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SolarWinds Hybrid-Cloud-Observability-Network-Monitoring Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

A universal device poller (UDP) was created on the main polling engine to collect CPUtemperature for routers polled by the main polling engine and switches polled by theadditional polling engine. It is noted that statistics from the switches are missing.What is the likely cause of the missing statistics?

A. routers are not monitored on the additional polling engine
B. switches are not monitored in the additional polling engine
C. UDPs are tied to polling engine on which they are hosted
D. UDPs do not work with additional polling engines

Question # 2

To drill down into a log summary for a specific node, where in SolarWinds’ platform can auser view these logs?

A. Alerts & Activity > Message Center
B. My Dashboard > Logs > Log Viewer
C. Node Details Summary > Management > Analyze Logs
D. Node Details Summary > Management > List Resources

Question # 3

A NetPath probe is to be built to monitor the paths between two sites. No Windows serversare available to run the agent. Which two of the following options can be used to set up theprobe? (Choose two.)

A. Install the agent on a red hat Linux server.
B. Install the agent on a Windows 10 computer.
C. Run the probe from the hybrid cloud observability (HCO) server.
D. Use the network device agent to run the probe from the router.

Question # 4

Event logs are to be collected from Windows servers in order to be analyzed in hybrid cloud observability.Which two of the following actions must be taken in order to accomplish this ask? (Choose two.)

A. configure a rule on hybrid cloud observability to poll the server and collect logs
B. configure a rule on hybrid cloud observability to read event log folder locations
C. configure server to send logs to another server running the platform
D. deploy and configure the platform agent to collect the logs

Question # 5

A device studio poller is being built for a router statistic. It is determined that its object ID(OID) does not exist in SolarWinds’ MIB database. What is the best workaround for thissituation?

A. consult vendor and add OID to the database
B. download database from customer portal
C. select manually define object identifier and specify SNMP
D. select SNMP and ICMP as the router's polling method

Question # 6

What is required to submit an MIB database update request to SolarWinds?

A. polling interval to monitor the metric
B. SNMP or MIB walk from the device
C. specific object ID (QID) for polling
D. type of widget to populate data

Question # 7

Which two of the following data sources can be used for polling devices in device studio?(Choose two.)

A. calculated result from transformation of polled values
B. night and day standard deviation of calculated value
C. polled value by a device on an object ID
D. predicted value from OID baseline

Question # 8

Which three of the following data points does NetFlow use to confirm traffic is in the sameflow? (Choose three.)

A. interface name
B. IP address
C. L3 protocol
D. port number

Question # 9

A custom application is to be monitored in hybrid cloud observability’s flow monitoring features. How is this application added for monitoring?

A. Add the application ports, then assign it to a machine.
B. Add the source or destination machine, then map it to application ports.
C. Custom application ports cannot be added they may only be edited.
D. Ensure the application is using IPv6 then map it to a source.

Question # 10

The web console is showing the status of a network router as “down”, however the node isup and running. Which two of the following causes could be creating the issue? (Choosetwo.)

A. agent connection status with the polling engine is "down'
B. ICMP is blocked between the device and the polling engine
C. router is configured as a parent in a node dependency
D. SNMP is blocked between the device and the polling engine

Question # 11

After creating a new device studio poller that appears to be returning values on a testdevice, it is then applied to additional nodes. One of these new devices is not returning thestatistics of the test node. Which two of the following reasons might be the cause of theissue? (Choose two.)

A. communication issue exists in new device
B. devices have different firmware versions
C. new device needs to be rebooted
D. object IDs (QIDs) are not supported

Question # 12

Which two of the following best practices are used when creating a universal device poller (UDP)? (Choose two.)

A. Call SolarWinds support for object ID (OID) options.
B. Consult vendor documentation for OID.
C. Perform SNMPwalk to determine if OID exists.
D. Run WBemtest to test communication to OID.

Question # 13

Which method is used to add new UPS battery status statistics onto an existing node thatdoes not have the default value polled?

A. create new custom device poller
B. custom statistics cannot be added to 3n existing node
C. define custom statistic with universal device poller (UnDP)
D. update SolarWinds' MIB database

Question # 14

It is noted that the hardware health monitoring for a Cisco switch is generating falsepositives. It is verified that the alerted hardware issues are not occurring. What is causingthe issue?

A. Hardware sensors were incorrectly assigned to another switch.
B. MIB on the device is notthe preferred MIB that is beingpolled.
C. Modify the widget thresholds to filter out the false positives.
D. Restart SNMP on the device to refresh the hardware statistics.

Question # 15

An existing NetPath probe is examined, and it is noted that the thickness of connectionlines is different on various routes between devices. What does this indicate?

