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Frequently Asked Questions

CompTIA CV0-003 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

A cloud administrator recently deployed an update to the network drivers of severalservers. Following the update, one of the servers no longer responds to remote loginrequests. The cloud administrator investigates the issue and gathers the followinginformation:The cloud management console shows the VM is running and the CPU andmemory utilization is at or near 0%.The cloud management console does not show an IP address for that server.A DNS lookup shows the hostname resolves to an IP address.The server is a member of the same security group as the others.The cloud administrator is able to log in remotely to the other servers withoutissue. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the server being unavailable?

A. The network driver updates did not apply successfully, and the interface is in a downstate.
B. The ACL policy for the server was updated as part of the server reboot, preventing loginaccess.
C. The server was assigned a new IP address, and DNS entry for the server name was notupdated.
D. The update caused an increase in the output to the logs, and the server is too busy torespond.

Question # 2

A company has developed a cloud-ready application. Before deployment, an administratorneeds to select a deployment technology that provides a high level of portability and islightweight in terms of footprint and resource requirements.Which of the following solutions will be BEST to help the administrator achieve therequirements?

A. Containers
B. Infrastructure as code
C. Desktop virtualization
D. Virtual machines

Question # 3

A company is switching from one cloud provider to another and needs to complete themigration as quickly as possible.Which of the following is the MOST important consideration to ensure a seamlessmigration?

A. The cost of the environment
B. The I/O of the storage
C. Feature compatibility
D. Network utilization

Question # 4

A systems administrator wants the VMs on the hypervisor to share CPU resources on thesame core when feasible.Which of the following will BEST achieve this goal?

A. Configure CPU passthrough
B. Oversubscribe CPU resources
C. Switch from a Type 1 to a Type 2 hypervisor
D. Increase instructions per cycle
E. Enable simultaneous multithreading

Question # 5

A systems administrator is creating a playbook to run tasks against a server on a setschedule.Which of the following authentication techniques should the systems administrator usewithin the playbook?

A. Use the server’s root credentials
B. Hard-code the password within the playbook
C. Create a service account on the server
D. Use the administrator’s SSO credentials

Question # 6

A systems administrator notices that a piece of networking equipment is about to reach itsend of support.Which of the following actions should the administrator recommend?

A. Update the firmware
B. Migrate the equipment to the cloud
C. Update the OS
D. Replace the equipment

Question # 7

A systems administrator is troubleshooting performance issues with a Windows VDIenvironment. Users have reported that VDI performance has been slow since the imageswere upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10.This VDI environment is used to run simple tasks, such as Microsoft Office. Theadministrator investigates the virtual machines and finds the following settings:4 vCPU16GB RAM10Gb networking256MB frame bufferWhich of the following MOST likely needs to be upgraded?


Question # 8

A global web-hosting company is concerned about the availability of its platform during anupcoming event. Web traffic is forecasted to increase substantially during the next week.The site contains mainly static content.Which of the following solutions will assist with the increased workload?

A. DoH

Question # 9

An organization will be deploying a web application in a public cloud with two web servers,two database servers, and a load balancer that is accessible over a single public IP.Taking into account the gateway for this subnet and the potential to add two more webservers, which of the following will meet the minimum IP requirement?


Question # 10

A company has deployed a new cloud solution and is required to meet security compliance.Which of the following will MOST likely be executed in the cloud solution to meet securityrequirements?

A. Performance testing
B. Regression testing
C. Vulnerability testing
D. Usability testing

Question # 11

A cloud administrator is designing a multiregion network within an IaaS provider. Thebusiness requirements for configuring the network are as follows:Use private networking in and between the multisites for data replication.Use low latency to avoid performance issues.Which of the following solutions should the network administrator use within the IaaSprovider to connect multiregions?

A. Peering
B. Gateways
D. Hub and spoke

Question # 12

A company that utilizes an IaaS service provider has contracted with a vendor to perform apenetration test on its environment. The vendor is able to exploit the virtualization layer andobtain access to other instances within the cloud provider’s environment that do not belongto the company.Which of the following BEST describes this attack?

A. VM escape
B. Directory traversal
C. Buffer overflow
D. Heap spraying

Question # 13

A systems administrator needs to configure a set of policies to protect the data to complywith mandatory regulations.Which of the following should the administrator implement to ensure DLP efficientlyprevents the exposure of sensitive data in a cloud environment?

A. Integrity
B. Versioning
C. Classification
D. Segmentation

Question # 14

An organization requires the following to be achieved between the finance and marketingdepartments:Allow HTTPS/HTTP.Disable FTP and SMB traffic.Which of the following is the MOST suitable method to meet the requirements?

A. Implement an ADC solution to load balance the VLAN traffic
B. Configure an ACL between the VLANs
C. Implement 802.1X in these VLANs
D. Configure on-demand routing between the VLANs

Question # 15

An organization is hosting a cloud-based web server infrastructure that provides webhostingsolutions. Sudden continuous bursts of traffic have caused the web servers tosaturate CPU and network utilizations. Which of the following should be implemented to prevent such disruptive traffic fromreaching the web servers?

