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Cisco 300-715 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

An engineer tests Cisco ISE posture services on the network and must configure the compliance module to automatically download and install on endpoints Which action accomplishes this task for VPN users?

A. Create a Cisco AnyConnect configuration and Client Provisioning policy within Cisco ISE.
B. Configure the compliance module to be downloaded from within the posture policy.
C. Push the compliance module from Cisco FTD prior to attempting posture.
D. Use a compound posture condition to check for the compliance module and download if needed.

Question # 2

An administrator adds a new network device to the Cisco ISE configuration to authenticate endpoints to the network. The RADIUS test fails after the administrator configures all of thesettings in Cisco ISE and adds the proper configurations to the switch. What is the issue"?

A. The endpoint profile is showing as "unknown."
B. The endpoint does not have the appropriate credentials for network access.
C. The shared secret is incorrect on the switch or on Cisco ISE.
D. The certificate on the switch is self-signed not a CA-provided certificate.

Question # 3

An administrator adds a new network device to the Cisco ISE configuration to authenticate endpoints to the network. The RADIUS test fails after the administrator configures all of thesettings in Cisco ISE and adds the proper configurations to the switch. What is the issue"?

A. The endpoint profile is showing as "unknown."
B. The endpoint does not have the appropriate credentials for network access.
C. The shared secret is incorrect on the switch or on Cisco ISE.
D. The certificate on the switch is self-signed not a CA-provided certificate.

Question # 4

A network administrator is currently using Cisco ISE to authenticate devices and users via 802 1X There is now a need to also authorize devices and users using EAP-TLS. Which two additional components must be configured in Cisco ISE to accomplish this'? (Choose two.)

A. Network Device Group
B. Serial Number attribute that maps to a CA Server
C. Common Name attribute that maps to an identity store
D. Certificate Authentication Profile
E. EAP Authorization Profile

Question # 5

An administrator is configuring a switch port for use with 802 1X What must be done so that the port will allow voice and multiple data endpoints?

A. Configure the port with the authentication host-mode multi-auth command
B. Connect the data devices to the port, then attach the phone behind them.
C. Use the command authentication host-mode multi-domain on the port
D. Connect a hub to the switch port to allow multiple devices access after authentication

Question # 6

Which Cisco ISE deployment model provides redundancy by having every node in the deployment configured with the Administration. Policy Service, and Monitoring personas to protect from a complete node failure?

A. distributed
B. dispersed 
C. two-node
D. hybrid

Question # 7

Users in an organization report issues about having to remember multiple usernames and passwords. The network administrator wants the existing Cisco ISE deployment to utilize an external identity source to alleviate this issue. Which two requirements must be met to implement this change? (Choose two.)

A. Enable IPC access over port 80.
B. Ensure that the NAT address is properly configured
C. Establish access to one Global Catalog server.
D. Provide domain administrator access to Active Directory.
E. Configure a secure LDAP connection.

Question # 8

Which two features are available when the primary admin node is down and the secondary admin node has not been promoted? (Choose two.)

A. hotspot
B. new AD user 802 1X authentication
C. posture
E. guest AUP

Question # 9

An organization has a fully distributed Cisco ISE deployment When implementing probes, an administrator must scan for unknown endpoints to learn the IP-to-MAC address bindings. The scan is complete on one FPSN. but the information is not available on the others. What must be done to make the information available?

A. Scanning must be initiated from the PSN that last authenticated the endpoint
B. Cisco ISE must learn the IP-MAC binding of unknown endpoints via DHCP profiling, not via scanning
C. Scanning must be initiated from the MnT node to centrally gather the information
D. Cisco ISE must be configured to learn the IP-MAC binding of unknown endpoints via RADIUS authentication, not via scanning

Question # 10

An engineer is configuring sponsored guest access and needs to limit each sponsored guest to a maximum of two devices. There are other guest services in production that relyon the default guest types. How should this configuration change be made without disrupting the other guest services currently offering three or more guest devices per user?

A. Create an ISE identity group to add users to and limit the number of logins via the group configuration.
B. Create a new guest type and set the maximum number of devices sponsored guests can register
C. Create an LDAP login for each guest and tag that in the guest portal for authentication.
D. Create a new sponsor group and adjust the settings to limit the devices for each guest.

Question # 11

An administrator enables the profiling service for Cisco ISE to use for authorization policies while in closed mode. When the endpoints connect, they receive limited access so that the profiling probes can gather information and Cisco ISE can assign the correct profiles. They are using the default values within Cisco ISE. but the devices do not change their access due to the new profile. What is the problem'?

