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Frequently Asked Questions

ServiceNow CSA Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

How are Workflows moved between instances? 

A. Workflows are moved using Update Sets 
B. Workflows are moved using Transform Maps 
C. Workflows are moved using Application Sets 
D. Workflows cannot be moved between instances 

Question # 2

You are showing your customer a new form that you have created for their new application. They would like to add a field to the form. Where could you do that? (Choose two.) 

A. Select Fields and Columns module 
B. Right click on form header, select Configure > Form Layout 
C. Click on context menu, select Configure > Form Designer 
D. Select Field Class Manager module 

Question # 3

How do you make a list filter available to everyone? 

A. Make active, set visibility, and save 
B. Assign a name, set visibility, and save 
C. Assign a group, set visibility, and save 
D. Make active, assign a name, and save 

Question # 4

What would you do, on a list, if you wanted to show the records in groups, based on the column category? (Choose two.) 

A. On list Context Menu, select Group By > Category 
B. On the Filter Menu, select Group By > Category 
C. Click Group On icon, select Category 
D. On Navigator Filter, type tablename.group.category and press enter 
E. On the Category column title, click Context menu > Group By Category 

Question # 5

A Service Catalog may include which of the following components? 

A. Order Guides, Exchange Rates, Calendars 
B. Order Guides, Catalog Items, and Interceptors 
C. Catalog Items, Asset Contracts, Task Surveys 
D. Record Producers, Order Guides, and Catalog Items 

Question # 6

When importing spreadsheet data into ServiceNow, in which step does the data get written to the receiving table? 

A. Run Transform
 B. Run Import 
C. Import Dataset 
D. Execute Transform 
E. Schedule Transform 

Question # 7

What are the steps to retrieve an Update Set? 

A. Verify Update Set is Complete, Retrieve, Preview, Apply 
B. Verify Update Set is Complete, Test Connection, Apply 
C. Verify Update Set is Complete, Test Connection, Commit 
D. Verify Update Set is Complete, Retrieve, Preview, Commit 

Question # 8

Which of the following statements describes how data is organized in a table? 

A. A column is a field in the database and a record is one user 
B. A column is one field and a record is one row 
C. A column is one field and a record is one column 
D. A column contains data from one user and a record is one set of fields 

Question # 9

What is the path an Administrator could take to view the fulfillment stage task list for an order placed by a user? 

A. RITM (Number)>REQ (Number)>PROCUREMENT (Number) 
B. REQ (Number)>RITM (Number)>PROCUREMENT (Number) 
C. REQ (Number)>RITM (Number)>TASK (Number) 
D. FULFILLMENT (Number)>RITM (Number)>TASK (Number) 

Question # 10

What is the purpose of a Data Policy? 

A. Data Policies enforce security 
B. Data Policies standardize data in Update Sets 
C. Data Policies enforce data consistency 
D. Data Policies apply to lists to standard data 

Question # 11

On a Form header, what is the three bar icon called?

 A. Pancake icon 
B. Additional Actions or Context Menu 
C. Hamburger icon 
D. Cake icon 

Question # 12

Which one of the following statements is true about Column Context Menus? 

A. It displays actions such as creating quick reports, configuring the list, and exporting data 
B. It displays actions related to filtering options, assigning tags, and search 
C. It displays actions related to viewing and filtering the entire list 
D. It displays actions such as view form, view related task, and add relationship 

Question # 13

What are the two aspects to LDAP Integration? 

A. Data Population 
B. Data formatting 
C. Authorization 
D. Authentication 

Question # 14

Data Policy can enforce mandatory data on import. 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 15

Which one of the following statements best describes the purpose of an Update Set? 

A. An Update Set allows administrators to group a series of changes into a named set and then move this set as a unit to other systems 
B. By default, an Update Set includes customizations, Business Rules, and homepages 
C. An Update Set is a group of customizations that is moved from Production to Development 
D. By default, the changes included in an Update Set are visible only in the instance to which they are applied 

Question # 16

The wait time for end users is based on the round-trip between the client and the server. What activities are included in the round-trips? 

A. Request + Response 
B. Save + Update 
C. Write + Read 
D. Submit + Query 
E. Insert + Verify 

Question # 17

A knowledge article must be which of the following states to display to a user? 

A. Published 
B. Drafted 
C. Retired 
D. Reviewed 

Question # 18

Each knowledge bases can have unique lifecycle workflows, user criteria, category structures, and management assignments. 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 19

What kind of data can Import Sets use to populate tables in ServiceNow?  

