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The Open Group OGEA-103 Exam Overview:

Aspect Details
Exam Name Open Group OGEA-103
Exam Cost $320 USD
Total Time 90 minutes
Available Languages English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese
Passing Marks 60%
Exam Format Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Combined Part 1 and Part 2 Exam Topics Breakdown

Domain Weight (%) Description
Business Architecture Fundamentals 30% Understand basic concepts and principles of business architecture.
Business Architecture Development Process 30% Know the phases, activities, and deliverables of business architecture development.
Business Architecture Governance and Management 40% Understand governance, roles, responsibilities, and compliance aspects of business architecture.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Open Group OGEA-103 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Which of the following is included as part of Architecture Governance1? 

A. Ensuring compliance with internal and external standards and regulatory obligations 
B. Creating and maintaining the Statement of Architecture Work though out the ADM cycle 
C. Managing Stakeholders and their requirements 
D. Interacting with the CxO level on Enterprise Architecture 

Question # 2

Exhibit Consider the illustration showing an architecture development cycle Which description matches the phase of the ADM labeled as item 1? 

A. Conducts implementation planning for the architecture defined in previous phases 
B. Provides architectural oversight for the implementation 
C. Operates the process of managing architecture requirements 
D. Establishes procedures for managing change to the new architecture 

Question # 3

Which of the following is the ability to develop use and sustain the architecture of a particular enterprise using architecture to govern change? 

A. An EA Capability 
B. An EA repository 
C. An EA framework 
D. An Enterprise Architecture 

Question # 4

What is used lo structure architectural information in an orderly way so that it can be processed to meet stakeholder needs? 

A. A Stakeholder Map 
B. An Architecture Framework 
C. Content Metamodel 
D. An EA Library 

Question # 5

Complete the sentence A set of architecture principles that cover every situation perceived meets the recommended criteria of_______________ 

A. consistency 
B. robustness 
C. stability 
D. completeness 

Question # 6

What are the four dimensions used to scope an architecture? 

A. Business Data Application Technology 
B. Strategy Segment Capability Budget 
C. Breadth Depth Time Period Architecture Domains
D. Strategy Portfolio Project Solution Delivery 

Question # 7

Complete the sentence A business scenario describes______________ 

A. shortfalls between the Baseline and Target Architectures
 B. business domain gaps such as cross-training requirements 
C. business and technology environment in which those problems occur 
D. general rules and guidelines tor the architecture being developed 

Question # 8

Consider the following statement: According to the TOGAF Standard a governed approach of a particular deliverable will ensure a system of continuous monitoring to check integrity changes decision-making and audit of all architecture-related activities Which deliverable is being referred to? 

A. An Architecture Contract 
B. The Architecture Definition Document 
C. The Architecture Vision 
D. The Statement of Architecture Work 

Question # 9

Complete the sentence When considering agile development Architecture to Support Project will identify what products the Enterprise needs the boundary of the products and what constraints a product owner has. this defines the Enterprise's___________. 

A. operations 
B. backlog 
C. workflow management 
D. lifecycle economics 

Question # 10

Which of the following is a responsibility of an Architecture Board? 

A. Conducting assessments of the maturity level of architecture discipline within the organization 
B. Allocating resources for architecture projects 
C. Creating the Statement of Architecture Work 
D. Establishing targets for re-use of components 

Question # 11

What is an objective of the ADM Implementation Governance Phase? 

A. To provide continual monitoring of the governance framework 
B. To ensure conformance for the target architecture 
C. To finalize the Implementation and Migration Plan 
D. To establish the resources for architecture governance 

Question # 12

Consider the following statements 1 A whole corporation or a division of a corporation 2 A government agency or a single government department 3 Partnerships and alliances of businesses working together such as a consortium or supply chain What are those examples of according to the TOGAF Standard?

A. Enterprises 
B. Business Units 
C. Organizations 
D. Architectures Scopes 

Question # 13

Complete the sentence The purpose of the Preliminary Phase is to_____________. 

A. describe the target architecture 
B. define the enterprise strategy 
C. identify the stakeholders and their requirements 
D. architect an Enterprise Architecture Capability 

Question # 14

Which of the following best describes a purpose of the Gap Analysis technique? 

A. To validate non-functional requirements 
B. To establish quality metrics for the architecture
 C. To determine service levels for the architecture 
D. To identify missing functions 

Question # 15

Which section of the TOGAF template for Architecture Principles should describe the relationship to other principles?

 A. Name 
B. Rationale 
C. Statement 
D. Implications 

Question # 16

What provides context for architecture work, by describing the needs and ways of working employed by the enterprise? 

A. Architecture Contracts 
B. Business principles business goals, and business drivers 
C. Strategy and vision 
D. Stakeholder needs 

Question # 17

Which statement about Requirements Management is most correct? 

A. The purpose of Requirements Management is to process change requests 
B. Stakeholder requirements are captured once in Phase A and managed throughout the ADM cycle 
C. Requirements Management is a step of all ADM Phases 
D. Requirements Management and stakeholder engagement are placed at the center of architecture development

Question # 18

Complete the following sentence. In the ADM documents which are under development and have not undergone any formal review and approval process are_______________. 

A. Called ‘’draft’’ 
B. Invalid 
C. In between phases 
D. Known as ‘’Version 0.1’’ 

Question # 19

Which of the following best describes the class of information known as the Reference Library within the Architecture Repository? 

A. Guidelines and templates used to create new architectures 
B. Specifications to which architectures must conform 
C. A record of the governance activity across the enterprise 
D. Processes to support governance of the Architecture Repository 

Question # 20

Which of the following supports the need to govern Enterprise Architecture?

A. The Architecture Project mandates the governance of the target architecture 
B. The TOGAF standard cannot be used without executive governance 
C. Best practice governance enables the organization to control value realization 
D. The Stakeholders preferences may go beyond the architecture project scope and needs control

Question # 21

Complete the sentence The purpose of Enterprise Architecture is to_______________. 

A. take major improvement decisions 
B. control the bigger changes 
C. guide effective change 
D. govern the stakeholders