterned lines. Which of the following should the technician do first toresolve the issue?

A. Replace the toner.
B. Contact the vendor.
C. Clean the rollers.
D. Replace the paper.

Question # 23

A user reports that a display is slow to turn on, and the colors are distorted and discolored.Once the display turns on, it appears to have lines going through the image andintermittently goes blank. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the issue?

A. Incorrect data source
B. Incorrect resolution settings
C. Physical cabling issues
D. Incorrect refresh rate
E. Display burn-in

Question # 24

Which of the following scenarios best illustrate a need for VDI? (Select two).

A. An IT engineer who is designing and showcasing organization user experiences formultiple clients
B. A company that needs to store IOPB worth of data
C. A manufacturing plant that has high turnover
D. A bank that has security concerns regarding employee activity
E. A payment processor that is planning on implementing virtual currency
F. An application developer who needs to configure network settings for an application

Question # 25

A customer recently installed a new graphics card, but the card's HDMI port is not getting asignal when connected to the monitor. When the monitor is connected to the original HDMIport, located next to the USB ports, everything works as expected. Which of the followingshould the technician do next?

A. Change the input source selection on the monitor.
B. Check to see whether the UEFI setting for PCle graphics is enabled.
C. Install a higher wattage power supply.
D. Test the new graphics card with an HDMI to DVI adapter.

Question # 26

A printer displays an error message even after a paper jam is cleared. Which of thefollowing should a technician do to fix the issue?

A. Check the paper path for a blocked sensor.
B. Verify the pickup roller is functioning.
C. Change the duplex settings.
D. Run internal printer diagnostics.

Question # 27

Given the following output from a cable tester:==================== Open=12345678==12 45 78====================Which of the following tools should the technician use to resolve this issue? (Select two).

A. Loopback plug
B. Network tap
C. Toner probe
D. Crimper
E. Punchdown tool
F. Wi-Fi analyzer

Question # 28

Isolating email attachments in a safe place until the attachments can be scanned formalware is defined as:

A. an approve listing.
B. a screened subnet.
C. cross-platform virtualization.
D. sandboxing.

Question # 29

A technician is upgrading a desktop's storage with the fastest option available. Thedesktop's motherboard is equipped with SATA Ill, NVMe, and IDE. Which of the followingshould the technician choose for the best performance?

A. PCIe SSD connected via NVMe interface
B. 3.5in (8.9cm) 10,000rpm HDD connected via IDE interface
C. M.2 SSD connected via SATA interface
D. 2.5in (6.35cm) SSD connected via SATA interface

Question # 30

Which of the following cables should be used when connecting a cable modem to a SOHOrouter?

A. FireWire
B. Fiber
C. Ethernet
D. Coaxial

Question # 31

A technician wants to stress test multiple applications while maintaining the ability to easilyreset those environments back to the initial state. Which of the following is the best way toaccomplish this task?

A. Honeypot
B. Hybrid cloud
C. Sandbox
D. Production network

Question # 32

A technician is using a PAN to connect a group of users on a field project. Which of thefollowing services should the technician activate on the mobile device to share the internetdata connection?

A. Tethering
B. Pairing
C. Bluetooth
D. Hotspot

Question # 33

Which of the following is the best way to protect the data of a virtual machine in the eventof hardware failure?

A. Redundant hardware
C. Cloud-based backup

Question # 34

A user needs to transfer files from an Apple phone to a workstation. Which of the followingconnection types should the user utilize?

B. Serial
C. Lightning

Question # 35

Which of the following is a scenario in which an F-type connector would be used?

A. A technician is making a serial connection to a hardware device.
B. An internet service provider is installing service for a client.
C. A user is purchasing a charging cable for a laptop.
D. An electrician is upgrading the service on an electrical panel.

Question # 36

After moving a user's legacy workstation into a new private office that does not have a LANconnection, the technician is unable to connect to a wireless network. Which of thefollowing is the most likely reason?

A. Missing Wi-Fi adapter
B. Wi-Fi AP replacement
C. Hidden Wi-Fi SSID
D. Incorrect Wi-Fi channel

Question # 37

Which of the following devices is capable of dynamically distributing an IP address?

