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Detail Information
Total Time 90 minutes
Exam Fee $226 USD
Passing Marks Passing score is 700 (on a scale of 100-900)
Available Languages English, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Spanish
Exam Code 220-1102
Exam Topics
  • Operating Systems
  • Security
  • Software Troubleshooting
  • Operational Procedures
  • Hardware
  • Networking
  • Mobile Devices
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing
  • Hardware and Network Troubleshooting
Prerequisites No specific prerequisites


Exam Topic Description
Operating Systems Installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, and mobile operating systems
Security Identification of security vulnerabilities, mitigation techniques, and implementing security best practices
Software Troubleshooting Diagnosing and resolving issues related to software installation, application compatibility, and malware removal
Operational Procedures Documentation, change management, disaster prevention and recovery procedures, and complying with policies and regulations
Hardware Identification, installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of PC components, peripherals, and mobile devices
Networking Configuration and troubleshooting of wired and wireless network connections, TCP/IP protocols, and network devices
Mobile Devices Setup, configuration, and troubleshooting of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, and wearables
Virtualization and Cloud Computing Understanding of virtualization technologies, cloud services, and implementing cloud-based solutions
Hardware and Network Troubleshooting Diagnosing and resolving hardware and network-related problems using appropriate tools and techniques

Frequently Asked Questions

CompTIA 220-1102 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Which of the following environments allows for the testing of critical systems without therisk of them being negatively impacted by changes?

A. Regression
B. Cloud
C. Production
D. Sandbox

Question # 2

Which of the following editions of Windows 10 requires reactivation every 180 days?

A. Enterprise
B. Pro for Workstation
C. Home
D. Pro

Question # 3

Which of the following statements describes the purpose of scripting languages?

A. To access the hardware of the computer it is running on
B. To automate tasks and reduce the amount of manual labor
C. To abstract the complexity of the computer system
D. To compile the program into an executable file

Question # 4

A technician receives an invalid certificate error when visiting a website. Other workstationson the same local network are unable to replicate this issue. Which of the following is most likely causing the issue?

A. Date and time
B. User access control
C. UEFI boot mode
D. Log-on times

Question # 5

Which of the following file extensions are commonly used to install applications on amacOS machine? (Select THREE).

A. .mac
B. .Pkg
C. .deb
D. .dmg
E. .msi
F. .appx
G. .app
H. .apk

Question # 6

A desktop support technician is tasked with migrating several PCs from Windows 7 Pro toWindows 10 Pro, The technician must ensure files and user preferences are retained, mustperform the operation locally, and should migrate one station at a time. Which of thefollowing methods would be MOST efficient?

A. Golden image
B. Remote network install
C. In-place upgrade
D. Clean install

Question # 7

A kiosk, which is running Microsoft Windows 10, relies exclusively on a numeric keypad toallow customers to enter their ticket numbers but no other information. If the kiosk is idle forfour hours, the login screen locks. Which of the following sign-on options would allow anyemployee the ability to unlock the kiosk?

A. Requiring employees to enter their usernames and passwords
B. Setting up facial recognition for each employee
C. Using a PIN and providing it to employees
D. Requiring employees to use their fingerprints

Question # 8

A manager reports that staff members often forget the passwords to their mobile devicesand applications. Which of the following should the systems administrator do to reduce thenumber of help desk tickets submitted?

A. Enable multifactor authentication.
B. Increase the failed log-in threshold.
C. Remove complex password requirements.
D. Implement a single sign-on with biometrics.

Question # 9

When a user is in the office, the user's mobile phone loads applications and web browsesvery slowly on a cellular connection. Which of the following is the best way to fix this issue?

A. Connect to the company's Wi-Fi network.
B. Change the settings on the phone to connect to a different cellular tower.
C. Install a cellular repeater at the office for this user.
D. Update all applications on the phone.

Question # 10

A technician is setting up a new laptop for an employee who travels. Which of the followingis the BEST security practice for this scenario?

A. PIN-based login
B. Quarterly password changes
C. Hard drive encryption
D. A physical laptop lock

Question # 11

Which of the following items require special e-waste recycling? (Select two).

A. Solid-state drive
B. A/C adapter
C. Surge protector
D. Laptop battery
E. CRT monitor
F. Power supply

Question # 12

A large organization is researching proprietary software with vendor support for a multiuserenvironment. Which of the following EULA types should be selected?

