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CompTIA PK0-004 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Upon assignment to a project, the project manager is given a set budget, a due date, and a clearly defined description of desired deliverables. Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?

A. Determine the flexibility between the project constraints
B. Hold a kick-off meeting with the project team
C. Determine procurement needs to meet the project demands
D. Create the risk register

Question # 2

Analogous estimating was used earlier in a hauling project; however, through progressive elaboration, it is determined that the cost for fuel is much lower than anticipated. Which of the following types of project change should be submitted?

A. Resources
B. Requirements
C. Scope
D. Funding

Question # 3

A project manager has taken over a project that is already in progress. The project manager notices the functional manager of one team is unaware of the current progress. Which of the following should the project manager do? (Choose two.)

A. Update the project charter to include the functional manager as a key stakeholder
B. Publish the project schedule to the functional manager
C. Review the communications plan to ensure proper involvement
D. Add the incident to the issue log and seek resolution
E. Ensure the functional manager is on the status report distribution list

Question # 4

A hurricane occurs in an area where several key project resources are located. When reviewing the project dashboard, the project sponsor sees the project is behind schedule and asks the project manager for an explanation. Which of the following documents should the project manager examine NEXT to provide an explanation? 

A. Meeting minutes
B. Issue log
C. Project schedule
D. Budget

Question # 5

A project manager is assigned a project that is part of the company’s strategic objectives. Of which of the following is the project a part?

A. Project management office
B. Portfolio
C. Program
D. Mission statement

Question # 6

A project manager is starting a project on an unfamiliar technology. The document that is MOST likely to be created and distributed is an: 


Question # 7

Risk ID 2 has occurred.Which of the following ways should the project manager update the risk register? 

A. Add a column for probability and set risk 2 at 100%
B. Change the risk 2 response to backups restored
C. Change the risk 2 status to issue
D. Change the risk 2 owner to PM

Question # 8

A project team is working on a project with high public visibility and excitement. The project sponsor is concerned the public may lose interest due to the long delivery timeline. Which of the following is the BEST way to keep the external stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the project?

A. Video conferencing
B. Instant messaging
C. Social media
D. Email

Question # 9

Which of the following represents the order of the team development stages? 

A. Forming, storming, norming, performing
B. Forming, performing, storming, norming
C. Forming, norming, storming, performing
D. Forming, norming, performing, storming

Question # 10

Which of the following should a project manager consider as part of a make or buy analysis? 

A. Organization type
C. Project charter
D. Trade secrets

Question # 11

A project has been experiencing some difficulties due to third-party vendors. The project manager should request. 

A. Additional resources
B. A gate review
C. A risk register update
D. A performance audit

Question # 12

Which of the following are characteristics of a matrix organization? (Choose three.) 

A. The project manager has full authority.
B. Resources report directly to the functional manager.
C. Authority is shared between functional and project managers.
D. Resources are assigned from functional area to project.
E. There is ad hoc resourcing.
F. The organization utilizes a bench.
G. The project manager authority ranges from strong to weak.

Question # 13

Which of the following organizational structures uses project team members who are selected from within their department?

A. Projectized
B. Balanced matrix
C. Functional
D. Strong matrix

Question # 14

The PMO has asked the PM to provide a status report indicating the number of events and activities required to complete a project. Which of the following charts should the PM include in the status report?

A. Gantt chart
B. Scatter chart
C. Run chart
D. Process diagram

Question # 15

Which of the following is a risk strategy? 

A. Risk quantification
B. Risk avoidance
C. Risk identification
D. Risk review

Question # 16

A project sponsor approved an undocumented change without following the formal change control process. The resulting change caused an outage in a crucial accounting application. Which of the following change control processes would help mitigate the realization of this risk?

A. Regression plan
B. Quality plan
C. Change validation
D. Application version control

Question # 17

A key team member found a new job and will be leaving in two weeks. Which of the following should the project manager do FIRST to minimize negative impacts to the project?

A. Request a replacement from the project sponsor.
B. Contact human resources to initiate the termination process.
C. Involve the legal department for contract review.
D. Inform executive management about attrition.

Question # 18

A key stakeholder claims to have not received status updates per the agreement. The PM reviews the communications plan and determines the updates were provided as agreed upon. Which of the following should the PM do NEXT to resolve the inconsistency between the communications plan and the stakeholder’s expectations?

A. Analyze the RASI chart
B. Review previous meeting minutes.
C. Initiate a change control request.
D. Updates the communications plan.

Question # 19

Which of the following are the components of a RACI matrix? 

A. Responsibility, authority, support, inform
B. Responsible, accountable, consulted, informed
C. Reliability, accountability, support, inform
D. Responsibility, acquired, consulted, informed

Question # 20

The supervisor asks an engineer to be a project manager within the department. Of which of the following types of organizational structures is this an example? 

A. Projectized
B. Functional
C. Matrix
D. Intermediary

Question # 21

A PM has a complex project that requires coordination among numerous stakeholders. Which of the following is the MOST appropriate type of meeting for the stakeholders to hold?

