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CWNP CWNA-109 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

You are troubleshooting a problem with a new 802.11ax AP. While the AP supports fourspatial streams, most clients are only achieving maximum data rates of 150 Mbps. What isthe likely cause?

A. The clients are 802.11n devices
B. The clients are only two stream 802.11ax clients
C. Contention caused by an overlapping BSS
D. Non-Wi-Fi interference in the channel

Question # 2

An 802.11-based network uses an AP and has several connecting clients. The clientsinclude iPhones, iPads, laptops and one desktop. What WLAN use case is represented?

A. Ad-hoc

Question # 3

Which IEEE 802.11 physical layer (PHY) specification includes support for andcompatibility with both ERP and HR/DSSS?

A. DSSS (802.11-Prime)
B. OFDM (802.11a)
C. HT (802.11n)
D. VHT (802.11ac)

Question # 4

You are installing an AP to be used by 27 laptops. All laptops will connect on the 5 GHzfrequency band. A neighbor network uses channels 1 and 6. What channel should be usedfor this AP and why?

A. Channel 6, because it is always best to use this channel
B. A 5 GHz channel, because channels 1 and 6 are 2.4 GHz channels they have no impacton the decision
C. Channel 1, because it is best to use the channel with the lowest frequency
D. Channel 11, because channels 1 and 6 are in use nearby

Question # 5

To ease user complexity, your company has implemented a single SSID for all employees.However, the network administrator needs a way to control the network resources that canbe accessed by each employee based in their department. What WLAN feature would allow the network administrator to accomplish this task?


Question # 6

What is the most effective method for testing roaming in relation to 802.11 VoIP handsets?

A. Use a spectrum analyzer to monitor RF activity during a VoIP call.
B. Use a protocol analyzer to capture the traffic generated when a laptop roams.
C. Place a call with the handset and move around the facility to test quality during roaming.
D. Use the built-in roaming monitor built into all VoIP handsets.

Question # 7

What is an advantage of using WPA3-Personal instead of WPA2-Personal as a securitysolution for 802.11 networks?

A. WPA3-Personal, also called WPA3-SAE, uses an authentication exchange and WPA2-Personal does not
B. WPA3-Personal, also called WPA3-SAE, uses a stronger authentication exchange tobetter secure the network
C. WPA3-Personal, also called WPA3-SAE, uses AES for encryption and WPA2-Personaldoes not
D. WPA3-Personal, also called WPA3-SAE, uses a better encryption algorithm than WPA2-Personal

Question # 8

A client STA must choose the best AP for connectivity. As part of the evaluation, it mustverify compatible data rates. What can the client STA use to verify that anAP supports the same data rates that it supports?

A. Beacon frames transmitted by the AP
B. Data frames sent between the AP and current clients STAs
C. Authentication frames transmitted by the other client STAs
D. Probe request frames transmitted by other client STAs

Question # 9

The BSA of an AP covers the area used by the sales and marketing department. Thirty-fivestations operate in this space. The users indicate that they need more throughput and allstations are 5 GHz capable 802.11ac clients. The current AP configuration uses 20 MHzchannels in both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. What is the least expensive solution available forincreasing throughput for these users without implementing configuration options that arenot recommended?

A. Use a 160 MHz channel on the 5 GHz radio
B. Use a 40 MHz channel on the 5 GHz radio
C. Install a second AP in the coverage area
D. Use a 40 MHz channel on the 2.4 GHz radio

Question # 10

When implementing PoE, what role is played by a switch?

B. Midspan injector
D. Power splitter287

Question # 11

You have implemented an 802.11ax WLAN for a customer. All APs are four stream HEAPs. The customer states that it is essential that most of the clients can use the OFDMAmodulation scheme. What do you tell the customer?

A. The clients that must support OFDMA must also be upgraded to 802.11ax
B. OFDMA is an optional feature of 802.11ax and most APs don't even support it
C. All 5 GHz PHYs use OFDM modulation, so you will achieve OFDMA everywhere in 5GHz
D. If the devices support 802.11ac, they can be updated to support OFDMA through driverupgrades

Question # 12

You are tasked with performing a throughput test on the WLAN. The manager asks thatyou use open source tools to reduce costs. What open source tool is designed to perform athroughput test?

A. iPerf
B. PuTTy
C. IxChariot
D. Python

Question # 13

An AP is advertised as a tri-band, 4x4:4, Wi-Fi 6, 802. 11ax AP. Based on this informationand assuming it is correctly advertised, what can be determined as certainly true about thisAP?

A. It supports four channels in 2.4 GHz and 4 channels in 5 GHz
B. It supports UL-MU-MIMO
C. It uses a modified OpenWRT firmware
D. It has 4 radio chains

Question # 14

A WLAN transmitter that emits a 50 mW signal is connected to a cable with 3 dB loss. If thecable is connected to an antenna with 9dBi gain, what is the EIRP at the antenna element?

A. 26 dBm
B. 13 dBm
C. 23 dBm
D. 10 dBm

Question # 15

What wireless networking term describes the increase of RF energy in an intentionaldirection with the use of an antenna?

A. Directed Radiation
B. Beam Digression
C. Passive Gain
D. Active Amplification

Question # 16

What frame type is used to reserve the wireless medium for the transmission of high datarate frames that may not be understood by all clients connected to the BSS?

C. Beacon
D. PS-Poll

Question # 17

You are configuring an access point to use channel 128. What important fact should beconsidered about this channel?

A. It is a 2.4 GHz frequency band 40 MHz channel, so it should not be used
B. It is a 22 MHz channel so it will overlap with the channels above and below it
C. It is a channel that may require DFS when used
D. It is a channel that is unsupported by all access points in all regulatory domains

Question # 18

Which IEEE 802.11 physical layer (PHY) specification includes support for operation in the2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz bands?

A. VHT (802.11ac).
B. HT(802.11n)
C. HR/DSSS (802.11b)
D. HE (802.11ax)

Question # 19

You must plan for POE in an office environment. Which one of these devices is least likelyto be a POE PSE?

A. Midspan multi-port injector
B. Switch
C. VolP Phone
D. Midspan injector

Question # 20

A natural disaster has occurred in a remote area that is approximately 57 miles from theresponse team headquarters. The response team must implement a local wireless networkusing 802.11 WLAN access points. What is the best method, of those listed, forimplementation of a network back-haul for communications across the Internet in thisscenario?

A. 802.11 bridging to the response team headquarters
B. Cellular/LTE/5G
C. Turn up the output power of the WLAN at the response team headquarters
D. Temporary wired DSL

Question # 21

The IEEE 802.11-2012 standard requires VHT capable devices to be backward compatiblewith devices using which other 802.11 physical layer specifications (PHYs)?


Question # 22

You administer a small WLAN with nine access point. As a small business, you do not ruma RADIUS server and use WPA2-Personal for security. Recently, you changed thepassphrase for WPA2-personal in all Aps and clients. Several users are now reporting theinability to connect to the network at time and it is constrained to one area of the building.When using scanner, you see that the AP covering that area is online

A. The AP that covers the problem area requires a firmware update
B. The clients are improperly configured
C. The AP that covers the problem area has failed
D. The AP that covers the problem area is improperly configured

Question # 23

Which one of the following 802.11 PHYs is more likely to be used in an industrialdeployment but not likely to be used in standard office deployments?

A. S1G

Question # 24

You have been tasked with creating a wireless link between two buildings on a singlecampus. The link must support at least 150 Mbps data rates. What kind of WLANtechnology role should you deploy?

C. Wireless bridging
D. Access BSS