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CompTIA N10-008 Overview

Detail Information
Exam Code N10-008
Exam Title CompTIA Network+
Exam Cost Approximately $329 USD (may vary by region)
Total Time 90 minutes
Available Languages English, Japanese
Passing Marks The passing score is on a scale of 100-900, with a recommended score of 720 or higher.
Exam Format Multiple choice and performance-based questions
Exam Domains Networking Concepts, Infrastructure, Network Operations, Network Security, Network Troubleshooting, Professionalism, and Safety.

CompTIA Network+ Exam Topics Breakdown

Content Area Percentage
Domain Approximate Percentage of Exam (%)
Networking Concepts 23
Infrastructure 18
Network Operations 17
Network Security 20
Network Troubleshooting 22
Professionalism and Safety Varies
CompTIA N10-008 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

A network administrator is troubleshooting the communication between two Layer 2switches that are reporting a very high runt count. After trying multiple ports on bothswitches, the issue persists. Which of the following should the network administratorperform to resolve the issue?

A. Increase the MTU size on both switches. 
B. Recertify the cable between both switches. 
C. Perform a factory reset on both switches. 
D. Enable debug logging on both switches. 

Question # 2

At the destination host, which of the following OSI model layers will discard a segment witha bad checksum in the UDP header?

A. Network 
B. Data link 
C. Transport 
D. Session 

Question # 3

A network administrator is reviewing interface errors on a switch. Which of the followingindicates that a switchport is receiving packets in excess of the configured MTU?

A. CRC errors 
B. Giants 
C. Runts 
D. Flooding 

Question # 4

A technician is assisting a user who cannot access network resources when theworkstation is connected to a VoIP phone. The technician identifies the phone as faulty andreplaces it. According to troubleshooting methodology, which of the following should thetechnician do NEXT?

A. Implement the solution. 
B. Test the theory. 
C. Duplicate the issue. 
D. Document the findings. 
E. Verify functionality. 

Question # 5

A systems administrator is configuring a firewall using NAT with PAT. Which of thefollowing would be BEST suited for the LAN interface?


Question # 6

A technician is assisting a user who cannot connect to a website. The technician attempts to ping the default gateway and DNS server of the workstation According to troubleshootingmethodology this is an example of:

A. a divide-and-conquer approach 
B. gathering information 
C. a top-to-bottom approach 
D. Implementing a solution 

Question # 7

A network administrator is configuring a database server and would like to ensure thedatabase engine is listening on a certain port. Which of the following commands should theadministrator use to accomplish this goal?

A. nslookup 
B. netstat -a 
C. ipconfig /a 
D. arp -a 

Question # 8

A network administrator decided to use SLAAC in an extensive IPv6 deployment toalleviate IP address management. The devices were properly connected into the LAN butautoconfiguration of the IP address did not occur as expected. Which of the followingshould the network administrator verify?

A. The network gateway is configured to send router advertisements. 
B. A DHCP server is present on the same broadcast domain as the clients. 
C. The devices support dual stack on the network layer. 
D. The local gateway supports anycast routing. 

Question # 9

Which of the following cable types would MOST likely be used to provide high-speednetwork connectivity between nearby buildings?

B. Coaxial 
C. Fiber 
D. Cat 5 
E. Twinaxial 

Question # 10

Which of the following attacks encrypts user data and requires a proper backupimplementation to recover?

A. DDoS 
B. Phishing 
C. Ransomware 
D. MAC spoofing 

Question # 11

A network technician is investigating an issue with handheld devices in a warehouse.Devices have not been connecting to the nearest APs, but they have been connecting toan AP on the far side of the warehouse. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause ofthis issue?

A. The nearest APs are configured for 802.11g. 
B. An incorrect channel assignment is on the nearest APs. 
C. The power level is too high for the AP on the far side. 
D. Interference exists around the AP on the far side. 

Question # 12

A company with multiple routers would like to implement an HA network gateway with the least amount of downtime possible. This solution should not require changes on thegateway setting of the network clients. Which of the following should a technicianconfigure?

A. Automate a continuous backup and restore process of the system's state of the activegateway. 
B. Use a static assignment of the gateway IP address on the network clients. 
C. Configure DHCP relay and allow clients to receive a new IP setting. 
D. Configure a shared VIP and deploy VRRP on the routers. 

Question # 13

A. Channel overlap 
B. Poor signal 
C. Incorrect power settings 
D. Wrong antenna type 

Question # 14

Which of the following uses the destination IP address to forward packets?

A. A bridge 
B. A Layer 2 switch 
C. A router 
D. A repeater 

Question # 15

A network requirement calls for segmenting departments into different networks. Thecampus network is set up with users of each department in multiple buildings. Which of thefollowing should be configured to keep the design simple and efficient?

B. Jumbo frames 
C. Port tagging 
D. Flow control 

Question # 16

A voice engineer is troubleshooting a phone issue. When a call is placed, the caller hearsechoes of the receiver's voice. Which of the following are the causes of this issue?(Choose two.)

A. Jitter 
B. Speed mismatch 
C. QoS misconfiguration 
D. Protocol mismatch 
E. CRC errors 
F. Encapsulation errors 

Question # 17

A technician is connecting DSL for a new customer. After installing and connecting the onpremises equipment, the technician verifies DSL synchronization. When connecting to aworkstation, however, the link LEDs on the workstation and modem do not light up. Whichof the following should the technician perform during troubleshooting?

A. Identify the switching loops between the modem and the workstation. 
B. Check for asymmetrical routing on the modem. 
C. Look for a rogue DHCP server on the network. 
D. Replace the cable connecting the modem and the workstation. 

Question # 18

Users attending security training at work are advised not to use single words as passwordsfor corporate applications. Which of the following does this BEST protect against?