A. Virtual
B. Impromptu
C. One-on-one
D. In-person

Question # 22

A client has requested a project be completed ahead of schedule. The client understands the triple constraints and agrees to expand the defect tolerance.Which of the following should the PM do NEXT?  

A. Crash the schedule
B. Notify the project team.
C. Initiate a change request
D. Accept the risk.

Question # 23

Which of the following is the MOST important component against which the project manager can analyze project performance?

A. Burn rate
B. Project baselines
D. Budget

Question # 24

Which of the following organization types requires the project manager to report performance issues to another department?

A. Functional
B. Strong matrix
C. Projectized
D. Weak matrix

Question # 25

A project manager creates a Pareto chart based on the table below: Which of the following describes why the team was asked to inspect and review missing parts, poor adhesives, and faulty installation?

A. To take preventive action and identify the causes resulting in the highest number of issues
B. To take corrective action and identify the effects resulting in the highest number of issues
C. To take preventive action and identify and frequencies resulting in the highest number of issues
D. To take corrective action and identify the causes resulting in the highest number of issues

Question # 26

A developer is experiencing constant project scope changes and reaches out to the project manager to discuss the situation. They agree the customer has requested multiple modifications to the core idea and now extra work may need to be performed. Which of the following approaches would BEST support on-time delivery considering these changes?

A. Strict change management controls
B. Regular Scrum meetings
C. Continuous requirements gathering
D. Regular milestone reviews

Question # 27

Due to a lack of adherence to the risk response plan, there are numerous safety concerns within the scope of a building project. Which of the following MOST likely explains this issue?

A. Risks were not identified.
B. Risks were not mitigated.
C. Risks were not exploited.
D. Risks were not communicated.

Question # 28

A project manager notices a lack of meeting attendance from the project team. Which of the following actions might the project manager take to BEST improve the level of attendance?

A. Schedule the meeting directly on the attendees’ calendars.
B. Publish an agenda prior to the meeting.
C. Increase the number of email invitations for the upcoming meeting.
D. Send the meeting invitation by email with a read receipt.

Question # 29

A project team has just finished one phase of product development and is gathering requirements for the next phase. Which of the following methodologies is being applied?

A. Waterfall
C. Agile
D. Top-down

Question # 30

Team members in a projectized organization are released at the end of a project and placed on the “bench”. Which of the following should the benched team members do NEXT?

A. Find a new project.
B .Check in with a functional manager.
C. Report to the project manager.
D. Contact the project sponsor.

Question # 31

Which of the following resources outlines consequences of non-performance? 

A. Project sponsor
B. Project team
C. Customer
D. Project management office

Question # 32

Which of the following tasks are responsibilities of the project manager role?

A. Provide inputs, estimate tasks, and manage a team
B. Manage the budget, perform quality assurance, and be accountable for artifacts
C. Set deliverables, control risk, manage risk, and create a project charter
D. Manage a team, marketing, roadblocks, and project steering

Question # 33

A project task has been completed ahead of schedule. Which of the following is the MOST appropriate next step?

A. Provide the next task to the newly freed resource.
B. Communicate the success to the team.
C. Notify the project sponsor of the new completion date.
D. Update the schedule and add lag to the next task.

Question # 34

An organization is divided into three separate entities based on geographical region. Which of the following types of organizational change is this?

A. Relocation
B. Outsourcing
C. Demerger
D. Split

Question # 35

When developing a project schedule, which of the following resources is the BEST to estimate task duration? 

A. Project manager
B. Project scheduler
C. Project team
D. Project sponsor

Question # 36

During a risk review session, the project team identified the percentage probability that a particular risk will occur. This is known as:

A. risk identification
B. risk prioritization
C. risk qualification
D. risk quantification

Question # 37

Which of the following can a project manager use to keep track of finances and ensure costs are accurately applied to a project?

A. PO numbers
B. Cost baseline
C. Bill of materials
D. WBS codes

Question # 38

A new project manager is working in an environment where resources report to another supervisor. The project manager is having difficulty with a particular member and wants to escalate the issue. Which of the following documents should the project manager consult? 

A. Issue log
B. RACI chart
C. Risk management plan
D. Organizational chart

Question # 39

Which of the following will identify the MOST potential project risks? 

A. Cost-benefit analysis
B. Past project documentation
C. Project budget
D. Benchmarking

Question # 40

A project team is spread between two countries on different continents. Which of the following factors are MOST likely to influence communication methods selected for the communication plan? (Select TWO).

A. Interorganizational constraints
B. Personal preferences
C. Language barriers
D. Cultural differences
E. Confidentiality constraints

Question # 41

An engineer is troubleshooting a malfunctioning physical deliverable and requires assistance from remote team members. Which of the following would be the BEST communication method for the engineer to use?

A. Phone conversation
B. Face-to-face meeting
C. Instant messaging
D. Video conference

Question # 42

A key stakeholder asked several members of the project team to make project changes without submitting them for approval. Because the stakeholder is related to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the team members are reluctant to deny these requests. Which of the following should the project manager do FIRST to control this situation?