A. CSS, SOAP, and Excel 
B. XML. CSV, and Excel 
D. XML, SOAP, and CSS 

Question # 20

What is the difference between UI Policy and UI Action? 

A. UI Action can make fields read-only, mandatory, or hidden. while UI Policy can make a save button visible for appropriate users. 
B. UI Policy can make fields read-only, mandatory, or hidden. while UI Action can make a save button visible for appropriate users. 

Question # 21

Which one of the following statements describes the contents of the Configuration Management Database (CMDB)?

 A. The CMDB contains data about tangible and intangible business assets 
B. The CMDB contains the Business Rules that direct the intangible, configurable assets used by a company 
C. The CMDB archives all Service Management PaaS equipment metadata and usage statistics 
D. The CMDB contains ITIL process data pertaining to configuration items 

Question # 22

Which plugin allows users to install multiple applications, application-customizations. or plugins at once? 

A. Application Integration and Plugin Delivery (A1PD) SpokeBatch Install 
B. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CICD) SpokeBatch Install 
C. Multiple Integration and Process Delivery (MIPD) SpokeBatch Install 
D. Quick Integration and Multiple Delivery (QIMD) SpokeBatch Install 

Question # 23

Which core table in the ServiceNow platform provides a series of standard fields used on each of the tables that extend it, such as the Incident [incident] and Problem [problem] tables? 

A. Task [task] 
B. Assignment [assignment]
 C. Service [service] 
D. Workflow [workflow] 

Question # 24

Which type of tables may be extended by other tables, but do not extend another table? 

A. Base Tables 
B. Core Tables 
C. Extended Tables 
D. Custom Tables 

Question # 25

Access Control rules may be defined with which of the following permission requirements? (Choose three.) 

A. Roles 
B. Conditional Expressions 
C. Assignment Rules 
D. Scripts 
E. User Criteria 
F. Groups 

Question # 26

What is the difference between a Ul Policy and Data Policy? 

A. Data Policies run only after Ul Policies run successfully 
B. Data Policies run regardless of how data is entered Into ServiceNow, while Ul Policies are used for form interactions
C. Data Policies can be converted into Ul Policies, but Ul Policies can not be converted into Data Policies 
D. Data Policies run when data is entered through the form, by an Import Set or by web services, while Ul Policies are set only by web services 

Question # 27

What is a key difference between Reporting and Performance Analytics? 

A. Performance Analytics contains snapshots of data taken over time; Reporting shows only the data as it is, at the moment the report is run. 
B. Performance Analytics can show trends; Reports cannot. 
C. Reports can be run on a scheduled basis; Performance Analytics cannot. 
D. Performance Analytics data can be published to Dashboards; Reports cannot. 
E. Performance Analytics shows KPIs; Reporting does not. 

Question # 28

What is a Dictionary Override? 

A. A Dictionary Override is an incoming customer update in an Update Set which applies to the same objects as a newer local customer update 
B. A Dictionary Override is the addition, modification, or removal of anything that could have an effect on IT services 
C. A Dictionary Override is a task within a workflow that requests an action before the workflow can continue 
D. A Dictionary Override sets field properties in extended tables 

Question # 29

What do you activate when you want to add applications or functionality within your development instance? 

A. App Package 
B. Updated Pack 
C. Patch 
D. Plugin 
E. App Updated Set 

Question # 30

When testing a catalog item, having a manager approval flows, which of these best practices would you follow? (Choose three.) 

A. Make sure the latest flows are activated. 
B. Use the instance Incognito setting to quickly toggle between requester and approver. 
C. Impersonate the requester to ensure the form works. 
D. Make sure the requester's user record has a manager specified. 
E. Create and select your Testing Update Set, before starting the test cases. 
F. Use your Admin account, so you can approve the items quickly. 

Question # 31

If a knowledge base has no access details specified, what users are able to read articles in that knowledge base? 

A. itil users 
B. Any user with an article's permalink 
C. Any active user 
D. No users
 E. Users with kb_user role 

Question # 32

How are local flow variables accessed in the Flow Designer Data panel? 

A. As newly generated icons 
B. As scratchpad variables 
C. As new tabs 
D. As data pills 

Question # 33

When searching using the App Navigator search field, what can be returned? (Choose four.) 