A. An on-path attack 
B. A brute-force attack 
C. A dictionary attack 
D. MAC spoofing 
E. Denial of service 

Question # 19

A company just migrated its email service to a cloud solution. After the migration, two-thirdsof the internal users were able to connect to their mailboxes, but the connection fails for theother one-third of internal users. Users working externally are not reporting any issues. Thenetwork administrator identifies the following output collected from an internal host:c:\user> nslookup newmail.company.comNon-Authoritative answer:Name: newmail.company.comIPs:,, of the following verification tasks should the network administrator perform NEXT?

A. Check the firewall ACL to verify all required IP addresses are included. 
B. Verify the required router PAT rules are properly configured. 
C. Confirm the internal DNS server is replying to requests for the cloud solution. 
D. Validate the cloud console to determine whether there are unlicensed requests. 

Question # 20

A network technician is troubleshooting an application issue. The technician is able torecreate the issue in a virtual environment. According to the troubleshooting methodology,which of the following actions will the technician most likely perform NEXT?

A. Gather information from the initial report. 
B. Escalate the issue to a supervisor. 
C. Implement a solution to resolve the issue. 
D. Establish a theory of probable cause. 

Question # 21

A network administrator is troubleshooting an issue with a new Internet connection. TheISP is asking detailed questions about the configuration of the router that the networkadministrator is troubleshooting. Which of the following commands is the networkadministrator using? (Select TWO.)

A. tcpdump 
B. show config 
C. hostname 
D. show route 
E. netstate 
F. show ip arp 

Question # 22

A network technician reviews an entry on the syslog server and discovers the followingmessage from a switch:SPANNING-TREE Port 1/1 BLOCKEDWhich of the following describes the issue?

A. A loop was discovered, and the impact was mitigated. 
B. An incorrectly pinned cable was disconnected. 
C. The link-local address on the port is incorrect. 
D. The port was shut down, and it needs to be reactivated. 

Question # 23

A network administrator needs to run a single command-line tool capable of displayingrouting table and multicast memberships. Which of the following would BEST help theadministrator achieve the requirements?

A. arp 
B. show route 
C. show config 
D. netstate 

Question # 24

A company's network is set up so all Internet-bound traffic from all remote offices exitsthrough a main datacenter. Which of the following network topologies would BEST describethis setup?

A. Bus 
B. Spine-and-leaf 
C. Hub-and-spoke 
D. Mesh 

Question # 25

Which of the following OSI model layers contains IP headers?

A. Presentation 
B. Application 
C. Data link 
D. Network 
E. Transport 

Question # 26

An IT officer is installing a new WAP. Which of the following must the officer change toconned users securely to the WAP? 

A. AES encryption 
B. Channel to the highest frequency within the band 
C. TKIP encryption protocol 
D. Dynamic selection of the frequency 

Question # 27

Which of the following services can provide data storage, hardware options, and scalabilityto a third-party company that cannot afford new devices?

A. SaaS 
B. IaaS 
C. PaaS 
D. DaaS 

Question # 28

Which of the following is used to provide networking capability for VMs at Layer 2 of theOSI model?

C. vSwitch 

Question # 29

Which of the following policies should be referenced when a user wants to access workemail on a personal cell phone?

A. Offboarding policy 
B. Acceptable use policy 
C. BYOD policy 
D. Remote access policy 

Question # 30

Which of the following would be used to expedite MX record updates to authoritative NSs?

A. UDP forwarding 
B. DNS caching 
C. Recursive lookup 
D. Time to live 

Question # 31

A company is being acquired by a large corporation. As part of the acquisition process, thecompany's address should now redirect clients to the corporate organization page. Whichof the following DNS records needs to be created?

B. NS 

Question # 32

Which of the following protocols would allow a secure connection to a Linux-based system?


Question # 33

Which of the following is the physical security mechanism that would MOST likely be usedto enter a secure site?

A. A landing page 
B. An access control vestibule 
C. A smart locker 
D. A firewall 

Question # 34

A network administrator wants to analyze attacks directed toward the company's network.Which of the following must the network administrator implement to assist in this goal?

A. A honeypot 
B. Network segmentation 
C. Antivirus 
D. A screened subnet 

Question # 35

To comply with industry requirements, a security assessment on the cloud server shouldidentify which protocols and weaknesses are being exposed to attackers on the Internet.Which of the following tools is the MOST appropriate to complete the assessment?

A. Use tcpdump and parse the output file in a protocol analyzer. 
B. Use an IP scanner and target the cloud WAN network addressing. 
C. Run netstat in each cloud server and retrieve the running processes. 
D. Use nmap and set the servers' public IPs as the targets. 

Question # 36

Which of the following topologies requites the MOST connections when designing anetwork?

A. Mesh 
B. Star 
C. Bus 
D. Ring 

Question # 37

Which of the following is MOST commonly used to address CVEs on network equipment and/or operating systems?

A. Vulnerability assessment 
B. Factory reset 
C. Firmware update 
D. Screened subnet 

Question # 38

A network administrator is required to ensure that auditors have read-only access to thesystem logs, while systems administrators have read and write access to the system logs,and operators have no access to the system logs. The network administrator hasconfigured security groups for each of these functional categories. Which of the followingsecurity capabilities will allow the network administrator to maintain these permissions withthe LEAST administrative effort?

A. Mandatory access control 
B. User-based permissions 
C. Role-based access 
D. Least privilege 

Question # 39

A network administrator needs to implement an HDMI over IP solution. Which of thefollowing will the network administrator MOST likely use to ensure smooth video delivery?

A. Link aggregation control 
B. Port tagging 
C. Jumbo frames 
D. Media access control 

Question # 40

A rogue AP was found plugged in and providing Internet access to employees in the breakroom. Which of the following would be BEST to use to stop this from happening withoutphysically removing the WAP?