A. Corporate
B. Perpetual
C. Open-source
D. Personal

Question # 13

A remote user's smartphone is performing very slowly. The user notices that theperformance improves slightly after rebooting but then reverts back to performing slowly.The user also notices that the phone does not get any faster after connecting to thecompany's corporate guest network. A technician sees that the phone has a large numberof applications installed on it. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the issue?

A. The user is in a poor signal area.
B. The user has too many processes running.
C. The smartphone has malware on it.
D. The smartphone has been jailbroken.

Question # 14

A company recently outsourced its night-shift cleaning service. A technician is concernedabout having unsupervised contractors in the building. Which of the following securitymeasures can be used to prevent the computers from being accessed? (Select two).

A. Implementing data-at-rest encryption
B. Disabling AutoRun
C. Restricting user permissions
D. Restricting log-in times
E. Enabling a screen lock
F. Disabling local administrator accounts

Question # 15

A user's system is infected with malware. A technician updates the anti-malware softwareand runs a scan that removes the malware. After the user reboots the system, it once againbecomes infected with malware. Which of the following will MOST likely help topermanently remove the malware?

A. Enabling System Restore
B. Educating the user
C. Booting into safe mode
D. Scheduling a scan

Question # 16

A new service desk is having a difficult time managing the volume of requests. Which of thefollowing is the BEST solution for the department?

A. Implementing a support portal
B. Creating a ticketing system
C. Commissioning an automated callback system
D. Submitting tickets through email

Question # 17

Which of the following is MOST likely contained in an EULA?

A. Chain of custody
B. Backup of software code
C. Personally identifiable information
D. Restrictions of use

Question # 18

Which of the following security methods supports the majority of current Wi-Fi-capabledevices without sacrificing security?

B. MAC filleting

Question # 19

A technician is building a new desktop machine for a user who will be using the workstationto render 3-D promotional movies. Which of the following is the most importantcomponent?

A. Dedicated GPU
C. NVMe disk
D. 64-bit CPU

Question # 20

A customer calls the help desk asking for instructions on how to modify desktop wallpaper.Which of the following Windows 10 settings should the technician recommend?

A. Personalization
B. Apps
C. Updates
D. Display

Question # 21

A technician is reimaging a desktop PC. The technician connects the PC to the networkand powers it on. The technician attempts to boot the computer via the NIC to image thecomputer, but this method does not work. Which of the following is the MOST likely reasonthe computer is unable to boot into the imaging system via the network?

A. The computer's CMOS battery failed.
B. The computer's NIC is faulty.
C. The PXE boot option has not been enabled
D. The Ethernet cable the technician is using to connect the desktop to the network isfaulty.

Question # 22

A field technician applied a Group Policy setting to all the workstations in the network. Thissetting forced the workstations to use a specific SNTP server. Users are unable to log innow. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?

A. The SNTP server is offline.
B. A user changed the time zone on a local machine.
C. The Group Policy setting has disrupted domain authentication on the system,
D. The workstations and the authentication server have a system clock difference.

Question # 23

In which of the following scenarios would remote wipe capabilities MOST likely be used?(Select TWO).

A. A new IT policy requires users to set up a lock screen PIN.
B. A user is overseas and wants to use a compatible international SIM Card.
C. A user left the phone at home and wants to prevent children from gaining access to thephone.
D. A user traded in the company phone for a cell carrier upgrade by mistake.
E. A user cannot locate the phone after attending a play at a theater.
F. A user forgot the phone in a taxi, and the driver called the company to return the device.

Question # 24

A company's assets are scanned annually. Which of the following will most likely help thecompany gain a holistic view of asset cost?

A. Creating a database
B. Assigning users to assets
C. Inventorying asset tags
D. Updating the procurement account owners

Question # 25

A technician is troubleshooting a computer with a suspected short in the power supply.Which of the following is the FIRST step the technician should take?

A. Put on an ESD strap
B. Disconnect the power before servicing the PC.
C. Place the PC on a grounded workbench.
D. Place components on an ESD mat.

Question # 26

A macOS user needs to create another virtual desktop space. Which of the followingapplications will allow the user to accomplish this task?

A. Dock
B. Spotlight
C. Mission Control
D. Launchpad

Question # 27

A technician needs to replace a PC's motherboard. The technician shuts down the PC.Which of the following steps should the technician take next?

A. Turn off the monitor.
B. Remove the power cord.
C. Remove the PSU.
D. Remove the RAM modules.

Question # 28

Which of the following is the default GUI and file manager in macOS?

A. Disk Utility
B. Finder
C. Dock
D. FileVault

Question # 29

Which of the following environmental factors are most important to consider when planningthe configuration of a data center? (Select two).