A. Names of Applications and Modules 
B. Names of Modules 
C. Names of Applications 
D. Favorites 
E. History Records 
F. Titles of Dashboard Gauges 

Question # 34

Knowledge Base Search results can be sorted by which of the following? (Choose three.) 

A. Most recent update 
B. Popularity
 C. Relevancy 
D. Manager assignment 
E. Number of views 

Question # 35

In what order should filter elements be specified? 

A. Field, Operator, then Value 
B. Field, Operator, then Condition 
C. Operator, Condition, then Value 
D. Value, Operator, then Field 

Question # 36

Your company is giving all first line workers a special T-shirt as a recognition for their hard work. Management team wants a way for employees to order the T-shirt, with the ability to specify the preferred size and color. How would you ensure that only first line workers (nonmanagers) can submit the order? 

A. Create Record Producer and use the Available For list to specify First Line [sn_first_line] role
 B. Create Catalog Item and use the Not Available list to specify the Manager Group 
C. Create Catalog Item and use the Available For list to specify ITIL [itil] role
 D. Create Order Guide and use the User Criteria list to specify First Line [sn_first_line] role 

Question # 37

For Administrators creating new Service Catalog items, what is a characteristic they should know about Service Catalog variables? 

A. Service Catalog variables can only be used in Record Producers
 B. Service Catalog variables can only be used in Order Guides 
C. Service Catalog variables cannot affect the order price 
D. Service Catalog variables are global by default 

Question # 38

Which one of the following statements is true? 

A. When an incident form is saved, all the Work Notes field text is recorded to the Activity Log field 
B. When an incident form is saved, the Work Notes field text is overwritten each time work is logged against the incident
 C. When an incident form is saved, the impact field is calculated by adding the Prion:, and Urgency values 
D. When an Incident form is saved, the Additional Comments field text is cleared and recorded to the Work Notes section 

Question # 39

When working on a form, what is the difference between Insert and Update operations? 

A. Insert creates a new record and Update saves changes, both remain on the form 
B. Insert creates a new record and Update saves changes, both exit the form 
C. Insert saves changes and exits the form, Update saves changes and remains on the form
D. Insert saves changes and remains on the form, Update saves changes and exits the form 

Question # 40

Which application is used primarily to load data into ServiceNow? 

A. Import Hub 
B. System Import Sets 
C. Data Import Configuration 
D. Import Management 

Question # 41

When moving multiple update sets at one time, what might you do to facilitate the move? 

A. Batch 
B. Verify
 C. Test 
D. Preview 

Question # 42

What needs to be specified, when creating a Business Rule? (Choose four.) 

A. UI action 
B. Table 
C. Fields to update 
D. Who can run 
E. Script to run
 F. Application scope 
G. Update set 
H. Timing 
I. Condition to evaluate 

Question # 43

Which ServiceNow capability provides assistance to help users obtain information, make decisions, and perform common work tasks via a messaging interface? 

A. Agent Workspace 
B. Chat bot 
C. Virtual Agent 
D. Knowledge Chat 
E. Now Support 

Question # 44

Your customer requires that they be able to monitor which users are performing impersonations in their instance. What would you do to meet that requirement? 

A. Add the role Log Write [sn_log_write] to the Impersonator Group 
B. Create user update set for impersonation tracking 
C. Activate the glide.sys.log_impersonation prop 
D. From User icon, select Elevate Roles 
E. On the Impersonator role record, right click and select Create Log 

Question # 45

Which would NOT appear in the History section of the Application Navigator? 

A. Records 
B. UI Pages 
C. Lists 
D. Forms 

Question # 46

What ServiceNow feature can be triggered by events, and is used to inform users about activities or updates in ServiceNow?

A. Notifications 
B. Alerts 
C. Texts
 D. Events
 E. Emails 

Question # 47

Configuration will not affect what others see on their forms.

 A. True
 B. False 

Question # 48

When creating a global custom table named “abc”, what is the table name that is automatically assigned by the platform? 

A. snc_abc 
B. abc 
C. u_abc 
D. sys_abc 

Question # 49

What is a way that you can mark a knowledge article for review? 

A. Flag article 
B. Review 
C. Bookmark 
D. On Hold 

Question # 50

What are the two pathways to view feedback left on a published article? 

A. Knowledge > articles > My Flagged 
B. Knowledge base > my knowledge > flagged articles 
C. Knowledge > My articles > Flagged 
D. Knowledge > articles > published 

Question # 51

What is NOT an example of a UI Action? 

