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Frequently Asked Questions

Adobe AD0-E117 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

AEM as a cloud service introduces major changes in the architecture by using containers.Which key architectural change was necessary to allow this to occur?

A. Using Adobe 10 for asset ingestion and processing, storing it on a separate blob andproviding AEM with metadata 
B. Using sling content distribution as the replication mechanism 
C. Using MongoDB for Author environment 
D. Isolating /app and /libs from the content, configurations and state mgmt. 

Question # 2

A customer wants to migrate their AEM environment from an on-premise infrastructure to apublic cloud to improve performance. The customer currently hosts many assets (images,videos, documents) in the DAM. Approximately 10 business users frequently upload newassets and update existing assets. Editors then use these assets on the sites.What should an Architect do as part of this migration?

A. Move to a shared datastore and enable binary less replication 
B. Set up Connected Assets to share the DAM assets in the sites 
C. Set up a horizontally scalable AEM environment on MongoDB 
D. Run online revision cleanup before moving to the new storage format 

Question # 3

Refer to the exhibit.

A. Integrate the AEM Publishers directly with the API Management solution 
B. Use a client-side integration with AJAX from the browser to the API Management 
C. Import the technical data into the AEM Author and replicate to Publishers 
D. Convert the technical data to Content Fragments and expose using Content Services 

Question # 4

A customer has a website with 10,000 pages and wants to improve performance. Whichoption should be used?

A. Specify a wildcard allow rule in the invalidate section 
B. Advise to use URL parameters instead of sling selectors 
C. Decrease .stat file level from the default 
D. Increase .stat file level from the default 

Question # 5

A customer is migrating from their On-Premises AEM 6.4 instances to AEM as a Cloud Service. Next to the required code refactoring, a content migration of approximately100,000 pages needs to be performed. The customer wants the content freeze period to belimited so that editors can continue to do content actions as long as possible.Which two recommendations should the Architect make for the migration of the contentpages? (Choose two.)

A. Migrate the content using Lazy Content Migration approach 
B. Upscale the memory of the On-Premise AEM instance 
C. Migrate content deltas using a query-based packaging tool 
D. Ensure sufficient storage space on the On-Premise AEM instance 
E. Migrate the content using the Content Transfer Tool 

Question # 6

During development the AEM Publisher server keeps crashing randomly. The deploymentincluded a new static FAQ component that was used in the websites Contact Us page. AnArchitect investigates to find the root cause for the random failures, and notices thefollowing parameters:• The server slows down when requests are sent to the Contact us page• The number of requests to the page were very few• Heap dump shows a large number of instances of the FAQ componentWhat is likely causing this issue?

A. The page was not cached in the Dispatcher. 
B. The component triggers a traversal query. 
C. The JVM garbage collection is not running. 
D. The component has a cyclic dependency to itself 

Question # 7

An existing AEM sites platform will receive the latest service pack. The service packincludes functional and non-functional fixes such as security patches. Which action shouldthe Architect take to make sure the update is successful?

A. Advise the customer to request Adobe to install the fixes directly on production sincethey are prechecked. 
B. Install the service pack m staging and ensure that all the bundles are up and running,then deploy to production. 
C. Identify the packages affected by the service pack after installing them into productionand monitor them. 
D. Do a full staging of the service pack including a regression test, if passed, deploy toproduction. 

Question # 8

An AEM Architect is moving existing content from an on-premise AEM to an AEM CloudService instance using the Content Transfer Tool. As part of the initial source preparation,the Architect is going to run the offline compaction on the on-premise AEM.What other two actions should the Architect do to the on-premise AEM before proceedingwith the extraction phase? (Choose two.)

A. Validate that all replication agents are disabled 
B. Verify that wipe mode is enabled 
C. Stop all bundles using the AEM Web Console 
D. Verify that free disk space is at least 1.5x the JCR size 
E. Run datastore consistency check via oak-run 

Question # 9

A client has an existing AEM site using components that proxy AEM WCM CoreComponents. The site uses simple page authoring without referenced content, The clientwants to create a new experience on another marketing channel. The plan is to use asmuch of the existing page content as possible to avoid refactoring the current content andto maintain consistency across channels.Which AEM capability should an Architect use to meet these requirements?

A. Experience Fragments 
B. Content Fragments 
C. Assets API 
D. Sling Model Exporter 

Question # 10

A. OptionA
B. OptionB 
C. OptionC 
D. OptionD 

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