A. Have the team members deny all change requests from this stakeholder
B. Ask the project sponsor for more funding to anticipate the change requests from the key stakeholder
C. Contact the key stakeholder to encourage the submission of written change requests
D. Request additional resources from the project team to complete the change requests from the key stakeholder

Question # 43

A part that is needed to complete Task 3 has been backordered and will arrive three days later than scheduled. Task 3 must be complete for Task 4 to start. There is one day of float for the two tasks. Which of the following represents the number of days the project schedule will be delayed?

A. Zero
B. One
C. Two
D. Three

Question # 44

A project manager is performing resource leveling and notices one of the functional testers is assigned 40% in a second project. The project manager needs the resource to be 100% dedicated to the project; otherwise, the testing phase jeopardizes the delivery date. Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?

A. Ask the resource manager to deallocate the resource from the second project.
B. Ask the resource manager to assign a new resource with 40% of allocation.
C. Keep the resource 100% allocated in the project, as per the initial plan.
D. Change the resource to 60% of allocation and review the mitigation plan.

Question # 45

A project can be defined as: 

A. permanent and ongoing.
B. temporary and unique.
C. temporary and standard.
D. permanent and unique.

Question # 46

A project sponsor wants to know which tasks are next in the project but is unable to find this information. Which of the following may need to be adjusted?

A. Scope document
B. Status report
C. Issue log
D. Risk log

Question # 47

Which of the following charts would indicate the cause and effect of tasks in a project, and for which of the following activities would the chart be used?

A. Histogram, forecasting
B. Ishikawa, quality control
C. Scatter, determining resources
D. Gantt, leveraging resources

Question # 48

Which of the following are major characteristics of sprint planning? (Choose two.) 

A. Defining the sprint durations
B. Defining the sprint owners
C. Defining the sprint parameters
D. Defining the number of sprints
E. Defining the sprint classifications

Question # 49

While planning a project, the project team estimates known expenses but also applies a margin of error for unknown expenses. Which of the following is the project team trying to determine?

A. Cost of quality
B. Expenditures
C. Total project cost
D. Burn rate

Question # 50

A member of a CCB notices a change request was not approved by the steering committee. Which of the following is the BEST method to handle this situation? 

A. Disapprove the change request.
B. Evaluate the impact of the change.
C. Develop a regression plan.
D. Hold the change request for review

Question # 51

The project team has identified all the tasks needed to create project deliverables and grouped them into work packages covering all project scope. Which of the following should be done NEXT? 

A. Identify task relationships.
B. Put the resources on tasks.
C. Set the quality gates.
D. Estimate the work package.

Question # 52

Which of the following includes setting governance gates as well as predecessors and dependencies? 

A. Project communication
B. Project constraints
C. Project change control
D. Project scheduling

Question # 53

In the review of a project status report, the slack is negative. Which of the following should the project manager tell the stakeholders?

A. The project is behind schedule
B. The project is over budget
C. The project has float available
D. The project needs a gate review

Question # 54

A construction company is building a plant in a territory that is prone to earthquakes. To address the risk and consequences of potential earthquakes during and after plant construction, the company purchases additional insurance. Which of the following risk responses has occurred?

A. Avoiding
B. Mitigating
C. Accepting
D. Transferring

Question # 55

A new executive has joined the organization and is considering adding deliverables to the scope. The sponsor agrees with the executive but does not want to change the completion date. Which of the following options would be MOST useful to the project manager to accommodate the new scope without extending the completion date? (Choose two.)

A. Fast-track some tasks to free up time.
B. Remove some of the previous deliverables.
C. Document the impact to the scope.
D. Request additional funds to get more resources.
E. Deny the scope change.
F. Perform regression analysis on the changes.

Question # 56

A company recently discovered that it could save money by moving its call center to another country. The company entered into an agreement for call center services. Which of the following types of organizational change is this? 

A. Relocation
B. Outsourcing
C. Business process change
D. Business demerger/split

Question # 57

A project manager has updated the project schedule but cannot analyze the schedule performance. Which of the following steps did the project manager miss?

A. Lock the schedule
B. Approve the schedule
C. Baseline the schedule
D. Fast track the schedule

Question # 58

According to the communication management plan, the project scheduler is required to post weekly status reports on the project’s intranet site. From the stakeholders’ point of view, accessing the weekly report is an example of:

A. interorganizational preferences
B. personal preferences
C. the interactive method
D. the pull method

Question # 59

A project manager is reviewing project performance. Which of the following would be the BEST indicator of the total project cost?


Question # 60

Task A starts on Day 1 and has a duration of two days. Task B has a duration of two days and starts on Day 3. Task C starts after Task A and has a duration of three days. Task D starts after Task B and Task C and has a duration of one day. Which of the following represents the critical path?

A. Five days
B. Six days
C. Seven days
D. Eight days

Question # 61

The PMO is confused by an entry in the risk register and would like the project manager to provide clarification regarding strategy. Based on the following entry: Which of the following should be modified to BEST eliminate confusion?

A. Change the status to issue and include it in the issue log
B. Change the strategy to mitigate
C. Change the name to identify the problem clearly
D. Change the owner to sponsor

Question # 62

Which of the following conflict resolution techniques relies on establishing areas of agreement rather than disagreement?

