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Frequently Asked Questions

HP HPE6-A73 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Which AOS-CX switches support weighted fair queuing (WFQ)? 

A. Both 8320 and 8325 
B. Both 6300 and 6400 
C. 8400 only 
D. 6300 only 

Question # 2

What would prevent two OSPF routers from forming an adjacency? (Select two.) 

A. Different priorities 
B. Different area types 
C. Different MTU sizes 
D. Different IP addresses 
E. Different router IDs 

Question # 3

Which AOS-CX feature is used to prevent head-on-line (HOL) blocking? 


Question # 4

A company uses NetEdit to manage a network of 700 AOS-CX switches and approximately 1,000 other SNMP-capable devices. Which management solution should the company use to monitor all the devices, as well as see a topology picture of how all the devices are connected together?

A. NetEdit
B. Aruba AirWave 
C. Aruba Activate 
D. Network Analysis Engine (NAE) 

Question # 5

An administrator is managing a pair of core AOS-CX switches configured for VSX. Connected to this core are pairs of aggregation layer AOS-CX switches configured for VSX. OSPF is running between the aggregation and core layers. To speed up OSPF convergence, the administrator has configured BFD between the core and aggregation switches. What is a best practice the administrator should implement to reduce CPU processing on the switches if a BFD neighbor fails? 

A. Disable ICMP redirects 
B. Implement graceful restart 
C. Increase the BFD echo timers 
D. Increase the VSX keepalive timer 

Question # 6

The company has just upgraded their access layer switches with AOS-CX switches and implemented an AAA solution with ClearPass. The company has become concerned about what actually connects to the user ports on the access layer switch, Therefore, the company is implementing 802.1X authentication on the AOS-CX switches. An administrator has globally enabled 802.1X, and has enabled it on all the access ports connected to user devices, including VoIP phones, security cameras, and wireless Aruba IAPs. Wireless users are complaining that they successfully authenticate to the IAPs; however, they do not have access to network resources. Previously, this worked before 802.1X was implemented on the AOS-CX switches. What should the company do to solve this problem?

A. Implement device-based mode on the lAP-connected AOS-CX switch ports. 
B. Implement local user roles and local forwarding on the AOS-CX switches. 
C. Implement downloadable user roles and user-based tunneling (UBT) on the AOS-CX switches. 
D. Implement AAA RADIUS change of authorization on the AOS-CX switches. 

Question # 7

Examine the network exhibit. 

A. OSPF route maps using the “set metric” command 
B. Policy-based routing (PBR) 
C. User-based tunneling (UBT) 
D. Classifier policies 

Question # 8

A switch will apply a device profile to a port based on which pieces of information? (Select two.) 

A. IP header 
B. MAC address 
D. User role 
E. 802.1Q 

Question # 9

A. Weight 
B. Multiple exit discriminator 
C. Local preference 
D. AS path length

Question # 10

A company has recently upgraded their campus switching infrastructure with AOS-CX switches. They have implemented 802.1X authentication on access ports where laptop and IOT devices typically connect. An administrator has noticed that for POE devices, the AOS-CX switch ports are delivering the maximum wattage to the port instead of what the device actually needs. Concerned about this waste of electricity, what should the administrator implement to solve this problem?

A. Implement a classifier policy with the correct power definitions 
B. Create device profiles with the correct power definitions 
C. Enable AAA authentication to exempt LLDP and/or CDP information 
D. Globally enable the QoS trust setting for LLDP and/or CDP 

Question # 11

A. The primary switch will erase VLAN 200 from the VSX pair 
B. The VLAN is only created on the secondary switch. 
C. The operation is not allowed by the switch and a CLI error is displayed 
D. The VLAN is created on both the primary and secondary switches 

Question # 12

A company requires access by all users, guests, and employees to be authenticated. Employees will be authenticated using 802.1X, whereas guests will be authenticated using captive portal. Which type of authentication must be configured on an AOS-CX switch ports where both guests and employees connect?

A. Both 802.1X and captive portal 
B. 802.1X only 
C. Both 802.1X and MAC-Auth 
D. 802.1X, captive portal, and MAC-Auth 

Question # 13

Which option correctly defines how to identify a VLAN as a voice VLAN on an AOS-CX switch? 

