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VEEAM VMCE2021 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

To suppress Veeam ONE alarms under specific conditions or when a specific event occurs,which of these options can be selected? (Choose three.)

A. High CPU usage 
B. Veeam backup activity 
C. Snapshot creation 
D. Storage snapshot deletion 
E. Storage snapshot creation 
F. Snapshot deletion 

Question # 2

which actions can be used to locate the exact extent of a scale-out backup repositorycontaining a particular VM's backup data? Choose two options.

A. Check scale out backup repository settings 
B. Check the specific VM in the job statistics 
C. Check the inventory view for the specific VM 
D. Open the extent repositories manually 
E. Check backup proxy settings 

Question # 3

A backup administrator is creating a SureBackup environment up using Hyper-V as the hypervisor. Which virtual labs are available for Hyper-V? (Choose two.)

A. Advanced multi-host (automatic configuration) 
B. Advanced single-host (automatic configuration) 
C. Basic single-host (automatic configuration) 
D. Advanced multi-host (manual configuration) 
E. Advanced single-host (manual configuration) 

Question # 4

What is the main advantage of using the Backup from Storage Snapshots feature?

A. It does not create VMware snapshot(s). 
B. It saves space in the repository. 
C. It speeds up the backup process. 
D. It decreases the amount of time the VM is running on a VMware snapshot. 

Question # 5

Which HPE SAN storage systems are supported by the Backup from Storage Snapshotsfeature in Veeam Backup & Replication? Choose three options.

A. HPE StoreVirtual and StoreVirtual VSA 
B. HPE Nimble Storage AF-series and CS-series 
C. HPE StoreEasy Storage 
D. HPE 3PAR StoreServ 
E. HPE StoreOnce 

Question # 6

Which backup method produces a backup chain that consists of the first full backup file(VBK) and a set of incremental backup files (VIB) following it? Additionally, the backupchain contains synthetic full and/or active full backup files that divide the backup chain intoshorter series.

A. Forward incremental backup 
B. Differential incremental backup 
C. Reverse incremental backup 
D. Forever forward incremental backup 

Question # 7

A financial company is looking for a new backup application. One of their mainrequirements is the ability to have quick access to their backup data. What features inVeeam Backup & Replication support the rapid availability of data, applications and VMs?(Choose three.)

A. Full VM recovery without quick rollback 
B. Microsoft SQL database, and Oracle database publishing 
C. Instant VM Recovery 
D. Instant VM disk recovery 
E. Bare metal recovery 
F. Restore to Amazon EC2 

Question # 8

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of Veeam ONE Monitor?

A. Built in phone home function for better security 
B. Updates are signature based 
C. Automatic problem mediation 
D. Manual or scheduled log analytics 

Question # 9

A company has been running off replicated, business-critical VMs at their disaster recoverylocation since an earthquake near the primary data center occurred. Since the threat haspassed, they want to stop the replicas and switch to the VMs at the primary data centerwithout losing data. Which of the following actions is the first step they should take?

A. Failover 
B. Permanent failover 
C. Commit failback 
D. Failback to production 
E. Planned failover 
F. Undo failover 

Question # 10

You fail back a VM replica to the original location. Which of the following requirementsneeds to be met to be able perform quick rollback during a failback of a replica?

A. Perform failback to VM within the same subnet 
B. The VM replica must be created with the “Use Changed Block Tracking data” option enabled 
C. Indexing must be enabled for the original VM 
D. The VM replica must have access to the repository where the full backup of the VM resides 

Question # 11

When planning to back up files and folders from shared sources, that is the correct methodto connect to the file share from the Veeam backup server?

A. Add the file share into the store infrastructure 
B. Add the file share into the physical infrastructure 
C. Add the file share into the inventory 
D. Add the file share into the managed servers 

Question # 12

Which of the following predefined tests can be performed during a SureBackup verificationtest on a backup file? (Choose three.)

A. Application test 
B. Heartbeat test 
C. Ping test 
D. SAN check 
E. Boot time 
F. OS test 

Question # 13

When protecting VMs, whore is the Veeam CBT driver (file system filter driver) installed?

A. On every managed Hyper-V 2012 R2 or older host 
B. On every managed Veearn backup proxy 
C. On every managed server 
D. On every managed VMware vSphere ESXi 5.1 or older host 
E. On every managed Hyper-V 2016 or newer host 

Question # 14

Why is it recommended to install Veeam ONE before Veeam Backup & Replication?

A. Veeam ONE is a prerequisite for Veeam Backup & Replication Installation. 
B. Veeam ONE can assess the Infrastructure for potential Issues prior to performing a backup. 
C. Veeam ONE verify that the server where Veeam Backup & Replication will be Installed meets all system requirements. 
D. It Is recommended to add all of the servers involved in the backup process to Veeam ONE first, and then import the configuration to Veeam Backup & Replication 

Question # 15

A company has separate networks for management traffic and data traffic. All Veeamcomponents are communicating over the management network. How would they define thedata network for backup data transfers?

