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Frequently Asked Questions

ServiceNow CIS-SAM Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

When are discovery models created?

A. Manually created 
B. Automatically created during discovery 
C. When SAM Plugin is enabled 

Question # 2

If a customer does not like the way reconciliation runs or calculates compliance, it is okayto modify the scripts includes, business rules and other logic to accommodate the businessrequirement.

A. True 
B. False

Question # 3

When creating custom products: (Choose the best answer.)

A. Custom products should not be tracked in ServiceNow. 
B. Custom products should not be created for anything included in the content library. 
C. Custom products are automatically created in the content library. 
D. Custom products should be created for anything included in the content library. 

Question # 4

What is used to determine if installations are a part of a suite only when the suite parent is not discovered on a device?

A. inference percent 
B. product results 
C. software model 
D. model bundles 

Question # 5

What list can include manual creation, remediation options, and reclamation rules?

A. Software Models Results 
B. Blacklisted Installations 
C. Removal Candidates 
D. Software Usage 

Question # 6

A Software Product can only have a single license metric type associated to it.

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 7

Client access is the right to use for a specific amount of time.

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 8

The definition forin the Reconciliation Product result is: “Estimated cost of remediating noncompliance based on the least number of rights needed.”

A. Reconciliation cost 
B. True-up cost 
C. True-down cost 
D. Over-licensed cost 

Question # 9

A(n)__________ is required for a user or device to consume software rights.

A. License 
B. Allocation 
C. Entitlement 
D. Workflow 

Question # 10

The process of determining compliance by comparing software rights owned with normalized software installations discovered is.

A. Discovery 
B. Allocation 
C. Normalization 
D. Reconciliation 

Question # 11

Which of the following license metrics require allocations in order to maintain compliance?(Choose two.)

A. Per Core 
B. Per User 
C. Per Named Device 
D. Per Named User 
E. Per Core (with CAL) 
F. Per Application Instance 
G. Named User Plus 

Question # 12

Which of the following are NOT tabs available on the License Workbench? (Choose three.)

A. Publisher License Metrics 
B. All Publishers 
C. Publishers Out of Compliance 
D. Publisher Software Models 
E. Publisher Compliance 
F. Pinned Publishers 

Question # 13

Coalesce can only use a single field to uniquely identify a record.

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 14

Creation of a template can help facilitate future data imports and be reused to import and transform data.

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 15

ServiceNow Discovery has 4 phases: Scanning; Classification; Identification; and Exploration. In which phase is the software running on a device identified?

A. Classification 
B. Scanning 
C. Exploration 
D. Identification 

Question # 16

Which of the following is not a core Software Asset Management function?

A. Financial Management 
B. Reclamation 
C. Rights Allocation 
D. Inventory Management 

Question # 17

What are three ways to get software asset data into ServiceNow?

A. Clone, Background Script, Discovery 
B. Import Data, Plugin, Clone 
C. Discovery, Import Data, Manual 
D. Plugin, Background Script, Manual 

Question # 18

Blacklisted candidates are.

A. Software installations that are not normalized 
B. Unlicensed and unallocated installations 
C. Software installations not allowed in the network environment 
D. Software installations with low usage 

Question # 19

What is the name of the Scheduled job that runs daily for normalization?

A. Create a Software Normalization 
B. Software Installation Normalization 
C. Software Model Cleanup 
D. Discovery Model Normalization 

Question # 20

What is the definition of Partially Normalized?

A. A discovery model normalized based on publisher field alone. 
B. The software discovery model has not yet completed its run through the normalization process. 
C. A discovery model was normalized based on publisher and product fields only. 
D. A discovery model was normalized based on publisher, product, version fields. 

Question # 21

Mechanism for mapping data from the import set table to the permanent table in ServiceNow is called:

A. Mapping Assist 
B. Transform Map 
C. Reconciliation Map 
D. Discovery Map 

Question # 22

You can view IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and VMware license metrics as part of ServiceNow standard baseline configuration features.

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 23

A user is notified their software install has been flagged for reclamation. The user declines approval. What is the next step in the workflow?

A. Nothing happens. 
B. The user’s manager must approve or decline the reclamation. 
C. The reclamation candidate is removed from the candidate list. 
D. The software is reclaimed since it was not in use. 

Question # 24

Software Model Lifecycles can only be created for an external, publisher defined date.

A. True
B. False 

Question # 25

Software usage data can be imported utilizing:

A. Transform Map 
B. Other Third Party Sources 
C. System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 
D. Manually 

Question # 26

Software Asset Lifecycle has components.

A. 8 
B. 6 
C. 7 
D. 5 

Question # 27

What table is populated with the content library data that is pulled from the content service?

A. samp_sw_package
B. cmdb_sw_product_model 
C. sam_content_library 
D. cmdb_ci_spkg 

Question # 28

Within the Capability Blueprint there are 4 tiers identified. Which tier is identified as Tier 1?

A. Strategic Conformance 
B. Operational Integration 
C. Trustworthy Data 
D. Practical Management