A. In closed mode, profiling does not work unless CDP is enabled.
B. The profiling probes are not able to collect enough information to change the device profile
C. The profiler feed is not downloading new information so the profiler is inactive
D. The default profiler configuration is set to No CoA for the reauthentication setting

Question # 12

An engineer has been tasked with standing up a new guest portal for customers that are waiting in the lobby. There is a requirement to allow guests to use their social media logins to access the guest network to appeal to more customers What must be done to accomplish this task?

A. Create a sponsor portal to allow guests to create accounts using their social media logins.
B. Create a sponsored guest portal and enable social media in the external identity sources. 
C. Create a self-registered guest portal and enable the feature for social media logins
D. Create a hotspot portal and enable social media login for network access

Question # 13

An engineer is enabling a newly configured wireless SSID for tablets and needs visibility into which other types of devices are connecting to it. What must be done on the CiscoWLC to provide this information to Cisco ISE9

A. enable IP Device Tracking 
B. enable MAC filtering 
C. enable Fast Transition 
D. enable mDNS snooping

Question # 14

An administrator is configuring a new profiling policy within Cisco ISE The organization has several endpoints that are the same device type and all have the same Block ID in their MAC address. The profiler does not currently have a profiling policy created to categorize these endpoints. therefore a custom profiling policy must be created Which condition must the administrator use in order to properly profile an ACME Al Connector endpoint for network access with MAC address <MAC ADDRESS>?


Question # 15

An employee must access the internet through the corporate network from a new mobile device that does not support native supplicant provisioning provided by Cisco ISE. Which portal must the employee use to provision to the device?

B. Personal Device
C. My Devices
D. Client Provisioning

Question # 16

An administrator needs to allow guest devices to connect to a private network without requiring usernames and passwords. Which two features must be configured to allow for this? (Choose two.)

A. hotspot guest portal
B. device registration WebAuth
C. central WebAuth
D. local WebAuth
E. self-registered guest portal

Question # 17

An administrator is configuring a new profiling policy in Cisco ISE for a printer type that is missing from the profiler feed The logical profile Printers must be used in the authorizationrule and the rule must be hit. What must be done to ensure that this configuration will be successful^

A. Create a new logical profile for the new printer policy
B. Enable the EndPoints:EndPointPolicy condition in the authorization policy.
C. Add the new profiling policy to the logical profile Printers.
D. Modify the profiler conditions to ensure that it goes into the correct logical profile

Question # 18

An engineer is configuring ISE for network device administration and has devices that support both protocols. What are two benefits of choosing TACACS+ over RADUs for these devices? (Choose two.)

A. TACACS+ is FIPS compliant while RADIUS is not
B. TACACS+ is designed for network access control while RADIUS is designed for rolebased access.
C. TACACS+ uses secure EAP-TLS while RADIUS does not.
D. TACACS+ provides the ability to authorize specific commands while RADIUS does not
E. TACACS+ encrypts the entire payload being sent while RADIUS only encrypts the password.

Question # 19

A Cisco ISE administrator needs to ensure that guest endpoint registrations are only valid for 1 day. When testing the guest policy flow, the administrator sees that the Cisco ISE does not delete the endpoint in the Guest Endpoints identity store after one day and allows access to the guest network after that period. Which configuration is causing this problem?

A. The RADIUS policy set for guest access is set to allow repeated authentication of the same device.
B. The length of access is set to 7 days in the Guest Portal Settings.
C. The Endpoint Purge Policy is set to 30 days for guest devices.
D. The Guest Account Purge Policy is set to 15 days.

Question # 20

An administrator is configuring a Cisco WLC for web authentication Which two client profiling methods are enabled by default if the Apply Cisco ISE Default Settings check boxhas been selected'? (Choose two.)


Question # 21

What is the maximum number of PSN nodes supported in a medium-sized deployment?

A. three
B. five 
C. two 
D. eight

Question # 22

An engineer is configuring 802.1X and is testing out their policy sets. After authentication, some endpoints are given an access-reject message but are still allowed onto the network.What is causing this issue to occur?

A. The switch port is configured with authentication event server dead action authorize vlan.
B. The authorization results for the endpoints include a dACL allowing access.
C. The authorization results for the endpoints include the Trusted security group tag.
D. The switch port is configured with authentication open.

Question # 23

Which two default guest portals are available with Cisco ISE? (Choose two.)

A. visitor
B. WIFI-access
C. self-registered
D. central web authentication
E. sponsored

Question # 24

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is creating a new TACACS* command set and cannot use any show commands after togging into the device with this command set authorizationWhich configuration is causing this issue?