A. Temperature levels
B. Location of the servers
C. Humidity levels
D. Noise levels
E. Lighting levels
F. Cable management

Question # 30

Every time a user tries to open the organization's proprietary application on an Androidtablet, the application immediately closes. Other applications are operating normally. Whichof the following troubleshooting actions would MOST likely resolve the Issue? (SelectTWO).

A. Uninstalling the application
B. Gaining root access to the tablet
C. Resetting the web browser cache
D. Deleting the application cache
E. Clearing the application storage
F. Disabling mobile device management

Question # 31

A company recently experienced a security incident in which a USB drive containingmalicious software was able to covertly install malware on a workstation_ Which of the following actions should be taken to prevent this Incident from happening again? (Selecttwo).

A. Install a host-based IDS
B. Restrict log-in times.
C. Enable a BIOS password
D. Update the password complexity
E. Disable AutoRun.
F. Update the antivirus definitions.
G. Restrict user permissions.

Question # 32

A technician needs to manually set an IP address on a computer that is running macOS.Which of the following commands should the technician use?

A. ipconfig
B. ifconfig
C. arpa
D. ping

Question # 33

Which of the following is the STRONGEST wireless configuration?


Question # 34

A technician is moving a Windows workstation from the accounting department to the salesdepartment and needs to update the IP and gateway settings. Which of the followingControl Panel utilities should the technician use?

A. Programs and Features
B. Network and Sharing Center
C. User Accounts
D. Device Manager

Question # 35

An administrator has received approval for a change request for an upcoming serverdeployment. Which of the following steps should be completed NEXT?

A. Perform a risk analysis.
B. Implement the deployment.
C. Verify end user acceptance
D. Document the lessons learned.

Question # 36

A user has been unable to receive emails or browse the internet from a smartphone whiletraveling. However, text messages and phone calls are working without issue. Which of thefollowing should a support technician check FIRST?

A. User account status
B. Mobile OS version
C. Data plan coverage
D. Network traffic outages

Question # 37

Which of the following is an advantage of using WPA2 instead of WPA3?

A. Connection security
B. Encryption key length
C. Device compatibility
D. Offline decryption resistance

Question # 38

When visiting a particular website, a user receives a message stating, "Your connection isnot private." Which of the following describes this issue?

A. Certificate warning
B. Malware
C. JavaScript error
D. Missing OS update

Question # 39

The audio on a user's mobile device is inconsistent when the user uses wirelessheadphones and moves around. Which of the following should a technician perform totroubleshoot the issue?

A. Verify the Wi-Fi connection status.
B. Enable the NFC setting on the device.
C. Bring the device within Bluetooth range.
D. Turn on device tethering.

Question # 40

A technician is investigating an employee's smartphone that has the following symptoms• The device is hot even when it is not in use.•Applications crash, especially when others are launched.• Certain applications, such as GPS, are in portrait mode when they should be in landscapemode.Which of the following can the technician do to MOST likely resolve these issues withminimal impact? (Select TWO).

A. Turn on autorotation
B. Activate airplane mode.
C. Close unnecessary applications
D. Perform a factory reset
E. Update the device's operating system
F. Reinstall the applications that have crashed.

Question # 41

A user attempts to install additional software and receives a UAC prompt. Which of thefollowing is the BEST way to resolve this issue?

A. Add a user account to the local administrator's group.
B. Configure Windows Defender Firewall to allow access to all networks.
C. Create a Microsoft account.
D. Disable the guest account.

Question # 42

A technician sees a file that is requesting payment to a cryptocurrency address. Which ofthe following should the technician do first?

A. Quarantine the computer.
B. Disable System Restore.
C. Update the antivirus software definitions.
D. Boot to safe mode.

Question # 43

A technician has been tasked with troubleshooting audiovisual issues in a conferenceroom. The meeting presenters are unable to play a video with sound. The following error isreceived: The Audio Driver is not running.Which of the following will MOST likely resolve the issue?

A. compmgmt.msc
B. regedit.exe
C. explorer.exe
D. taskmgt.exe
E. gpmc.msc
F. services.msc

Question # 44

Which of the following is the most likely to use NTFS as the native filesystem?

A. macOS
B. Linux
C. Windows
D. Android

Question # 45

A technician requires graphical remote access to various Windows, Linux, and macOSdesktops on the company LAN. The security administrator asks the technician to utilize asingle software solution that does not require an external internet connection. Which of thefollowing remote access tools is the technician most likely to install?