A. Smoothing
B. Collaborating
C. Compromising
D. Avoiding

Question # 63

A company just announced all third-party vendors must provide ten cybersecurity resources within six weeks. Which of the following documents should the project manager create LAST? 


Question # 64

The government wants to start a project that will launch a satellite but lacks the appropriate SMEs. Which of the following would be BEST to solicit vendors?


Question # 65

The PM has requested that a project repository be developed. Sensitive information will be available on the site that could affect the project’s success. Only personnel who need to know the information will have access. Which of the following site types is the PM requesting?

A. Wiki page
B. Intranet
C. Extranet
D. Internet
E. Knowledge base

Question # 66

Company A and Company B have come together to form a new Company C. Staff members from both companies have been moved to Company C, and there are rumors that some staff might be asked to leave. These are examples of: (Choose two.)

A. business reorganization
B. business relocation
C. business outsourcing
D. business merger
E. business process change

Question # 67

A project manager, who previously worked at a construction firm, has just joined an IT organization and has been assigned to handle a security project. Which of the following roles can provide technical direction during the course of the project?

A. Security SME
B. Business analyst
C. Project scheduler
D. Project sponsor

Question # 68

Which of the following events would MOST likely merit immediate communication to all project stakeholders? (Choose two.)

A. Business continuity response
B. Milestone achievement
C. Incident response
D. Schedule change
E. Change request
F. Stakeholder changes

Question # 69

A project manager determines deliverables are not meeting customer specifications. During which of the following project phases is this determination MOST likely to happen?

A. Monitor and control
B. Execution
C. Closing
D. Planning

Question # 70

Which of the following job roles is MOST responsible for providing input on the project requirements, steering the project, providing expertise, and having vested interest in the project?

A. Project scheduler
B. Project stakeholder
C. Project team
D. Project coordinator

Question # 71

A customer is in the early planning stages of a technology rebuild. To gain a better understanding of the possible solutions, which of the following documents should the customer send to prospective vendors?


Question # 72

A project manager is assigned to a project that was previously managed by a peer project manager. The project manager identifies several modifications that were deployed prior to CCB approval. Which of the following change control processes is being mismanaged?

A. Change validation with quality checks
B. Regression planning
C. Identify approval authority
D. Change implementation

Question # 73

While preparing to plan a project, the project manager meets with the key stakeholders to determine the flexibility between the project constraints. Which of the following techniques should the project manager consider to reduce personal bias and increase buy-in? 

A. Send the stakeholders a survey about the project constraints to complete anonymously
B. Watch and determine which constraint is most important
C. Compare the constraints two at a time and have the stakeholders vote on importance
D. Look at historical information regarding the flexibility preferences of key stakeholders

Question # 74

Which of the following network scheduling techniques is focused mainly on the duration and stack of each activity?

A. Program evaluation review technique
B. Precedence diagramming method
C. Arrow diagramming metho
D. Critical path method

Question # 75

Language barriers will MOST likely influence a PM to: 

A. use more print media to communicate with the stakeholders.
B. hire a bilingual project team that is fluent in the language to reduce conflict.
C. hire an interpreter to ensure verbal and written communications are accurate.
D. learn the unknown language to be able to communicate effectively with stakeholders.

Question # 76

A project is running behind schedule. To meet the delivery timelines, the project manager decides to give part of the work to another organization for quicker delivery and to allow the project team to focus on the remaining tasks. This is an example of:

A. crashing.
B. outsourcing.
C. task reassignment.
D. relocation.

Question # 77

An active construction project must make immediate changes when it is discovered that the designated project area contains protected wetlands. Which of the following is the MOST likely impact to the project?

A. The project quality will decrease
B. The project scope will decrease
C. The project timeline will increase
D. The interproject dependencies will increase

Question # 78

A company purchased a parachute supplier and is now sending parachutes to the research and development department. Which of the following has occurred? 

A. Risk avoidance
B. Outsourcing
C. Business demerger
D. Business acquisition

Question # 79

Which of the following describes a project’s budget overrun? 

A. The project spends only half of the funds.
B. The project spends only the allocated funds.
C. The project spends none of the funds.
D. The project spends in excess of the funds.

Question # 80

A project manager is planning to hold a meeting to discuss what went well, what did not go well, and what should be done differently. Which of the following meetings should the project manager hold? 

A. Kickoff
C. Impromptu
C. Closure
D. Status

Question # 81

A project manager noted there were many possible features that could be incorporated into a project, and the customers wavered about whether to include particular features. Which of the following is the BEST approach to ensure appropriate delivery of the project?

A. In one section of the project charter, specify which features are included in the project, in another section, specify which features are not included in the project
B. The scope statement should enumerate which features are included in the project and which features are not included in the project.
C. At the beginning and end of every meeting, the project manager should consistently remind the project team which features are included in the project and which features are not included in the project.
D. The project requirements document lists all the features that are included in the project, and the project manager diligently ensures that features not included in the project are not included in the MOU with the customer.

