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Frequently Asked Questions

CWNP CWSP-206 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

A networksecurity auditor is preparing to perform a comprehensive assessment of an 802.11ac network’s security. What task should be performed at the beginning of the audit to maximize the auditor’s ability to expose network vulnerabilities?

A. Identify the IP subnet information for each network segment.
B. Identify the manufacturer of the wireless infrastructure hardware.
C. Identify the skill level of the wireless network security administrator(s).
D. Identify the manufacturer of the wireless intrusion preventionsystem.
E. Identify the wireless security solution(s) currently in use.

Question # 2

ABCHospital wishes to create a strong security policy as a first step in securing their 802.11 WLAN. Before creating the WLAN security policy, what should you ensure you possess?

A. Management support for the process.
B. Security policy generation software.
C. End-user training manuals for the policies to be created.
D. Awareness of the exact vendor devices being installed.

Question # 3

What attack cannot be detected by a Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS)?

A. Deauthentication flood
B. Soft AP
C. EAP flood
D. Eavesdropping
E. MAC Spoofing
F. Hotspotter

Question # 4

You manage a wireless network that services 200 wireless users. Your facility requires 20 access points, and you have installed an IEEE 802.11-compliant implementation of 802.1X/LEAP with AES-CCMPas an authentication and encryption solution. In this configuration, the wireless network is initially susceptible to what type of attack?

A. Offline dictionary attacks
B. Application eavesdropping
C. Session hijacking
D. Layer 3 peer-to-peer
E. Encryption cracking

Question # 5

The IEEE 802.11 standard defined Open System authentication as consisting of two auth frames and two assoc frames. In a WPA2-Enterprise network, what process immediately follows the 802.11 association procedure?

A. 802.1X/ EAPauthentication
B. Group Key Handshake
C. DHCP Discovery
D. RADIUS shared secret lookup
E. 4-Way Handshake
F. Passphrase-to-PSK mapping

Question # 6

ABC Company is an Internet Service Provider with thousands of customers. ABC’s customers are given login credentials for network access when they become a customer. ABC uses an LDAP server as the central user credential database. ABC is extending their service to existing customers in some public access areas and would like to use their existing database for authentication. How can ABC Company use their existing user database for wireless user authentication as they implement a large-scale WPA2- Enterprise WLAN security solution?

A. Implement a RADIUS server and query user authentication requests through the LDAP server.
B. Mirror the LDAP server to a RADIUS database within a WLAN controller and perform daily backups to synchronize the user databases.
C. Import all users from the LDAP server into a RADIUS server with an LDAP-to-RADIUS conversion tool.
D. Implement an X.509 compliant Certificate Authority and enable SSL queries on the LDAPserver.

Question # 7

ABC Company has recently installed a WLAN controller and configured it to support WPA2-Enterprise security. The administrator has configured a security profile on the WLAN controller for each groupwithin the company (Marketing, Sales, and Engineering). How are authenticated users assigned to groups so that they receive the correct security profile within the WLAN controller?

A. The RADIUS server sends the list of authenticated users and groups to the WLAN controller as part of a 4-Way Handshake prior to user authentication.
B. The WLAN controller polls the RADIUS server for a complete list of authenticated users and groups after each user authentication.
C. The RADIUS server sends a group name return list attribute to the WLAN controller during every successful user authentication.
D. The RADIUS server forwards the request for a group attribute to an LDAP database service, and LDAP sends the group attribute to the WLAN controller.

Question # 8

During 802.1X/LEAP authentication, the username is passed across the wireless medium in clear text. From a security perspective, why is this significant?

A. The username can be looked up in a dictionary file that lists common username/password combinations.
B. The username is needed for Personal Access Credential (PAC) and X.509 certificate validation.
C. 4-Way Handshake nonces are based on the username in WPA and WPA2 authentication.
D. The username is an input to the LEAPchallenge/response hash that is exploited, so the username must be known to conduct authentication cracking.

Question # 9

In the basic 4-way handshake used in secure 802.11 networks, what is the purpose of the ANonce and SNonce?

A. They are added together and used as the GMK, fromwhich the GTK is derived.
B. They are used to pad Message 1 and Message 2 so each frame contains the same number of bytes.
C. The IEEE 802.11 standard requires that all encrypted frames contain a nonce to serve as a Message Integrity Check (MIC).
D. They are input values used in the derivation of the Pairwise Transient Key.

Question # 10

You must implement 7 APs for a branch office location in your organizations. All APs will be autonomous and provide the same two SSIDs (CORP1879and Guest).Because each AP is managed directly through a web-based interface, what must be changed on every AP before enabling the WLANs to ensure proper staging procedures are followed?

A. Output power
B. Fragmentation threshold
C. Administrative password
D. Cell radius

Question # 11

What software and hardware tools are used in the processperformed to hijack a wireless station from the authorized wireless network onto an unauthorized wireless network?

A. A low-gain patch antenna and terminal emulation software
B. MAC spoofing software and MAC DoS software
C. RF jamming device and a wireless radio card
D. A wireless workgroup bridge and a protocol analyzer

Question # 12

When monitoring APs within a LAN using a Wireless Network Management System (WNMS), what secure protocol may be used bythe WNMS to issue configuration changes to APs?

B. 802.1X/EAP

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