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VMWARE 2V0-41.23 Exam Overview:

Aspect Details
Exam Cost $250 USD
Total Time 105 Minutes
Available Languages English, Japanese, Chinese
Passing Marks 300 out of 500
Exam Format Multiple Choice, Drag and Drop
Exam Center Pearson VUE
Exam Code 2V0-41.23
Certification VMware Certified Professional - Network Virtualization 2021 (VCP-NV 2021)

VMware NSX 4.x Professional Exam Topics Breakdown

Domain Percentage Description
NSX-T Architecture & Technologies 15% Understand NSX-T architecture, components, and technologies.
Infrastructure and Networking 15% Configure and manage networking and infrastructure components.
Security and Compliance 15% Implement security policies, firewall configurations, and compliance checks.
Load Balancing and VPNs 10% Configure and troubleshoot load balancing and VPN solutions.
Automation and Monitoring 15% Use automation tools and monitor NSX-T environments.
Troubleshooting and Optimization 15% Identify and resolve NSX-T issues and optimize performance.
Management and Maintenance 15% Manage and maintain NSX-T environments efficiently.
VMware 2V0-41.23 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

An administrator wants to validate the BGP connection status between the Tier-O Gatewayand the upstream physical router.What sequence of commands could be used to check this status on NSX Edge node?

A. set vrf <ID>show logical-routersshow <LR-D> bgp
B. show logical-routersget vrfshow ip route bgp
C. get gatewaysvrf <number>get bgp neighbor
D. enable <LR-D>get vrf <ID>show bgp neighbor

Question # 2

An administrator has connected two virtual machines on the same overlay segment. Pingbetween both virtual machines is successful. What type of network boundary does thisrepresent?

A. Layer 2 VPN
B. Layer 2 bridge
C. Layer 2 broadcast domain
D. Layer 3 route

Question # 3

Which two of the following are used to configure Distributed Firewall on VDS? (Choosetwo.)

A. vSphere API
D. vCenter API

Question # 4

What should an NSX administrator check to verify that VMware Identity ManagerIntegration Is successful?

A. From VMware Identity Manager the status of the remote access application must begreen.
B. From the NSX UI the status of the VMware Identity Manager Integration must be"Enabled".
C. From the NSX CLI the status of the VMware Identity Manager Integration must be"Configured".
D. From the NSX UI the URI in the address bar must have "locaNfatse" part of it.

Question # 5

Which two of the following features are supported for the Standard NSX ApplicationPlatform Deployment? (Choose two.)

A. NSX Intrusion Detection and Prevention
B. NSX Intelligence
C. NSX Network Detection and Response
D. NSX Malware Prevention Metrics
E. NSX Intrinsic Security

Question # 6

An administrator is configuring service insertion for Network Introspection.Which two places can the Network Introspection be configured? (Choose two.)

A. Host pNIC
B. Partner SVM
C. Tier-0 gateway
D. Tier-1 gateway 
E. Edge Node

Question # 7

Which CLI command does an NSX administrator run on the NSX Manager to generatesupport bundle logs if the NSX UI Is inaccessible?

A. set support-bundle file vcpnv.tgz
B. esxcli system syslog config logger set - -id=nsxmanager
C. vm-support
D. get support-bundle file vcpnv.tgz

Question # 8

Which two steps must an NSX administrator take to integrate VMware Identity Manager inNSX to support role-based access control? (Choose two.)

A. Create a SAML authentication in VMware Identity Manager using the NSX Manager FQDN.
B. Enter the Identity Provider (IdP) metadata URL in NSX Manager.
C. Create an OAuth 2.0 client in VMware Identity Manager.
D. Add NSX Manager as a Service Provider (SP) in VMware Identity Manager.
E. Enter the service URL, Client Secret, and SSL thumbprint in NSX Manager.

Question # 9

Which two of the following will be used for Ingress traffic on the Edge node supporting aSingle Tier topology? (Choose two.)