A. Question marks are not allowed as wildcards for command sets.
B. The command set is allowing all commands that are not in the command list
C. The wildcard command listed is in the wrong format
D. The command set is working like an ACL and denying every command.

Question # 25

A network administrator must configure Cisco SE Personas in the company to share session information via syslog. Which Cisco ISE personas must be added to syslog receivers to accomplish this goal?

A. pxGrid
B. admin
C. policy services
D. monitor

Question # 26

A Cisco ISE administrator must restrict specific endpoints from accessing the network while in closed mode. The requirement is to have Cisco ISE centrally store the endpoints to restrict access from. What must be done to accomplish this task''

A. Add each MAC address manually to a blocklist identity group and create a policy denying access 
B. Create a logical profile for each device's profile policy and block that via authorization policies. 
C. Create a profiling policy for each endpoint with the cdpCacheDeviceld attribute.
D. Add each IP address to a policy denying access.

Question # 27

An engineer is configuring Cisco ISE policies to support MAB for devices that do not have 802.1X capabilities. The engineer is configuring new endpoint identity groups as conditions to be used in the AuthZ policies, but noticed that the endpoints are not hitting the correct policies. What must be done in order to get the devices into the right policies?

A. Manually add the MAC addresses of the devices to endpoint ID groups in the context visibility database.
B. Create an AuthZ policy to identify Unknown devices and provide partial network access prior to  profiling. 
C. Add an identity policy to dynamically add the IP address of the devices to their endpoint identity groups.
D. Identify the non 802.1 * supported device types and create custom profiles for them to profile into.

Question # 28

A network administrator is configuring client provisioning resource policies for client machines and must ensure that an agent pop-up is presented to the client when attempting to connect to the network Which configuration item needs to be added to allow for this'?

A. the client provisioning URL in the authorization policy
B. a temporal agent that gets installed onto the system
C. a remote posture agent proxying the network connection
D. an API connection back to the client

Question # 29

Question # 30

Which two external identity stores support EAP-TLS and PEAP-TLS? (Choose two.)

A. Active Directory
C. Internal Database
D. RSA SecurlD

Question # 31

An engineer builds a five-node distributed Cisco ISE deployment The first two deployed nodes are responsible for the primary and secondary administration and monitoring personas Which persona configuration is necessary to have the remaining three Cisco ISE nodes serve as dedicated nodes in the Cisco ISE cube that is responsible only for handling the RADIUS and TACACS+ authentication requests, identity lookups, and policy evaluation?A)

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 32

Which RADIUS attribute is used to dynamically assign the inactivity active timer for MAB users from the Cisco ISE node'?

A. radius-server timeout
B. session-timeout
C. idle-timeout 
D. termination-action

Question # 33

An administrator is troubleshooting an endpoint that is supposed to bypass 802 1X and use MAB. The endpoint is bypassing 802.1X and successfully getting network access using MAB. however the endpoint cannot communicate because it cannot obtain an IP address. What is the problem?

A. The DHCP probe for Cisco ISE is not working as expected.
B. The 802.1 X timeout period is too long.
C. The endpoint is using the wrong protocol to authenticate with Cisco ISE.
D. An AC I on the port is blocking HTTP traffic

Question # 34

An engineer deploys Cisco ISE and must configure Active Directory to then use information from Active Directory in an authorization policy. Which two components must be configured, in addition to Active Directory groups, to achieve this goat? (Choose two )

A. Active Directory External Identity Sources
B. Library Condition for External Identity. External Groups
C. Identity Source Sequences 
D. LDAP External Identity Sources
E Library Condition for Identity Group: User Identity Group

Question # 35

During a 802 1X deployment, an engineer must identify failed authentications without causing problems for the connected endpoint. Which command will successfully achieve this''

A. dotlxsystem-auth-control 
B. dotlx pae authenticator 
C. authentication open
D. authentication port-control auto

Question # 36

An organization is implementing Cisco ISE posture services and must ensure that a hostbased firewall is in place on every Windows and Mac computer that attempts to access the network They have multiple vendors’ firewall applications for their devices, so the engineers creating the policies are unable to use a specific application check in order to validate the posture for this What should be done to enable this type of posture check?

A. Use the file registry condition to ensure that the firewal is installed and running appropriately.
B. Use a compound condition to look for the Windows or Mac native firewall applications.
C. Enable the default rewall condition to check for any vendor rewall application.
D. Enable the default application condition to identify the applications installed and validade the rewall app.

Question # 37

An engineer is configuring TACACS+ within Cisco ISE for use with a non-Cisco network device. They need to send special attributes in the Access-Accept response to ensure that the users are given the appropriate access. What must be configured to accomplish this'?