Question # 82

The project team is moving from high-level risks to detailed risks. Which of the following project phases is the project team moving between?

A. Execution to monitor and control
B. Initiation to planning
C. Initiation to monitor and control
D. Planning to execution

Question # 83

Which of the following documents will provide the MOST detailed information regarding the work a vendor will perform during a project?


Question # 84

Gas prices were included in the cost baseline for a transportation and hauling project. Although the estimates used to create the baseline were based on historical data, which of the following should the project manager consider as a root cause for potential issues with cost overruns?

A. Requirements
B. Lessons learned
C. Budget
D. Environment

Question # 85

The quarterly financial statement has been released, and portfolios are losing funding for projects. Which of the following options are MOST appropriate to keep the project alive and on schedule? (Choose two.)

A. Shorten the project duration.
B. Reduce the features being released.
C. Request more time with a smaller project team.
D. Reduce quality control.
E. Ask for operational team support.

Question # 86

A senior developer abruptly resigned without notice. Because of the senior developer’s expertise, the active task workload was substantial. This would MOST likely impact the project’s: (Choose two.)

A. environment
B. scheduling
C. requirements
D. effectiveness
E. scope
F. budget

Question # 87

A project manager is collecting the number of hours, the resources, and the amount of money spent on hardware and software. Which of the following is MOST likely the purpose of collecting this information?

A. Financial stability
B. Competitive advantage
C. Budget constraints
D. Expenditure tracking

Question # 88

A highly skilled project engineer will be on indefinite medical leave. No one on the project team has the required skill set to replace the engineer. Which of the following will be impacted MOST by the absence of the engineer?

A. Resources
B. Environment
C. Deliverables
D. Requirements

Question # 89

Which of the following are MOST essential to developing an effective project team? (Choose two.)

A. Team building by mixing in-house and remote human resources
B. Dedicating the junior resources to the shortest tasks
C. Sharing senior resources with other projects
D. Selecting team members with the appropriate skill sets
E. Building trust through honesty and good communication

Question # 90

Which of the following roles is MOST involved in checking the quality of the deliverables and supporting the project manager during the project? 

A. Sponsor
B. Team leader
C. Project coordinator
D. Tester

Question # 91

A local company is part of a hostile takeover by a multinational conglomerate. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) directs that all meetings be conducted via video conference to save costs and expedite communication. This scenario is an example of:

A. outsourcing.
B. corporate acquisition.
C. internal reorganization.
D. process change.
E. relocation.
F. resource management.

Question # 92

There is a project in which the team can only meet once every three months. When the team does meet, no one can remember what was discussed and decided upon last time; thus, progress is being delayed. Which of the following project management tools would help? 

A. Issue log
B. Project charter
C. Dashboard
D. Meeting minutes

Question # 93

Which of the following provides tools and standard documentation for the project team? 

A. Project management office
B. Project manager
C. Project coordinator
D. Project steering committee

Question # 94

A number of requirements, conflicts, and reworks during a project delayed the schedule, increased the budget, and required replanning efforts.Which of the following is MOST likely the cause? 

A. There were not enough resources assigned to the project execution team.
B. The PMO was not involved in project initiation and planning.
C. Proper team-building activities were not performed when starting the project.
D. A few major stakeholders were overlooked during project initiation and planning.

Question # 95

An external customer has requested a modification of the project scope through an official change request. Which of the following is the appropriate NEXT step? 

A. Implement the change.
B. Analyze impacts to the project.
C. Create a new change request.
D. Modify the configuration documentation.

Question # 96

Which of the following should be included in an effective SOW? 

A. Lessons learned
B. Procurement process
C. Corrective action plan
D. Project objectives

Question # 97

During the execution phase of a project, a project task has run longer than anticipated.  Which of the following is the new critical path of the project if Task 2 requires an additional two days to complete? 

A. 12 days
B. 14 days
C. 16 days
D. 19 days

Question # 98

An American publisher is participating in a workshop in Hong Kong with the purpose of updating a new book that will be launched in Japan next year. During the workshop, a deep and intense discussion occurs with other local publishers regarding the references the book may contain. Which of the following BEST describes the situation?

A. Language barrier
B. Personal preference
C. Technological factor
D. Cultural difference

Question # 99

Based on the table below:Which of the following is the total float for the critical path? 

A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3

Question # 100

The client accepts the critical design review.Which of the following meetings should be held to move to the NEXT step in the project?

A. Execution
B. Kickoff
C. Closure
D. Planning

Question # 101

A stakeholder wants to add four more data entry points on the accounts receivable screen of the current application being developed. Which of the following constraints would this impact directly?

A. Risks
B. Scope
C. Environment
D. Quality

Question # 102

An employee is assigned to a project and is developing a project charter. Which of the following are some of the constraints the employee would typically face at this stage of the project?

A. Environment, resources, requirements, and quality
B. Budget, quality, resources, and schedule
C. Deliverables, scope, and budget environment
D. Budget, scope, quality, and schedule

Question # 103

During planning, a project coordinator publishes the project management plan. After reviewing the plan, the project sponsor is concerned it is too long and detailed. Which of the following does the project sponsor desire?