A. Hub
B. Switch
C. Injector
D. Router

Question # 38

A technician wants to deploy a .msi package to a corporate network. The technician needsto verify the application deployment will not affect other legacy applications on the endusers' computers. Which of the following would the technician consider the mostappropriate for this situation?

A. Virtual network
B. Application virtualization
C. Cross-platform virtualization
D. Virtual sandbox
E. Virtual desktop

Question # 39

A user is unable to use a drawing stylus on a smartphone. The smartphone did notoriginally come with a stylus. Which of the following is the most likely cause of this issue?

A. The phone needs to be updated to the latest OS.
B. The drawing stylus only works with a special digitizer.
C. The stylus must be re-paired to this new device.
D. The phone's screen only supports resistive styluses.

Question # 40

A user with a custom hosts file is having difficulty connecting to a locally hosted site on asmall office network. The technician cannot ping the server hostname from the user'scomputer. Which of the following should the technician ensure on the server?

A. The server is configured with a static IP address.
B. The server does not have an APIPA.
C. The appropriate services are enabled on the server.
D. The server's secondary NIC is functioning.

Question # 41

A user reports that when pressing a radio button on a tablet, an item a couple of inches tothe right of the pressed button gets selected instead. Which of thefollowing components may need to be replaced?

A. Gyroscope
B. Battery
C. Digitizer
D. Glass

Question # 42

A customer reports that, after a technician replaced a laptop screen, the laptop is only ableto connect to a Wi-Fi network if it is positioned very close to a wireless access point. Whichof the followingshould the technician verify first?

A. The internal antennas are connected.
B. The device has the latest OS updates.
C. The wireless device drivers are the latest version
D. Airplane mode is disabled.
E. The battery is charging.

Question # 43

An IT technician is troubleshooting an issue with connecting a new laptop to a company'swireless network. Which of the following diagnostic steps should the technician take first?

A. Review the network settings in the OS.
B. Install the latest firmware updates on the WAPs.
C. Increase the signal strength of the router.
D. Reset the router and reconfigure the wireless settings.

Question # 44

Which of the following is the best way to protect the data of a virtual machine in the eventof hardware failure?

A. Redundant hardware
C. Cloud-based backup

Question # 45

Which of the following network types is used for pairing a Bluetooth device to asmartphone?


Question # 46

A technician installed a Cat 5 UTP cable approximately 275ft (84m) from a network switchin an office to a workstation located on a factory floor. The technician sees both a flashinggreen LED and a flashing orange LED on the workstation's NIC. Which of the followingshould the technician do first?

A. Check for loose connections, pinched bends, and physical damage.
B. Install a powered hub as close as possible to the halfway point in the Cat 5 UTP cablerun.
C. Replace the entire run of Cat 5 UTP cable with Cat 5 STP cable.
D. Upgrade the entire cable run to multimode fiber.

Question # 47

Which of the following is the best environment for an engineer to use for researchpurposes?

A. Host
B. Sandbox
C. Simulated production
D. Cross-platform

Question # 48

Which of the following server types can dynamically assign primary and secondary DNS?

A. DHCP server
B. Global catalog server
C. Web server
D. Name server

Question # 49

A developer is requesting permission to utilize client-side virtualization. The developerwould like to write code in a setting isolated from other infrastructure to avoid negativeimpacts of experimental code. Which of the following provides the best solution for thedeveloper?

A. Cross-platform functionality
B. Software compatibility
C. Test case development
D. Sandbox environment

Question # 50

A network technician is working to locate an end user's Cat 6 cable within a network rack.The server rack is poorly documented, and a cable management system has not beenimplemented_ Which of the following would be the best tool to best identify the correctcable?

A. Cable tester
B. Network tap
C. Toner probe
D. Loopback plug

Question # 51

A technician is troubleshooting a thermal receipt printer that will not print. Which of thefollowing should the technician do first to restore functionality?

A. Update the printer driver on the computer.
B. Replace the thermal printhead.
C. Make sure the thermal head is heating up.
D. Flip the paper roll orientation.

