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VMware 5V0-63.21 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Which three are features of the Workspace ONE Content Gateway service? (Choosethree.)

A. Encrypted communications using SSUTLS.
B. Secure access to internal repositories.
C. Provides health status on external repositories
D. Support for most corporate file servers.
E. Provides email notification for Exchange mail.

Question # 2

Which platform is responsible for securing external access to Horizon desktops andapplications?

A. VMware: AppDefense
B. Horizon Cloud Connector
C. Unified Access Gateway
D. VMvware Tunnel

Question # 3

Which Workspace ONE productivity application enables delivery of PDFs to enrolleddevices?

A. Workspace ONE Web
B. Workspace ONE Content
C. Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub
D. Workspace ONE Tunnel

Question # 4

A company using Mobile SSO would like to avoid deploying an additional connector forWorkspace ONE. They currently do not have a use case for Virtual Apps or advancedauthentication such as kerberos, RDA SecureID or Radius.Which configuration can be used to sync users and groups with a single connector ofWorkspace ONE?

A. Directory Sync from Workspace ONE UEM to Workspace ONE Access
B. Directory Sync from Workspace ONE Assist to Workspace ONE Access
C. Directory Sync from Workspace ONE Access to Workspace ONE Unified AccessGateway
D. Directory Sync from Workspace ONE Intelligence to Workspace ONE Access

Question # 5

What two features of Hub Services can be enabled without enabling Workspace ONE Access and having the authentication mode set to Workspace ONE UEM? (Choose two.)

A. enable SSO for applications
B. enable People Search
C. notifications for iOS and Android
D. Hub Virtual Assistant Chatbot
E. Hub Catalog layout

Question # 6

Which two Workspace ONE UEM core components are required for all on-premisesenvironments? (Choose two.)

A. Device Services
B. AirWatch Cloud Connector
C. Unified Access Gateway
D. Secure Email Gateway
E. Console Services

Question # 7

Which of the following explains the differences between Workspace ONE UEM reports and Workspace ONE Intelligence Custom Reports?

A. Workspace ONE Intelligence Reports uses an on-premises reporting database to pushdata to a reports cloud service as Workspace ONE UEM Reports extracts data from yourWorkspace ONE UEM environment.
B. Workspace ONE Intelligence Reports uses a separate service to push data to a reportscloud service and Workspace ONE UEM Reports extracts data from your WS ONE UEMenvironment.
C. Workspace ONE Intelligence Reports use the same an API service to push data to areports cloud service as Workspace ONE UEM Reports.
D. Workspace ONE Intelligence Reports use the same service to push data to a reportscloud service as Workspace ONE UEM Reports.

Question # 8

An administrator is preparing to setup email management for Office 365 in UEM.Which is VMware’s recommended email deployment model for this scenario?

B. Proxy
C. Indirect
D. Direct

Question # 9

Which administrative console is used to change to an organization logo (branding) in theIntelligent Hub Catalog?

A. Workspace ONE Access
B. Workspace ONE Hub Services
C. Workspace ONE
D. Workspace ONE UEM

Question # 10

Which two configuration steps must be performed when managing iOS devices? (Choosetwo.)

A. Obtain an Apple Server Certificate.
B. Obtain an Apple ID.
C. Obtain an APNS certificate.
D. Obtain an Apple Developer ID.
E. Obtain an iCIoud Account.

Question # 11

Which three configuration changes must be made to use an enterprise Certificate Authority(CA) for Mobile SSO with iOS devices? (Choose three.)

A. Integrate 3rd party Certificate Authority (CA) with Workspace ONE UEM console
B. Configure Mobile SSO adapters in Workspace ONE to trust enterprise CA
C. Modify Mobile SSO profiles to use enterprise CA
D. Configure mobile application records in Workspace ONE to trust enterprise CA
E. Modify Workspace ONE authentication policies to use enterprise CA
F. Configure VMware Tunnel network traffic rules to allow access to enterprise CA

Question # 12

Which three Workspace ONE Edge Services are included in Unified Access Gateway?(Choose three.)

A. AirWatch Cloud Connector
B. Content Gateway
C. Secure Email Gateway
D. Workspace ONE Intelligence Connector
E. VMware Tunnel

Question # 13

Which type of design is a diagram that includes network zones, network components,server locations, and hardware recommendations?

A. Physical
B. Logical
C. Theoretical
D. Conceptual