Question # 46

An analyst needs GUI access to server software running on a macOS server. Which of thefollowing options provides the BEST way for the analyst to access the macOS server fromthe Windows workstation?

A. RDP through RD Gateway
B. Apple Remote Desktop
C. SSH access with SSH keys
D. VNC with username and password

Question # 47

A user clicks a link in an email. A warning message in the user's browser states the site'scertificate cannot be verified. Which of the following is the most appropriate action for atechnician to take?

A. Click proceed.
B. Report the employee to the human resources department for violating company policy.
C. Restore the computer from the last known backup.
D. Close the browser window and report the email to IT security.

Question # 48

Which of the following would typically require the most computing resources from the hostcomputer?

A. Chrome OS
B. Windows
C. Android
D. macOS
E. Linux

Question # 49

A remote user is having issues accessing an online share. Which of the following toolswould MOST likely be used to troubleshoot the Issue?

A. Screen-sharing software
B. Secure shell
C. Virtual private network
D. File transfer software

Question # 50

A technician is trying to encrypt a single folder on a PC. Which of the following should thetechnician use to accomplish this task?

A. FAT32
B. exFAT
C. BitLocker

Question # 51

A technician is tasked with configuring a computer for a visually impaired user. Which ofthe following utilities should the technician use?

A. Device Manager
B. System
C. Ease of Access Center
D. Programs and Features

Question # 52

An implementation specialist is replacing a legacy system at a vendor site that has onlyone wireless network available. When the specialist connects to Wi-Fi. the specialistrealizes the insecure network has open authentication. The technician needs to secure thevendor's sensitive data. Which of the following should the specialist do FIRST to protect thecompany's data?

A. Manually configure an IP address, a subnet mask, and a default gateway.
B. Connect to the vendor's network using a VPN.
C. Change the network location to private.
D. Configure MFA on the network.

Question # 53

Which of the following macOS features provides the user with a high-level view of all openwindows?

A. Mission Control
B. Finder
C. Multiple Desktops
D. Spotlight

Question # 54

Users access files in the department share. When a user creates a new subfolder, only thatuser can access the folder and Its files. Which of the following will MOST likely allow allusers to access the new folders?

A. Assigning share permissions
B. Enabling inheritance
C. Requiring multifactor authentication
D. Removing archive attribute

Question # 55

A customer has a USB-only printer attached to a computer. A technician is configuring anarrangement that allows other computers on the network to use the printer. In which of thefollowing locations on the customer's desktop should the technician make thisconfiguration?

A. Printing Preferences/Advanced tab
B. Printer Properties/Sharing tab
C. Printer Properties/Security tab
D. Printer Properties/Ports tab

Question # 56

An employee calls the help desk regarding an issue with a laptop PC. After a Windowsupdate, the user can no longer use certain locally attached devices, and a reboot has notfixed the issue. Which of the following should thetechnician perform to fix the issue?

A. Disable the Windows Update service.
B. Check for updates.
C. Restore hidden updates.
D. Rollback updates.

Question # 57

A user's iPhone was permanently locked after several tailed login attempts. Which of thefollowing will restore access to the device?

A. Fingerprint and pattern
B. Facial recognition and PIN code
C. Primary account and password
D. Secondary account and recovery code

Question # 58

A payroll workstation has data on it that needs to be readily available and can be recoveredquickly if something is accidentally removed. Which of the following backup methodsshould be used to provide fast data recovery in this situation?

A. Full
B. Differential
C. Synthetic
D. Incremental

Question # 59

A macOS user is installing a new application. Which of the following system directories isthe software MOST likely to install by default?

A. /etc/services
B. /Applications
C. /usr/bin
D. C:\Program Files

Question # 60

Which of the following is used to ensure users have the appropriate level of access toperform their job functions?

A. Access control list
B. Multifactor authentication
C. Least privilege
D. Mobile device management

Question # 61

A company implemented a BYOD policy and would like to reduce data disclosure causedby malware that may infect these devices. Which of the following should the companydeploy to address these concerns?


Question # 62

A technician is installing a program from an ISO file. Which of the following steps shouldthe technician take?

A. Mount the ISO and run the installation file.
B. Copy the ISO and execute on the server.
C. Copy the ISO file to a backup location and run the ISO file.
D. Unzip the ISO and execute the setup.exe file

Question # 63

A branch office suspects a machine contains ransomware. Which of the following mitigationsteps should a technician take first?