A. Password complexity 
B. Port security 
C. Wireless client isolation 
D. Secure SNMP 

Question # 41

A technician is implementing a new wireless network to serve guests at a local office. Thenetwork needs to provide Internet access but disallow associated stations fromcommunicating with each other. Which of the following would BEST accomplish thisrequirement?

A. Wireless client isolation 
B. Port security 
C. Device geofencing 
D. DHCP snooping 

Question # 42

A technician is documenting an application that is installed on a server and needs to verifyall existing web and database connections to the server. Which of the following toolsshould the technician use to accomplish this task?

A. tracert 
B. ipconfig 
C. netstat 
D. nslookup 

Question # 43

Which of the following BEST describes hosting several businesses on the same physicalinfrastructure? 

A. Hybrid 
B. Elasticity 
C. laaS 
D. Multitenancy 

Question # 44

Which of the following types of datacenter architectures will MOST likely be used in a largeSDN and can be extended beyond the datacenter? (Choose two.)

B. FCoE 
C. Three-tiered network 
D. Spine and leaf 
E. Top-of-rack switching 

Question # 45

Which of the following BEST describes a North-South traffic flow?

A. A public Internet user accessing a published web server 
B. A database server communicating with another clustered database server 
C. A Layer 3 switch advertising routes to a router
D. A management application connecting to managed devices 

Question # 46

Two remote offices need to be connected securely over an untrustworthy MAN. Each officeneeds to access network shares at the other site. Which of the following will BEST providethis functionality?

A. Client-to-site VPN 
B. Third-party VPN service 
C. Site-to-site VPN 
D. Split-tunnel VPN 

Question # 47


Question # 48

The management team has instituted a 48-hour RTO as part of the disaster recovery plan.Which of the following procedures would meet the policy's requirements?

A. Recover all systems to a loss of 48 hours of data. 
B. Limit network downtime to a maximum of 48 hours per year. 
C. Recover all systems within 48 hours. 
D. Require 48 hours of system backup maintenance. 

Question # 49

A network technician is configuring a new firewall for a company with the necessary accessrequirements to be allowed through the firewall. Which of the following would normally beapplied as the LAST rule in the firewall?

A. Secure SNMP 
B. Port security 
C. Implicit deny 
D. DHCP snooping 

Question # 50

A network administrator wants to reduce overhead and increase efficiency on a SAN.Which of the following can be configured to achieve these goals?

A. Port aggregation 
B. Traffic shaping 
C. Jumbo frames 
D. Flow control 

Question # 51

A network administrator wants to reduce overhead and increase efficiency on a SAN.Which of the following can be configured to achieve these goals?

A. Port aggregation 
B. Traffic shaping 
C. Jumbo frames 
D. Flow control 

Question # 52

A network switch was installed to provide connectivity to cameras monitoring wildlife in aremote location. The organization is concerned that intruders could potentially leverageunattended equipment in the remote location to connect rogue devices and gain access tothe organization's resources. Which of the following techniques would BEST address theconcern?

A. Configure port security using MAC filtering. 
B. Manually register the cameras on the switch address table. 
C. Activate PoE+ on the active switchports. 
D. Disable Neighbor Discovery Protocol on the switch. 

Question # 53

A network technician was hired to harden the security of a network. The technician isrequired to enable encryption and create a password for AP security through the webbrowser. Which of the following would BEST support these requirements?

B. WPA2 
C. IPSec 

Question # 54

A network administrator is talking to different vendors about acquiring technology tosupport a new project for a large company. Which of the following documents will MOSTlikely need to be signed before information about the project is shared?

A. BYOD policy 

Question # 55

Which of the following OSI model layers is where conversations between applications areestablished, coordinated, and terminated?

A. Session 
B. Physical 
C. Presentation 
D. Data link 

Question # 56

A user is having difficulty with video conferencing and is looking for assistance. Which ofthe following would BEST improve performance?

A. Packet shaping 
B. Quality of service 
C. Port mirroring 
D. Load balancing 

Question # 57

A systems administrator is running a VoIP network and is experiencing jitter and highlatency. Which of the following would BEST help the administrator determine the cause ofthese issues?

A. Enabling RADIUS on the network 
B. Configuring SNMP traps on the network 
C. Implementing LDAP on the network 
D. Establishing NTP on the network 

Question # 58

After a firewall replacement, some alarms and metrics related to network availabilitystopped updating on a monitoring system relying on SNMP. Which of the following shouldthe network administrator do FIRST?

A. Modify the device's MIB on the monitoring system. 
B. Configure syslog to send events to the monitoring system. 
C. Use port mirroring to redirect traffic to the monitoring system. 
D. Deploy SMB to transfer data to the monitoring system. 

Question # 59

Which of the following protocols will a security appliance that is correlating network eventsfrom multiple devices MOST likely rely on to receive event messages?

A. Syslog 
B. Session Initiation Protocol 
C. Secure File Transfer Protocol 
D. Server Message Block 

Question # 60

A network administrator is trying to identify a device that is having issues connecting to aswitchport. Which of the following would BEST help identify the issue?

A. A syslog server 
B. Change management records 
C. A rack diagram 
D. The security log 

Question # 61

A small office is running WiFi 4 APs, and neighboring offices do not want to increase thethroughput to associated devices. Which of the following is the MOST cost-efficient way forthe office to increase network performance?

A. Add another AP. 
B. Disable the 2.4GHz radios. 
C. Enable channel bonding. 
D. Upgrade to WiFi 5. 

Question # 62

A client moving into a new office wants the IP network set up to accommodate 412network-connected devices that are all on the same subnet. The subnet needs to be assmall as possible. Which of the following subnet masks should be used to achieve therequired result?


Question # 63

Which of the following is required when connecting an endpoint device with an RJ45 port toa network device with an ST port?

A. A media converter 
B. A bridge 
D. A load balancer 

Question # 64

A packet is assigned a value to ensure it does not traverse a network indefinitely. Which ofthe following BEST represents this value?