Question # 52

A technician is creating a consecutive range of IP addresses that a server can select fromto fulfill requests from network clients. Which of the following is the technician creating?

A. DHCP scope
B. Static IP list
C. DNS A records
D. Automatic private IP addressing

Question # 53

A technician is setting up three web servers foe a retail company that takes online ordersfor its products. Which of the following network host services should the technician use toensure the servers' resources will be utilized efficiently?

A. UTM appliance
B. AAA server
C. Spam gateway
D. Load balancer

Question # 54

A user has been having issues charging a laptop after turning it on and has noticed thelaptop screen is dim. Which of the following components most likely needs to be replaced?

B. Video card
C. Digitizer
D. inverter

Question # 55

A customer purchased an active touch pen for a tablet PC. After the customer used the penfor a few days, it stopped working. Which of the following is most likely causing the issue?

A. The tablet screen is scratched.
B. The pen software is out of date.
C. The pen batteries need recharging.
D. Software updates disabled the pen.

Question # 56

Every time a user tries to print a multipage document, the user is unable to print on bothsides of the page. Which of the following settings will most likely resolve this issue?

A. Orientation
B. Duplex
C. Quality
D. Print tray

Question # 57

Which of the following is considered a connectionless protocol?


Question # 58

A user reports the following:I. When accessing large images, PC performance is degraded.2. When accessing small text files, PC performance is as expected.Which of the following is the most likely cause of the performance issues?

A. HDD fragmentation
B. RAID controller failure
C. RAID array configuration errors
D. Insufficient power supply

Question # 59

A company laptop uses a docking station with an integrated NIC and is unable to access awired SOHO network using DHCP. A technician runs ipconfig anddiscovers the laptop hasan IPv4 assignment of The NIC does not have any link or activity lights on.Which of the following should the technician do next?

A. Restart the laptop in safe mode.
B. Reboot the DHCP server.
C. Reset the network adapter.
D. Replace the laptop.
E. Reseat the laptop in the docking station.

Question # 60

A SOHO customer would like to purchase network hardware to enhance security. Thehardware should perform stateful packet Inspection Which of the following would BESTaddress the customer's need?

A. Switch
B. Firewall
C. Router
D. Proxy

Question # 61

A user's smartphone loses its charge rapidly. The user also notices that the phone feelsthicker than it was when it was new. Which of the following is the most likely cause of theissue?

A. Bad battery
B. Malware infection
C. Damaged charge port
D. Poor connectivity

Question # 62

An internet service provider is delivering service through a copper medium with sharedcustomer bandwidth. Which of the following services has most likely been installed?

A. Fiber
B. Cable

Question # 63

A technician is configuring the settings on a multifunction printer so the device can beshared across the LAN_ Which of the following should the technician do to enable theprinter to be shared across the network?

A. Install the correct print driver
B. Configure the IP settings.
C. Enable the web services.
D. Enable the network scanning feature.

Question # 64

During an OS migration, a technician is unable to find compatible current software for aspecialized hardware device. Which of the following actionsshould the technician take to complete the migration?

A. Restrict user access.
B. Virtualize the application.
C. Replace the PC.
D. Upgrade the BIOS to UEFI.

Question # 65

An administrator is responding to a network server outage. The administrator has logged into the server to troubleshoot the outage. Which of the following is the first step theadministrator should take when attempting to troubleshoot the issue?

A. Document the results.
B. Analyze the error logs.
C. Check the physical connections.
D. Upgrade the server firmware.

Question # 66

A user reports that a computer has been randomly shutting down without warning. Which ofthe following is the most likely cause of the issue?

A. Corrupted OS
B. Incompatible memory modules
C. Overheated CPU
D. Low system resources

Question # 67

An IT technician is working on a help desk ticket concerning a user's inability to create avirtual machine. The technician has already checked the RAM and HDD space in the user'smachine. Which of the following settings should the technician check NEXT to helptroubleshoot the issue?

A. BitLocker
B. MSConfig
D. Secure Boot

Question # 68

A customer's laptop is making clicking sounds in the area where non-volatile storage isinstalled. A technician examines the laptop and confirms the issue. Which of the followingis the most appropriate replacement part?

