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Cisco 820-605 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

The customer wants to improve operational expenditure and reduce the C02 footprint of theorganization. Which two business outcomes are critical to the company’s success?(Choose two.)

A. sustainability
B. credibility
C. time to market
D. business growth
E. cost efficiency

Question # 2

Which two actions are critical when communicating with executives? (Choose two.)

A. Keep services as a primary topic
B. Focus on the value achieved
C. Incorporate the sales team’s plan
D. Target executive priorities
E. Focus on technical details

Question # 3

Which expense is an operating expense (OPEX)?

A. payroll
B. computer equipment
C. software
D. office improvements

Question # 4

What are two barriers of adoption in an organization? (Choose two.)

A. new product sales motion
B. lack of knowledge on solution
C. organizational announcements
D. implementation issues
E. hiring practices

Question # 5

What are two barriers to adoption within an organization? (Choose two.)

A. solution implemented by partner
B. agile development model
C. inadequate knowledge and skills
D. centralized IT organization
E. organizational silos

Question # 6

Which statement describes an end user adoption barrier?

A. There are insufficient licenses for additional staff from a newly acquired company to usethe solution.
B. The CIO insists on conducting training for all heads of department before deploying thenew Collaboration solution.
C. The budget is insufficient to implement the solution for a new branch of the business.
D. Staff refuses to change their habits and continues to use a noncompliant social mediaapplication to conduct business communications.

Question # 7

Why should a customer’s success be documented?

A. to establish KPIs that measure success
B. to provide awareness of the value achieved by the solution
C. to provide expansion opportunities for the sales team
D. to document roles and responsibilities for project management 

Question # 8

During the past few months, the Customer Success Manager has been working onadoption sessions with all Network Security Staff from Company ABC. They had significantprogress in how administrators are using the solution, implementing best practices, andreducing by half the time they spend performing a repetitive task. However, in a recentconversation, upper management questioned the renewal of the solution subscription.Which barrier must the CSM overcome?

A. operational
B. business
C. technical
D. data 

Question # 9

Which outcome is the best that a Customer Success Manager can achieve for a customer?

A. adoption of all the licenses and features the customer purchased leading to expansionto improve the customer’s business
B. full adoption of all the technologies the customer purchased
C. removing barriers so the customer achieves the fastest time to value possible from thesolution they purchased
D. ensuring the customers deployment teams and end users are trained and ready to adoptthe technology

Question # 10

A customer informs their Customer Success Manager that they are not realizing thesavings expected with their technology solution. The Customer Success Manageracknowledges the concern and takes ownership. Which action does the Customer SuccessManager take first?

A. Engage the service delivery manager and request two days of free consultation for thecustomer
B. Communicate to the technical customer center and request that an expert contact thecustomer to discuss the purchased solution
C. Escalate the situation to your manager and request a customer visit to understandconcerns and expectations
D. Check the account health report, review the expected outcomes in the success plan,and set up an internal meeting with the account team to discuss next steps

Question # 11

A client deployed a new collaboration solution six months ago. Utilization telemetryindicates only 60% of activated users are engaging with the solution. Which two actionsshould the Customer Success Manager recommend to the client? (Choose two.)

A. Have marketing write a blog post about the new solution.
B. Encourage the customer to purchase updated endpoints.
C. Block all alternative chat and video collaboration systems.
D. Conduct a survey to determine which collaboration solutions users are using.
E. Advertise additional user training sessions throughout the organization.

Question # 12

What is the main objective of customer success?

A. customer's return on investment
B. known and unknown features of our product and solutions
C. customer's reduction of risk
D. outcomes customers are trying to achieve

Question # 13

A customer’s renewal is due in the next 6 months. Analytical data has been provided to theCustomer Success Manager that shows customer usage over the last 12 months. Whichtwo additional pieces of information are important prior to a meeting with the customer todiscuss their adoption journey prior to the renewal? (Choose two.)

A. customer annual report and quarterly business reviews
B. sales account plan
C. detailed contract inventory
D. questions to validate the interpreted analytical data
E. support tickets reports and diagnostic information

Question # 14

Your customer’s business outcome is to drive employee efficiencies. Which key metricsmeasure this outcome?

A. increase in new subscribers or increase in end users
B. number of incidents reported or number of compliance issues
C. reduction in headcount or operational support costs
D. customer and employee feedback
E. number of activities completed or increase in direct time

Question # 15

Which two results of a successful customer onboarding stage are the most important?(Choose two.)

A. organization chart discussed
B. account relationships identified
C. desired business outcomes discussed
D. stakeholders identified
E. network diagrams discussed

Question # 16

Which statement describes the difference between customer success and customer sales?

A. Customer sales is about selling solutions to meet business needs. Customer success isabout getting customers to utilize those solutions to get the value they intended.
B. Customer sales is about getting customers to utilize their solutions to get the value theyintended.Customer success is about making sure the customer deploys the solution within aneffective timeline.
C. Customer sales is about getting customers to utilize their solutions to get the value theyintended.Customer success is about expanding the customer’s portfolio.
D. Customer sales is about selling solutions to meet business needs. Customer success isabout finding product opportunities for sales as the customer utilizes their current solution.

Question # 17

Which term describes the gap between the features and functions customers purchasesand the features and functions customers use?

A. consumption
B. organizational
C. financial
D. capability

Question # 18

Which type of information should be captured during the first customer engagement?

A. cases escalated to technical support
B. expansion opportunities
C. customer's desired outcomes
D. stakeholder map

Question # 19

Who does a Customer Success Manager work with to overcome a technical solutionadoption barrier encountered by a customer?

A. Customer Success Specialist
B. Technical Engineer
C. Sales Engineer
D. Solution Product Manager 

Question # 20

What is the best reason for documenting your customer’s success?

A. To provide awareness of the value achieved by the customer’s purchased solution
B. To establish KPI’s that measure the success of your company’s business
C. To document roles and responsibilities for your project management
D. To provide expansion opportunities for your sales team

Question # 21

A customer does not feel they have received value from a software solution, and the 3-yearcontract is expiring in 60 days. The customer is hesitant to continue spending money and isconsidering other alternatives. Which stakeholder is responsible for ensuring that thecustomer realizes value from solutions coming up for renewal?

A. Renewals Manager
B. Account Manager
C. Product Sales Specialist
D. Customer Success Manager 

Question # 22

What is a type of expansion opportunity?

A. additional user groups
B. positive customer sentiment
C. strong stakeholder communication
D. using latest release versions

Question # 23

What are two examples of expand opportunities? (Choose two.)

A. providing solution optimization services
B. adding headcount to manage solution by the customer
C. training on existing features
D. hosting an executive review
E. increasing license count

Question # 24

What is the problem with this RACI example?

A. Every task should have four people consulted.
B. No one has multiple roles.
C. More stakeholders should be involved.
D. Too many people are accountable for this task.

Question # 25

The customer wants to increase the number of services in their portfolio and improve thetime to launch these services. Which two business outcomes are appropriate? (Choosetwo.)

A. cost efficiency
B. employee satisfaction
C. time to market
D. business growth
E. sustainability