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Paloalto Networks PSE-Cortex Exam Overview:

Aspect Details
Exam Name Palo Alto Networks PSE-Cortex Exam
Exam Cost $160 USD
Total Time 90 minutes
Available Languages English
Passing Marks 70%
Exam Code PSE-Cortex
Exam Format Multiple choice, scenario-based questions
Prerequisites None
Exam Delivery Online
Exam Provider Pearson VUE

Palo Alto Networks System Engineer - Cortex Professional Exam Topics Breakdown

Domain Weight (%) Description
Architecture and Design 24% Knowledge of Cortex XDR components, architecture, and design principles
Installation and Configuration 20% Deployment and configuration of Cortex XDR components
Operations 32% Monitoring, managing, and troubleshooting Cortex XDR
Troubleshooting 24% Diagnosing and resolving issues related to Cortex XDR
Palo Alto Networks PSE-Cortex Sample Question Answers

Question # 1

Cortex XDR can schedule recurring scans of endpoints for malware. Identify two methods for initiating an on-demand malware scan (Choose two ) 

A. Response > Action Center 
B. the local console 
C. Telnet 
D. Endpoint > Endpoint Management 

Question # 2

A. cc-xnet50.traps.paloaltonetworks.com 
B. hc-xnet50.traps.paloaltonetworks.com 
C. cc-xnet.traps.paloaltonetworks.com 
D. cc.xnet50traps.paloaltonetworks.com 
E. xnettraps.paloaltonetworks.com 
F. ch-xnet.traps.paloaltonetworks.com 

Question # 3

When a Demisto Engine is part of a Load-Balancing group it? 

A. Must be in a Load-Balancing group with at least another 3 members 
B. It must have port 443 open to allow the Demisto Server to establish a connection 
C. Can be used separately as an engine, only if connected to the Demisto Server directly 
D. Cannot be used separately and does not appear in the in the engines drop-down menu when configuring an integration instance 

Question # 4

Which option is required to prepare the VDI Golden Image? 

A. Configure the Golden Image as a persistent VDI 
B. Use the Cortex XDR VDI tool to obtain verdicts for all PE files
 C. Install the Cortex XOR Agent on the local machine
 D. Run the Cortex VDI conversion tool 

Question # 5

Which two log types should be configured for firewall forwarding to the Cortex Data Lake for use by Cortex XDR? (Choose two) 

A. Security Event 
 C. Correlation 
D. Analytics

Question # 6

Which two filter operators are available in Cortex XDR? (Choose two.) 

A. not Contains 
B. !* 
C. => 
D. < > 

Question # 7

The certificate used for decryption was installed as a trusted root CA certificate to ensure communication between the Cortex XDR Agent and Cortex XDR Management Console What action needs to be taken if the administrator determines the Cortex XDR Agents are not communicating with the Cortex XDR Management Console? 

A. add paloaltonetworks com to the SSL Decryption Exclusion list 
B. enable SSL decryption 
C. disable SSL decryption 
D. reinstall the root CA certificate 

Question # 8

How can you view all the relevant incidents for an indicator? 

A. Linked Incidents column in Indicator Screen 
B. Linked Indicators column in Incident Screen
 C. Related Indicators column in Incident Screen 
D. Related Incidents column in Indicator Screen 

Question # 9

In the DBotScore context field, which context key would differentiate between multiple entries for the same indicator in a multi-TIP environment? 

A. Vendor 
B. Type 
C. Using 
D. Brand 

Question # 10

What are process exceptions used for? 

A. whitelist programs from WildFire analysis 
B. permit processes to load specific DLLs 
C. change the WildFire verdict for a given executable 
D. disable an EPM for a particular process 

Question # 11

Which two filter operators are available in Cortex XDR? (Choose two.)

 A. < > 
B. Contains 
C. = 
D. Is Contained By 

Question # 12

Which three Demisto incident type features can be customized under Settings > Advanced > Incident Types? (Choose three.) 

A. Define whether a playbook runs automatically when an incident type is encountered 
B. Set reminders for an incident SLA 
C. Add new fields to an incident type 
D. Define the way that incidents of a specific type are displayed in the system 
E. Drop new incidents of the same type that contain similar information