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VMware 1V0-21.20PSE Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Refer to the exhibit:  After the “service 1.5” snapshot is deleted, which snapshot will be the current state for the virtual machine?

A. Photon-01 
B. Service 2 
C. Service 1.5 
D. Service 1 

Question # 2

Which action must an administrator perform in the vSphere Client to create a copy of arunning virtual machine?

A. Right-click the VM template > New VM from This Template 
B. Right-click the VM > Clone > Clone to Template 
C. Right click the VM > Clone > Clone to Virtual Machine 
D. Right-click the VM template > Convert to Virtual Machine 

Question # 3

Which vSphere component provides continuous availability formission-critical virtual machines so users experience no loss of data andno interruption in service during a host failure?

A. vSphere Fault Tolerance 
B. vSphere Replication 
C. vSphere HA 
D. vSphere vmotion 

Question # 4

A system administrator has to configure several virtual machines for different business units. The administrator needs to enable features that allow overcommitment of resources while adhering to the business requirements and different department performance SLAs.Which two features should the administrator enable to achieve this goal? (Choose two.)

A. vSphere Distributed Power Management 
B. vSphere Fault Tolerance 
C. vSphere Resource Pools 
D. vSphere High Availability 
E. vSphere Storage I/O Control 

Question # 5

Which problem is solved by migrating virtual machines (VMs) using vSphere vMotion?

A. A vSphere cluster that needs to be upgraded without any VM downtime. 
B. A problem that occurred during VM patching and a roll-back is needed. 
C. The names of the VM files that do not match the inventory name of the VM. 
D. Heavy storage traffic and latency that are concentrated in a few datastores. 

Question # 6

Traditional operating systems allocate resources such as CPU andmemory for applications installed on computers.Which vSphere component schedules resource for virtual machines in asimilar way?

A. virtual Hardware 
B. vCenter Server 
C. ESXi Hypervisor 
D. VMware Tools 

Question # 7

Which storage protocol is supported by vSphere? 


Question # 8

Which vSphere component centralizes automated patch and version management forclusters. ESXi. drivers and firmware. Virtual Hardware, and VMware Tools?

A. vSphere DRS 
B. VMware Cloud Foundation 
C. Content Library 
D. vSphere Lifecycle Manager 

Question # 9

Which feature must be enabled to configure vSphere Proactive HA?

A. vSphere DRS 
B. Cluster EVC 
C. Fault Tolerance 
D. vSphere HA 

Question # 10

An administrator notices a virtual machine named vm01 is missingfrom the inventory, but the configuration files can be located.Which file should the administrator click on to register the VM?

A. vm01.vmdk 
B. vm01.vmsd 
C. vm01vmx 
D. vm01.nvram 

Question # 11

Which software-defined, object-based storage solution provides shared storage forvSphere clusters without using traditional external storage?

B. vSAN 

Question # 12

An administrator would like to add a new server into an existing vSphere cluster. Theservers are running Intel processors. The administrator needs to ensure that the newserver can be added to the cluster with the same processor baseline as the existingservers.Which strategy should be used to achieve this goal?

A. Fault Tolerance 
B. Enhanced vMotion Compatibility 
C. vSphere vMotion 
D. vSphere High Availability 

Question # 13

Refer to the exhibit:  An administrator deletes the Service 1.5 snapshot.What is the result of this action?

A. Reversion to Service 1 snapshot, and Service 2 snapshot will remain. 
B. Reversion to Service 1 snapshot, and Service 2 snapshot will be deleted. 
C. Reversion to Service 2 snapshot, and Service 1 snapshot will be deleted. 
D. Deletion of all snapshots. 

Question # 14

What does it mean if a virtual machine (VM) has a high RDS score?

A. It requires access to more resource as soon as possible. 
B. It has poor performance in the current host. 
C. It is in conflict over access to a shared resource. 
D. Its resource requirements are met most of the time. 

Question # 15

Which feature provides a mechanism for a virtual machine to revert toa previous configuration state?

A. vSphere HA 
B. Storage I/O Control 
C. Snapshots 
D. Bus Sharing 

Question # 16

An administrator would like to enable a switch setting to restrict thenetwork bandwidth that is available to ports, but the solution must alsoallow bursts of traffic to flow through at higher spends.Which vSphere Distributed Switch setting accomplishes this goal?

A. Monitoring 
B. teaming and failover 
C. Traffic shaping 
D. Security

Question # 17

An administrator must configure vSphere HA to act upon virtualmachines when a host is disconnected from the management network.Which option should the administrator use?

A. Response for Host Isolation 
B. Admission Control 
C. VM Monitoring 
D. host Failure Response 

Question # 18

An administrator wants to deploy virtual machines on Windows 10desktop.What option accomplishes this goal?

A. Add additional network interface 
B. Install Windows patches 
C. Install a Type-2 hypervisor 
D. Add an additional CD-ROM 

Question # 19

Which hardware is required to support Fibre Channel storage?

A. ISCSI adapter 

Question # 20

An administrator is trying to configure EVC on a cluster that has both AMD and Intel hosts,but the configuration is failing. What is causing this failure?

A. The administrator did not separate out the hosts by processor type prior to enablingEVC. 
B. The administrator did not configure vMotion on all hosts prior to enabling EVC. 
C. The administrator did not remove all passthrough devices prior to enabling EVC. 
D. The administrator did not configure vSphere HA prior to enabling EVC. 

Question # 21

A VMware administrator monitoring a project has been advised to runthe compute health check using the vSphere 7 client to monitor the ESXihosts health.How should the administrator approach this task?

A. Menu > Administrator > Deployment > System Configuration
B. Host > Monitor > Skyline Health > Expand Online Health Connectivity > Compute Health Checks > Reset
C. Host > Monitor > Events
D. Host > Monitor > Issues and Alarms