A. Search 
B. Form buttons 
C. list Buttons 
D. Related Links 

Question # 52

What is a no-code approach to control the mandatory or read-only state of a form field? 

A. UI Action 
B. Client Script 
C. UI Script 
D. UI RuIe 
E. UI Policy 

Question # 53

A department manager asks an analyst to build some reports. Where do you recommend the analyst start? 

A. Report Dashboard > Create New 
B. Reports > Getting Started 
C. Performance Analytics > Reports 
D. Self-Service > Reports 
E. Reports > Create New 

Question # 54

A new Service Desk employee in Latin America complains that the create dates and times are incorrect on their Incident list. What would you suggest to fix this issue? 

A. Have them clear their cache.
 B. Have them use the gear icon to set the employee’s time zone. 
C. Recommend they use Chrome, instead of Explorer. 
D. Use the system properties to correct the instance’s time zone. 
E. Have them correct the time zone on their computer. 

Question # 55

Two departments (HR Onboarding and Facilities) have come to you, asking for a way for employees to request event room set up services. The requirements are the same for the form and the task routing to the Facilities’ assignment group. For HR, the item will be used primarily for the Onboarding coordinators, for employee orientation sessions. For Facilities, the item will be used for anyone in the company who needs room set up services. However, both departments have their own service catalogs. What do you do, to support these requirements?

A. Create one Catalog Item for HR Event Room Set Up and one for Facilities Event Room Set Up; then publish each to the appropriate Catalog. 
B. Create one Catalog Item for Event Room Set Up; then publish to both Catalogs. 
C. Create one Catalog Item for Event Room Set Up; then publish to the Parent Catalog, which is accessible to both HR and Facilities. 
D. Create one Catalog Item for Event Room Set Up; then use ACLs to control access. 

Question # 56

What is an Event in ServiceNow? 

A. An Event is a trigger that has a direct response in the platform 
B. An Event is an indication to the ServiceNow processes that something has occurred 
C. An Event is an indicator that a Priority 1 (P1) Incident has been logged 
D. An Event is a recognized, scheduled occurrence of a process 

Question # 57

Which are valid Service Now User Authentication Methods? (Choose three.) 

A. XML feed 
B. Local database 
E. FTP authentication 

Question # 58

The ServiceNow Virtual Agent provides assistance within a messaging interface. Which capability allows end users to configure virtual Agent to intercept and help resolve submitted incidents? 

A. Incident Auto-Resolution 
B. Ticket Resolver 
C. Virtual Agent Helper 
D. Web Intelligence 

Question # 59

What are the 5 provided Roles by ServiceNow? 

A. System Administrator: The admin role provides access to all platform features, applications, functions and data. 
B. Specialized Administrator: Specialized administrator roles manage specific functions or applications, such as Assignment Rules, Knowledge base, reports, or web services 
C. Fulfiller: Users with the ITIL role may fulfill ITIL activities associated with the ITIL workflow, including Incident and Change management. 
D. Approver: Users with the Approver user role can perform all requester actions and may view or modify approval records directed to the approver 
E. Requester: Also known as Employee Self Service (ESS) users, these users have no roles but can submit and manage their own requests, access public pages, etc. 

Question # 60

What is the result of the order in which access controls are evaluated? 

A. Ensures user has access to the fields in a table, before considering their access to the table 
B. Ensures user can get to work as quickly as possible 
C. Ensures user has access to the application, before evaluating access to a module within the application 
D. Ensures user has access to a table, before evaluating access to a field in the table 

Question # 61

When using the Load Data and Transform Map process, what is the Mapping Assist used for? 

A. Mapping fields using the Import Log 
B. Mapping fields using Transform History 
C. Mapping fields using an SLA 
D. Mapping fields using a Field Map

Question # 62

On a Business Rule, the When setting determines at what point the rule executes. What are the options for specifying that timing? 

A. Before, After, Async, Display 
B. Prior to, Synchronous, on Update 
C. Insert, Update, Delete, Query
D. Before, Synchronous, Scheduled Job, View 

Question # 63

IntegrationHub enables execution of third-party APIs as a part of a flow. These integrations are referred to as 

A. an action
 B. a spoke 
C. a connection 
D. an integration step 

Question # 64

What ServiceNow tables can Administrators define as "destinations" for imported data, when using Transform Maps in the System Import Sets application? 