A. 7,200rpm HDD
D. SCSI 15,000rpm HDD

Question # 69

Which of the following allows several websites from different companies to be housed onthe same virtual server?

A. Rapid elasticity
B. High availability
C. Shared resources
D. Metered utilization

Question # 70

A user reports intermittent connectivity. The technician checks the network logs and seesthe following output:Interface 0/1 Status UpInterface 0/1 Status DownInterface 0/1 Status Up 13:03:20Interface 0/1 Status Down 13:04:10Switch elected as Root bridgeInterface 0/1 Status Up 13:05:40Which of the following is the most likely reason for this issue?

A. External interference
B. High latency
C. Jitter
D. Port flapping

Question # 71

A customer reports that, after a technician replaced a laptop screen, the laptop is only ableto connect to a Wi-Fi network it is positioned very close to a wireless access point Which ofthe following should the technician verify FIRST?

A. The internal antennas are connected.
B. The device has the latest OS updates.
C. The wireless device drivers are the latest version.
D. Airplane mode is disabled.
E. The battery is charging.

Question # 72

Which of the following should the label on a network jack faceplate refer to?

A. MAC address
B. Patch panel port
C. Switch port in use
D. VLAN identification

Question # 73

A user needs to upgrade a PC in order to run the latest 3-D design software. Which of thefollowing components should the user upgrade to best meet this requirement?

A. Motherboard
C. Power supply
D. Graphics card
E. Memory

Question # 74

A user purchased a new smartphone and headset and is trying to connect them. Which ofthe following is the best way to connect the devices?

A. Enable pairing.
B. Use a hotspot.
C. Use NFC.
D. Enable synchronization.

Question # 75

A user's smartphone battery capacity has started going from full to empty within an hour.The user has not recently installed any new applications on the smartphone. An ITtechnician notices that the smartphone has very high network utilization and thinks thisissue might be related to the battery drain. Which of the following troubleshooting stepsshould the technician attempt next?

A. Disable Bluetooth.
B. Connect the smartphone to a Wi-Fi network.
C. Restart the smartphone.
D. Update the mobile OS.

Question # 76

A technician is setting up a projector for a videoconferencing system. The laptop that thetechnician is using is set to the correct resolution. The projector is receiving a signal, butthe image is distorted. Which of the following most likely explains the issue?

A. The projector's aspect ratio is set incorrectly.
B. The laptop's video card has failed.
C. The projector's bulb is burned out.
D. The display brightness needs to be adjusted.

Question # 77

Which of the following models is an example of metered utilization?

A. Reserved instance
B. Pay-as-you-go
C. Subscription-based
D. Multitenant

Question # 78

When a user's workstation is turned on, a message displays indicating that the date andtime are incorrect. Other computers on the network do not display thismessage. Which of the following is the most likely cause of this issue?

A. The time server is misconfigured.
B. The BIOS is not updated.
C. The CMOS battery is discharged.
D. The CPU is slow.

Question # 79

A technician is troubleshooting a PC that has been experiencing random system crashes.The technician has already checked the hard drive and the RAM, and both were in goodworking order. Which of the following steps should the technician take next to troubleshootthe system crashes?

A. Test the fan speed.
B. Disable the USB ports
C. Replace the PSU
D. Decrease the RAM timings.

Question # 80

A user called the help desk to request assistance with selecting appropriate storage toback up a large collection of DVDs and photos in the mosteconomical way. Which of the following should the help desk recommend?

A. 5,400rpm HDD
C. SAS RAID array
D. Optical media

Question # 81

A user reports being unable to access the network. A help desk technician notices anAPIPA on the user's workstation. Which of the following services should the technicianinvestigate first?


Question # 82

Which of the following is used to define a range of IP addresses available to assign usingDHCP?