A. Disable System Restore.
B. Remediate the system.
C. Educate the system user.
D. Quarantine the system.

Question # 64

A user tries to access commonly used web pages but is redirected to unexpected websites.Clearing the web browser cache does not resolve the issue. Which of the following shoulda technician investigate NEXT to resolve the issue?

A. Enable firewall ACLs.
B. Examine the localhost file entries.
C. Verify the routing tables.
D. Update the antivirus definitions.

Question # 65

An organization's Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is concerned about losing access to verysensitive, legacy unmaintained PII on a workstation if aransomware outbreak occurs. The CFO has a regulatory requirement to retain this data formany years. Which of the following backup methodswould BEST meet the requirements?

A. A daily, incremental backup that is saved to the corporate file server
B. An additional, secondary hard drive in a mirrored RAID configuration
C. A full backup of the data that is stored of site in cold storage
D. Weekly, differential backups that are stored in a cloud-hosting provider

Question # 66

A user receives an error message from an online banking site that states the following:Your connection is not private. Authority invalid.Which of the following actions should the user take NEXT?

A. Proceed to the site.
B. Use a different browser.
C. Report the error to the bank.
D. Reinstall the browser.

Question # 67

A technician is attempting to mitigate micro power outages, which occur frequently withinthe area of operation. The outages are usually short, with the longest occurrence lastingfive minutes. Which of the following should the technician use to mitigate this issue?

A. Surge suppressor
B. Battery backup
C. CMOS battery
D. Generator backup

Question # 68

A remote user contacts the help desk about an email that appears to be distorted. Thetechnician is unsure what the user means and needs to view the email to assist withtroubleshooting. Which of the following should the technician use to assist the user?


Question # 69

During an enterprise rollout of a new application, a technician needs to validate compliancewith an application's EULA while also reducing the number of licenses to manage. Which ofthe following licenses would best accomplish this goal?

A. Personal use license
B. Corporate use license
C. Open-source license
D. Non-expiring license

Question # 70

A technician received a call from a user who clicked on a web advertisement Now. everytime the user moves the mouse, a pop-up display across the monitor. Which of thefollowing procedures should the technician perform?

A. Boot into safe mode.
B. Perform a malware scan.
C. Restart the machine.
D. Reinstall the browser

Question # 71

A user calls the help desk to report that mapped drives are no longer accessible. The technician verifies that clicking on any of the drives on the user's machine results in anerror message. Other users in the office are not having any issues. As a first step, thetechnician would like to remove and attempt to reconnect the drives. Which of the followingcommand-line tools should the technician use?

A. net use
B. set
C. mkdir
D. rename

Question # 72

Which of the following would allow physical access to a restricted area while maintaining arecord of events?

A. Hard token
B. Access control vestibule
C. Key fob
D. Door Lock

Question # 73

A network administrator is deploying a client certificate to be used for Wi-Fi access for alldevices in an organization. The certificate will be used in conjunction with the user'sexisting username and password. Which of the following BEST describes the securitybenefits realized after this deployment?

A. Multifactor authentication will be forced for Wi-Fi.
B. All Wi-Fi traffic will be encrypted in transit.
C. Eavesdropping attempts will be prevented.
D. Rogue access points will not connect.

Question # 74

A technician needs to access a Windows 10 desktop on the network in a SOHO usingRDP. Although the connection is unsuccessful, the technician is able to ping the computersuccessfully. Which of the following is MOST likely preventing the connection?

A. The Windows 10 desktop has Windows 10 Home installed.
B. The Windows 10 desktop does not have DHCP configured.
C. The Windows 10 desktop is connected via Wi-Fi.
D. The Windows 10 desktop is hibernating

Question # 75

Which of the following is command options is used to display hidden files and directories?

A. -a
B. -s
C. -lh
D. -t

Question # 76

A technician successfully removed malicious software from an infected computer afterrunning updates and scheduled scans to mitigate future risks. Which of the following shouldthe technician do next?

A. Educate the end user on best practices for security.
B. Quarantine the host in the antivirus system.
C. Investigate how the system was infected with malware.
D. Create a system restore point.

Question # 77

Which of the following involves sending arbitrary characters in a web page request?


Question # 78

A technician needs to add an individual as a local administrator on a Windows home PC.Which of the following utilities would the technician MOST likely use?

A. Settings > Personalization
B. Control Panel > Credential Manager
C. Settings > Accounts > Family and Other Users
D. Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center

Question # 79

A systems administrator installed the latest Windows security patch and receivednumerous tickets reporting slow performance the next day. Which of the following shouldthe administrator do to resolve this issue?