A. Zero Trust 
B. Planned obsolescence 
C. Time to live 
D. Caching 

Question # 65

A business is using the local cable company to provide Internet access. Which of thefollowing types of cabling will the cable company MOST likely use from the demarcationpoint back to the central office?

A. Multimode 
B. Cat 5e 
C. RG-6 
D. Cat 6 
E. 100BASE-T 

Question # 66

A company requires a disaster recovery site to have equipment ready to go in the event ofa disaster at its main datacenter. The company does not have the budget to mirror all thelive data to the disaster recovery site. Which of the following concepts should the companyselect?

A. Cold site 
B. Hot site 
C. Warm site 
D. Cloud site 

Question # 67

Which of the following is used to track and document various types of knownvulnerabilities?

B. Penetration testing 
C. Zero-day 
E. Least privilege 

Question # 68

Which of the following attacks is this MOST likely an example of?

A. ARP poisoning 
B. VLAN hopping 
C. Rogue access point 
D. Amplified DoS 

Question # 69

Which of the following ports are associated with IMAP? (Choose two.)

A. 25 
B. 110 
C. 143 
D. 587 
E. 993 
F. 995 

Question # 70

An IT technician suspects a break in one of the uplinks that provides connectivity to thecore switch. Which of the following command-line tools should the technician use todetermine where the incident is occurring?

A. nslookup 
B. show config 
C. netstat 
D. show interface 
E. show counters 

Question # 71

Which of the following VPN configurations should be used to separate Internet andcorporate traffic?

A. Split-tunnel 
B. Remote desktop gateway 
C. Site-to-site 
D. Out-of-band management 

Question # 72

Anetwork administrator is configuring a load balancer for two systems. Which of thefollowing must the administrator configure to ensure connectivity during a failover?

D. IPv6 tunneling 
E. Broadcast IP 

Question # 73

A technician is troubleshooting a wireless connectivity issue in a small office located in a high-rise building. Several APs are mounted in this office. The users report that the networkconnections frequently disconnect and reconnect throughout the day. Whichof the followingis the MOST likely cause of this issue?

A. The AP association time is set too low 
B. EIRP needs to be boosted 
C. Channel overlap is occurring 
D. The RSSI is misreported 

Question # 74

A technician is assisting a user who cannot connect to a network resource. The technicianfirst checks for a link light. According to troubleshooting methodology, this is an example of:

A. using a bottom-to-top approach. 
B. establishing a plan of action. 
C. documenting a finding. 
D. questioning the obvious. 

Question # 75

Which of the following ports is commonly used byVoIP phones?

A. 20 
B. 143 
C. 445 
D. 5060 

Question # 76

An ARP request is broadcasted and sends the following request.''Who is Tell''At which of the following layers of the OSI model does this request operate?

A. Application 
B. Data link 
C. Transport 
D. Network 
E. Session 

Question # 77

A user recently made changes to a PC that caused it to be unable to access websites byboth FQDN and IP Local resources, such as the file server remain accessible. Which of thefollowing settings did the user MOST likely misconfigure?

A. Static IP 
B. Default gateway 
C. DNS entries 
D. Local host file 

Question # 78

Which of the following protocol types describes secure communication on port 443?

D. IP 

Question # 79

A technician is deploying a low-density wireless network and is contending with multipletypes of building materials. Which of the following wireless frequencies would allow for theLEAST signal attenuation?

A. 2.4GHz 
B. 5GHz 
C. 850MHz 
D. 900MHZ 

Question # 80

A technician is installing multiple UPS units in a major retail store. The technician isrequired to keep track of all changes to new and old equipment. Which of the following willallow the technician to record these changes?

A. Asset tags 
B. A smart locker 
C. An access control vestibule 
D. A camera 

Question # 81

A technician is installing a cable modem in a SOHO. Which of the following cable types will the technician MOST likely use to connect a modem to the ISP?

A. Coaxial 
B. Single-mode fiber 
C. Cat 6e 
D. Multimode fiber 

Question # 82

A network technician is investigating an issue with a desktop that is not connecting to the network. The desktop was connecting successfully the previous day, and no changes were made to the environment. The technician locates the switchport where the device is connected and observes the LED status light on the switchport is not lit even though the desktop is turned on Other devices that arc plugged into the switch are connecting to the network successfully Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of the desktop not connecting?

A. Transceiver mismatch 
B. VLAN mismatch 
C. Port security 
D. Damaged cable 
E. Duplex mismatch 

Question # 83

Which of the following BEST describes a network appliance that warns of unapproveddevices that are accessing the network?

A. Firewall 
B. AP 
C. Proxyserver 

Question # 84

Which of the following types of devices can provide content filtering and threat protection,and manage multiple IPSec site-to-site connections?

A. Layer 3 switch 
B. VPN headend 
C. Next-generation firewall 
D. Proxy server 
E. Intrusion prevention 

Question # 85

A technician wants to install a WAP in the center of a room that provides service in a radiussurrounding a radio. Which of the following antenna types should the AP utilize?

A. Omni 
B. Directional 
C. Yagi 
D. Parabolic 

Question # 86

A network administrator walks into a datacenter and notices an unknown person isfollowing closely. The administrator stops and directs the person tothe security desk. Whichof the following attacks did the network administrator prevent?

A. Evil twin 
B. Tailgating 
C. Piggybacking 
D. Shoulder surfing 

Question # 87

A wireless network was installed in a warehouse for employees to scan crates with a wireless handheld scanner. The wireless network was placed in the corner of the building near the ceiling for maximum coverage However users in the offices adjacent lo the warehouse have noticed a large amount of signal overlap from the new network Additionally warehouse employees report difficulty connecting to the wireless network from the other side of the building; however they have no issues when Ihey are near the antenna Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?