A. Re-add all Veeam components involved in data transfer through the required interfaces 
B. Update routing tables on the components involved in data transfer 
C. Create a global network traffic rule, set appropriate source and target IP range 
D. Use the preferred network settings to switch to data network for the backup traffic 

Question # 16

Which of the following is required to enable tape parallel processing?

A. The source repository for the tape job is a scale out backup repository. 
B. The tape library has multiple drives. 
C. Two tape jobs are processed at the same time. 
D. The tape drive has multiple tapes. 

Question # 17

Which of the following is the extension of a Veeam Backup & Repletion configuration backup file?

A. The file extension is specified in the configuration backup sellings. 
B. .bco 
C. .vbm 
D. .cbo 
E. .vbk 

Question # 18

You use datastores as the source for your backup jobs. Some VM backups are consumingtoo much repository disk space. They have backup files created by multiple backup jobs.What could be the reason? (Choose two.)

A. VMware Storage DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler) moved VMs to different datastores 
B. Jobs are configured as per VM and these particular VM’s need more fulls 
C. VM retention is set to do full backups more often than others in the job 
D. The VM is in a backup chain and trapped inside a single retention file 
E. The VMs were moved to different datastores manually 

Question # 19

Which recovery verification tests can be executed when verifying both backups andreplicas? Choose three options.

A. Heartbeat test 
B. Ping test 
C. Application test 
D. Memory test 
E. Operating System test 
F. CRC check 

Question # 20

A customer currently has one backup job that runs every four hours to backup their VMs ina transaction consistent state. Which job configuration will keep all restore points safe incase the primary site and backups go down while still being able to do a point-in-timerecovery of a SQL database from the backups on the second site?

A. Configure a second VM backup job and schedule it to copy every four hours, starting atmidnight, to a repository on the second site 
B. Configure a backup copy job in mirror mode, to a repository on the second site 
C. Configure a backup copy job in pruning mode and schedule it to copy every four hours,starting at midnight, to a repository on the second site 
D. Configure a backup copy job in pruning mode and have it copy data every day, startingat midnight, to a repository on the second site 

Question # 21

Which of the following statements are true when comparing a synthetic full backup to anactive full backup on an NTFS-based backup repository? Choose two options.

A. If the backup repository performance is weak, creating synthetic full backups is the best choice. 
B. Synthetic full backups consume more network bandwidth. 
C. Synthetic full backups impose less load on the production environment. 
D. In terms of content and retention, the synthetic full backup file is identical to an active full backup file. 
E. Synthetic full backups are always best when launched on a dedupe appliance. 
F. The synthetic full backup file has a .vsb extension, whereas the active full backup has a .vbk extension. 

Question # 22

Is it possible to switch between backup modes in a backup job?

A. No, if you want to create backups using another mode, you have to create another backup Job. 
B. Yes, but in this case, you will have to specify a new backup repository. 
C. Yes, the new mode leaves existing backups as they are and continues creating backups in the same backup repository. 
D. Yes, the new mode will transform all existing backups in the appropriate way and continue creating backups in the same backup repository. 

Question # 23

The backup administrator configured replication for a VM from Data Center 1 to DataCenter 2, which runs every day at 1 a.m. A power surge takes out Data Center 1 at 7 a.m.and the administrator fails over thereplica at 8 a.m. When the power comes back on, the administrator performs the “failback”action at 2 p.m. and checks the state of the original VM. They recognize that not all data isavailable. What is missing?

A. Data from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. 
B. Data from 1 a.m. to 2 p.m. 
C. Data from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. 
D. Data from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. 

Question # 24

Which storage optimization option uses a block size of 512 KB?

A. LAN target 
B. WAN target 
C. Local target (large blocks) 
D. Local target 

Question # 25

A virtual machine in your environment has been hit by a virus. You need to restore thevirtual machine as fast as possible. At the same time, you need to make sure that anydormant virus on the backed up virtual machine is detected. What restore method shouldyou use when recovering to a new location?

A. Instant VM Recovery with “staged restore” 
B. Instant VM Recovery with “secure restore” 
C. SureBackup 
D. Virtual disk restore 

Question # 26

When deploying an advanced single-host virtual lab in a VMware environment, what will Veeam create?

A. A distributed virtual switch with uplink(s) 
B. A standard virtual switch with uplink(s)
C. A distributed virtual switch without uplink(s) 
D. A standard virtual switch without uplink(s) 

Question # 27

A company needs to maintain and verify backups at a secondary site to meet the followingrequirements: RTO of two hours, RPO of 12 hours, four weeks retention. Which of thefollowing backup copy job configurations meets these requirements?