A. Status report
B. Task durations
C. Project schedule
D. Schedule management plan

Question # 104

A project sponsor is reviewing the project dashboard and does not understand what a CPI of 0.87 and an SPI of 1.02 indicate. Which of the following describes the project status?

A. The project is over budget and behind schedule.
B. The project is under budget and ahead of schedule.
C. The project is over budget and ahead of schedule.
D. The project is under budget and behind schedule.

Question # 105

The PMO is responsible for: (Choose two.)

A. managing the project plan, scope, risk, and budget.
B. contributing expertise, deliverables, and estimates of costs.
C. setting standards and practices for the organization and providing governance.
D. outlining consequences of non-performance and coordinating between disparate projects.
E. approving funding, developing the project schedule, and gathering high-level requirements.

Question # 106

The project manager is running a project in an organization with a strong PMO and a mature control process. Due to vendor delays, the project is scheduled to exceed the authorized timeline. The project manager has discovered that fast-tracking two tasks will mitigate the issue. Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT? 

A. Announce the fast track to the project team.
B. Modify the schedule
C. Initiate a change request.
D. Obtain approval.

Question # 107

A stakeholder with whom the project manager has worked on numerous occasions drops by and requests that the project management add two small items to the application under development. The stakeholder has seen the value of these changes in other applications and assures the project manager they are easy, quick changes. Which of the following BEST describes how the project manager should respond? 

A. Take the request to the CCB
B. Quickly make the changes
C. Ask a project team member to make the changes
D. Inform the sponsor of the stakeholder’s request

Question # 108

A company’s management team is in a meeting to review all the products and services delivered in the first quarter of the year for profitability. They are requesting information on payback period, return on investment, and total cost of ownership. The project manager is checking the project repository for available documentation. In which of the following documents is the project manager MOST likely to find the required information?

A. Business case
B. Project charter
C. Risk management plan
D. Scope of work

Question # 109

A company engaged a third-party audit firm to provide regular financial oversight for regulatory compliance and requested a project manager to work with the firm. The PMO declines to assign a project manager and refers to another department within the company. Which of the following is MOST likely the reason for this?

A. There are not enough project managers available for additional work
B. The work does not align with the strategic objectives of the organization
C. This is ongoing work the vendor has been hired to perform
D. The third party has a reputation for expertise in this area

Question # 110

A small company has a successful proof of concept for an innovative new service but lacks the necessary expertise to deploy it. Which of the following is the BEST course of action to address this deficiency?

A. Internal reorganization
B. Business merger/acquisition
C. Business process change
D. Outsourcing

Question # 111

Which of the following describes the difference between an acquisition and outsourcing?

A. In an acquisition, the organizations remain separate, whereas they become one in outsourcing.
B. In an acquisition, the organizations become one, whereas they move to a new location in outsourcing.
C. In an acquisition, the organizations become one, whereas they remain separate in outsourcing.
D. In an acquisition, the organizations become two, whereas they remain distinct in outsourcing.

Question # 112

Tasks A, B, and C have a duration of two days. Task D has a duration of three days, and Task E has duration of four days. Task A starts on Day 1, and Task B starts on Day 2. Task C starts after Task A. Tasks D and E start after Task C. Which of the following is the critical path if Task B starts on Day 3?

A. A, C, D
B. A, C, E
C. A, D, E
D. B, C, E

Question # 113

A project facilitator is working within a large project team that includes 36 members representing different organizational groups. The current communications plan calls for full status updates to be emailed to the whole group twice per week. Which of the following factors should be considered FIRST when communicating with this group?

A. Providing all parties with frequent updates keeps the team on the same page as the project moves forward.
B. The large team may be dispersed over different time zones, preventing the team from receiving the status updates at the same time.
C. The frequency, method, and level of detail provided should be different for each target audience.
D. All team members receive the same level of detail, ensuring the accuracy of the status updates

Question # 114

A customer has requested a new feature be included in the next iterative release. The customer has agreed to move a previously planned feature to a subsequent release and increase the budget. Which of the following is the MOST appropriate scheduling action?

A. Analyze the critical path and update the WBS with the new feature
B. Add the new feature and reprioritize the product backlog
C. Add the new feature to the next sprint and move the old feature to the following sprint
D. Conduct a retrospective with the team to discuss the change and introduce the feature

Question # 115

The executive sponsor asks a project manager to summarize the following for a project:1. Final capital expenditures.2. Anticipated cost of new employee resources to support the solution.3. Maintenance estimates.Which of the following information should the project manager provide?

A. Cost baseline
B. Burn rate
C. Cost variance report
D. Total project cost

Question # 116

Which of the following is a component of the project cost control? 

A. Scope statement
B. Burn rate

Question # 117

An approved change was implemented. Which of the following should be accomplished NEXT? 

A. Update the documentation.
B. Validate the change.
C. Update the project sponsor.
D. Validate the impact.

Question # 118

A project coordinator notices there is a scheduling conflict with the weekly team meeting. The project coordinator submits a request to hold the meeting at a different time will not negatively impact the scheduling. Which of the following resources has the authority to authorize this change?