A. The wireless signal is being refracted by the warehouse's windows 
B. The antenna's power level was set too high and is overlapping 
C. An omnidirectional antenna was used instead of a unidirectional antenna 
D. The wireless access points are using channels from the 5GHz spectrum 

Question # 88

There are two managed legacy switches running that cannot be replaced or upgraded.These switches do not support cryptographic functions, but they are password protected.Which of the following should a network administrator configure to BEST preventunauthorized access?

A. Enable a management access list 
B. Disable access to unnecessary services. 
C. Configure a stronger password for access 
D. Disable access to remote management 
E. Use an out-of-band access method. 

Question # 89

Client devices cannot enter a network, and the network administrator determines the DHCP scope is exhausted. The administrator wants to avoid creating a new DHCP pool. Which ofthe following can the administrator perform to resolve the issue?

A. Install load balancers 
B. Install more switches 
C. Decrease the number of VLANs 
D. Reduce the lease time 

Question # 90

A network engineer is investigating reports of poor network performance. Upon reviewing a report, the engineer finds that jitter at the office is greater than 10ms on the onlyWANconnection available. Which of the following would be MOST affected by this statistic?

A. A VoIP sales call with a customer 
B. An in-office video call with a coworker 
C. Routing table from the ISP 
D. Firewall CPU processing time 

Question # 91

Which of the following command-line tools would generate this output?

A. netstat 
B. arp 
C. dig 
D. tracert 

Question # 92

A network technician is manually configuring the network settings for a new device and is told the network block is Which of the following subnets should thetechnician use?


Question # 93

A network administrator is installing a wireless network at aclient’s office. Which of the following IEEE 802.11 standards would be BEST to use for multiple simultaneous client access?


Question # 94

A network administrator is setting up several loT devices on a new VLAN and wants to accomplish the following 1. Reduce manual configuration on each system 2. Assign a specific IP address to each system 3. Allow devices to move to different switchports on the same VLANWhich of the following should the network administrator do to accomplish these requirements?

A. Set up a reservation for each device 
B. Configure a static IP on each device 
C. Implement private VLANs for each device 
D. Use DHCP exclusions to address each device 

Question # 95

Which of the following connector types would have the MOST flexibility?

C. LC 
D. RJ45 

Question # 96

Which of the following transceiver types can support up to 40Gbps?

A. SFP+ 

Question # 97

A network technician is observing the behavior of an unmanaged switch when a new device is added to the network and transmits data. Which of the following BEST describeshow the switch processes this information?

A. The data is flooded out of every port. including the one on which it came in. 
B. The data is flooded out of every port but only in the VLAN where it is located. 
C. The data is flooded out of every port, except the one on which it came in 
D. The data is flooded out of every port, excluding the VLAN where it is located 

Question # 98

A network technician needs to correlate security events to analyze a suspected intrusionWhich of the following should the technician use?

B. Log review 
C. Vulnerability scanning 

Question # 99

A website administrator is concerned the company’s static website could be defaced by hacktivists or used as a pivot point to attack internal systems. Which of the following shoulda network security administrator recommend to assist with detecting these activities?

A. Implement file integrity monitoring. 
B. Change the default credentials. 
C. Use SSL encryption. 
D. Update the web-server software. 

Question # 100

An organization with one core and five distribution switches is transitioning from a star to a full-mesh topology Which of the following is the number of additional network connectionsneeded?

A. 5 
B. 7 
C. 10 
D. 15 

Question # 101

A small, family-run business uses a single SOHO router to provide Internet and WiFi to its employees At the start of a new week, employees come in and find their usual WiFinetwork is no longer available, and there is a new wireless network to which they cannot connect. Given that information, which of the following should have been done to avoid this situation'

A. The device firmware should have been kept current. 
B. Unsecure protocols should have been disabled. 
C. Parental controls should have been enabled 
D. The default credentials should have been changed 

Question # 102

A firewall administrator is implementing a rule that directs HTTP traffic to an internal server listening on a non-standard socket Which of the following types of rules is the administratorimplementing?


Question # 103

Which of the following would need to be configured to ensure a device with a specific MAC address is always assigned the same IP address from DHCP?

A. Scope options 
B. Reservation 
C. Dynamic assignment 
D. Exclusion 
E. Static assignment 

Question # 104

A network engineer configured new firewalls with the correct configuration to be deployed to each remote branch. Unneeded services were disabled, and all firewall rules wereapplied successfully. Which of the following should the network engineer perform NEXT to ensure all the firewalls are hardened successfully?

A. Ensure an implicit permit rule is enabled 
B. Configure the log settings on the firewalls to the central syslog server 
C. Update the firewalls with current firmware and software 
D. Use the same complex passwords on all firewalls 

Question # 105

Which of the following devices would be used to manage a corporate WLAN?

A. A wireless NAS 
B. A wireless bridge 
C. A wireless router 
D. A wireless controller 

Question # 106

A network administrator is downloading a large patch that will be uploaded to several enterprise switches simultaneously during the day's upgrade cycle. Which of the followingshould the administrator do to help ensure the upgrade process will be less likely to cause problems with the switches?

A. Confirm the patch's MD5 hash prior to the upgrade 
B. Schedule the switches to reboot after an appropriate amount of time. 
C. Download each switch's current configuration before the upgrade 
D. Utilize FTP rather than TFTP to upload the patch 

Question # 107

Which of the following service models would MOST likely be used toreplace on-premisesservers with a cloud solution?

A. PaaS 
B. IaaS 
C. SaaS 
D. Disaster recovery as a Service (DRaaS) 

Question # 108

A lab environment hosts Internet-facing web servers and other experimental machines, which technicians use for various tasks A technician installs software on one of the web servers to allow communication to the company's file server, but it is unable to connect to it Other machines in the building are able to retrieve files from the file server. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason the web server cannot retrieve the files, and what should be done to resolve the problem?