A. Rebuild user profiles.
B. Roll back the updates.
C. Restart the services.
D. Perform a system file check.

Question # 80

Which of the following Windows 10 editions is the most appropriate for a single user whowants to encrypt a hard drive with BitLocker?

A. Professional
B. Home
C. Enterprise
D. Embedded

Question # 81

A Windows user reported that a pop-up indicated a security issue. During inspection, anantivirus system identified malware from a recent download, but it was unable to removethe malware. Which of the following actions would be BEST to remove the malware whilealso preserving the user's files?

A. Run the virus scanner in an administrative mode.
B. Reinstall the operating system.
C. Reboot the system in safe mode and rescan.
D. Manually delete the infected files.

Question # 82

A user connected an external hard drive but is unable to see it as a destination to savefiles. Which of the following tools will allow the drive to be formatted?

A. Disk Management
B. Device Manager
C. Disk Cleanup
D. Disk Defragmenter

Question # 83

After a company installed a new SOHO router customers were unable to access thecompany-hosted public website. Which of the following will MOST likely allow customers toaccess the website?

A. Port forwarding
B. Firmware updates
C. IP filtering
D. Content filtering

Question # 84

A user reports seeing random, seemingly non-malicious advertisement notifications in theWindows 10 Action Center. The notifications indicate the advertisements are coming from aweb browser. Which of the following is the best solution for a technician to implement?

A. Disable the browser from sending notifications to the Action Center.
B. Run a full antivirus scan on the computer.
C. Disable all Action Center notifications.
D. Move specific site notifications from Allowed to Block.

Question # 85

A technician is partitioning a hard disk. The five primary partitions should contain 4TB offree space. Which of the following partition styles should the technician use to partition thedevice?

D. FAT32

Question # 86

A technician is selling up a newly built computer. Which of the following is the FASTESTway for the technician to install Windows 10?

A. Factory reset
B. System Restore
C. In-place upgrade
D. Unattended installation

Question # 87

A developer reports that a workstation's database file extensions have been changed from.db to .enc. The developer is also unable to open the database files manually. Which of thefollowing is the best option for recovering the data?

A. Accessing a restore point
B. Rebooting into safe mode
C. Utilizing the backups
D. Using an AV to scan the affected files

Question # 88

A technician receives a help desk ticket from a user who is unable to update a phone. Thetechnician investigates the issue and notices the following error message: Insufficientstorage space While analyzing the phone, the technician does not discover any third-party' applications orphotos. Which of the following is the best way to resolve the issue?

A. Exchange the device for a newer one.
B. Upgrade the onboard storage
C. Allocate more space by removing factory applications
D. Move factory applications to external memory.

Question # 89

A technician needs to ensure that USB devices are not suspended by the operatingsystem. Which of the following Control Panel utilities should the technician use to configurethe setting?

A. System
B. Power Options
C. Devices and Printers
D. Ease of Access

Question # 90

A user's Windows computer seems to work well at the beginning of the day. However, itsperformance degrades throughout the day, and the system freezes when severalapplications are open. Which of the following should a technician do to resolve the issue?(Select two).

A. Install the latest GPU drivers.
B. Reinstall the OS.
C. Increase the RAM.
D. Increase the hard drive space.
E. Uninstall unnecessary software.
F. Disable scheduled tasks.

Question # 91

A technician wants to mitigate unauthorized data access if a computer is lost or stolen.Which of the following features should the technician enable?

A. Network share
B. Group Policy
C. BitLocker
D. Static IP

Question # 92

Which of the following file types would be used in the Windows Startup folder to automatecopying a personal storage table (.pst file) to a network drive at log-in?

A. .bat
B. .dll
C. .ps1
D. .txt

Question # 93

Sensitive data was leaked from a user's smartphone. A technician discovered anunapproved application was installed, and the user has full access to the device's command shell. Which of the following is the NEXT step the technician should take to findthe cause of the leaked data?

A. Restore the device to factory settings.
B. Uninstall the unapproved application.
C. Disable the ability to install applications from unknown sources.
D. Ensure the device is connected to the corporate WiFi network.

Question # 94

A large company is changing its password length requirements. The Chief InformationOfficer is mandating that passwords now be at least 12 characters long, instead of 10.Which of the following should be used to adjust this setting?

A. Group Policy
B. User accounts
C. Access control lists
D. Authenticator applications

Question # 95

A technician received a call stating that all files in a user's documents folder appear to beChanged, and each of the files now has a look fileextension Which pf the following actions is the FIRST step the technician should take?