A. Stakeholders
B. Scrum master
C. Project sponsor
D. Project team

Question # 119

The stakeholders who are available for the user acceptance test do not understand the project’s requirements. The tester is trying to identify who requested the feature, but there is no information available. Which of the following components is missing?

B. Quality plan
C. Project schedule

Question # 120

Tasks A and B have a duration of two days. Task A starts on Day 1, and Task B starts on Day 3. Tasks C and D have a duration of three days, and Task E has a duration of four days. Task C starts after Task A. Task D and E start after Task C. If Task A starts on December 15, which of the following is the anticipated start date for Task D? 

A. December 18
B. December 19
C. December 20
D. December 21
E. December 22

Question # 121

The internal project sponsor is frustrated by a lack of concise, regular updates regarding the status of a project.  Which of the following changes would BEST satisfy the project sponsor?

A. Add the project sponsor to all project email correspondence moving forward
B. Include the project sponsor in all project meetings moving forward
C. Add a new line to the communications plan to provide a weekly status report with a dashboard
D. Include the project sponsor in the daily stand-up with the entire project team

Question # 122

A company was originally organized using a functional structure; however, the company has decided to go forward with a matrix structure to get the most utilization of resources. This is an example of:

A. a business process change
B. personal preference
C. internal reorganization
D. intraorganizational differences

Question # 123

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has changed the direction of a business and no longer needs one of the divisions. A deal is reached to sell the division to a company in another state. Which of the following BEST describes this type of organizational change?

A. Business process change
B. Internal reorganization
C. Relocation
D. Demerger

Question # 124

A project manager learns that a key team member is required to work on a different assignment within the next two weeks. In which of the following organizational structures does the project manager work? 

A. Projectized
B. Functional
C. Flat
D. Strong matrix

Question # 125

Given the following sprint:Which of the following charts BEST demonstrates the decreasing number of Not Started items for the sprint depicted above?

A. Gantt chart
B. Pareto chart
C. Scatter chart
D. Burndown chart

Question # 126

Which of the following documents are considered mutually binding? (Choose two.) 


Question # 127

In a projectized organization, a project manager has a need for a testing resource. The first place the project manager should look for this resource is:

A. a dedicated resource pool
B. an allocated resource pool
C. a shared resource pool
D. a benched resource pool

Question # 128

Which of the following make up a company’s portfolio? (Choose two.)

A. People
B. Procedures
C. Projects
D. Processes
E. Profit
F. Programs

Question # 129

Severe weather has impacted a construction project, delaying scheduled work for five days. Which of the following project changes is the project manager most likely to consider FIRST?

A. Requirements change
B. Funding change
C. Timeline change
D. Risk event

Question # 130

Midway through a project, the building the team works in is destroyed by a hurricane. Which of the following types of communication is BEST in this event?

A. Incident response
B. Business continuity response
C. Resource change response
D. Schedule response

Question # 131

A project sponsor informs the project manager that the project completion date must be moved one month earlier. Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?

A. Recalculate the critical path, determine the new cost, schedule baselines, and initiate the change request process.
B. Recalculate the schedule and cost variance, and report the changes to the project stakeholders and sponsor.
C. Calculate the cost of crashing the schedule, and obtain the stakeholders’ approval for the new project WBS and timeline.
D. Calculate the additional resource requirements that are necessary to meet the new project deadline, and work with human resources to hire additional staff.

Question # 132

A project manager has updated the risk register with the current risk status, probability, and impact. Risk IDs 2 and 6 have now been realized.  Which of the following is the NEXT appropriate step for the project manager to take?

A. Identify risk strategies for the realized events
B. Change the risk status to closed for 2 and 6
C. Consult the risk management plan
D. Update the issue log

Question # 133

A PM notes a feature that was delivered does not appear in the latest requirement document. The PM immediately submits a change request for remediation. Which of the following actions has the PM omitted?

A. Identifying the risk
B. Obtaining approval from the CCB
C. Evaluating the impact of the risk
D. Communicating to stakeholders

Question # 134

During a CCB, a SME evaluated the impact and provided new information because of business process changes for handling potential failure. Which of the following documents should be updated?

A. Incident response
B. Project plan
C. Risk register
D. Business continuity plan

Question # 135

A vendor is late with product deliverables. Which of the following documents should the PM refer to FIRST? 

A. C&D letter

Question # 136

A financial audit is being performed on a closed project. Which of the following should be communicated with FIRST?

A. Stakeholders
B. Project management office
C. Functional managers
D. Quality control

Question # 137

The managing director of a law firm has asked the project manager to create a scope statement for a new contract. Which of the following should be included in the scope statement? (Choose two.)

A. Scope creep
B. Deliverables
C. Business requirements
D. Project schedule
E. Gate review
F. Key performance indicators

Question # 138

A PM has notified the project team of an immediate project relocation. Of which of the following triggers is this MOST likely a result? (Choose two.)

A. Business continuity response
B. Resource changes
C. Disaster recovery response
D. Risk response
E. Gate review

Question # 139

Which of the following methods should a project manager use to improve email communication for a timesensitive, high-visibility global project? (Choose two.) 