A. Periodic backup copy job, scheduled for a two-hour interval, with 56 restore points to retain 
B. Periodic backup copy job, scheduled for a 12-hour interval, with 56 restore points to retain 
C. Periodic backup copy job, scheduled for a two-hour interval, with 112 restore points to retain 
D. Periodic backup copy job, scheduled for a 12-hour interval, with 112 restore points to retain 

Question # 28

Which of the following statements regarding bottleneck statistics is true?

A. The percentages displayed will always add up to 100% in total. 
B. The bottleneck statistics are only displayed when you have a problem in your backup infrastructure. 
C. Bottleneck statistics can show the following states: Source/Proxy/Network/Source WAN Accelerator/Target WAN Accelerator/Target/None 
D. Bottleneck statistics can show the following states: Source/Ptoxy/Network/Source WANAccelerator/Target WAN Accelerator/Target 

Question # 29

Which of the following can help reduce the amount of traffic that is sent over the network during the second run of a replication job?

A. Replica seeding 
B. Re-IP rules 
C. Replica mapping 
D. WAN acceleration for replicas 

Question # 30

Select the correct description of a synthetic full backup.

A. A synthetic full backup will generate a new VBK file by getting data from the hypervisor 
B. A synthetic full backup combines a VIB file with one or more VBK files from a repositoryto generate a new VBK file 
C. A synthetic full backup combines a VBK file with one or more VIB files from a repositoryto generate a new VBK file 
D. A synthetic full backup will update the existing VBK with data from the hypervisor andgenerate a new VRB file 

Question # 31

An Availability engineer has configured Veeam Backup & Replication to replicate a missioncritical VM to a DR site on an hourly basis and with 24 restore points. The production sitehas suffered a storage failure and needs to bring up the mission critical machine as soonas possible. Which step should the Availability engineer do next?

A. Create a failover plan 
B. Failover to the replica VM
C. Failback of the replica VM 
D. Planned failover to me replica VM 

Question # 32

Which of the following should be considered when estimating the amount of disk spacenecessary to store backups? Choose two options.

A. Retention period for backups 
B. Type of disk (thick or thin) 
C. Hypervisor and host version 
D. RAID configuration of the Backup Repository 
E. Veeam Backup & Replication edition 
F. Total size of used data for the VMs being backed up 

Question # 33

Which Veeam Backup & Replication functionality allows a VM to be powered on directly from a backup file?

A. Planned failover 
B. Instant VM Recovery 
C. Item-Level Recovery using Veeam Explorer 
D. Full VM Recovery 

Question # 34

Veeam is used for replicating VMware VMs. The production environment is comprised oftwo networks: and A web application requires a databaseserver (whose IP address is to receive queries from a web client (whose IPaddress is The replicas are spread over multiple hosts. A backupadministrator needs to configure a virtual lab to test a web client to database server query.Which of the following virtual lab types must be configured?

A. Advanced multi-host 
B. Advanced single-host 
C. All virtual lab configurations would support that 
D. Basic single-host 

Question # 35

A company has the following requirements:Mission-critical VMs: hourly replication to disaster recovery site, daily backups of theseVMs should be available at the disaster recovery site when required, the mission criticalapplications need to be available within 20 minutes.Business-important VMs: daily backups should be stored at the disaster recovery site.When required, the business-important applications need to be available within four hours.Define the RPO and RTO for the company’s disaster recovery site.

A. Mission-critical VMs: RPO = 60 minutes, RTO = one hour; business-important VMs: RPO = 60 minutes, RTO = four hours 
B. Mission-critical VMs: RPO = 24 hours, RTO = 20 minutes; business-important VMs: RPO = 24 hours, RTO = four hours 
C. Mission-critical VMs: RPO = 60 minutes, RTO = 20 minutes; business-important VMs: RPO = 24 hours, RTO = four hours 
D. Mission-critical VMs: RPO = 24 hours, RTO = four hours; business-important VMs: RPO = 24 hours, RTO = four hours 

Question # 36

Veeam Backup & Replication supports which of the following NetApp Data ONTAP modes?

A. Only NatApp EDGE in 7-Mode 
B. Clustered Data ONTAP only 
C. Both 7-mode and Clustered Data ONTAP 
D. 7-mode only 

Question # 37

Which transport mode uses the VMware vSphere Hot-Add feature to attach the virtual disksof a source VM to the backup proxy VM?

A. Network 
B. vPower 
C. Virtual Appliance 
D. Direct SAN access 
E. Direct NFS access 

Question # 38

Which of the following statements are true regarding backup copy jobs in Veeam Backup &Replication? (Choose two.)

A. The backup copy job creates a forever forward incremental backup chain 
B. The backup copy job creates a single file with multiple restore points included within forarchival purposes 
C. During the backup copy job process, a VM snapshot is created for consistency 
D. Retention settings maintain the desired number of restore points as well as offer optionalGFS for archival purposes 
E. Backup copy jobs copy entire VBK, VIB, or VRB files from the source backup repositoryto the target backup repository 

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