A. The lab environment's IDS is blocking the network traffic 1 he technician can whitelist the new application in the IDS 
B. The lab environment is located in the DM2, and traffic to the LAN zone is denied by default. The technician can move the computer to another zone or request an exception from the administrator. 
C. The lab environment has lost connectivity to the company router, and the switch needs to be rebooted. The technician can get the key to the wiring closet and manually restart the switch 
D. The lab environment is currently set up with hubs instead of switches, and the requests are getting bounced back The technician can submit a request for upgraded equipment to management. 

Question # 109

A network technician is installing new software on a Windows-based server in a differentgeographical location. Which of the following would be BEST for the technician to use toperform this task?


Question # 110

A user reports being unable to access network resources after making some changes inthe office. Which of the following should a network technician do FIRST?

A. Check the system’s IP address 
B. Do a ping test against the servers 
C. Reseat the cables into the back of the PC 
D. Ask what changes were made 

Question # 111

A network field technician is installing and configuring a secure wireless network. Thetechnician performs a site survey. Which of the following documents would MOST likely becreated as a result of the site survey?

A. Physical diagram 
B. Heat map 
C. Asset list 
D. Device map 

Question # 112

A network administrator discovers that users in an adjacent building areconnecting to thecompany’s guest wireless network to download inappropriate material. Which of thefollowing can the administrator do to MOST easily mitigate this issue?

A. Reduce the wireless power levels 
B. Adjust the wireless channels 
C. Enablewireless client isolation 
D. Enable wireless port security 

Question # 113

The management team needs to ensure unnecessary modifications to the corporatenetwork are not permitted and version control is maintained. Which of the followingdocuments would BEST support this?

A. An incident response plan 
B. A business continuity plan 
C. Achange management policy 
D. An acceptable use policy 

Question # 114

A SaaS provider has decided to leave an unpatched VM available via a public DMZ port.With which of the following concepts is this technique MOST closely associated?

A. Insider threat 
B. War driving 
C. Evil twin 
D. Honeypot 

Question # 115

A technician is searching for a device that is connected to the network and has thedevice’sphysical network address. Which of the following should the technician review onthe switch to locate the device’s network port?

A. IP route table 
B. VLAN tag 
C. MAC table 
D. QoS tag 

Question # 116

Which of the following factors should be considered when evaluating a firewall to protect adatacenter’s east-west traffic?

A. Replication traffic between an on-premises server and a remote backup facility
B. Traffic between VMs running on different hosts 
C. Concurrent connections generated by Internet DDoS attacks 
D. VPN traffic from remote offices to the datacenter’s VMs 

Question # 117

During the security audit of a financial firm the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) questions why there are three employees who perform very distinct functions on the server. There is an administrator for creating users another for assigning the users lo groups and a third who is the only administrator to perform file rights assignment Which of the following mitigation techniques is being applied'

A. Privileged user accounts 
B. Role separation 
C. Container administration 
D. Job rotation 

Question # 118

A network administrator needs to query the NSs for a remote application. Which of the following commands would BEST help the administrator accomplish this task?

A. dig 
B. arp 
C. show interface 
D. hostname 

Question # 119

A networkengineer is investigating reports of poor network performance. Upon reviewing a device configuration, the engineer finds that duplex settings are mismatched on both ends.Which of the following would be the MOST likely result of this finding?

A. IncreasedCRC errors
B. Increased giants and runts 
C. Increased switching loops 
D. Increased device temperature 

Question # 120

A technician is troubleshooting a workstation's network connectivity and wants to confirm which switchport corresponds to the wall jack the PC is using Which of the followingconcepts would BEST help the technician?

A. Consistent labeling 
B. Change management 
C. Standard work instructions 
D. Inventory management 
E. Network baseline 

Question # 121

Which of the following is a system that is installed directly on a server's hardware and abstracts the hardware from any guest machines?

A. Storage array 
B. Type 1 hypervisor 
C. Virtual machine 
D. Guest QS 

Question # 122

A network administrator is designing a new datacenter in a different region that will need to communicate to the old datacenter with a secure connection. Which of the following accessmethods would provide the BEST security for this new datacenter?

A. Virtual network computing 
B. Secure Socket Shell 
C. In-band connection 
D. Site-to-site VPN 

Question # 123

A company hired a technician to find all the devices connected within a network. Which of the following software tools would BEST assist the technician in completing this task?

A. IP scanner 
B. Terminal emulator 
C. NetFlow analyzer 
D. Port scanner 

Question # 124

A Chief Information Officer (CIO) wants to improve the availability of a company's SQL database Which of the following technologies should be utilized to achieve maximum availability?

A. Clustering 
B. Port aggregation 
C. NIC teaming 
D. Snapshots 

Question # 125

Within the realm of network security, Zero Trust:

A. prevents attackers from moving laterally through a system. 
B. allows a server to communicate with outside networks without a firewall. 
C. block malicious software that is too new to be found in virus definitions. 
D. stops infected files from being downloaded via websites. 

Question # 126

A technician is troubleshooting a previously encountered issue. Which of the followingshould the technician reference to find what solution was implemented to resolve theissue?

A. Standard operating procedures 
B. Configuration baseline documents 
C. Work instructions 
D. Change management documentation 

Question # 127

A fiber link connecting two campus networks is broken. Which of the following tools shouldan engineer use to detect the exact break point of thefiber link?

B. Tone generator 
C. Fusion splicer 
D. Cable tester 
E. PoE injector 

Question # 128

A network technician is reviewing the interface counters on a router interface. The technician is attempting to confirm a cable issue. Given the following information: Which of the following metrics confirms there is a cablingissue?

A. Last cleared 
B. Number of packets output 
C. CRCs 
D. Giants 
E. Multicasts 

Question # 129

An administrator is writing a script to periodically log the IPv6 and MAC addresses of all the devices on a network segment. Which ofthe following switch features will MOST likely beused to assist with this task?