A. Limit email recipients to only required team members.
B. Increase the number of emails to encourage team interaction.
C. Set up emails with bold text and all caps in the subject line.
D. Eliminate acronyms from the email to avoid miscommunication.
E. Include more information to increase the length of each email message.
F. Include detailed technical consideration in each email.

Question # 140

Two parties are beginning conversations regarding the purchase of professional services. Which of the following should be in place FIRST?


Question # 141

A project manager detects low performance from a team member who previously demonstrated to be a highly skilled asset. The team member explains that being part of two teams is too time consuming. This is a disadvantage of having:

A. dedicated resources.
B. interproject dependencies.
C. resource overallocation.
D. shared resources.

Question # 142

When a project team member completes a task in the WBS, which of the following are the primary recipients of the notification? (Choose two.)

A. Project manager
B. Project sponsor
C. Key stakeholder
D. Human resources
E. Project scheduler
F. Project management office

Question # 143

A PM is asked to keep the Chief Information Officer (CIO) informed of a project’s health at a high level on a daily basis. Which of the following is the BEST way for the PM to provide this information?

A. Status report
B. Meeting minutes
C. Dashboard
D. Email

Question # 144

A company has updated the method it uses to initiate projects. The company requires RFPs from three vendors, and low and high bids must be rejected to determine the selected vendor. Which of the following terms describe this requirement?

A. Outsourcing
B. Business acquisition
C. Business process change
D. Internal reorganization

Question # 145

Rather than sending emails to communicate all project information, the project manager:Makes telephone calls to key stakeholders for urgent informationSends emails for routine informationPosts on the project intranet site for required but minimally used informationWhich of the following BEST represents what the project manager is doing?

A. Prioritizing based on personal preferences
B. Tailoring the method based on message content
C. Adjusting the method based on confidentiality constraints
D. Demonstrating concern for technological factors

Question # 146

During a project, the project manager discovers there is insufficient time allotted for quality control. The project manager prepared to submit a revised schedule to the CCB.  Given the attached chart, which of the following is the critical path if one day is added to each task for quality control?

A. 12 days
B. 16 days
C. 17 days
D. 22 days

Question # 147

A project sponsor approaches the project manager with a change request. During the conversation, the project sponsor claims to understand the impact of the change to the project length and has the budget to handle the cost. The sponsor also tells the project manager to send whatever needs a signature. The project manager’s NEXT step should be to: 

A. document the change
B. implement the change
C. communicate the change
D. prioritize the change

Question # 148

A key stakeholder has communicated a significant project scope change to the project manager. Which of the following actions should the project manager take FIRST?

A. Submit a change request to the CCB.
B. Implement the change to the project.
C. Determine the impact of the requested change.
D. Update the schedule to accommodate the change.

Question # 149

The anticipated funding level for an approved project was reduced. The sponsor has met with the project manager to identify several scope reductions. Which of the following is the NEXT step the project manager should take?

A. Update the documentation.
B. Implement the change.
C. Close the project.
D. Evaluate the impact.

Question # 150

A company recently went through a project requiring new equipment, new software, and retraining of personnel. This is MOST likely a result of:

A. an internal reorganization.
B. outsourcing.
C. a business process change.
D. resource allocation.

Question # 151

A sprint retrospective is being conducted. Which of the following is the BEST way to obtain input? 

A. Video conference
B. Face-to-face meeting
C. Instant messaging
D. Collaboration site

Question # 152

Which of the following project roles is ultimately responsible for all project artifacts? 

A. Project sponsor
B. Project coordinator
C. Project manager
D. Project team

Question # 153

A project team received a memo stating no one can come into the office for the rest of the week due to heavy forecasted rain. The projected team reviews the risk management plan and carries out the risk response. The memo that prompted the activation of the risk response is referred to as the: 

A. risk owner
B. risk impact
C. risk review
D. risk trigger

Question # 154

A company has been trying to implement a product with multiple challenges for more than two years. Both the company and the vendor mutually agree to cancel the project. Which of the following should be issued? 

D. C&D

Question # 155

A project manager is scheduling activities and determines one activity cannot be completed until another activity is completed. Which of the following dependency relationships is represented?


Question # 156

Which of the following is the first document issued during the procurement process in a project? 


Question # 157

A stakeholder informs a project manager that a weekly status report has not been delivered via email, but the monthly status reports were received. Which of the following should the project manager do NEXT?

A. Immediately send the current weekly status report
B. Add email to the distribution list for the weekly status report
C. Remove email from the distribution list for the monthly status report
D. Consult the communications plan and act accordingly

Question # 158

A project sponsor promises the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) that a project will be completed before the next quarterly meeting. The project manager needs to take the following elements into account:DeliveryVacationCost of overtimeWork effortWhich of the following documents should the project manager use to guarantee the project’s success? 

B. Schedule
C. Project charter
E. Burn chart

Question # 159

An audit, project change, task initiation/completion, gate review, and incident response are examples of

A. change control.
B. status reporting.
C. risk events.
D. communication triggers.