A. Scope
B. Address
C. Lease
D. Reservation

Question # 83

Which of the following provides the highest level of isolation from the host operating system? Type Il hypervisor Resource pooling Hardware-assisted virtualization

A. Single-node clustering

Question # 84

A user keeps a company-provided camera's battery charger plugged into a docking stationat a desk. Company policy requires that USB devices be identified and approved byinstalled peripheral security software. A technician is unable to add a unique identifier tothe battery charger's security software. Which of the following should the technician do?c

A. Provide a USB to AC adapter for the battery charger.
B. Add a powered USB hub to the docking station.
C. Disable the peripheral security software for this user only.
D. Replace the battery charger with a USB device that has a unique identifier.

Question # 85

Which of the following network devices should a technician install in order to isolate voicetraffic on the network?

A. Network tap
B. Managed switch
C. Hub
D. DSL filter

Question # 86

A technician is creating a new RAID array for a customer After interviewing the customer,the technician decides to implement a RAID array of striping without parity. Which of thefollowing reasons would lead the technician to choose striping without parity instead ofstriping with parity?

A. Uptime is the customer's biggest concern
B. Speed is the most important consideration.
C. Redundancy and speed are equally important
D. Available storage space needs to be maximized

Question # 87

The Wi-Fi network in the office is experiencing slow connection speeds. Which of thefollowing should the technician check first on the access point?

A. Transmit power settings
B. Security settings
C. Firmware version
D. Location

Question # 88

An administrator is replacing a cable that uses a DB9 connector VVhich of the followingcables is the administrator replacing?

A. Parallel
B. Serial
C. Optical

Question # 89

A user can make and receive voice calls but cannot send or receive MMS text messageson a smartphone. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the issue?

A. The mobile data service is disabled.
B. The SIM card is defective.
C. The device is outside the cellular coverage area.
D. Airplane mode is enabled.

Question # 90

A systems administrator hears a clicking noise coming from a storage array that has aRAID configuration_ No LEOS are illuminated on the array but the logs show several harddrive errors. Which of the following should the systems administrator do to quickly eliminatethe clicking?

A. Reinstall the drive.
B. Replace the bad drive.
C. Reset the RAID software
D. Run a chkdek on the drive.

Question # 91

A company has implemented a policy that allows employees to use personal devices toperform work duties. Which of the following policies should the technician activate toprotect company information?


Question # 92

After a required operating system upgrade on a mobile deuce, a user's external monitor nolonger works. Which of the following should a technician do to fix this issue?

A. Install the latest graphics drivers.
B. Replace the monitor
C. Restore the operating system to the previous version.
D. Reseat the external video adapter.

Question # 93

An administrator wants to replace a fiber-optic cable. Which of the following should theadministrator most likely use?

B. Bayonet Neill Concelman
C. RJ45
D. DB9

Question # 94

A technician is attempting to log in to a local company portal. When the technician typesthe URL into the address bar, the browser is unable to resolve and display the web page.The technician tries at another workstation, and the result is the same. Other web pagesare not having any issues. Which of the following should the technician check first?

A. DHCP reservations
B. Static IP addresses
C. Default gateway
D. DNS entries

Question # 95

Which of the following DNS records is used to look up the IP address assigned to a domainname?

A. A

Question # 96

A user would like a removable storage device that is secure. portable, and does not contain moving parts. Which of the following devices would be the most suitable?


Question # 97

An engineer discovers the reason a user is unable to access the internet on a companylaptop is because the RJ45 port failed. Which of the following should the engineer do toimmediately restore network connectivity?

A. Update the Ethernet driver.
B. Connect to the WAP.
C. Replace the NIC.
D. Resolder the network connector.

Question # 98

Which of the following translates a hostname to IP addresses?


Question # 99

A user reports that a projector was previously working, but the screen now displays thefollowing error message: No Source Found. Which of thefollowing actions should the technician take first? (Select two).

A. Check the projector bulb and replace it with a new one.
B. Verify the projector settings and make sure the correct input is selected.
C. Replace the video cable and check the laptop settings.
D. Check the laptop display settings and set them to extend/duplicate.
E. Verify the projector is turned on.
F. Check the projector settings and the laptop for the correct resolution.

Question # 100

A user called the help desk to report an issue with a laptop. Recently, the user has beenunable to click the buttons on the track pad or press some keys on the keyboard. Thetechnician inspector the laptop but does not find any physical damage caused by the user.Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?