A. Spanning Tree Protocol 
B. Neighbor Discovery Protocol 
C. Link Aggregation Control Protocol 
D. Address Resolution Protocol 

Question # 130

Which of the following routing protocols is used to exchange routeinformation betweenpublic autonomous systems?


Question # 131

Which of the following technologies provides a failover mechanism for the default gateway? 


Question # 132

An attacker is attempting to find the password to a network by inputting common words andphrases in plaintext to the password prompt. Which of the following attack types BESTdescribes this action?

A. Pass-the-hash attack 
B. Rainbow table attack 
C. Brute-force attack
D. Dictionary attack 

Question # 133

Which of the following is MOST likely to generate significant East-West traffic in adatacenter?

A. A backup of a large video presentation to cloud storage for archival purposes 
B. A duplication of a hosted virtual server to another physical server for redundancy 
C. A download of navigation data to a portable device for offline access 
D. A query from an IoT device to a cloud-hosted server for a firmware update 

Question # 134

Wireless users are reporting intermittent internet connectivity. Connectivity is restored when the users disconnect and reconnect, utilizing the web authentication process eachtime. The network administrator can see the devices connected to the APs at all times. Which of the following steps will MOST likelydetermine the cause of the issue?

A. Verify the session time-out configuration on the captive portal settings 
B. Check for encryption protocol mismatch on the client’s wireless settings 
C. Confirm that a valid passphrase is being used during the web authentication 
D. Investigate for a client’s disassociation caused by an evil twin AP 

Question # 135

Which of the following would be BEST to use to detect a MAC spoofing attack?

A. Internet Control MessageProtocol 
B. Reverse Address Resolution Protocol 
C. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol 
D. Internet Message Access Protocol 

Question # 136

A technician is installing a new fiber connection toa network device in a datacenter. The connection from the device to the switch also traverses a patch panel connection. The chain of connections is in the following order: Device LC/LC patch cable Patch panel Cross-connect fiber cable Patch panel LC/LC patch cable Switch The connection is not working. The technician has changed both patch cables with known working patch cables. The device had been tested and was working properly before being installed. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?

A. TX/RX is reversed 
B. An incorrect cable was used 
C. The device failed during installation 
D. Attenuation is occurring 

Question # 137

A systems administrator needs to improve WiFi performance in a densely populated office tower and use the latest standard. There is a mix of devices that use 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.Which of the followingshould the systems administrator select to meet this requirement?

A. 802.11ac 
B. 802.11ax 
C. 802.11g 
D. 802.11n 

Question # 138

A new cabling certification is being requested every time a network technician rebuilds one end of a Cat 6 (vendor-certified)cable to create a crossover connection that is used toconnect switches. Which of the following would address this issue by allowing the use of the original cable?

C. PoE+ 

Question # 139

An ITdirector is setting up new disaster and HA policies for a company. Limited downtime is critical to operations. To meet corporate requirements, the director set up two differentdatacenters across the country that will stay current on data and applications.In the event of an outage, the company can immediately switch from one datacenter to another. Whichof the following does this BEST describe?

A. A warm site 
B. Data mirroring 
C. Multipathing 
D. Load balancing 
E. A hot site 

Question # 140

Branch users are experiencing issues with videoconferencing. Which of the following will the company MOST likely configure to improveperformance for these applications?

A. Link Aggregation Control Protocol 
B. Dynamic routing 
C. Quality of service 
D. Network load balancer 
E. Static IP addresses 

Question # 141

A customer wants to segregate the traffic between guests on a hypervisor. Which of the following does a technician need to configure to meet the requirement?

A. Virtual switches 
B. OSPF routing 
C. Load balancers 
D. NIC teaming 
E. Fibre Channel 

Question # 142

A technician isdeploying a new switch model and would like to add it to the existing network monitoring software. The technician wants to know what metrics can be gathered from agiven switch. Which of the following should the technician utilize for the switch?

B. Trap 
C. Syslog 
D. Audit log 

Question # 143

A technician wants to deploy a new wireless network that comprises 30 WAPs installed throughout a three-story office building. All the APs will broadcast the sameSSID for clientaccess. Which of the following BEST describes this deployment?

A. Extended service set 
B. Basic service set 
C. Unified service set 
D. Independent basic service set 

Question # 144

Which of the following is the physical topology for an Ethernet LAN?

A. Bus 
B. Ring 
C. Mesh 
D. Star 

Question # 145

Which of the following would MOST likely be used to review previous upgrades to a system?

A. Business continuity plan 
B. Change management 
C. System life cycle 
D. Standard operating procedures 

Question # 146

Which of the following is used to prioritize Internet usage per application and per user on the network?

A. Bandwidth management 
B. Load balance routing 
C. Border Gateway Protocol 
D. Administrative distance 

Question # 147

Which of the following is used to track and document various types of known vulnerabilities?

B. Penetration testing 
C. Zero-day 
E. Least privilege 

Question # 148

An engineer notices some late collisions on a half-duplex link. The engineer verifies that the devices on both ends of the connection are configured for half duplex. Which of thefollowing is the MOST likely cause of this issue?

A. The link is improperly terminated 
B. One of the devices is misconfigured 
C. The cable length is excessive 
D. One of the devices has a hardware issue 

Question # 149

Which of the following systems would MOST likely be found in ascreened subnet?


Question # 150

A store owner would like to have secure wireless access available for both business equipment andpatron use. Which of the following features should be configured to allowdifferent wireless access through the same equipment?


Question # 151

A network technician needs to ensure outside users are unable to telnet into any of the servers at the datacenter. Which of the following ports should be blocked when checkingfirewall configuration?

