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Slack Slack-Certified-Admin Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Clint is a Workspace Owner on the Sales Workspace, and his organization is on Slack'sEnterprise Grid plan.Clint cannot find the option to make the #announcement-sales multi-workspace channelavailable to all Workspaces in the Org.Who can give Clint multi-workspace channel permissions?

A. Org Owners and Org Admins decide who can manage multi-workspace channels in thissituation.
B. Only Org Owners can manage multi-workspace channels.
C. The Sales Workspace Primary Owner can give multi-workspace channel permissions toClint.
D. A Workspace Owner, who already has multi-workspace channel permissions, can givethem to Clint.

Question # 2

The Customer Support team for Large Inc is now using Slack to access the tools andinformation they need to help customers quickly.As an Admin, what should you do to set them up for success? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Allow everyone on the Customer Support team to approve and install the apps they need.
B. Approve and install apps to integrate their support tools with Slack.
C. Streamline an incident management workflow.
D. Organize and name channels in a way that makes information, procedures, and policieseasier for people to find.

Question # 3

Teara is a Workspace Owner. She has discovered that projects and key decisions arebeing discussed via direct messages, because public channel message retention settingsare set to delete messages after 20 days. The decision regarding this setting was made 2years ago, and now the setting is no longer required.Team members are experiencing difficulty creating channels. Teara is wondering if thereare other settings she should review that might be contributing to the direct messageconversations.Which settings and permissions should Teara change to promote increased communicationoutside of direct messages?

A. Changing the workspace’s message retention and deletion policy for all channels anddirect messages to "Keep Everything" and allowing everyone to create channels
B. Sending an announcement in the #general channel notifying everyone to moveconversations to channels and to DM Teara if you need a channel created
C. Changing the workspace’s public channel message retention and deletion policy to"Keep Everything", changing the direct message retention and deletion policy to deletemessages after 1 day, and restricting the creation of channels to Owners only
D. Changing the workspace’s public channel message retention and deletion policy to"Keep Everything", changing the direct message retention and deletion policy to deletemessages after 1 day, and allowing everyone to create channels

Question # 4

What are the main benefits of Workflow Builder? (Choose all that apply.)

A. It supports integration with various third-party apps for easy data transfer betweenservices.
B. Non-developers can easily automate business processes.
C. Templates are available for download.
D. Developers and engineers can easily automate efficiencies in their development.

Question # 5

Camdin is a Workspace Owner whose last day with the company is Friday, April 1st.Cortez, a fellow Workspace Owner, plans to deactivate Camdin’s account at the end of thatday.What will happen?

A. The account will be deactivated; Camdin will be signed out immediately and will not beable to log back in.
B. The account will change to "Inactive"; after 72 hours, Camdin will lose access to Slack.
C. Cortez will not be able to deactivate the account; he will need to ask a WorkspaceAdmin to deactivate it for him.
D. Cortez will not be able to deactivate Camdin’s account; only the Primary Owner candeactivate a Workspace Owner.

Question # 6

Which of the following scenarios would best justify creating a channel in your company’s existing workspace, rather than starting a direct message?

A. When you need to confirm meeting times
B. When there is a new line of business at your company
C. When a few QUESTION NO:s need to be answered quickly
D. When you need to let your manager know you are not feeling well

Question # 7

Mayim, the Chief Human Resources Officer at Large Inc, is concerned that her teamcommunicates mostly via direct messages rather than channels. She wants to know if theHR workspace is lagging behind the rest of the organization.What information should the Workspace Admin provide to help Mayim?

A. The percentage of messages sent via direct message in the HR workspace to theorganization's overall percent of direct messages
B. The statistic that HR is typically a more confidential function than other teams andshould expect to have more information in direct message
C. Instructions on how to conduct a poll in channel asking members if they’ve been usingchannels or direct messages, using emoji for responses
D. The number of messages posted in the #help-hr triage channel over the past 30 days

Question # 8

Which of the following statements describes the effect of configuring mandatory Two Factor authentication (2FA) in Slack?

A. Members must have a sophisticated and complex password that is updated regularly.
B. Members must use a biometric reader to authenticate with Slack.
C. Members use single sign-on (SSO) to handle the exchange of usernames andpasswords on behalf of Slack.
D. Members must submit a verification code along with their password each time they signin.

Question # 9

Asher manages a global workplace and facilities team. Currently, his team receives allglobal requests in a channel called #help-workplace. Because the channel now receiveshundreds of requests per day, the support team asks Asher if they can create regionalchannels to make triaging requests more manageable.How should Asher respond to this request?

A. Allow each region to create new channels and name them after famous landmarks intheir region, then assign regional team members to monitor each channel.
B. Create a private channel for the global workplace team to triage requests from #helpworkplaceinto the appropriate regions.
C. Create new regional channels and name them using the #help-workplace-region format,then assign regional team members to monitor each channel.
D. Continue to use one centralized channel to minimize confusion for channel members onwhere workplace requests should be submitted, but require that members start posts withthe name of the region where they're requesting assistance.

Question # 10

Amy is an Org Owner on an Enterprise Grid plan. A workspace Admin informs Amy that a confidential file has been uploaded to a publicchannel by mistake. Amy needs to remove the file and determine who has downloaded it.What should Amy do to accomplish this goal?

A. Using an integrated Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution, delete the file, and thenreview the Audit Logs API to see who downloaded the file.
B. Using MDM, disable file downloads and then use session management to see who waslogged in and downloaded the file.
C. Using a third-party eDiscovery app, delete the file and use data exports to determinewho downloaded the file.
D. Using Slack Enterprise Key Management (EKM), revoke key access for the file, andreview the EKM logs to see who downloaded the file.

Question # 11

Which TWO statements are true about workflows? (Choose two.)

A. It is not possible to create a custom workflow for your team in fewer than five clicks.
B. Workspace Owners and Admins can view all published workflows created by membersof their workspaces.
C. To see all workflows in a workspace, you need to be an Owner or Admin of thatworkspace.
D. It is currently possible for Org Owners and Admins to view all workflows created in anEnterprise Grid org.

Question # 12

Your company is conducting an internal security assessment of Slack prior toimplementation. Which of the following is true about security in Slack?

A. Workspace Admins can see all direct message content at any time through the Adminconsole.
B. Slack data is stored on your company’s servers.
C. Slack data is encrypted at rest and in transit.
D. Slack members can only access Slack when on the corporate network.