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Veritas VCS-279 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Storage Lifecycle Policy (SLP) slpi is used to perform a backup and duplication. The backup is always a small, 100MB backup. The master server host properties for SLP Parameters are set to the default values.How can the administrator ensure the duplications run as soon as possible after the backup completes?

A. reduce the "Job submission interval" setting to 0
B. reduce the "Minimum size per duplication job" setting to 50MB
C. right-click slpi and select Manual Relocation to Final Destination
D. increase the "Priority for secondary operations" in the SLP

Question # 2

Which storage unit group selection causes NetBackup to choose the least recently selected storage unit in the list as each new job is started?

A. Prioritized
B. Failover
C. Round Robin
D. Media Server Load Balancing

Question # 3

An administrator is attempting to configure a new backup policy using synthetic backups. When creating a new backup schedule, the Synthetic backup option is greyed out and therefore unable to be selected.What must the administrator do to the policy to make the Synthetic backup option available for selection?

A. create a differential or cumulative incremental backup schedule
B. select a backup destination that supports synthetic backups
C. enable Collect true image restore information with move detection
D. create a full backup schedule with Accelerator forced rescan enabled

Question # 4

A backup job is showing the following error message: Which two actions can an administrator perform to ensure the backup completes successfully? (Select two.)

A. ensure at least one storage unit is without the On Demand Only option selected
B. increase the Multiplexing value on the Storage Unit
C. increase the "Maximum concurrent jobs" parameter on the Storage Unit
D. assign a specific Storage Unit for that policy
E. increase the "Limit I/O streams" parameter on the disk volume

Question # 5

A NetBackup policy is configured to back up the following paths for a client:  Multi-streaming is enabled for the backups, and multiplexing is set to 4. Backup streams are running slowly. Which step should the administrator consider to improve backup performance? 

A. increase the multiplexing level
B. back up only one stream from each physical device on the client
C. disable multistreaming
D. increase the number of data buffersAnswer: A

Question # 6

An administrator needs to recover the NetBackup master server catalog at a disaster recovery site, but the DR files are unavailable.Which command should the administrator use to recreate the DR file?

A. bprecover
B. nbcat sync
C. bpimporc
D. cat_iinport

Question # 7

An administrator has a Synthetic backup that fails with a status code 1, and the error message: No images were found to synthesize (607)Which steps should the administrator take to determine why the backup failed?

A. check the policy backup selection list
B. check the schedule's Storage Unit for compatibility
C.check the policy schedules
D. check the client attributes in Host Properties

Question # 8

What must be confirmed during an interactive installation or upgrade to ensure certificate deployment is secure?

A. the 5HA1 fingerprint of the certificate authority (CA)
B. the Hostname of the master server
C. the admin/root password of the master server
D. the MD5 fingerprint of the certificate authority (CA)

Question # 9

A NetBackup environment with a single tape storage unit is experiencing performance issues when running full backups of a Windows file server with over a million small files. Backups for all other clients on the same network are performing adequately.What should the administrator modify to improve performance for the client?

A. enable Windows Change Journal
B. modify data buffer settings for the data path
C. enable the Use Accelerator policy attribute
D. use Flashbackup-Windows policy type

Question # 10

After creating a NBU-Catalog type backup policy, an administrator receives the following message: DR file is on the same partition as your catalog and will be unusable in an actual disaster or disk failure. Which two options are available to the administrator to ensure the DR file is available for future use? (Select two.) 

A. ensure the folder DR file is on a non-root volume
B. ensure the DR file is created on a volume other than the NetBackup volume
C. specify a user that has credentials to the volume that contains NetBackup binaries
D. configure a valid email address of the administrator in the Send email option
E. specify the NBU-Catalog backup policy as a critical policy

Question # 11

A Windows policy protects over 100 servers using the directive ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES. The backup window for this policy is a two-hour window that is unused by any other policy. When the jobs run, each server has no more than ten paths, and the overall performance of the disk storage unit is degraded. Which setting should the administrator modify to ensure only ten jobs write concurrently to the disk storage unit during the backup window?

A. set the "Allow multiple data streams" policy attribute
B. enable the "Limit Jobs per policy" attribute
C. set the "Maximum jobs per client" host property
D. enable multiplexing for the storage unit and set the value

Question # 12

Which command should an administrator run on each appliance as part of completing the pre-upgrade tasks?

A. Support > Cleanup
B. Manage > Software > UpgradeStatus
C. Support > Test Software
D. Manage > NetBackupCLI > List

Question # 13

An administrator is configuring a new device and receives the following error message:Unable to determine robot typeWhat are two possible solutions? (Select two.)

A. download a new device_mapping file from the Veritas Support website
B. ensure the tape drive is closed and ready for use
C. perform a rescan of the available tape drives
D. verify compatibility for the library with NetBackup
E. select the correct device type for the drives

Question # 14

Which feature is enabled after adding a master server to the Trusted Master Servers tab?

A. backup of clients in other master server domains
B. remote console to another master server
C. targeted Auto Image Replication
D. remote catalog backups

Question # 15

What is required to implement Auto Image Replication?

A. BasicDisk or AdvancedDisk storage units and at least one master server
B. OST-compliant storage or MSDP and at least one master server
C. OST-compliant storage or MSDP and at least two master servers
D. BasicDisk or AdvancedDisk storage units and at least two master servers

Question # 16

An administrator has a Linux client that has a backup job failing with the following error message:bpbrm Exit: client backup EXIT STATUS 41: network connection timed outWhich step should the administrator perform to ensure the backup job completes successfully?

A. check the firewall settings to ensure NetBackup ports are open
B. edit the "Client read timeout" setting in the master server Host Properties
C. edit the "Client connect timeout" in the master server Host Properties
D. add a SERVER entry for the media server in the client's bp.conf file

Question # 17

Which supported step should an administrator perform to ensure all operating system logs are sent from an appliance to a central logging server running Linux?

A. configure access to the appliance logs with the share open command
B.configure syslog forwarding in the appliance CLISH
C. configure syslog forwarding in OpsCenter
D. configure a cron job on the appliance to copy the logs

Question # 18

Refer to the exhibit.  Two media servers, sharing a library with 6 tape drives, exist in the NetBackup environment displayed in the exhibit. Both weekly Full and daily Differential Incremental backups need to run for the clients and each schedule has a different retention period. Because of network topology, some clients back up to Media server l and some back up to Media server 2. The environment suffers from multiple status 96 failures during the backup window.How can the administrator minimize the number of failures?

A. increase the "Media unmount delay"
B. configure media multiplexing
C. enable backups to span tape media
D. enable media sharing