A. Runa live disk clone.
B. Run a full antivirus scan.
C. Use a batch file to rename the files-
D. Disconnect the machine from the network

Question # 96

Which of the following would most likely be used in a small office environment?

A. Print server
B. Virtualization
C. Domain access
D. Workgroup

Question # 97

A technician is troubleshooting an issue that requires a user profile to be rebuilt. Thetechnician is unable to locate Local Users and Groups in the Mtv1C console. Which of thefollowing is the NEXT step the technician should take to resolve the issue?

A. Run the antivirus scan.
B. Add the required snap-in.
C. Restore the system backup
D. use the administrator console.

Question # 98

Which of the following common security vulnerabilities can be mitigated by using inputvalidation?

A. Brute-force attack
B. Cross-site scripting
C. SQL injection
D. Cross-site request forgery

Question # 99

An organization is creating guidelines for the incorporation of generative Al solutions. Inwhich of the following would these guidelines be published?

A. Standard operating procedure
B. Acceptable use policy
C. Security protocols
D. Data flow diagram

Question # 100

While staying at a hotel, a user attempts to connect to the hotel Wi-Fi but notices thatmultiple SSIDs have very similar names. Which of the following social-engineering attacksis being attempted?

A. Evil twin
B. Impersonation
C. Insider threat
D. Whaling

Question # 101

A laptop user is visually impaired and requires a different cursor color. Which of thefollowing OS utilities is used to change the color of the cursor?

A. Keyboard
B. Touch pad
C. Ease of Access Center
D. Display settings

Question # 102

Which of the following combinations meets the requirements for mobile device multifactorauthentication?

A. Password and PIN
B. Password and swipe
C. Fingerprint and password
D. Swipe and PIN

Question # 103

A suite of security applications was installed a few days ago on a user's home computer.The user reports that the computer has been running slowly since the installation. The user notices the hard driveactivity light is constantly solid. Which of the following should be checked FIRST?

A. Services in Control Panel to check for overutilization
B. Performance Monitor to check for resource utilization
C. System File Checker to check for modified Windows files
D. Event Viewer to identify errors

Question # 104

A new employee is having difficulties using a laptop with a docking station The laptop isconnected to the docking station, and the laptop is closed. The external monitor works for afew seconds, but then the laptop goes to sleep. Which of the following options should thetechnician configure in order to fix the Issue?

A. Hibernate
B. Sleep/suspend
C. Choose what closing the lid does
D. Turn on fast startup

Question # 105

A user installed a new computer game. Upon starting the game, the user notices the framerates are low. Which of the following should the user upgrade to resolve the issue?

A. Hard drive
B. Graphics card
C. Random-access memory
D. Monitor

Question # 106

Following a recent power outage, several computers have been receiving errors whenbooting. The technician suspects file corruption has occurred. Which of the following stepsshould the technician try FIRST to correct the issue?

A. Rebuild the Windows profiles.
B. Restore the computers from backup.
C. Reimage the computers.
D. Run the System File Checker

Question # 107

The battery life on an employee's new phone seems to be drastically less than expected, and the screen stays on for a very long time after the employee sets the phone down.Which of the following should the technician check first to troubleshoot this issue? (Selecttwo).

A. Screen resolution
B. Screen zoom
C. Screen timeout
D. Screen brightness
E. Screen damage
F. Screen motion smoothness

Question # 108

A user is unable to access several documents saved on a work PC. A technician discoversthe files were corrupted and must change several system settings within Registry Editor tocorrect the issue. Which of the following should the technician do before modifying theregistry keys?

A. Update the anti-malware software.
B. Create a restore point.
C. Run the PC in sate mode.
D. Roll back the system updates

Question # 109

An administrator responded to an incident where an employee copied financial data to aportable hard drive and then left the company with the data. The administrator documented the movement of the evidence. Which of the following concepts did the administratordemonstrate?

A. Preserving chain of custody
B. Implementing data protection policies
C. Informing law enforcement
D. Creating a summary of the incident

Question # 110

A small business owner wants to install newly purchased software on all networked PCs.The network is not configured as a domain, and the owner wants to use the easiest methodpossible. Which of the following is the MOST deficient way lor the owner to install theapplication?

A. Use a network share to share the installation files.
B. Save software to an external hard drive to install.
C. Create an imaging USB for each PC.
D. Install the software from the vendor's website

Question # 111

Which of the following script types is used with the Python language by default?