A. Damaged digitizer
B. Swollen battery
C. Distended capacitors
D. Failed accelerometer

Question # 101

A user submitted a help desk ticket to report that the Wi-Fi connection drops every time themicrowave is used. A technician suspects the issue is related to interference. Which of thefollowing should the technician do to provide the BEST long-term solution for the issue?

A. Change the Wi-Fi operation channel.
B. Configure the Wi-Fi AP to 5GHz.
C. Increase the power output of the AP.
D. Change the SSID to hidden.

Question # 102

A user's desktop computer is connected via an Ethernet cable and often drops the connection. When the computer does connect, the network speeds arenormal. No other network users on the same floor are reporting issues. The administratorverified that all authentication systems are working as intended andthe Ethernet cable was replaced. Which of the following is the most likely cause of theissue?

A. Slow network speeds
B. Port flapping
C. Limited connectivity
D. 802.1X configuration

Question # 103

Which of the following wireless standards can operate in the 6GHz frequency range?

A. 802.11ac
B. 802.11ax
C. 802.11g
D. 802.11n

Question # 104

Which of the following is a characteristic of cloud computing that prioritizes reliability?

A. Shared resources
B. High availability
C. Rapid elasticity
D. Hybrid

Question # 105

Which of the following display types is available for laptops?

D. Plasma

Question # 106

A technician is setting up a home network with the following requirements:· Automatic distribution of IP addresses. Internet accessWhich of the following should the technician configure? (Select two).

D. Public IP addresses
E. Gateway
F. Static IP addresses

Question # 107

A technician received a help desk ticket from a user who is unable to browse the internet_Which of the following troubleshooting steps should the technician perform first?

A. Establish a plan of action.
B. Document the findings.
C. Test the theory.
D. Identify the problem

Question # 108

A new VolP solution is being implemented at a corporate office for more than 200 users. The new VolP devices do not require AC adapters at the users' desks. Which of thefollowing network devices should a technician purchase?

A. Firewall
B. Power injector
C. PoE switch
D. Router

Question # 109

Which of the following describes the difference between a DNS server and a DHCPserver?

A. DNS is used for address translation, while DHCP is used for IP address assignment.
B. DNS is used for routing, while DHCP is used for name resolution.
C. DNS only assigns private IP addresses, while DHCP only assigns public IP addresses.
D. DNS is used to route traffic between networks, while DHCP is used to allocate subnets.

Question # 110

A cloud engineer, who is designing a cloud architecture, needs to ensure the solution isable to immediately fail over to another region in case of an outage and also scale up in theevent of high utilization. Which of the following should the engineer Implement? (Selecttwo).

A. High availability
B. Elasticity
C. Cold storage
D. Machine learning
E. Metered utilization
F. Virtualization

Question # 111

A graphic designer wants to upgrade to the fastest possible RAM for a desktop workstation.Which of the following types of RAM would be best for the designer to use?


Question # 112

Which of the following controls the flow of users connecting to web server farms andprevents overutilization on any individual server?

A. Firewall
B. Honeypot
C. Load balancer
D. Spam gateway

Question # 113

A technician is troubleshooting a computer that has a loud system fan and randomlyfreezes and reboots. Which of the following is the most likely cause of these issues?

A. Failing hard drive
B. Defective power supply
C. Incompatible hardware
D. Overheating processor

Question # 114

Which of the following wireless networking protocols will support both 2.4GHz and 5GHzdevices?

A. 802.11ac
B. 802.11 ax
C. 802.11b
D. 802.11g

Question # 115

Which of the following cloud models allows an organization to retain data on site as well asin the cloud?

A. Public
B. Community
C. Hybrid
D. Private

Question # 116

Which of the following network devices is needed to direct packets to networks outside ofthe LAN?

A. Hub
B. Switch
C. Router
D. Bridge

Question # 117

Which of the following is the primary function of a DNS service?

A. To dynamically assign network addresses to hosts
B. To translate domain names to IP addresses
C. To authenticate users to remote servers
D. To serve files over the network