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Aspect Details
Exam Cost $200 USD
Total Time 105 minutes
Available Languages English, Japanese, Spanish
Passing Marks 65%
Exam Type Multiple Choice (MCQs)
Prerequisites None
Exam Topics Commercial Banking Functional Knowledge

SalesforcenCino 201 Commercial Banking Functional Exam Topics Breakdown

Domain Percentage Description
Banking Industry 25% Understanding banking processes and industry standards
Salesforce Platform 35% Knowledge of Salesforce tools and functionalities
Customer Management 40% Customer relationship management and banking solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce 201-Commercial-Banking-Functional Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

When configuring the form template, which of the following items are nCino's recommended best practices?

 A. Copy field API values from the "Show Available Fields" window to eliminate any misspellings caused by manual entry 
B. Ensure that all quotation marks within queries are the straight quotes " " instead of utilizing the curly Microsoft Word quotation marks " " 
C. When configuring a query within a table, navigate to Table Properties and uncheck the "Automatically Resize" checkbox 
D. Utilize the Schema Builder functionality when uncertain about how to query to a certain field on a related object to understand the data structure and how the objects are connected 

Question # 2

After you begin Spreading, what is the first step a user must complete before adding income statements? 

A. Export the bundle 
B. Set Fiscal Year End 
C. Check the Common Sizing box
 D. Select number of months in a period 

Question # 3

How do I Modify/Renew a Loan from Product Package? 

A. Credit Actions button 
B. Navigate to loan and then modify/renew 
C. Manage Loan button 
D. Bulk Actions button 

Question # 4

True or False: The nCino Fees Feature can automatically calculate a fee as a fixed amount or a percentage of some other amount. 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 5

True or False: When creating a New Risk Grade Template you should Always use the Create New Risk Grade Template Button. 

A. True 
B. False

Question # 6

True or False: To access the Default Rate Indices one would navigate via Setup>Develop>Custom Settings>Manage records next to Index 

A. True
 B. False 

Question # 7

True or False: When curating data in an excel sheet, leading zeros are sometimes hidden. 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 8

True or False? An Admin will Visit the ManageRates Visualforce Page to adjust the rate for a given index. 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 9

Which loan field is Not required to be filled out to initially create a Rate and Payment Stream?

 A. Loan Amount 
B. First Payment Date 
C. Amortized Terms (Months) 
D. Index 
E. Loan Term (Months) 

Question # 10

True or False? You can add Fees from Product Package. 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 11

When configuring nCino feature from a knowledge base article and a necessary field is not available on the page layout what is the best FIRST step to take to locate the field? 

A. Click edit page layout and search for the missing field 
B. Create the field 
C. Check with the knowledge team to make sure the article is up to date 
D. Chatter your team lead 

Question # 12

True or False? On a Change Memo, you have to manually go back into the Loan record to update any new changes to fields like terms, rate, amount, etc. 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 13

True or False: New Covenant Management records are created when the "Next Evaluation Date" is met.

 A. True 
B. False 

Question # 14

What field on relationship is recommended to be used when starting Relationship Docman Smart Checklists? 

A. Type 
B. Name 
C. Industry 
D. LookupKey 

Question # 15

True or False? The Process Overview enables nCino users to have a comprehensive view of all Relationships in the system. 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 16

You can use the Log a Call function on which of the following pages 

A. Contact 
B. Lead 
C. Loan 
D. Relationship 
E. All of the above

Question # 17

Collateral Management records must have what child record? 

A. Collateral Pledged 
B. Lien 
C. Collateral Ownership 
D. All of the Above 

Question # 18

What Collateral MGMT Placeholders are generated in Loan Docman when Collateral is pledged? 

A. Those flagged with "Import Me" checkbox 
B. All Placeholders 
C. 5 Oldest Placeholders 
D. Only Approved Documents 
E. Those marked as in file 

Question # 19

What objects are standard supported for Document Manager? 

A. -Loan 
B. -Relationship 
C. -Deposits 
D. -Collateral 
E. -Treasury Services 
F. -Product Package 

Question # 20

When using Spreads, what is the most likely reason an end user is unable to select the Show operations checkbox? 

A. Spreads was configured incorrectly 
B. Missing Underwriting Permission Set 
C. Field level security is too high 
D. They are not an administrator 

Question # 21

When using nCino Forms Generation, where are the templates stored so that a user can access to edit? 

A. Forms Manager 
B. Templates can't be edited once saved 
C. nCino Administration 
D. Forms Templates 

Question # 22

True or False? Fields can be made Editable in the Pending Facilities section in Product Package. 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 23

Which items must be created in order to configure a team key? (Select Two) 

A. Role 
B. Email alert 
C. Email template 
D. Loan field 
E. Role 
F. Email template 

Question # 24

For a user to generate a record below the Main on the loan record in nCino, which button are you required to add to the page layout? 

A. Credit Memo 
B. Sharing 
C. Manage Customer Portal 
D. New Limit/Sub/Takedown 

Question # 25

When creating new screen sections for a credit memo, which field determines the order in which screen sections appear? 

A. Render Order 
B. Widget Order 
C. Display Order 
D. Section Order 

Question # 26

A loan with loan number 12345 is renewed. This creates a new Loan record with Loan number 12345R-1. When Loan 12345R-1 books the stage is updated to the 'booked' stage. What happens to the original loan's loan number when the 12345R-1 books? 

A. R-2 is appended to the original loan's loan number 
B. _ORG is appended to the original loan's loan number 
C. All appendages are removed from the original loan's loan number 
D. The original loan is deleted 

Question # 27

Which Selection is NOT a Modification Frequency Value that can be set per index? 

A. Adjusted Yearly 
B. Adjusted as needed
 C. Adjusted Daily 
D. Adjusted Hourly 

Question # 28

True or False? New Covenant Management records are created when the "Next Evaluation Date" is met. 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 29

When configuring Loan Team Member alerts, what loan field is populated via workflow to initiate the notification? 

A. Loan Alerts 
B. Team Alerts 
C. Team Member Alerts
D. Notification Alert 

Question # 30

True or False? A Loan that is processed through nCino will typically go through multiple approval processes. 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 31

Where can a User find "Recent Items"? 

A. Side Pane 
B. Center Pane 

Question # 32

True or False? Collateral Type is optional. 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 33

True or False: It is NOT important to have a corresponding customer request/permission before attempting to data load. 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 34

Which process gives you the most similar view of nCino on your mobile device? 

A. Salesforce1 App 
B. Browser 

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