A. Switch(config)# port-access lldp-group Switch(config-lldp-group)# vlan
 B. Switch(config)# port-access role Switch(config-pa-role)# vlan access 
C. Switch(config)# vlan Switch(config-vlan-)# voice 
D. Switch(config)# vlan voice 

Question # 14

An administrator is looking for a data center switching solution that will greatly reduce the likelihood of dropped frames when uplink congestion is experienced. Which AOS-CX switch queuing feature meets the administrator’s needs? 


Question # 15

An administrator wants to leverage the Network Analysis Engine (NAE) feature on AOS-CX switches to perform root cause analysis and to assist in quickly identifying problems. Which two AOS-CX databases does the administrator have access to when implementing scripts? (Select two.)

 A. Time-series 
 D. Configuration 
E. Audit 

Question # 16

Examine the output from an AOS-CX switch implementing a dynamic segmentation solution involving downloadable user roles: Switch# show port-access role clearpass Role information: Name : icxarubadur_employee-3044-2 Type : clearpass Status: failed, parsing_failed Reauthentication Period : Authentication Mode : Session Timeout : The downloadable user roles are not being downloaded to the AOS-CX switch. Based on the above output, what is the problem? 

A. The certificate that ClearPass uses in invalid 
B. The AOS-CX switch does not have the ClearPass certificate involved 
C. DNS fails to resolve the ClearPass server’s FQDN 
D. There is a date/time issue between the ClearPass server and the switch 

Question # 17

A network engineer is setting up BGP on AOS-CX switches. The engineer is establishing two different eBGP peering’s to two different service providers. The engineer has dozens of contiguous C-class public networks that need to be advertised to the two service providers. The engineer manually defines the networks to be advertised individually with the "network" command. How can an administrator advertise only a summarized route to the two service providers? 

A. Create a summarized static route and redistribute this into OSPR
 B. Summarize the networks with the "aggregate-address" BGP command 
C. Enable auto-summarization in the IPv4 address family of the BGP configuration 
D. Create a summarized route in OSPF 

Question # 18

In AOS-CX switching, what determines when a frame is forwarded by the switch between the ingress and the egress port? 

A. Egress port 
B. Ingress port 
C. VSX switch tables
D. Fabric Load Balancer 

Question # 19

A. No downloadable user role exists
 B. MAC authentication has passed, but 802.1X authentication is in progress 
C. The RADIUS request timed out to the AAA server 
D. The port should be configured for 802.1X 

Question # 20

What is the purpose of the transit VLAN when implementing dynamic segmentation policies involving AOS-CX switches and an Aruba gateway solution? 

A. It identifies the VLAN that the user traffic will be assigned to when it comes out of the tunnel and is forwarded by the gateway. 
B. It identifies the VLAN that the user traffic will be assigned to, whether the traffic is tunneled or locally switched 
C. It defines the VXLAN identifier to identified UBT traffic between the AOS-CX switches and the gateway solution 
D. It identifies the VLAN that the switch will use when tunneling the traffic to the gateway 

Question # 21

A network administrator is installing NetEdit. In order for NetEdit to manage the AOS-CX switches in the network, what must be defined on the AOS-CX switches? (Choose two.)

 A. Enabling telnet 
B. Defining an admin user password 
C. Defining the https user-group 
D. Enabling the RESTful API for read and write access
 E. Enabling SFTP 

Question # 22

A company has a few servers in a secure, remote location storing highly-confidential documents connected to two AOS-CX 6400 switches configured in a VSX pair The AOS-CX switches perform access control with 802 1X and will be implementing userbased tunneling (UBT) so that Aruba gateway application inspection and stateful firewall policies can be applied to the traffic. The gateways are running version 84 and implement the AP, PEF, and RFP licenses Which licensing is needed for the two AOS-CX switches? 

A. 2 AP and 2 PEF licenses only 
B. 1 AP license only 
C. 2 AP, 2 PEF, and 2 RFP licenses only 
D. 1 AP, 1 PEF, and 1 RFP licenses only 

Question # 23

A network engineer for a company with 896 users across a multi-building campus wants to gather statistics on an important switch uplink and create actions based on issues that occur on the uplink. How often does an NAE agent gather information from the current state database in regard to the uplink interfaces? 

A. Once every 60 seconds 
B. Once every 1 second 
C. Once every 30 seconds 
D. Once every 5 seconds 

Question # 24

An administrator is configuring BGP and has two connections to a service provider to two different local routers. Which BGP metric should the administrator configure to influence which local router the service provider will use to reach certain routes? 

A. Weight 
B. Multiple exit discriminator 
C. Local preference 
D. Origin 

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