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Adobe AD0-E722 Exam Overview:

Aspect Details
Exam Name Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner Exam (AD0-E722)
Exam Cost $180 USD
Total Time 120 minutes (2 hours)
Available Languages English
Passing Marks 550 out of 700 (approximately 78.6%)
Exam Format Multiple choice and multiple select
Number of Questions 60 questions

Adobe Commerce Architect Master Exam Topics Breakdown

Domain Weight Description
Audience Analysis and Planning 25% Identify and analyze target audience, create audience profiles, develop content strategies.
User Experience Design 30% Design user interfaces, interactive prototypes, user journeys, accessibility considerations.
Content Creation and Authoring 20% Create and manage content, use Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), collaborate with teams.
Website Development and Optimization 25% Develop websites, optimize for search engines (SEO), implement personalization strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Adobe AD0-E722 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

A company wants to build an Adobe Commerce website to sell their products to customersin their country. The taxes in their country are highly complex and require customization toAdobe Commerce. An Architect is trying to solve this problem by creating a custom taxcalculator that will handle the calculation of taxes for all orders in Adobe Commerce.Following best practices, how should the Architect add the taxes for all orders?

A. Add a new observer to the event sales.quote.collecLtotals.before'' and add the customtax to the quote
B. Write a before plugin to \Magento\Quote\Model\QuoteManagement::placeOrder() andadd the custom tax to the quote
C. Declare a new total collector in "etc/sales.xmr in a custom module

Question # 2

A merchant is utilizing an out-of-the-box Adobe Commerce application and asks to add anew reward card functionality for customers. During the code review, the Adobe CommerceArchitect notices the reward_card_number attribute setup created for this functionality iscausing the customer attribute to be unavailable in the My account/My rewards pagetemplate. What should be added to set the customer attribute correctly?

A. group property should be added with a value of 1
B. system property should be added with a value of true
C. scope property should be added with a value of global

Question # 3

The development of an Adobe Commerce website is complete. The website is ready to berolled out on the production environment.An Architect designed the system to run in a distributed architecture made up of multiplebackend webservers that process requests behind a Load Balancer.After deploying the system and accessing the website for the first time, users cannotaccess the Customer Dashboard after logging in. The website keeps redirecting users tothe sign-in page even though the users have successfully logged in The Architectdetermines that the session is not beingsaved properly.In the "app/etc/env.php", the session is configured as follows: What should the Architect do to correct this issue?

A. Update the session host value to a shared Redis instance
B. increase the session size with the command config:set system/security/max_session_size_admin
C. Utilize the Remote Storage module to synchronize sessions between the servers

Question # 4

An Architect is investigating a merchant's Adobe Commerce production environment whereall customer session data is randomly being lost. Customer session data has beenconfigured to be persisted using Redis, as are all caches (except full page cache, which ishandled via Varnish).After an initial review, the Architect is able to replicate the loss of customer session data byflushing the Magento cache storage, either via the Adobe Commerce Admin Panel orrunning bin/magento cache: flush on the command line. Refreshing all the caches in theAdobe Commerce Admin Panel or running bin/magento cache: clean on the command linedoes not cause session data to be lost.What should be the next step?

A. Check app/etc/env.php and make sure that the Redis configuration for caches andsession data use different database numbers.
B. Educate the merchant to not flush cache storage and only refresh the caches in future.
C. Set the Stores > Configuration' option for Store Session Data Separately' to 'Yes' in theAdobe Commerce Admin Panel.

Question # 5

An Adobe Commerce Architect is asked by a merchant using B2B features to help with aconfiguration issue. The Architect creates a test Company Account and wants to create Approval Rules fororders. The Approval Rules tab does not appear in the Company section in the CustomerAccount Menu when the Architect logs in using the Company Administrator account.Which two steps must be taken to fix this issue? (Choose two.)