A. dACLs to enforce the various access policies for the users
B. custom access conditions for defining the different roles 
C. shell profiles with custom attributes that define the various roles 
D. TACACS+ command sets to provide appropriate access

Question # 38

What are two differences between the RADIUS and TACACS+ protocols'? (Choose two.)

A. RADIUS is a Cisco proprietary protocol, whereas TACACS+ is an open standard protocol
B. TACACS+uses TCP port 49. whereas RADIUS uses UDP ports 1812 and 1813.
C. RADIUS offers multiprotocol support, whereas TACACS+ does not
D. RADIUS combines authentication and authorization, whereas TACACS+ does not
E. RADIUS enables encryption of all the packets, whereas with TACACS+. only the password is encrypted.

Question # 39

An administrator is configuring RADIUS on a Cisco switch with a key set to Cisc403012128 but is receiving the error “Authentication failed: 22040 Wrong password or invalid shared secret. “what must be done to address this issue?

A. Add the network device as a NAD inside Cisco ISE using the existing key. 
B. Configure the key on the Cisco ISE instead of the Cisco switch. 
C. Use a key that is between eight and ten characters. 
D. Validate that the key is correct on both the Cisco switch as well as Cisco ISE. 

Question # 40

An administrator needs to give the same level of access to the network devices when users are logging into them using TACACS+ However, the administrator must restrict certain commands based on one of three user roles that require different commands How is this accomplished without creating too many objects using Cisco ISE?

A. Create one shell profile and multiple command sets. 
B. Create multiple shell profiles and multiple command sets. 
C. Create one shell profile and one command set. 
D. Create multiple shell profiles and one command set 

Question # 41

What is the deployment mode when two Cisco ISE nodes are configured in an environment? 

A. distributed 
B. active 
C. standalone 
D. standard 

Question # 42

An administrator connects an HP printer to a dot1x enable port, but the printer in not accessible Which feature must the administrator enable to access the printer? 

A. MAC authentication bypass 
B. change of authorization 
C. TACACS authentication 
D. RADIUS authentication

Question # 43

A customer wants to set up the Sponsor portal and delegate the authentication flow to a third party for added security while using Kerberos Which database should be used to accomplish this goal? 

A. RSA Token Server 
B. Active Directory 
C. Local Database 

Question # 44

A laptop was stolen and a network engineer added it to the block list endpoint identity group What must be done on a new Cisco ISE deployment to redirect the laptop and restrict access? 

A. Select DenyAccess within the authorization policy. 
B. Ensure that access to port 8443 is allowed within the ACL. 
C. Ensure that access to port 8444 is allowed within the ACL. 
D. Select DROP under If Auth fail within the authentication policy. 

Question # 45

A network administrator is setting up wireless guest access and has been unsuccessful in testing client access. The endpoint is able to connect to the SSID but is unable to grant access to the guest network through the guest portal. What must be done to identify the problem? 

A. Use context visibility to verify posture status. 
B. Use the endpoint ID to execute a session trace. 
C. Use the identity group to validate the authorization rules. 
D. Use traceroute to ensure connectivity. 

Question # 46

A policy is being created in order to provide device administration access to the switches on a network. There is a requirement to ensure that if the session is not actively being used, after 10 minutes, it will be disconnected. Which task must be configured in order to meet this requirement? 

A. session timeout 
B. idle time 
C. monitor 
D. set attribute as 

Question # 47

An engineer is designing a new distributed deployment for Cisco ISE in the network and is considering failover options for the admin nodes. There is a need to ensure that an admin node is available for configuration of policies at all times. What is the requirement to enable this feature?

A. one primary admin and one secondary admin node in the deployment  
B. one policy services node and one secondary admin node 
C. one policy services node and one monitoring and troubleshooting node 
D. one primary admin node and one monitoring and troubleshooting node 

Question # 48

What is a function of client provisioning?

A. Client provisioning ensures that endpoints receive the appropriate posture agents.
B. Client provisioning checks a dictionary attribute with a value. 
C. Client provisioning ensures an application process is running on the endpoint. 
D. Client provisioning checks the existence, date, and versions of the file on a client. 

Question # 49

An engineer is creating a new TACACS* command set and cannot use any show commands after togging into the device with this command set authorization Which configuration is causing this issue?

A. Question marks are not allowed as wildcards for command sets. 
B. The command set is allowing all commands that are not in the command list 
C. The wildcard command listed is in the wrong format 
D. The command set is working like an ACL and denying every command.