A. The probing interval for the probe is shorter on one path than on the other.
B. The thicker line indicates the more likely path of traffic from source to destination.
C. The thicker line is monitored in hybrid cloud observability (HCO) and contains other metrics.
D Two probes with different probing intervals are monitoring the same path

Question # 16

In which scenario would the device studio poller tool be considered the best tool forbuilding a required poller?

A. Building a poller for ARP tables to display in the web console.
B. Building a poller to add missing information to node details.
C. Building a poller to monitor VPN tunnel status.
D. Building a poller to show CPU and memory status.

Question # 17

Which two of the following functions are tied to SolarWinds’ MIB database? (Choose two.)

A. SolarWinds’ MIB database defines what kind of pollers can be built for the metric.
B. SolarWinds’ MIB database enables automatic polling of devices.
C. SolarWinds’ MIB database maps object IDs (OIDs) to their textual names.
D. aSolarWinds’ MIB database updates OIDs on the device during the polling process.

Question # 18

Which three of the following switch port report errors can cause a duplex mismatch? (Choose three.)

A. 100 MB full
C. > 0.5% receive
D. are collision

Question # 19

SNMP traps are being received from several devices. While most of the traps are normal,traps from one of the devices contain fields that are unreadable. The device is not beingmonitored in any other way. Which two of the following points should be checked? (Choosetwo.)

A. Verify the device is not usingSNMFV3 and is added as a node.
B. Verity the device supports hybrid cloud
C. Verify the device supports SNMP and is added as a node.
D. Verify the device's MIBfile is in SolarWinds' MIB database.

Question # 20

Which custom filter allows a user to view specific statistics about an entire network and itsdevices without having to navigate through the web console by single-device views?

A. flow alert
B. flow navigator
D. top 10 applications

Question # 21

Which two of the following flow technologies are supported? (Choose two.)

A. GFlow
B. HFlow
C. J-Flow
D. sFlow

Question # 22

Which statement depicts the relationship between device studio pollers’ supportedtechnologies and universal device pollers’ (UDPs) supported technologies?

A. device studio pollers can poll for CPU utilization of SNMP enabled devices, UDPscannot
B. device studio pollers can poll for node details of SNMP enabled devices, UDPs cannot
C. UDPs can poll for hardware status of SNMP enabled devices, device studio pollers cannot
D. UDPs can poll for memory utilization of SNMP enabled devices, device studio pollers cannot

Question # 23

To which port does log analyzer forward secure syslog when a log forwarding custom ruleaction is set to TCP?

A. 161
B. 162
C. 514
D. 6514

Question # 24

Which port allows log analysis in the SolarWinds platform to accept secure syslog messages? 

A. TCP port 601
B. TCP port 6514
C. UDP port 514
D. UDP port 10514

Question # 25

Which port needs to be open in order to analyze flow and monitor CBQoS?

A. Flow (SNMP, 161), CBQoS (TCP, 2055)
B. Flow (SNMP, 161), CBQoS (UDP, 2055)
C. Flow (TCP, 2055), CBQoS (SNMP, 161)
D. Flow (UDP, 2055), CBQoS (SNMP, 161)

Question # 26

A node has been added to hybrid cloud observability and shows an “unknown” status untilthe data is polled. The default interval for polling status is two minutes.If the node stays in the “unknown” status longer than the polling interval, which three of thefollowing steps can be performed to resolve the issue? (Choose three.)

A. Ping device from assigned polling engine.
B. Run SNMP walk on the appropriate node.
C. Verify the appropriate polling method is set for this node.
D. Verify a pingresponsefor this node is received through the ICMP.

Question # 27

Which status rollup mode displays groups defined as collections of redundant or backup devices?

A. show best
B. show mixed
C. show worst
D. showzero

Question # 28

The fan of a network device has failed; however, the status shows as “up” on the currenthardware health resource in the node details view. Which two of the following causes couldbe creating the issue? (Choose two.)

A. hardware sensors are disabled
B. resource is showing outdated information
C. threshold of the fan sensor has been forced
D. wrong MIB being used for polling

Question # 29

Which two of the following troubleshooting steps can be performed when a node is “up”and the data cannot be found in SolarWinds’ platform web console? (Choose two.)

A. Add a remote site node and make sure the firewall rules are configured to allow SNMP traffic.
B. Ping the device from the polling engine the device is assigned to using the command line.
C. Verify hardware health sensors on the device provide both status and values.
D. Wait ten minutes after a device is added to the console. Refresh the screen.

Question # 30

Upon logging into the web console to check node statuses, it is noted that several nodesdisplay a “down” status when they are up and running. Which two of the following situationsare the likely causes of this issue? (Choose two.)

A. ICMP blocked from polling engine to target node
B. nodestatus must be set to au management
C. nodes usingincorrect SNMP credentials
D. polling interval set to value other than default