A. .ps1
B. .vbs
C. .bat
D. .py

Question # 112

Malware is installed on a device after a user clicks on a link in a suspicious email. Which ofthe following is the best way to remove the malware?

A. Run System Restore.
B. Place in recovery mode.
C. Schedule a scan.
D. Restart the PC.

Question # 113

In an organization with a standardized set of installed software, a developer submits arequest to have new software installed. The company does not currently have a license forthis software, but the developer already downloaded the installation file and is requestingthat the technician install it. The developer states that the management team approved thebusiness use of this software. Which of the following is the best action for the technician totake?

A. Contact the software vendor to obtain the license for the user, and assist the user withinstallation once the license is purchased.
B. Run a scan on the downloaded installation file to confirm that it is free of malicioussoftware, install the software, and document the software installation process.
C. Indicate to the developer that formal approval is needed; then, the IT team should investigate the software and the impact it will have on the organization before installing thesoftware.
D. Install the software and run a full system scan with antivirus software to confirm that theoperating system is free of malicious software.

Question # 114

A technician is working on a Windows 10 PC that has unwanted applications starting onboot. Which of the following tools should the technician use to disable applications onstartup?

A. System Configuration
B. Task Manager
C. Performance Monitor
D. Group Policy Editor

Question # 115

A computer technician is investigating a computer that is not booting. The user reports thatthe computer was working prior to shutting it down last night. The technician notices aremovable USB device is inserted, and the user explains the device is a prize the userreceived in the mail yesterday. Which of the following types of attacks does this describe?

A. Phishing
B. Dumpster diving
C. Tailgating
D. Evil twin

Question # 116

A technician is working on a way to register all employee badges and associated computerIDs. Which of the following options should the technician use in order to achieve thisobjective?

A. Database system
B. Software management
C. Active Directory description
D. Infrastructure as a Service

Question # 117

A user's company phone was stolen. Which of the following should a technician do next?

A. Perform a low-level format.
B. Remotely wipe the device.
C. Degauss the device.
D. Provide the GPS location of the device.

Question # 118

A technician needs to establish a remote access session with a user who has a Windowsworkstation. The session must allow for simultaneous viewing of the workstation by boththe user and technician. Which of the following remote access technologies should beused?


Question # 119

Which of the following should be used to secure a device from known exploits?

A. Encryption
B. Remote wipe
C. Operating system updates
D. Cross-site scripting

Question # 120

A user updates a mobile device's OS. A frequently used application becomes consistentlyunresponsive immediately after the device is launched. Which of the followingtroubleshooting steps should the user perform FIRST?

A. Delete the application's cache.
B. Check for application updates.
C. Roll back the OS update.
D. Uninstall and reinstall the application.

Question # 121

A change advisory board authorized a setting change so a technician is permitted toimplement the change. The technician successfully implemented the change. Which of thefollowing should be done NEXT?

A. Document the date and time of change.
B. Document the purpose of the change.
C. Document the risk level.
D. Document findings of the sandbox test.

Question # 122

A technician needs to format a USB drive to transfer 20GB of data from a Linux computerto a Windows computer. Which of the following filesystems will the technician MOST likelyuse?

A. FAT32
B. ext4
D. exFAT

Question # 123

An organization implemented a method of wireless security that requires both a user andthe user's computer to be in specific managed groups on the server in order to connect toWi-Fi. Which of the following wireless security methods BEST describes what thisorganization implemented?


Question # 124

Which of the following allows access to the command line in macOS?

A. PsExec
B. command.com
C. Terminal

Question # 125

A user has a license for an application that is in use on a personal home laptop. The userapproaches a systems administrator about using the same license onmultiple computers on the corporate network. Which of the following BEST describes whatthe systems administrator should tell the user?

A. Use the application only on the home laptop because it contains the initial license.
B. Use the application at home and contact the vendor regarding a corporate license.
C. Use the application on any computer since the user has a license.
D. Use the application only on corporate computers

Question # 126

A user receives a call from someone claiming to be a technical support agent. The callerasks the user to log in to the computer.Which of the following security measures should the user take to ensure security andprivacy?

A. Only accept calls from known people.
B. Disregard any suspicious emails.
C. Update the antivirus software.
D. Enable two-factor authentication.
E. Install a malware scanner.

Question # 127

A user connected a laptop to a wireless network and was tricked into providing logincredentials for a website. Which of the following threats was used to carry out the attack?

A. Zero day
B. Vishing
D. Evil twin