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SAP C_TS462_2020 Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

You investigate the standard behavior of the two sales document types Delivery Free of Charge (FD) and Subsequent Delivery Free of Charge (SD). What do you find out? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A. Documents of both document types can use the same item category. 
B. A Delivery Free of Charge is used to deliver material due to a complaint. 
C. A Subsequent Delivery Free of Charge has to be created with reference to a preceding document. 
D. In both cases, materials are priced and billed normally but the shipping is free of charge. 

Question # 2

You want to automatically supply your customers with another material if the orderedmaterial is not available. How would you do this?

A. Deactivate the material availability check and use material determination instead. 
B. Ensure future replenishments of the ordered material are excluded from the materialavailability check. 
C. Create a material listing that includes both the ordered and substitution materials. 
D. Create a material determination record with an appropriate substitution reason. 

Question # 3

In a free goods scenario, which elements influence how the item category is determined forthe free goods item? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A. The material price group from the customer master 
B. The item category of the higher-level item 
C. The item usage assigned to the discount condition type 
D. The item category group from the material master 

Question # 4

To avoid critical situations in demand and procurement, the material availability check canbe combined with product allocations. Which benefit can be achieved by this?

A. Picking processes can be accelerated. 
B. Procurement costs can be reduced. 
C. Material requirements can be reduced. 
D. Goods distribution can be optimized. 

Question # 5

Which of the following settings are required to be able to deliver a product? Note: There are2 correct answers to this question.

A. You need to set up copying control in Logistics Execution for the item category. 
B. You need to set the Item Relevant for Delivery indicator in the item category. 
C. You need to set the Schedule Lines Allowed indicator in the item category. 
D. You need to set up the item category as relevant for delivery-related billing. 

Question # 6

During the material availability check for a sales order item, the ordered quantity iscompletely confirmed on the required date even though there is only a partial quantity instock. Which setting could lead to this behavior?

A. The Maximum Number of Partial Deliveries indicator is set to 1 in the sales order item. 
B. The With Reservations indicator is set in the configuration of the scope of availabilitycheck. 
C. The Without Replenishment Lead Time indicator is not set in the configuration of thescope of availability check. 
D. The Complete Delivery indicator is set in the business partner master record and in thecustomer material info record. 

Question # 7

What are some of the prerequisites for creation of a credit memo based on a credit memorequest? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A. The billing document of the original customer invoice must be cancelled. 
B. An appropriate reason for rejection must be assigned to the original sales order item. 
C. Copying control must exist between the sales document and the billing document. 
D. The Billing Block field in the credit memo request must be empty. 

Question # 8

You want to be able to enter a special price in a sales order for a certain customer thatshould ignore all applicable discounts. How can you achieve this?

A. In the condition records for all discounts, you set the Exclusion indicator. 
B. In the condition records for the special price and the discounts, you activate the Condition Update indicator. 
C. In the condition record for the special price, you maintain a maximum condition value. 
D. In the condition record for the special price, you set the Exclusion indicator. 

Question # 9

What can you set up in the copying control tool for billing documents? Note: There are 2correct answers to this question.

A. Update pricing 
B. Update document flow 
C. Assignment number 
D. Billing type for cancellation 

Question # 10

In the cash sales process, the output representing the customer invoice is produced fromwhich document type?

A. Sales order 
B. Delivery 
C. Material document 
D. Billing document 

Question # 11

Which controls can you set when you configure a schedule line category? Note: There are2 correct answers to this question.

A. Structure scope 
B. Delivery relevance 
C. Goods movement type 
D. Create delivery group 

Question # 12

What is a prerequisite for billing?

A. You need a billing document request for which a goods issue was posted. 
B. You need an order item category that is configured to be billing relevant. 
C. You need a delivery type for which the invoicing date was determined. 
D. You need a sales document type that is configured to be billing relevant. 

Question # 13

You want to set up a condition type so that it can only be entered manually in a sales order.What options do you have to achieve this? Note: There are 3 correct answers to thisquestion.

A. Set up the condition type as a header condition. 
B. Set up the condition type without an access sequence. 
C. Set up the condition type as a group condition. 
D. Set the manual entries indicator in the condition type. 
E. Set the manual indicator for the condition type in the pricing procedure. 

Question # 14

How is the link between SAP S/4HANA Sales and SAP S/4HANA Finance set up?

A. Via the link between a billing document request and an accounting document 
B. Via the general billing interface 
C. Via a unique assignment of a sales organization to a company code 
D. Via a unique assignment of a sales area to a company code 

Question # 15

How can you reduce the maintenance effort for customer master data?

A. Use the common master data concept. 
B. Use the common view concept for master data. 
C. Use the customer-vendor integration. 
D. Use the business partner roles. 

Question # 16

You are analyzing an order that shows the same material twice: once in the main item andonce in the sub-item. What function can cause this behavior? Note: There are 2 correctanswers to this question.

A. Sales item proposals 
B. Listing 
C. Free goods 
D. Material determination