A. Solutions to perform NAC and DLP
B. DDoS protection
C. QoS on the network
D. A solution to achieve microsegmentation

Question # 16

A systems administrator is troubleshooting performance issues with a Windows VDIenvironment. Users have reported that VDI performance is very slow at the start of theworkday, but the performance is fine during the rest of the day. Which of the following is theMOST likely cause of the issue? (Choose two.)

A. Disk I/O limits
B. Affinity rule
C. CPU oversubscription
D. RAM usage
E. Insufficient GPU resources
F. License issues

Question # 17

In an existing IaaS instance, it is required to deploy a single application that has differentversions.Which of the following should be recommended to meet this requirement?

A. Deploy using containers
B. Install a Type 2 hypervisor
C. Enable SR-IOV on the host
D. Create snapshots

Question # 18

A cloud administrator is reviewing a new application implementation document. Theadministrator needs to make sure all the known bugs and fixes are applied, and unwanted ports and services are disabled.Which of the following techniques would BEST help the administrator assess thesebusiness requirements?

A. Performance testing
B. Usability testing
C. Vulnerability testing
D. Regression testing

Question # 19

A company needs to rehost its ERP system to complete a datacenter migration to thepublic cloud. The company has already migrated other systems and configured VPNconnections.Which of the following MOST likely needs to be analyzed before rehosting the ERP?c

A. Software
B. Licensing
C. Right-sizing
D. The network

Question # 20

A cloud administrator is building a new VM for a network security appliance. The securityappliance installer says the CPU clock speed does not meet the requirements.Which of the following will MOST likely solve the issue?

A. Move the VM to a host with a faster CPU
B. Add more vCPUs to the VM
C. Enable CPU masking on the VM
D. Enable hyperthreading on the virtual host

Question # 21

Which of the following is relevant to capacity planning in a SaaS environment?

A. Licensing
B. A hypervisor
C. Clustering
D. Scalability

Question # 22

A company has a cloud infrastructure service, and the cloud architect needs to set up a DRsite.Which of the following should be configured in between the cloud environment and the DRsite?

A. Failback
B. Playbook
C. Zoning
D. Replication

Question # 23

A cloud administrator is setting up a DR site on a different zone of the same CSP. Theapplication servers are replicated using the VM replication, and the database replication isset up using log shipping. Upon testing the DR site, the application servers are unable toaccess the database servers. The administrator has verified the systems are running andare accessible from the CSP portal.Which of the following should the administrator do to fix this issue?

A. Change the database application IP
B. Create a database cluster between the primary site and the DR site
C. Update the connection string
D. Edit the DNS record at the DR site for the application servers

Question # 24

A media company has made the decision to migrate a physical, internal file server to thecloud and use a web- based interface to access and manage the files. The users must beable to use their current corporate logins.Which of the following is the MOST efficient way to achieve this goal?

A. Deploy a VM in a cloud, attach storage, and copy the files across
B. Use a SaaS service with a directory service federation
C. Deploy a fileshare in a public cloud and copy the files across
D. Copy the files to the object storage location in a public cloud

Question # 25

An IaaS provider has numerous devices and services that are commissioned anddecommissioned automatically on an ongoing basis. The cloud administrator needs toimplement a solution that will help reduce administrative overhead.Which of the following will accomplish this task?


Question # 26

A systems administrator recently upgraded the processors in a web application host. Uponthe next login, the administrator sees a new alert regarding the license being out ofcompliance.Which of the following licensing models is the application MOST likely using?

A. Per device
B. Per user
C. Core-based
D. Volume-based

Question # 27

A company recently subscribed to a SaaS collaboration service for its business users. Thecompany also has an on-premises collaboration solution and would like users to have aseamless experience regardless of the collaboration solution being used.Which of the following should the administrator implement?


Question # 28

A cloud architect wants to minimize the risk of having systems administrators in an IaaScompute instance perform application code changes. The development group should bethe only group allowed to modify files in the directory.Which of the following will accomplish the desired objective?

A. Remove the file write permissions for the application service account.
B. Restrict the file write permissions to the development group only.
C. Add access to the fileshare for the systems administrator’s group.
D. Deny access to all development user accounts

Question # 29

A VDI administrator has received reports of poor application performance.Which of the following should the administrator troubleshoot FIRST?

A. The network environment
B. Container resources
C. Client devices
D. Server resources

Question # 30

A systems administrator is provisioning VMs in a cloud environment and has been told toselect an OS build with the furthest end-of-life date.Which of the following OS builds would be BEST for the systems administrator to use?

A. Open-source
C. Canary
D. Beta
E. Stable

Question # 31

A company just successfully completed a DR test and is ready to shut down its DR site andresume normal operations.Which of the following actions should the cloud administrator take FIRST?

A. Initiate a failover
B. Restore backups
C. Configure the network
D. Perform a failback

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