A. Set 'Enable B2B Quote’ in the B2B Admin to TRUE
B. Merchant needs to log out of frontend and then log back in to load new permissions
C. Set 'Enable Purchase Orders' in the B2B Admin to TRUE
D. Set 'Enable Purchase Orders' on the Company Record to TRUE
E. Make sure that the 'Purchase Order' payment method is active

Question # 6

A merchant asks for a new category attribute to allow uploading an additional mobile imageagainst categories. The merchant utilizes the content staging and preview feature in AdobeCommerce and wants to schedule and review changes to this new mobile image field.A developer creates the attribute via a data patch and adds it toview/adminhtml/ui_component/category_f orm. xml. The attribute appears against thecategory in the main form, but does not appear in the additional form when scheduledupdates are made.To change this attribute when scheduling new category updates, which additional actionshould the Architect ask the developer to take?

A. The attribute must have its apply_to field set to "staging" in the data patch file.
B. The attribute must have <item- name=’’allow_staging" xsi:type=’’boolean’’>true</item>set in the cjt.gopy_for-.xni file under the attributes config' section.
C. The attribute must also be added to view/adminhtml/ui_cocomponent/catalogstaging_category_update_form.xml.

Question # 7

An Adobe Commerce Architect notices that queue consumers close TCP connections toooften on Adobe Commerce Cloud server leading to delays in processing messages.The Architect needs to make sure that consumers do not terminate after processingavailable messages in the queue when CRON job is running these consumers.How should the Architect meet this requirement?

A. Set cohsumers_wait_for_max_MESSAGES variable true in deployment stage.
B. Increase multiple_process limit to spawn more processes for each consumer
C. Change max_messages from 10,000 to 1,000 for CRON_CONSUMERS_RUNNERvariable.

Question # 8

A client is migrating to Adobe Commerce Cloud and has approximately 800 existingredirects that must be implemented. The number of redirects cannot be reduced becauseall redirects are specific, and do not match any pattern.How should the redirects be configured to ensure performance?

A. Add each redirect in the magento/routes.yaml file.
B. Use VCL snippets to offload the redirect to Fastly.
C. Add each redirect as a URL rewrite via the admin Ul.

Question # 9

An Adobe Commerce Architect is supporting deployment and building tools for on-premisesAdobe Commerce projects. The tool is executing build scripts on a centralized server andusing an SSH connection to deploy to project servers.A client reports that users cannot work with Admin Panel because the site breaks everytime they change interface locale.Considering maintainability, which solution should the Architect implement?

A. Modify project config.php file, configure 'admin_locales_for_deploy' value, and specifyall required locales
B. Edit project env.php file, configure 'adminJocales_for_build' value, and specify allrequired locales
C. Adjust the tools build script and specify required locales during *setup:staticcontent:deploy' command

Question # 10

Due to a marketing campaign, a website is experiencing a very large number ofsimultaneously placed orders, which is affecting checkout performance. The website is inthe production deploy mode.Which two website settings can an Architect optimize to decrease the impact on checkoutperformance? (Choose two.)

A. Asynchronous indexing admin panel Setting (Stores > Settings > Configuration >Advanced> Developer > Grid Settings > Asynchronous indexing) can be enabled byexecuting the following CLI Command: bin/Magento config:set dev/grid/async_indexing 1
B. Asynchronous email notifications admin panel setting (stores > settings > configuration> sales > sales Emails > General settings > Asynchronous) can be enabled
C. A new database can be created and the Split Database feature can be automaticallyconfigured with the following command: bin/Magento setup:db-schema:spiit-sales–host"<checkout db host or ip>- --dbnanie""<name>" --username"<checkout dbusername)" --password""<password>"
D. The website deploy mode can be set to siege by executingthe following CLI command:bin/Magento deploy:mode:set siege, provided that it will be changed back to production assoon as the number of simultaneously placed orders decreases to acceptable levels
E. Multithreaded checkout processing admin panel setting (stores > settings > configuration> sales > checkout > General settings > Asynchronous) can be set to a higher valuerepresenting the number of PHP threads used exclusively for checkout

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