A. 22 
B. 23 
C. 80 
D. 3389 
E. 8080 

Question # 152

A local firm has hired a consulting company to clean up its IT infrastructure. The consulting company notices remote printing is accomplished by port forwarding via publicly accessibleIPs through the firm's firewall Which of the following would be the MOST appropriate way to enable secure remote printing?

C. Telnet 

Question # 153

Which of the following TCP ports is used by the Windows OS for file sharing?

A. 53 
B. 389 
C. 445 
D. 1433 

Question # 154

A corporation has a critical system that would cause unrecoverable damage to the brand if it was taken offline. Which of the following disaster recovery solutions should thecorporation implement?

A. Full backups 
B. Load balancing 
C. Hot site 
D. Snapshots 

Question # 155

An IDS was installed behind the edge firewall after a network was breached. The network was then breached again even though the IDS logged the attack. Which of the followingshould be used in place of these devices to prevent future attacks?

A. A network tap 
B. A proxy server 
C. A UTM appliance 
D. A content filter 

Question # 156

Which of the following provides redundancy ona file server to ensure the server is stillconnected to a LAN even in the event of a port failure on a switch?

A. NIC teaming 
B. Load balancer 
C. RAID array 
D. PDUs 

Question # 157

A company built a new building at its headquarters location. The new building is connected to the company’s LAN via fiber-optic cable. Multiple users in the new building are unable toaccess the company’s intranet site via their web browser, but they are able to access internet sites. Which of the following describes how the network administrator can resolvethis issue?

A. Correct the DNS server entries in the DHCP scope 
B. Correct the external firewall gateway address 
C. Correct the NTP server settings on the clients 
D. Correct a TFTP Issue on the company’s server 

Question # 158

Which of the following security devices would be BEST to use to provide mechanicalaccess control to the MDF/IDF?

A. A smart card 
B. A key fob 
C. An employee badge 
D. A door lock 

Question # 159

A technician is troubleshooting a network switch that seems to stop responding to requests intermittently whenever the logging level is set for debugging. Which of the followingmetrics should the technician check to begin troubleshooting the issue?

A. Audit logs 
B. CPU utilization 
C. CRC errors 
D. Jitter 

Question # 160

Which of the following is the LARGEST MTU for a standard Ethernet frame?

A. 1452 
B. 1492 
C. 1500 
D. 2304 

Question # 161

A client recently added 100 users who are using VMs. All users have since reported slow or unresponsive desktops. Reports show minimal network congestion, zero packet loss,and acceptable packet delay. Which of the following metrics will MOST accurately show the underlying performance issues? (Choose two.)

A. CPU usage 
B. Memory 
C. Temperature 
D. Bandwidth 
E. Latency 
F. Jitter 

Question # 162

A technician is writing documentation regarding a company’s server farm. The technician needs to confirm the server name for all Linux servers. Which of the following commandsshould the technician run?

A. ipconfig 
B. nslookup 
C. arp 
D. route 

Question # 163

Several WIFI users are reporting the inability to connect to the network. WLAN users on theguest network are able to access all network resources without any performance issues.The following table summarizes the findings after a site survey of the area in question: Which of the following should a wireless technician do NEXT to troubleshoot this issue?

A. Reconfigure the channels to reduce overlap 
B. Replace the omni antennas with directional antennas 
C. Update the SSIDs on all the APs 
D. Decrease power in AP 3 and AP 4 

Question # 164

An engineer is configuring redundant network links between switches. Which ofthefollowing should the engineer enable to prevent network stability issues?

A. 802.1Q 
C. Flow control 

Question # 165

A network administrator wants to improve the security of the management console on the company's switches and ensure configuration changes made can be correlated to theadministrator who conformed them Which of the following should the network administrator implement?

A. Port security 
B. Local authentication 
D. Access control list 

Question # 166

Which of thefollowing DNS records works as an alias to another record?

C. MX 

Question # 167

Access to a datacenter should be individually recorded by a card reader even when multiple employees enter the facility at the same time. Which of the following allowstheenforcement of this policy?

A. Motion detection 
B. Access control vestibules 
C. Smart lockers 
D. Cameras

Question # 168

A city has hired a new employee who needs to be able to work when traveling at home and at the municipal sourcing of a neighboring city that snares services. The employee isissued a laptop, and a technician needs to train the employee on the appropriate solutions for secure access to the network from all the possible locations On which of the followingsolutions would the technician MOST likely train the employee?

A. Site-to-site VPNs between the two city locations and client-to-site software on theemployee's laptop tor all other remote access 
B. Client-to-site VPNs between the travel locations and site-to-site software on theemployee's laptop for all other remote access 
C. Client-to-site VPNs between the two city locations and site-to-site software on theemployee's laptop for all other remote access 
D. Site-to-site VPNs between the home and city locations and site-to-site software on theemployee's laptop for all other remote access 

Question # 169

A network technician was troubleshooting an issue for a user who was being directed to cloned websites that were stealing credentials. The URLs were correct for the websites butan incorrect IP address was revealed when the technician used ping on the user's PC After checking the is setting, the technician found the DNS server address was incorrect Whichof the following describes the issue?

A. Rogue DHCP server 
B. Misconfigured HSRP 
C. DNS poisoning 
D. Exhausted IP scope 

Question # 170

A network device is configured to send critical events to a syslog server; however, the following alerts are not being received: Severity 5 LINK-UPDOWN: Interface 1/1, changed state to downSeverity 5LINK-UPDOWN: Interface 1/3, changed state to downWhich of the following describes the reason why the events are not being received?

A. The network device is not configured to log that level to the syslog server 
B. The network device was down and could not send the event 
C. The syslog server is not compatible with the network device 
D. The syslog server did not have the correct MIB loaded to receive the message 

Question # 171

After the A record of a public website was updated, some visitors were unable to accessthe website. Which of the following should be adjusted to address the issue?

B. MX