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Frequently Asked Questions

UiPath UiPath-RPAv1 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

You can run published automation projects in UiPath StudioX even when StudioX is not open. Options are :


Question # 2

Which of the following are considered best practices? Options are : 

A. Start your new sequence with a short annotation meant to explain the purpose of the workflow 
B. Think about the exceptions that might occur during the execution of the process
C. Include a Should Stop activity at the end of the workflow

Question # 3

Which option should you use in order to publish your automation locally? Options are : 

A. Either of the three
B. Run
C. Custom
D. Robot defaults

Question # 4

What robots can be selected when you start a job from Orchestrator? Options are :

A. Any robot you have access to according to your role permissions
B. Any robot provisioned in Orchestrator
C. Any robot in the same environment as the process to be executed

Question # 5

Is there any way to hide the execution of one activity in the logs? Options are :

A. Yes, by changing the minLevel property of the "Execution" logger from NLog.config.file
B. No, but the logs can be manually edited
C. Yes, by checking the Private property of the activity that is to be hidden

Question # 6

the String. Format("input={0} and Output = {1},"1","2") expression returns the following text: Options are :

A. Input = 1 and Output = 1
B. Input = {0} and Output = {1}
C. Input = 1 and Output = 2
D. Input = 0 and Output = 0

Question # 7

The best way of managing variable values within a workflow, so that they can be shared on different robots and environments is: Options are :

A. Using excel config files
B. Using assets defined in Orchestrator
C. Using Json config files

Question # 8

How can you extract text from a Citrix application? Options are :

A. None of the above
B. Using Microsoft OCR
C. Using the shared clipboard
D. Using the screen scraping

Question # 9

Which of the following statements related to Orchestrator are true? Options are :  

A. Robots can be assigned to multiple environments
B. A robot can execute many different jobs at the same time
C. A robot can execute many different jobs after the other

Question # 10

You want to perform a certain activity only when a certain condition is met. What activity should you use? Options are :

A. If
B. Excel for Each Row
C. Write Line

Question # 11

Which emails are deleted if you use Get IMAP Mail Messages with the Delete Messages property set to true? Options are :

A. Only the emails that were marked as previously read
B. There is no Delete Messages property for the Get IMAP Mail Messages activity. This option is available only for Get Exchange Mail Message
C. The ones in the list that is retrieved by the Get IMAP Mail Messages activity

Question # 12

One of the actions below is not required when starting processes with UiPath Orchestrator Options are :

A. Creating a process with the published package and environment
B. Registering robots to Orchestrator
C. Creating an environment containing the robot
D. Publishing projects from UiPath Studio
E. Creating a queue in Orchestrator
F. Starting a job, which is the execution of the process

Question # 13

Which is considered to be one of the best practices regarding the process finalization? Options are :

A. Restart the machine, so that any potential problem can be fixed
B. Leave the application in its initial state, so that we can execute the process again
C. Leave the used applications open, so that a person can inspect the result

Question # 14

What types of assets can be stored in Orchestrator? Options are :

A. String, Bool, Integer, Credential
B. Integer, Password, GenericValue, String
C. Array, Datatable, Boot, String

Question # 15

What is the best way of restricting access of a person to a limited number of pages in Orchestrator? Options are :

A. By creating a different account and role for that person. When creating a new role ,restrictions can be applied
B. By changing the rights of the Administrator to the desired state
C. That option does not exist. Everyone is able to see everything

Question # 16

The String. Format("Input={0} and Output={0}","1","2") Options are :

A. Input={0} and Output={0}
B. Input = 1 and Output = 2
C. Input ={1} and Output ={2}
D. An error
E. Input = 1 and Output =1

Question # 17

Which one of the statements below regarding the GetAppCredentials workflow included in UiPath Robotic Enterprise Framework is true? Options are :

A. It first tries to fetch a credential from Orchestrator
B. It first tries to fetch a credential from the Windows Credential Manager
C. It first requests the credential from user

Question # 18

What is the best way of scraping a large,selectable text in a Citrix environment? Options are : 

A. Use the Microsoft OCR engine
B. Use the google OCR engine
C. Use a Get Full Text activity
D. Select the entire text and copy it with the Copy Selected Text activity

Question # 19

Which of the following are required to have efficient execution of automation projects? Options are : 

A. Proper exception handling
B. Effective logging mechanisms
C. Recovery abilities

Question # 20

How can you find all anchor elements in a web page? Options are :

A. Using the Find Element Activity
B. Using the Find Relative Element Activity
C. Using the Find Children Activity
D. Using the Get Ancestor Activity

Question # 21

While automating an installation wizard, a pop-up window may or may not appear. What can you use to close the window without stopping the workflow? Options are :

A. Use a Click activity and set its TimeoutMS property to 30
B. Use a Click activity inside a Try Catch activity
C. Use a Click activity with the ContinueOnError property set to True

Question # 22

How can you rename a file using StudioX? Options are :

A. You cannot rename a file with StudioX
B. Using the Change File action
C. Using the Move File action
D. Using the Rename file action

Question # 23

In a Try Catch activity, how many times is the Finally section executed if no error occurs in the Try section? Options are :

A. The Finally section is executed only when the Catch section is executed
B. Zero
C. Once

Question # 24

Which Queue Item properties can be used to control the order in which the items are processed? Options are :

A. ItemInformation
B. Priority
C. Postpone
D. Deadline

Question # 25

What would you use to exit from a For each activity and condition and continue the execution of the workflow? Options are : 

A. Terminate workflow activity
B. Break activity
C. If Activity

Question # 26

Which of the scraping methods can get you the hidden text in the element? Options are :

A. FullText
C. All of the above
D. Native

Question # 27

Regarding the relation between Studio and StudioX, which of the following statements are true? Options are :

A. They are profiles in the same application
B. They are profiles in the same application; once you make the initial choice for one of the profiles, you cannot change it
C. They are 2 separate and incompatible applications
D. Automations can be built both in Studio and Studio

Question # 28

How should an RPA developer address runtime exception in the workflow? Options are :

A. By using automatic recovery sequences inside catch blocks
B. By using try/catch blocks when invoking external workflow files
C. By logging any exception events

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