A. Inter-Tier interface on the Tier-0 gateway
B. Tier-0 Uplink interface
C. Downlink Interface for the Tier-0 DR
D. Tier-1 SR Router Port
E. Downlink Interface for the Tier-1 DR

Question # 10

Which NSX feature can be leveraged to achieve consistent policy configuration andsimplicity across sites?

A. VRF Lite
B. Ethernet VPN
D. NSX Federation

Question # 11

Which is an advantages of a L2 VPN In an NSX 4.x environment?

A. Enables Multi-Cloud solutions
B. Achieve better performance
C. Enables VM mobility with re-IP
D. Use the same broadcast domain

Question # 12

What are four NSX built-in rote-based access control (RBAC) roles? (Choose four.)

A. Network Admin
B. Enterprise Admin
C. Full Access
D. Read
E. LB Operator
F. None
G. Auditor

Question # 13

What must be configured on Transport Nodes for encapsulation and decapsulation ofGeneve protocol?


Question # 14

As part of an organization's IT security compliance requirement, NSX Manager must beconfigured for 2FA (two-factor authentication).What should an NSX administrator have ready before the integration can be configured? O

A. Active Directory LDAP integration with OAuth Client added
B. VMware Identity Manager with an OAuth Client added
C. Active Directory LDAP integration with ADFS
D. VMware Identity Manager with NSX added as a Web Application

Question # 15

What are two functions of the Service Engines in NSX Advanced Load Balancer? (Choosetwo.)

A. It collects real-time analytics from application traffic flows.
B. It stores the configuration and policies related to load-balancing services.
C. It performs application load-balancing operations.
D. It deploys web servers to perform load-balancing operations.
E. It provides a user interface to perform configuration and management tasks.

Question # 16

An administrator has been tasked with implementing the SSL certificates for the NSXManager Cluster VIP.Which is the correct way to implement this change?

A. Send an API call to https://<nsx-mgr>/api/v1/cluster/api-certificate?action=set_cluster_certificate&certificate_id=<certificate_id>
B. Send an API call to https://<nsx-mgr>/api/v1/node/services/http? action=apply_certificate&certificate_id=<certificate_id>
C. SSH as admin into the NSX manager with the cluster VIP IP and run nsxcli clustercertificate vip install <certificate_id>
D. SSH as admin into the NSX manager with the cluster VIP IP and run nsxcli clustercertificate node install <certificate_id>

Question # 17

Which statement is true about an alarm in a Suppressed state?

A. An alarm can be suppressed for a specific duration in seconds.
B. An alarm can be suppressed for a specific duration in days.
C. An alarm can be suppressed for a specific duration in minutes.
D. An alarm can be suppressed for a specific duration in hours.

Question # 18

What are two supported host switch modes? (Choose two.)

A. DPDK Datapath
B. Enhanced Datapath
C. Overlay Datapath
D. Secure Datapath
E. Standard Datapath

Question # 19

Which field in a Tier-1 Gateway Firewall would be used to allow access for a collection oftrustworthy web sites?

A. Source
B. Profiles -> Context Profiles
C. Destination
D. Profiles -> L7 Access Profile

Question # 20

An NSX administrator is using ping to check connectivity between VM1 running on ESXi1to VM2 running on ESXi2. The ping tests fails. The administrator knows the maximumtransmission unit size on the physical switch is 1600.Which command does the administrator use to check the VMware kernel ports for tunnelend point communication?

A. esxcli network diag ping -I vmk0O -H <destination IP address>
B. vmkping ++netstack=geneve -d -s 1572 <destination IP address>
C. esxcli network diag ping -H <destination IP address>
D. vmkping ++netstack=vxlan -d -s 1572 <destination IP address>

Question # 21

When a stateful service is enabled for the first lime on a Tier-0 Gateway, what happens onthe NSX Edge node'

A. SR is instantiated and automatically connected with DR.
B. DR Is instantiated and automatically connected with SR.
C. SR and DR Is instantiated but requites manual connection.
D. SR and DR doesn't need to be connected to provide any stateful services.