A. The Task table is the only table that can be a destination for imported data in the Transform Map module 
B. The Incident. Problem. Change, Task, and Service Catalog tables are the only tables that can be a destination for imported data m the Transform Map module 
C. Only the Incident Problem, and Change tables can be a destination for imported data in the Transform Map module 
D. Any ServiceNow table can be a destination for imported data in the Transform Map module

Question # 65

Which type of interface enables you to display multiple performance analytics, reporting and other widgets on a single screen? 

A. Form 
B. List 
C. Dashboard
 D. Timeline 

Question # 66

Tables may have a One to Many relationships. From the Service Catalog, what are examples of tables having a one to many relationships? (Choose three.) 

A. One Approval can have many Requests 
B. One Request can have many Requested Items 
C. One Requested Item can have many Approvals 
D. One Requested Item can have many Catalog Tasks
 E. One Cart can have many Requests 

Question # 67

A role is recorded in which table? 

A. Role[sys_user] 
B. Role[sys_user_profile] 
C. Role[sys_user_record] 
D. Role[sys_user_role] 

Question # 68

New records, new groups, and modified configuration Items (Cls): what do they have in common?

 A. They are included in an Update Set 
B. They are not captured in an Update Set 
C. They are customizations
 D. They do not have anything in common 

Question # 69

A user is complaining that they are seeing a blank page, when they click Create New, from your custom Inventory application. You have confirmed that they can see the Inventory application, and the Create New module on the application navigator. What could be the cause of this issue? 

A. Create New module has a broken link 
B. Known intermittent issue with U115 
C. User should be using Chrome instead of Explorer for their browser 
D. User has read role, but not the write role on the Inventory table 
E. User session has timed out 

Question # 70

What is the purpose of a Related List? 

A. To create a one-to-many relationship 
B. To dot-walk to a core table 
C. To present related fields 
D. To present related records 

Question # 71

What are the 6 methods available for user authentication? 

A. Local Database: The user name and password in their user record in the instance database. 
B. Multifactor: The user name and password in the database and passcode sent to the user's mobile device that has Google Authenticator installed 
C. LDAP: The user name and password are accessed via LDAP in the corporate directory, which has a matching user account in the database. 
D. SAML 2.0: The user name and password configured in a SAML identity provider account, which has a matching user account in the database. 
E. OAuth 2.0: The user name and password of OAuth identity provider, which has a matching user account in the database. 
F. Digest Token: An encrypted digest of the user name and password in the user record. 

Question # 72

What are the three key tables in an enterprise CMDB? (Choose three.) 

A. cmdb 
B. sn_cmdb_bak
 C. cmdb_rel_ci 
D. sn_cmdb 
E. cmdb_bak 
F. cmdb_ci 
G. sn_cmdb_ci 

Question # 73

What icon do you use to change the label on a Favorite? 

A. Clock 
B. Hamburger 
C. Pencil
 D. Three dots 
E. Triangle. 
F. Star 

Question # 74

Which tool should be used to populate commonly used fields in a form? 

A. Template 
B. Reference Qualifier 
C. Formatter 
D. Assignment Rule 

Question # 75

What is (are) best practice(s) regarding users/groups/roles? Choose 2 answers 

A. You should never assign roles to groups. 
B. You should assign roles to users. 
C. You should assign roles to groups 
D. You should add users to groups 

Question # 76

When importing data, what happens to imported rows, if no coalesce field is specified? 

A. All rows are rejected from the import, as coalesce field is required. 
B. All rows are treated as new records. No existing records are updated. 
C. Duplicate rows are rejected from the import. 
D. All rows are treated as new records, but errors will be flagged in the import log.

Question # 77

Which certificate-based authentication methods can be enabled so that users can log into the Service Portal? (Select all that apply) Select 2 Answers from the below options 

A. Extended Validation Access (EVA) 
B. Organization Verification Card (OVC) 
C. Common Access Card (CAC) 
D. Domain Authentication Card (DAC) 
E. Personal Identify Verification (PIV) 

Question # 78

What are the components that make up a filter condition? (Choose three.) 

A. Operator
 B. Match Criteria 
C. Value 
D. Column 
E. Field

Question # 79

When you need to orchestrate business processes across services with little technical user knowledge, which utility would you use? 

A. Flow Manager
 B. Flow Designer 
C. Flow Editor 
D. Workflow Editor 
E. Workflow Designer 

Question # 80

What is used frequently to move customizations from one instance to another? 

A. Update Sets 
B. Code Sets 
C. Update Packs 
D. Configuration Logs 
E. Remote Sets
 F. Local Sets 
G. Code Packs